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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2017 8:00am-9:00am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a politically weakened on the machall begins the daunting task of building a new german government he's ready to talk to her former partners the social democrats but they say they have ruled out a return to government now that could mean machall working with two parties that have a little in common also coming up. dirty celebrations after
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a referendum on independence from iraq the problem practically all the region's big players bitterly opposed the vote and have been pushing back. on the war of words between president trump and pyongyang again ask allayed snorts korea says the u.s. has declared war the white house calling that claim sir. and in soccer the champions league resumes than i germicide receive dortmund play host to defending champion ryall madrid which seemed like a very tall order but is it sitting at the top of the bundesliga table dortmund scored a league high of nineteen goals they have an unbeaten run against real madrid in fact they've never lost at home in this competition.
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i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show we began with the fallout from the german election a week and chancellor merkel has started the process of looking for partners to form a new government she is expected to talk with the pro-business free democrats and the greens parties at opposite ends of the political spectrum adding to the pressure on the chancellor the immigration alternative for germany is now the nation's third strongest party and is preparing to enter the german parliament. nothing in the german parliament will stay as it was behind the scenes power plays and party leaders sounding each other out the first bombshell came from the f.t. as one of the leaders of the far right party walked out of its news conference. i have decided not to be part of the f.t.'s parliamentary group but to sit independently in parliament for the time being. frank
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a petrie is unlikely to be the last in the f.t. to distance themselves from the extreme right elements within their own party but chancellor angela merkel is facing bigger problems after the social democrats ruled out for me a grand coalition with her conservatives the three way partnership with the business friendly liberal democrats and the environmentalist greens seems the only possibility even if it's all smiles in public their political outlooks remain worlds apart they are likely to demand a heavy price for making any compromises meanwhile the bavarian christian socialists the c.d.u. sister party are also threatening to quit their alliance with merkel's conservatives unless their demands are met. in my view it's absolutely essential that we set out a clear commitment to stemming the influx of refugees in other words a cap on numbers. that's what we've promised people. the f.t.p.
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and the greens are unlikely to go along with any cap on refugees it almost seems as if the chancellor is already missing her old coalition partners in the s.p.d. here they're not really thoughts of chris we will let you know having exploratory talks with the f.t.p. and the greens. but i would like to add also with the s.p.d. because it is important that germany form a strong stable government. after the hammering at the poles the social democrats are looking to reinvent themselves the last thing most members want is a rerun of the last government with anglo-american. if she wants to call me she can i think that since the so-called elephant round of talks yesterday she has better things to do with her time thinking all others. the new parliamentary groups will come together for the first time on tuesday the powerplays just getting underway.
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and who exactly will be sharing political power is very much up in the air this morning i'm joined now by our political correspondent hans brandt good morning hans will be able to put together a coalition with the greens in the free democrats that are at opposite ends of the spectrum it's going to take a lot of time people say if we have a new government by christmas that will be good going we have to say that obviously is a very good negotiator you also have to say that they are quite a number of people involved in these negotiations that are interested in actually being in government and actually having it goes for the greens especially they've set up a whole campaign in the last few months on that premise the free democrats are a little bit more hesitant then there's obviously i'm going to knock us party who is in a sense condemned to leading a new government because they are the strongest party and i think is very interested in continuing with her policies in germany so it's going to be very
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delicate it's going to take a long time they're going to be concessions that have to be made on both sides. we're going to have to wait and see it's not impossible that it fails it's possible if they could take till christmas the social democrats could be out there adding to the pressure on maca libertarians want to cap on migrants how difficult will that make things that actually is probably could well be the most difficult stumbling block in these negotiations the variance christian social union did very badly in the region in the area they're facing elections in about two years time regional elections there and if they lose their majority there. that is unprecedented in fact in german history so they would they would push very hard to push through their demands including this cap but the cap of something at the greens have already refused completely to find a common point. a compromise there and that and that single issue is going to be
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very very difficult how one issue can hold things up we'll be talking about more in just a bit you know a germans have elected a new parliament as we've been discussing of course and as we just heard from hans a new coalition government may take weeks even months to form for now the old government is still in place now if chancellor merkel wants to keep her job she must form a new coalition because her social democratic partners have pledged to go into the political opposition negotiations will be tricky if her new government is to hold an absolute majority in parliament by law the new parliament must convene thirty days after the election the twenty fourth of october at the latest whether a new government is in place or not now a parliament parliamentary majority is needed to formally elect a new chancellor and that could take some time because there's no deadline in the past coalitions have been in place by the end of the year. now as mentioned of
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course one key fact here is that the center left social democrats say they will not be part of a new government as martin schulze their former coalition partner led by scholz finish second with that party's worst ever result party leader martin jol says voters have sent his party a message that they should go into opposition but many see it as another sign that socialism is losing ground across europe and the social democratic parties have lost touch with the working class. but one more from france knows how it feels to lose george papandreou from greece has known it for a long time and now germany's martin schulz knows it too it's. seventeen years ago socialists or social democrats were governing in almost all the big e.u. countries like france germany and the u.k.
