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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 2, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin spanish prosecutors demond jailed for ministers in catalonia as ousted government nine of them have been question to which charges of sedition and rebellion by spain's national court but the deposed
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scotland president cardless bridgeable remains defiant in belgium me go live to our correspondent in barcelona also coming up the man accused of carrying out the new york terrorist attack appears in court but shows no sign of remorse not the u.s. president or trump has scored for the death penalty. and the british to france minister is the latest public figure to be forced to resign over sexual harassment could read report on a case in pakistan where not the harasser but the victim is being blamed. das in the next sixty minutes it took them fifty six years but finally the hoost and astro's have won baseboards top prize i. know in jubilation among the fans as they watch their team win the world cup series we take a closer look at how the astros reached the top. and maybe hard to believe that sunk in the national. i want to demolish the punch mark it's causing huge
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controversy in india we find out what's going on. with the. current a very warm welcome to you i'm on the third shima spanish prosecutors have asked the national court to jail nine sacked members of catalonia as government arguing they should be charged with sedition and treason but ex-president karla's fujimori remains in belgium his deputy was among those who appeared in court for questioning the ousted lawmakers on the investigation for supporting the region's succession from spain meanwhile to test is of gathered in barcelona to express support for the separatists. and for the very latest that we draw on our correspondent sean she is in barcelona i shall just how angry are people there about the events playing out in madrid school or. just
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a short time ago there was an enormous crowd behind me here they were saying to me that they think colors push one is still that president they say that they wanted to come here to show their support for him as this legal process is going on it was all very calm very friendly lots of singing but that shouldn't hide the fact that people were incredibly frustrated at what is going on they say that they think madrid is being very heavy handed and that it's far as they're concerned they should be allowed to push ahead with this independence movement they say that they have a mandate for it so there are. more protests planned today we know in several locations there are lots of calls on social media for people to gather so it could become quite quite volatile here as the day goes on and some of the members of the ousted catalan government are facing charges like treason the rebellion and sedition of this carry long jail sentences what is at stake here give us
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a sense. yeah rebellion alone carries at least thirty years in prison just to give us a sense exactly of what's going on here we've got the former the dismissed cabinet ministers in two places at the moment we've got callers pushing on and four members of his cabinet in brussels we've also got nine people here who've faced the high court today who did show up for those hearings that they are with them meant to we've heard from the prosecutor that he wants to see those nine behind bars he wants to deny them jail that's something that could happen by the bail that something that could happen fairly soon we're also hearing here that it's likely that spain is going to ask for the extradition of cause now that's going to be a very complicated process and something that belgium is going to of course have to make a decision on as well so we could see a lot of diplomatic wrangling happening over the next couple of weeks this of course crucially raises very serious questions about the election is meant to
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happen on december twenty first what happens if carlos pigeon and his entire cabinet behind bars can they run how is that going to be able to go ahead what a lot of people here want to know so a lot of questions here meanwhile push you more as you said is still in brussels he's refusing to return to spain what is his strategy schalit watching the anybody can really know that except on himself there were rumors that he wanted to claim asylum about him that's now looking highly unlikely what the man himself has said is that he's worried he's not going to get a free fair trial here in spain he said it's a political trial and that he is looking for guarantees from madrid that they will keep it as virus possible madrid yet hasn't responded to that so it's possible that he's going to just wait it out in belgium for as long as he can surely just simple in barcelona thank you very much. this article or some other stories making news around the world in afghanistan at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens
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injured in a fuel tank a bombing official said an explosive device triggered the blast which engulfed nearby vehicles in a town northwest of the capital kabul there was no immediate claim of responsibility uncensored she has made her first visit as a leader to the state of the high end where she met muslim minority rocking the villages more than half a million during a have fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape violence and persecution suchi has been under intense international pressure over her response to what the u.n. has scored ethnic cleansing telling out of the united states for donald trump is renewed calls for the death penalty to be handed to the suspect in tuesday's attack in new york city the accused aside for no sign of waive his right to silence and to the prodigies he was inspired to kill by the so-called islamic states online propaganda meanwhile u.s. president donald trump has called for capital punishment for cyber of tweeting he
