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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 7:03am-7:16am CEST

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it was a warning at a time when right wing ideas were on the rise again. in the former concentration camp canteen booker found a way to recall the suffering of the inmates and attempt to express the inexpressible by artistic means. he wrote the names of the people who suffered here on the canteen floor. is that i guns this to go it was a very important place in the tense interplay between life and death it's
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a kind of place of survival. unlike the gas chambers and the torture chambers that we also find it. an act of sorrow. and of compassion. in the me dying i was there that i put together a memorial i'm using the same stones from the same quarry. i drag them into the canteen and piled them up wrapped them in fabric and wrote the names of the people who had once been held that. i have to. mention. that allow me to do something with the deepest emotional awareness. and convey in the most impressive manner. that it was also surviving and living the defined the people in these camps. you mentioned
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bush didn't. so it's always presumptuous to do this but there's nothing more we can do and i think that this place has now found an expressiveness that recalls what was once that.
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and his dissolute or studio. in the late one nine hundred ninety s. he worked on a commission from the german government panels for the prayer room in the newly restored reichstag building in berlin. again he dealt with his central theme oppressed and damaged people he used the simple materials that he employed in his works from the very outset nails paint sand stones and.
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created seven panels for the reichstag chapel the work seems to allude to the passion of christ. if this concept of paradise is destroyed and disillusioned by the fact that rocks into it from behind and. i think this disillusionment of an idealized reality is quite important for the beginning of the series. the stations of the cross. throw the first stone at him. who is as innocent as we know.
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what's on the left side is then transmitted to these two panels that signify places of pain from. romans crucified jews in the place called calvary. the horror that was repeated year after year. that's why these two panels are pain are directly to the left and right of the altar to faff with. the panel set out on their journey to berlin the new capital of the reed united germany. and. the artist from the door with roots on the baltic sea had been asked to design these special works.
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the panels were to be installed in the reichstag building the seat of the german parliament to adorn a quiet open contemplated space. in the weeks when parliament is in session a christian prayer is offered up before the daily business begins however the space is essentially open to all religions as a place for contemplation and meditation. this time to book or wasn't willing to allow anyone else to supervise the installation of the work and was prepared to roll up his sleeves if need be.
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to that matter thought maybe it makes as richard to expand our approach to god in the history of our own judeo christian faith got to. know this experience could help make the message of peace and love more workable. because then we would not need to consolidate the boundaries that separate us from other religious denominations. north through faith if we are willing to enter into this dialogue. them perhaps the message of peace and love will be fulfilled have actually the you remove the live aboard that to me is actually already a fact. i get when i'm the target. in the autumn of two thousand and three looker traveled to lake lucerne and
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switzerland. stephan murky director of the national theatre environment wanted to perform friedrich schiller's play william tell on the would lead meadow and asked the court to design the stage according to legend this is where swiss rebels.


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