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now they've been pushed to the borders of the european union in france the socialists scored a humiliating six point three percent in this year's presidential election if they really abandon power in germany italy is the last important bastion for now nobody believes that they really provide us to the pressing problems off the people that say at the no in the noise income brackets and you know basically that's why i think votes have gone down everywhere for all for them so i think it's a lot about. what social democracy should stand for namely a more equal society. equality was the hallmark of socialist and social democratic leaders like billy bunter in germany. or false i mean total in france they represent at the pinnacle of the modern and successful political left in your. eye today only jeremy corbett in the u.k.
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is bucking the trend by steering his party farther to the last look on the wall right over there is that right the solution wonderful festival. in brussels the party of the european social democrats is asking precisely that question and after the initial shock vows to fight back. a little bit he giovani. say. young people financial aid for children and also migrants arriving in our countries we need dignified living conditions for all people especially those in difficult and marginalized situations we need to be the party that takes care of the poorest people and gets old these. people. the stance echoing the left's glory days with leaders like germany's good how much would i or even the early force well known in france after the german election they
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seem as distant as they ever have. it will take more than a little effort from social democrats and socialists in the e.u. to get back on track. well look if there is a very unfortunate image for the social democrats could the german social democrats have seen their worst political result in decades i go the way of the french social democrats falling six point three percent. at the moment it doesn't look at they will crash down as far as that but obviously social democrats in germany are facing similar problems to social democrats all over europe and probably all over the world it's got to do with the re structuring of industry as a whole what used to be parties of labor in a situation where that form of labor is no longer really in existence they're losing their basis their could their foundation their main voting base and in fact in this to
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a german election more laborous more workers voted for the far right deal than from the so for the social democrats so there is a readjustment necessary also in policies that cannot be policies that are simply based on the interests of the laboring clause and that's something that's happening all over europe social democrats here appear to be in all turning more towards the day if that's an indication given by the rise and. she's going to be the leader of the social democrats in parliament in the parliamentary opposition she's a former. leader of the youth wing so she's a left winger it looks like they're going the direction of cope and the labor party in great britain thanks for that here on our political desk for us this morning this is the news still to come on the show fertile ground for the far right the anti immigration a.f.d. is now the most popular party in the eastern german state of saxony d.w. finds out why and. so what impact is this election result having on the
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financial world allan is following that this morning of course you know how it goes brian whenever there's political uncertainty well anxiety in the business community is sure to follow and the longer talks over a new coalition government here in bunyan run well the more german business confidence stands to be shaken no surprise then that companies here are hoping for a quick resolution but that's not the only thing worrying business leaders here in germany. shocking that's what volkswagen c.e.o. mathias miller called the far right parties entry into the bonus time. to the test he and other business leaders are calling for the rapid formation of a new government. and what's important for us irrespective of party politics is that it doesn't take too long to conclude coalition talks the very difficult negotiations but they have to agree on
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a forward looking program so that business is aware which conditions will apply in the future will be crucial. to the federation of german industry is the b.t.i. wants to avoid damage to germany as a business location it's calling on the government to provide a three hundred million euro investment package saying companies need clear signals germany's chambers of commerce and industry are making similar demands. the business community is sending its own kind of coalition agreement or investments with three focal points investment in education in a modern infrastructure and in spaces for entrepreneurial activity. our country lives off ideas and the work of businesses and their employees. those are resources. another important focus is continuity and that's
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just what chancellor angela merkel is providing with a fourth term in office according to dortch a bank bank executive say her experience and rational approach to governing could help germany and the european union move forward in the coming years. i was in the at for a job at the supervisory board of the and so that company has given the go ahead for the acquisition talks about in his meeting with new tuns and easyjet to settle for parts of his business and those discussions are giving hope to eight thousand employees a deal for the future of air berlin is taking form the bankrupt airline stated after a board meeting on monday negotiations with the chance to end easyjet are being held until october twelfth. considering the difficult situation i'm relieved to say that after our negotiations we are on the way to achieving good job prospects for around eighty percent of our colleagues at their berlin with our betters in the name and. so