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kills eight people and should get the death penalty family and friends of the victims have been holding vigils and services in their memory let me now draw in our washington correspondent alexander for naaman. answer of the critics are saying that trance response is a bit over the top in the reaction to this terrorist attack people viewing his reaction where you are. well we have to say that the president seems to be to be very outraged by what happened in his hometown and outrage also by the fact that the suspect shows no remorse but the problem is that he is not talking here as a private citizen donald trump but as the president of the united states and that is why he is facing a lot of criticism and people here many of his critics say that they feel offended
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by water the president is talking that he is trying to politicize this thread a-g. you have to understand that when donald trump demands a death penalty for the suspect the suspects lawyers can say now there is no chance of a further trial so donald trump's remarks have consequences when he criticizes the democrats for lax immigration rules when he announces to start the process of terminating their so-called green card lottery he clearly uses this thread to g. to promote his anti me grand agenda and that is why he is facing a lot of criticism so ocho mr angry rhetoric and tweets to want extent can trump actually change u.s. policy. you know when we talk about extreme vetting we
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have to say that the vetting procedures for people who come to the united states or who want to immigrate to the united states are already very tired and they have been tightened in the past months so i can't really see how they can be stepped up when we talk about the president's promise to terminate the diversity lottery program we have to say that he would need congress to support this idea and we have seen in the last months that the president's corporation with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle has not been very successful and alexander turning out the suspect had any new details emerged about him and the attack you know what is very interesting and important is that he himself was apparently not on the radar of the f.b.i. but he had contact to people who were subjects of terrorism
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investigation and now we're learning more and more detail about his personality people who knew he say that he seemed to be full of anger that he turned to a radical form of office because he apparently thought that he cannot make it in the united states and then it's what's really striking because in his last the report for example the homeland security department says that it is a huge challenge and a huge danger those young people who reddick allies themselves in the united states and that is why to prevent them from you know carrying out an attack or so you have to work with the communities those people live in an exam to phenomena beautiful in washington thank you very much for that. and now two men for zuma
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business is in bragg's it has central bankers taking names as they're running all right the bank of england has raised its key interest rate for the first time in over a decade from one quarter of a percent to cough a percent the u.k. is at a very uncertain crossroads as to where breaks it is going to take the nation you know we governor mark carney says it's time to tighten policy despite the british economy sluggish performance this year he expects only very gradual further increases over the next few years. over to frankfurt for the european reaction on this story with all the bonds our financial correspondent ali would you say that this is a sign that the economy is now really pulling itself together in the u.k. or is this a warning sign because it it breaks. it's a warning side warning sign because of brakes that some people say the weak the weakening british economy is about to strengthen again the labor market but the
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pound is still trading at fourteen percent below the level that it was trading at before the bracks of vote and the british people and industry are feeling it with imported inflation it means less buying power if the currency has dropped in value and people are feeling that with their buying power going down the tubes and this is what the bank of england is trying to address bring up that pound bring down inflation back to a healthy level of people considering less buying power for the brits what's going to be the impact of today's rates hike on them. it will have a major impact less buying power for if it brings more buying power to the people internally it will also worsen exports his profits if indeed the pound goes up and it will also have impacts for all those many millions of mortgage holders especially those with variable rate mortgages their mortgages will go up the first time that many of people who have taken out
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a mortgage on their home will have seen a rise in the price for money lending in that area since taking out the mortgage of course the other side of the coin is savers will get more return for their money. thanks for breaking down the story for. us president donald trump is due to announce his pick for the new leader of the federal reserve who's going to take the helm of the world's most important central bank if you believe an increasing number of experts this man drove pal fed governor since two thousand and twelve a centrist a monetary policy and he's known as pragmatic and down to work. the head of the u.s. federal reserve is the most powerful central banker in the world some past fed chairman have even attained near cult status like alan greenspan he opened the money floodgates and sent equity markets into a feeding frenzy it led to a time of unprecedented growth fueled by credit. until the bubble burst in two thousand and seven unleashing