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finns and technical details will be thrashed out in the coming weeks and any final deal will need to be approved by european regulators at stake of the carriers one hundred forty least aircraft covered landing and takeoff slots at german airports some prime berlin real estate and the livelihoods of thousands of employees easy jet is only interested in parts of the passenger airline while the town's a spade includes austrian airline nicky as well herself she generates some three hundred fifty million euros two hundred million of which will come from love tons and that's good news for the german taxpayer because the one hundred fifty million euros in bridging loans provided by the german government can be paid back in full . now it has struggled with a series of scandals this year accusations ranging from sexism to suggestions that use software to hide information from regulate his last week london's transport
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authorities decided not to or a new license to operate in the british capital citing a lack of corporate responsibility now the company's new c.e.o. is having to say sorry for the firm's pulse mistakes. the new c.e.o. of goober derek custer shot he apologized for hoover's past mistakes on monday in a public attempt to show london authorities that the company is willing to change to retain its right to operate in the city because rasha acknowledged that the company got things wrong during its global expansion london's mayor said he con appreciated khosrowshahi is a policy. i welcome the humility shown by the c.e.o. of global who but today he's apologized to london as for the white uber have behaved i wish the u.k. would have the same humidity the but over officials in london insist that they've complied with all of london's laws it just to be very good to has always followed every quarter it's good to fell has undertaken all processes and all the fourteen
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since we didn't mention the phrase a ha ha ha ha ha two thousand never previously he said about talking to aussies to do anything different so that's why it's a surprise not to be wrong to lie she's still transport for london said it wouldn't three new goobers license when it expires september thirtieth but over can continue operating while it pursues an appeal. the global beauty industry is big business people are prepared to pay handsome sums to ensure they look good and just off when one g.m. or his wake a business just outside nairobi is making a tidy profit and she goes to great lengths to stay a cut above the rest. and also it seems is a growing business here in the chic center of nairobi just one wig can set you back up to five hundred dollars the current trend for wigs and hair extensions has created
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a million dollar market just outside the kenyan capital dan dura is one of africa's biggest trash heaps but what's a cast off for some is a treasure for others thousands of kenyans make their livelihoods from trash like winnie one jira she specializes in hair both synthetic and real. there are many different types of hair if you're lucky you might find underside human hair someone may have bought it but not liked it and chucked it away the boys from the dump sell them to me for the equivalent of two u.s. dollars and i then sell them to a salon for around five u.s. dollars. not a bad profit margin for the thirty one year old but competition is tough at the dump she's not the only one keen to make money with her here at the market in one of nairobi's poorer areas the headpieces assorted and cleaned oiled and
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combed like many other hairstylists mary when g.q. buys the hair from the rubbish dump and then prepares it for her customers they pay a fraction of what they would in topsail loans. so so pretty family night these pieces because they're cheap and come from nearby instead of those from the central business district that are expensive and far away by the time they arrive the customer has left north or. this woman doesn't mind that ten year adornment once lay on the trash pile as long as it's properly restored looks good and the price is right she's just one of many benefiting from this form of recycling. and over to brian now for the latest on the current round of breaks it talks it is not easy going helen our frustration as britain and the you start a new round of talks these negotiator says brussels would not discuss the u.k.'s call for a two year transition deal until there is progress on
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a financial settlement but the british press that minister urged them to stop stalling the talks at the forefront of bragg's at talks the e.u. and u.k. negotiators are still not reading from the same script. the european union is keen and eager. to understand better how do you keep government will translate the prime minister's speech into negotiating positions british prime minister to resign may sought to break the deadlock with a speech in florence last week she called for a two year transition deal but leaders want more progress on sticking points like citizens' rights and settling outstanding bills owed to brussels before looking further ahead david davis has promised to cough up the cash but how much he won't say the u.k. will honor commitments we have made during the period of our membership but it's
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obvious that reaching a conclusion on this issue can only be done in the context of an accord with a new deep and special partnership with the european union so the u.k. is absolutely committed to work through the details. so far there is little common ground to show for six months of negotiations the deadline for a deal on britain's exit from the e.u. is one year away until then much hangs in the balance. it's to iraq now where the kurdish minority has voted in an independence referendum the outcome will likely be yes when official results are revealed later this week now that is the spite heavy international pressure the united states and the united nations both opposing this poll some thirty million kurds live in the middle east and there are concerns that this vote will fuel kurdish nationalism far beyond iraq's borders neighboring countries like turkey syria and iran also
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have large kurdish minorities now kurds living in northern iraq voted in this referendum and it took place in the autonomous kurdistan region and in contested territories like the oil rich region near the city of kirkuk iraqi government oppose the ballot but most kurds want their own state. celebrate the holding of the independence referendum. on monday today we were at it for the independence of kurdistan and it's a session from iraq. we want to change our iraqi identity to kurdish. i say goodbye to iraq and yes to independence. the non-binding vote was counted spine pressure from all sides iraq central
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government said it would never accept the speeding up of the country internationally the united nations wants the kurds push for independence could ignite more regional conflicts on the u.s. feed it would distract from the fight against so-called islamic states. could say the fight is partly about acknowledging the contribution of their peshmerga fighters in confronting i.a.'s. god gives us this land and we have to protect it with our blood. we made sacrifices for the land and god willing the kurdish state will be announced soon and we are ready to sacrifice ourselves for it. iraq's neighbors also have significant populations of ethnic heads need is they're worried if i could fuel kurdish nationalism in may countries. so
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there are a lot of. our attitude on this issue is very clear. regardless of the results with the clear this referendum and void. it is not in conformity with the current law in iraq. we declare it illegitimate. turkey has tightened up security on its border to kurdistan where its carrying out military exercises. is also threatening to turn off the pipeline which carries oil from kurdistan through techie to the outside world. well the war of words between north korea and the united states has again escalated north korea's top diplomat saying donald trump has declared war against his country washington flatly denying this but north korea says it now has the right to shoot down
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american warplanes even if they're not in its airspace china the united nations are urging calm trying to stop a dispute becoming something much more dangerous. donald trump was all smiles at the white house on monday as he unveiled an education program but even here in the midst of happy children one issue was waiter in the wings. of the bridge thank you all for trump has become embroiled in a war of words with this man north korea's foreign minister re young. on saturday we used the speech of the united nations to lash into trump describing him as a mentally deranged person full of megalomania. this was trump's response via twitter he said if we was echoing the thoughts of north korea's leader
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kim young they wouldn't be around much longer on monday then came reason retaught. because this comes from the u.s. president clearly this is a declaration of war. since the u.s. has declared war on us we will have every right to take counter measures including the right to shoot down united states strategic bombers even when they are not inside our country's space. on saturday the u.s. sent b. one b. bombers and fighters along the coast of north korea. the operation in international airspace was a clear show of force the furthest north u.s. planes are flown in the region this century nevertheless the white house is playing the confrontation down we've not declared war on north korea and frankly the
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suggestion of that is absurd but our goal is still the same we continue to seek the peaceful nuclearization of the korean peninsula. but with a smart phone wielding trump and a strident kim young there's no guarantee this war of words is over the united nations has called for calm warning that fiery talk can lead to fights all misunderstandings. this is the news live from berlin we'll be right back. pick up. the i'm going to sleep guy likes. dog trash is gone by the black in yellow since the colts home with a half dozen. false needles by after a hard chase to smash
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a point off i. kick in sixty minutes w. . they make a commitment they find solutions. they inspire us. africa on the move. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent. w.'s new multimedia series for africa. dummy dot com africa on the move. hijacking the news. where i come from the news is. hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple
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and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoking mirrors it's not just about the fear for balance or being neutral it's about being true. when he was born god and i were getting. welcome again you would be a news our top stories right now counselor on the macro is beginning talks today to cobble together a new government all that after sunday's general election left her conservatives the biggest party in parliament but politically weakened. ethnic kurds have started celebrating after holding a referendum for independence from iraq regional powers bitterly opposed that vote
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and are threatening retaliation. and the war of words between a president trump and pyongyang heats up north korea's foreign minister says the u.s. has declared war washington calls that claim absurd. while charla mack all faces a tricky task as she sets out to form a new governing coalition her former center left partners a social democrats say they are going into the opposition and that leaves her most likely to link up with the pro-business f.t.p. and the greens two parties very far apart on central issues like foreign policy environment here in germany this is called a jamaica coalition as the colors assigned to each of those parties black for medicals conservatives yellow for the for democrats and green for the greens together make up the colors of the jamaican flag. they know how to stay cool in