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a global financial crisis greenspan wasn't around anymore it was his successor ben bernanke who had to do the damage control but he kept monetary policy loose the u.s. economy had gotten used to extremely low interest rates a rapid reversal would have caused shocks to the system but it was business as usual under his successor janet yellen at least at first now she's opened the door to gradual rate increases amid stable growth in the us. federal reserve stronger intervention in the economy stands in contrast to the policies of the european central bank which has favored a lighter touch and focuses on inflation the fed reacts to developments in the job market yemen's term ends in february. jerome powell is the man tipped to replace or the former investment banker is a republican and already part of the fed's governing board markets looked ready to welcome such a choice his nomination would signal continuity theoretically stanford university
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economist john taylor remains a candidate but his chances are slim analysts caution that he might be quick to tighten policy. janet yellen would normally be expected to serve a second term but because she was appointed by former president barack obama that is out of the question for the current white house by replacing a fed chairman only after one term president donald trump looks set to break another tradition. and let's talk about this from our business desk last year a long time wall street correspondent for us did a lot of reporting on the fed would be a good choice absolutely ben he is a solid choice more than anything he has been with the feds for about five years on the board of governors so he has some experience however and that's very interesting about him as opposed to all his predecessors he has no what you would
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call formal training if you will in terms of monetary policy or monetary economics he has not studied that field he comes from the feel of law and a lot of years in the private sector so he's relatively new to the federal budget been there for about five years could he breathe fresh air into the board system while a new chairman i guess always brings a little bit of fresh air but he will not bring a bigger changes he has over the last five years always consistently voted with janet yes. and that was during the time when they health interest rates are lowered almost zero percent and he has also voted with her when the fed started raising rates so we will not i cannot possibly see how we will see a big change here why replace yellen in the first place i mean continuity is a good thing for the markets. i guess this comes down to a political choice oh absolutely it's a trump move absolutely ben we know president trump and we know that he is not himself very policy oriented he does not understand or care about the details of
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economic policy what was very important for him is just to put his own mark on the fed he actually said that himself in interviews to he just wanted to nominate somebody it was actually funny that he was all over the map with these candidates he had harsher candidates yet hawks wanted interest rates to go higher he had one of them to go lower and he didn't even care he just wanted his own person there and that's what he's doing is making actually a very informed and a very good choice so it looks like we're going to get a republican but is it a one hundred percent certainty i mean could we see a last minute tweet it doesn't look like it anymore we've seen a lot of reports on paula now in the last couple of minutes too but of course this is still president trump making a decision so you can always be in for a surprise if he does just reconfirm yellen i wouldn't be surprised at all she would be a good choice as well i don't expect it at this moment lots of the thank you very much more business to come including facing up to very lax advertising rules
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facebook and russian meddling in the u.s. election first back to andrea. british prime minister is a man has been forced to replace the defense minister as the scandal of widens of affection hardest moment in the u.k. is corridors of power gavin williamson has been promoted from his position as a conservative chief whip he's a newcomer to the field of defense and will replace many might have fallen fallen resigned on wednesday amid on occasions of inappropriate sexual behavior announcing his resignation this is what michael funen had to say in recent days allegations have been made about n.p.c. conduct including my own many of these allegations have been false but i realise that in the past i may have fallen below the high standards that we require of the armed forces that i have the honor to represent i have reflected in our my position
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in government and i am therefore resigning as defense secretary. now this is the latest in a series of cases as you know over the past two weeks women across the world have been sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and the hash tag me too but it's not been easy like in other countries an oscar winning filmmaker and baucus john has been facing difficulties with speaking out for more on this ahead with new social media added to. welcome can tell us more about this case in pakistan you know as you mentioned mr noir she's won an oscar i mean she has a very powerful filmmaker earlier this week she decided to take a public stand against harassment in her home country she actually took to twitter and she told the story about her sister who allegedly faced inappropriate behavior and harassment during and after a medical examination at a local hospital and we actually have a tweet for you this is how she told that story she writes in this case a doctor on call that night in an emergency ward and