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jamaica black yellow and green are the colors of the flag in germany these colors represent the most likely incoming coalition conservative c.d.u. the greens and the pro market f.t.p. people here aren't quite as cool as in the caribbean. but germany can be colorful to a floral bouquet for the chancellor despite the hammering the voters gave her c.d.u. i'm going to merkel is still in charge and it's down to her to form a new coalition. her first call is on the greens and the free democrats. but what about the f.t.p. in jamaica judging by the colors of the ties the party chiefs may be open to the idea. but they won't join forces with merkel without a revamp of education and business policies and the digital drive. we want to redirect politics reaching a new turning point and if that's not possible then place is in the opposition.
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opposites you want. to make a won't happen without the greens they scored better in the election than they did for years and going into coalition talks they know what they want. not about power for power sake we want a clear signal concerning climate protection we need to see a turnaround in this direction germany has set a clear goal to reduce c o two emissions. jamaica in germany the cd years be variances to party the c s you will need to be on board they might be hard to persuade says research analyst nicko siegel but it's not impossible of course it depends on how the c.s.u. is included in the package could become a problem there's also the question of how many concessions the f.d.p. is willing to make as far as the voters are concerned there are no hurdles that can't be overcome it's kind of in. jamaica after all it's very likely
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but first the need to be some serious talks held with german thoroughness and that will probably take at least a few weeks. while the americans christian democrats may have won the election but the populist alternative for germany the f.t. dealt a blow in the eastern german state of saxony winning that state saxony is fertile soil for the far right for nearly three years now the anti islam and he immigration to get a movement has been holding demonstrations every week in the state capital president on the evening last night was no exception. traced and is a major tourist destination and the capital of saxony it's also a stronghold of a.f.d. support around here the right wing party did not need to put up many election posters to attract voters alternative for germany has been in the regional parliament for three years. and now they're heading for the bonus talk
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that's just mine i don't just photos and saxony have sent a clear signal that they are unhappy with mrs american policies and with the grand coalition they want change it will be a big challenge for the f.t. to implement what these voters want and change politics in germany. the anti islam to get a movement is a natural ally of the f.t. on monday they were demonstrating as they do every week outside trees since famous church of our lady people here are overjoyed with the f.t. result. we're happy that for the first time there will be a real opposition in the pool in the stark what we had before was not opposition. controlled mass immigration should be stopped rejected asylum seekers should be sent home and the chancellor who has broken many laws should be punished and. someone has to take action. nothing changes and nobody is satisfied with mrs merkel
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. and at last an opposition in parliament that will oppose the government. piccy to cause trace in the capital of resistance to america as one of the speakers at monday's demonstration told the crowd you now have a voice in parliament. ok let's go now to dresden i'm joined by a correspondent there on the mark very strong support for the if the in saxony including in dresden where you are and what's why in that. well. there is also the other side i mean i've spoken to many many people who say they are ashamed they are embarrassed of this result and they are really also ashamed of the image that goes from this town from their state to the rest of the world when they hear about this result a of the strongest party here you also find
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supporters of the opposition to this all the a.f.d. of course because still i mean even if there are two percent have voted in some areas the a.f.d. seventy percent have voted differently and there's also for example young people coming every monday here with their whistles with their music and they show their opposition against against you know phobia and also for example the the famous church behind me the following. they are organized discussions they organize meetings demonstrations also they want to do something against this mood here in the city against the growing scene a phobia but then again some others say this is not enough they're still not enough done by the civil society and that might have to do with the fact that people are somewhat lazy maybe to express really their discontent with the growing. influx
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over the growing mood against foreigners and also with people being exhausted after three years of picky eater here in greece now ok now these voices are position they're also protesting what they say are the close connections between. and the day can you tell us how close are those connections. they are very close officially they are separated and picky that still goes back to a decision of the a.s.d. here in saxony which is led by a p.t. a somewhat rather moderate figure in the a fifty if you can talk about moderate figures in the fifty and she wanted to have a separation between her party and piggy but in the last month this separation was more and more forgotten and since may of this year there was more and more campaigning off. officials for a of d.
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and then the last weeks ahead of the elections even a if the police politicians came here to the really and complained for the party for the if and then of course what we heard in the piece yesterday the crowd here cheered e.f.t. a d. and speaker said you are the movement you have a parliamentary arm now with the a if t. and when you look at the m.p.'s that are coming into the bundestag from saxony for example most of them they are strongly in favor of loosening the separation abolishing the separation between a if t. and make it more or less to one organization why are voters turning their backs on the well established parties parties like the christian democrats. yeah well that's of course the very important question that comes along with why is the a fifty so successful here in first of all voters in the east there are
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generally not that close lee linked to a party they shift their votes rather fast then in the west for example there are no traditions there are no traditional c.d.u. voters they switch here again and again they have voted for the left as protest voters in the past now they vote for the right as protest voters but also why are they going for this so far right party in such a big extend and here people are somewhat asking themselves what is the reason i mean many times you explain these phenomena with economic disadvantages you have these disadvantages also in the east here in germany and in sacks in the but they aren't that big so that's not really an explanation that is valid i've spoken to many people that have also an interesting explanation they say well we were always
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the valley of the clueless that's a word that goes back to times of the communism when here in sex and the people weren't connected to western television this is already thirty years back but still this plays a role and it also plays a role that in the times of communism people had no experience with people from other cultures and that is for many an explanation why people are now also skeptical about foreigners still in these days bobbie and phantom are calling the rise of the f.t. in saxony joining us from the city of dresden bob thanks very much. well the if he already has two seats in the european parliament where it sits alongside other far right groups like france's national front now they were stablished political players years before the f.d.a. rose to prominence by the breakthrough for germany's far right. its triumph a signal for the continent rightwing populism is
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a life and well in europe. this is any of. this is a warning shot for german politics the people want something different to use they do not accept merkel's migration policy the way that she wants it to dr. indeed since more than two decades the right wing populist parties are on the rise and the european union boosted by a serious of economic crises they have entered the parliament of twenty member states. the anti immigration and tice anti europe all across the continent populists are harnessing fears and anger of discontented voters. earlier this year a third of french voters wanted her pen leader of the far right for the tsunami to be their new president and with less than one month until the elections austria's
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the nationalist freedom party is currently polling at twenty five percent. and said she's does in fact what is our goal to stay in the soul of our country go there's hope for our homeland. the populist insurgency has also placed their anti e.u. anti immigration voices at the forefront of european politics. whoever now things is that in europe or in germany the moment has come to follow what the extreme right are saying is fundamentally wrong and endangers europe most of the. yet the bonus talk promises the if the the biggest platform it has ever had in the continent's most powerful country a challenge for the new german government and for your. post. was. the first. so what challenges
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exactly does the f.t. present we're talking now with all of the international policy analyst with the think tank restless and global thanks for being with us this morning olof we're looking at for the first time in decades you know basically sixty seventy years of right wing nationalist party entering the german parliament what does it mean for germany and for the european union i think they have this is the winner of this election in a way because so they prove that they are success at the european elections was not a one off day here to stay so that's my my strong for addiction people should not fall into wishful thinking that the party will disappear any time soon i think as we have seen from post election polls that not a majority really voted for them because they believe in their money festa and their program matic and their ideology so i think of those people who voted for of the are not as not identically with d.v.d. or ship on the same page so this i think is that sixty percent of the vote for the