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a stranger to us was trusted with medical access to a very private examination in the ward following this examination he chose to seek out the patient on social media and leaving comments on photographs and trying to add her as a facebook friend she goes on to write that what happened was a breach of trust and a severe lack of professional code of conduct that led to a woman feeling violated and harassed and on that i will not stay silent so after this report the doctor in question was actually fired by the hospital and this whole event has prompted a huge discussion in pakistan but unfortunately it's not focusing on the victim it's not focusing on the problems of harassment within the medical industry instead it's focusing on whether or not a friend request on facebook amounts to harassment and whether the doctor in question was fired in appropriately pakistan is considered as well to countries which is most dangerous and unsafe for women unknown with gandhi's like india and afghanistan but share mean is really well known for america surely she didn't
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expect this kind of backlash when she spoke out yeah i don't think she did i mean there has been a loud backlash you know and we see. this other country when when a woman speaks out recently been seeing these these hashtags you know me to a lot of online solidarity not so though in this case there's been a big backlash and mostly been from men and pakistan and let me show you over talking about here this is an event now that was created on facebook specifically to troll her it's called send a friend requests to sharmeen obaid nearly four thousand people here said they would participate in friend requesting her on facebook and reference of course to her harassment story twenty seven thousand more said they were interested and the description of the event says the following i hereby declare myself a social harasser i will not regret any friend requests that i sent to a female and i don't effing care about anything because she is a hope this backlash would even a step further pakistani men on facebook sharing screen shots now of the messages
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that they sent personally to her and we have a couple of those for you as well you can see there there's a picture basically mocking her sister's lead harassment by sending a picture of this this doctor and just awful mocking her sarcastically by equating a friend request to rape the loudest voices have really been from these trolls these harassers on me to but there has been some support for mr noir brave women speaking out on social media we have one of them here she's actually the founder of pakistan feminist watch and she says happy to see you speak out about harassment this is what feminism this is why feminism works and this is why it should be supported thank you so really this whole isn't just shows it's not easy for women in countries that are male dominated like pakistan to speak out about the harassment that they're seeing them very interesting story interesting and of course a lot of work needs to be done on this issue congressman from a social media does thank you very much for having this story to attention.
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turning now to sport it was a huge night in baseball as the houston astros won the one series for the first time in their history the best of seven contacts against the los angeles dodgers when right to the wire that the astros pulled off a comprehensive victory in the decisive game to the utter delight of their fans. this is the moment fifty five years of hurt finally came to an end. the stars fans watching on the big screen at houston's home stadium went wild as they saw their team become world series champions in enemy territory it was history in the making and a big moment for the city after a recent events. serious. five. hundred thousand five hundred. forty five was. houston exploded out of the blocks
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a game seven hitting five home runs in the first two innings. george springer was the hero as he hit a home run for the fourth consecutive game from their houston held out the dodges winning the decider five one to seal a memorable first championship. thousands are still displaced following hurricane hobbes devastation this victory was a boost for the whole city. there are down oh no not for dancers crickets not regular somehow figure something to cheer for here now we're here we're going to was. after fifty five years waiting for glory the party in houston will be left out and proud. now for more on the houston astros festival was serious time to wendy debbie a sports reporter and joins me this video welcome and we saw the excited when the
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elation the jubilation of the fans out there and tell us more why was it so special for them to win this title i can give you three good reasons one as we heard this is the first world series title for the astros this is a team that started back in one thousand nine hundred two as the houston colt forty five named after a gun then they changed their name to the astros named after a stadium which no longer exists they've been a pretty bad team through their through their fifty five year history don't made the world series once before so it's a big deal for them to win second of all in recent years as many as as few as six years ago this was one of the worst teams in baseball they sort of went through a rebuild period they wanted to build their own towns of signing you know expensive talent from other teams and it took them a long time a slow build and it's paid off second of all or third of all rather i guess what the third reason now hurricane harvey made a huge impact on not only this team but his whole community i mean this was the most destructive storm in u.s. history left tens of thousands of people homeless in this area and this the astros'