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ai directly exactly coming from parties like to see to you even though no and therefore i think the turning to for germany was in this election a real alternative for a lot of people this was the last resort actually their weapon of last resort because they really wanted to send a signal to berlin to say ok stop with a grand coalition we need an opposition we need different approaches to policies so i can so if we have a lack of orientation so where should we go to if we are dissatisfied with the current government and i think this is may need the message behind it ok you say they're going to remain a part of the german political landscape do you see them remaining at these numbers twelve thirteen percent that's i think this is the big collective wakeup call for the established parties to take the concerns of voters seriously and to work on them and this is this did not happen so much since two thousand and fifteen the refugee crisis was one i think of the initial elements of the to do they. say or
8:46 am
originally started with criticizing the euro so this was totally gone and in this election campaign it was not really a topic but now people feel threatened you have this feeling of foreign nation and things like that so it's not reflected in the numbers and i think this is the thing you need a kind of a dialogue and in specially in eastern germany but also in bavaria and in. the south you know there is kind of a disconnect between the parties and the constituencies in the electorate and i think this has to be worked on do you see the disconnect continuing we have leading social democrats like martin jol saying the eighty's a threat to democracy i mean how can you start a dialogue with with that type of commentary then no this is absolutely a walk on a very thin line on the one hand you have to fight the leadership there is no doubt that the leadership really has this all dried ideology behind and it's not just people like who have been a year ago the one figure everybody was complaining about it's everybody's so bold
8:47 am
. made statements which are totally in example which are right wing extremist and but you have to differentiate between the concerns of people who voted for d. and the party leadership and in this regards will be interesting to see how the parties actually react to this i hope and this is the positive message from this election day that this brings the real political debate back into parliament and this is where it belongs and so therefore it's also kind of a chance for democracy in germany and i'm totally convinced we will fight that will win this fight ok so you so do you see the as a threat to democracy or do you see it bringing the debate off the streets like gaita and into parliament. both in a way saw it so they bring the debate in so it's now time for the for democracy to domesticate them in a way but we have should not have any doubt that the support ship the real hardcore days supporters ship is beyond the constitution and so this is really
8:48 am
a threat to democracy that's what from patriot thinks she left the party of the party but she left the parliamentary faction yesterday she's going to go into parliament on her own is the if the imploding before our eyes. again i i think this is there's a lot of wishful thinking in this so i don't see that even we got the same news on the same day yesterday that the parliamentary group in limbo for poland split into two parties so there is of course a chance and it proves that the f.d.a. is not really a party so it's not a consistent party it's more kind of a movement and i would compare it with the old right movement and what we've seen with donald trump there's a lot of paralysis you can see between both so he also claims to speak for the people they claim actually to bring the street into parliament but they don't have a trump like leader no they don't and that's maybe a fortune for us because we really have a chance to defeat them but focus petri was already somehow politically dead in her
8:49 am
own party and everybody moderating exactly that the leadership after this victory would kick her out now she actually took a step first and distance and from them but i don't expect too many if any m.p.'s of the following her example ok i want to talk about the social democrats if we could they they want to go into opposition they've left a grand coalition is is there a way back for them could they in fact come back absolutely they cannot yet but i think it's in the cards but i think it was a very smart move by martin shows to to say right leave fifteen minutes after the the first election were televised to say ok you know what we got the message and i think it's true they got the message saying ok so we are at the worst the result ever we had in german history so therefore maybe it's time for us to rethink to reinvent the s b d because that was the main concern of if we devoted reso people who did not vote for a speedy but if the jamaica coalition negotiations will lead to nowhere it could be
8:50 am
a time definitely when we see negotiations between c.d.u. and asked to return as a coalition partner what exactly were briefly if you could all off what about the free democrats in the greens you see that working out. i have my doubts so i would love to see because we are need of these kind of new strategic alliances but it's a long way to go but this is a very interesting process for german democracy to develop to mature in a more way so i think the old west german republic is dead by. yeah exactly so the baby at the bottom of a public is that aware now really entered the building of a public and these are interesting times all of the international think tank russia muslim global thanks for being with us thanks very much wolf. it's to israel now where police say a palestinian gunman has killed three israelis and wounded a fourth at a jewish settlement outside jerusalem settlements straddles the occupied west bank and israel proper it's reported that the attacker entered the area with a group of palestinian laborers and opened fire on parliamentary paramilitary
8:51 am
rather israeli police guards police say the gunman was shot dead at the scene. we have some sports now the champions league group stage resumes tonight one big matches group h. it sees the german side door and play host to defend champions real madrid which seems like a very tall order but momentum could give dortmund an edge to it men have been on fire the best to play they're sitting at the top of the bundesliga table have scored a league high nineteen goals six games conceded just want to have an unbeaten run against real madrid dating back to twenty fourteen in fact they've never lost at home in the champions league. and joining me now to talk about dorman's chances we have tom donnelly from the sports desk good morning to you tom dortmund are they going to be able to carry this great form into their
8:52 am
match against ryall tonight well the omens are good and it really is great for america by me on his eight goes in his past six games maximillian philip has got four in the same time in the league. he's been a real revelation of the top in the season and what's really encouraging for them is how well his partnership with the young has been working. also haven't just been winning games they've really been sweeping their opponents away as we heard they've only conceded one in the league so far this season and in the past three games they've scored no fewer than fourteen goals it's really down east in a state they are. not and the best fallen star going is a very intimidated advantages and i guess that's a. that's a massive advantage and as you said they're also undefeated against real madrid when they played at home which is a very encouraging statistic for them as well now i believe also going to hear from one player who's counting on the home advantage to make itself pay for his team and that's merrier. definitive definitely got
8:53 am
a history of playing against real madrid they were always great games against them home and away. is nothing to take for granted we're looking forward to the game to facing them again we know the situation we're in but we're the home team it's going to be a good game. yet they are indeed the home team and it definitely will be a very good game it's really a question for dortmund of making their home advantage pay today ok so dortmund has done well in the bundesliga by going back to their opening match in the champions league at tottenham in london they were virtually blown right out of one believe weren't they well they survived the group stage well that's the thing i mean there is legal form has been fantastic but they have also had some more pedestrian start to the season in terms of their opponents they haven't faced any of the top sides in the league and of course the champions league is a very it's much tougher arena in which to play now that game against tottenham was
8:54 am
their first real big test and they were very unlucky. perhaps one of the top ten goals shouldn't really have been allowed to stand and scored an equaliser which was then wrongly disallowed so they had a bit of bad luck but really it was their first big test and they failed today is going to be a very different it's going to be a very difficult challenge as well because right now are one of the best teams in world football at the moment arguably the best on their nine players like. a sense you are going forward for now and of course top of the tests don't really get much tougher than that and they really need to take something from tonight's game if they are going to escape take that fire forward what about some of the other matches tonight what it would you like to well elsewhere in the very same group tottenham are facing up well nicosia but i think it's fair to say that's probably going to be a walkover for tottenham so my highlight for this evening is against rebel lights. made a respectable start to their champ. is lee career when they threw one one with monaco
8:55 am
not storeman out last time around. the turkish champions and as i was saying the dortmund is a very tough place to play football so is the stadium right there on the bosphorus that is also going to be rocking tonight so that's going to be a tough job losses a tough number to come up against so as not certainly year they are a dangerous side and you know it's easy to underestimate them because they haven't too much experience at this level but. that's that's a real hard evidence i'm going to see in that one year closely tom good night from the sports desk thanks very much. now the top stories we're following for you right now. german government. conservatives are the biggest party in parliament but politically after record losses. also in the news today kurds have been celebrating after holding a referendum for independence from iraq but regional powers are bitterly opposing
8:56 am
that vote and threaten retaliation. and the war of words between president and. north korea's foreign minister says the u.s. has declared war on the country. absurd. this is from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest news as well around the clock at our website. dot com for now though thanks for being with us.
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