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good run has become a huge source of local pride for these people and to see them you know. have something go their way is great absolutely symbolic and it's uplifting like two or the seven games to decide to read out how do you rate this work up these final on the excitement skate oh it's one of the best i mean last season we had a very nice world series well too you know hard done by teams finally getting a chance to limelight but this you know this was two of the three best teams in the regular season against each other so high quality baseball it went seven games two of them went extra innings four of the games have lead changes seesaw battles a galore and also in the broader cultural context this is a big world series this is two of the five biggest cities in america two of the five most diverse and youngest cities in america which is good for baseball it's a sport that a lot of older wider viewers are watching a lot of younger more diverse viewers have been tuning out this is a great thing for baseball and what the dodgers know was a series win since nine hundred eighty eight did they deserve to lose and did this
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you cheated out of victory i don't think they should own in a sporting sense that they lost fair and square there are two reasons the way they might be able to support it i mean the dodgers had the biggest payroll in baseball almost two hundred fifty million dollars per season and they've done that for the last five seasons so it you know that finally paying off would have been nice and also there was a controversy earlier in the series a player for the astros you're a good deal made a racist gesture to an asian pitcher on the dodgers and he is suspended but not suspended until next year's regular season so a lot of dodgers fans felt that was a pretty poor showing for baseball and i do too frankly and try to love matalin from us both says thank you very much. we stay was for the champions league it was a tough one for the german side are being leipsic sponsor the knockout stage got more difficult after they were defeated by ortho three one dortmund meanwhile on the brink of elimination after their one one draw at home to the cypriot side up
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well but our final good error open the scoring in the first half he has come back on the pitch after a long term injury now operate even the score in the second half to me hype forty and don't one didn't have an answer tottenham hotspur defeat a villa in madrid keeps dortmund's hopes alive but shasta bedi. coming up ahead on the job union has something the nationals want to demolish the taj mahal and it's causing huge controversy in india we find out what's going on. that story and more coming up shortly yours in need of a news live from berlin. they are the hope bearers of many of them are. these monks are rebuilding what the military spent years destroying we really are something like the teachers of the
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people. three miles. three stories three ways of changing everything. and mark the power of the monks in forty five minutes on the doubling. up can only process biodiversity. if the current one and to visit it tests in the last five months are we are happy global i.d.s. presents offers from all over the world. traditional knowledge this is a dream if you use it to make it it'll help ease pain. projects i live on the coast i feel it's my duty to protect the area and that's why i bring my skin's here. to love nature as in a. vision it's. our strategy is based on the traditional lifestyle of the people as a way of preserving the environment for future generations out of yourself. global
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i.d.'s on facebook trying to identify. health. and here in studio. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and form grows. life in an equal society. the divide starting november fifteenth on g.w. . you're watching it every news coming to you live from berlin i'm a touchy man great to have your company our top story the man accused of carrying out the new york terrorist attack is appeared in court but shown no remorse
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president donald trump has scored for the death penalty. turning out india an explosion at a coal fired power plant in the north indian state of what the british has claimed twenty six lives more than one hundred people have been injured it's one of the country's worst industrial accidents in the us now the blast at the plant operated by a state owned power company happened when a pipe exploded and covered workers in the burning coal ash many victims have been hospitalized with severe burns the death toll could still rise indian authorities have now launched an inquiry into the cause of the accident. for more on the story i'm joined by our correspondents on air funding in delhi i so now tell us more about the scale of the accident it is not the worst in recent years isn't it that's right it definitely is and until late this afternoon rescue efforts were still on at that coal power plant in the state up
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with the british there were fears that many workers were still trapped inside the factory unit so you're right that there are still fears that told me yet right now more than eight hundred people who worked at this plant many suffered serious burn injuries caused by hot ash and steam many were rushed to hospitals in the capital lock now there are reports that angry locals and family members of some of the injured were complaining that there was a complete lack of medical facilities at the power plant to which may have led to a spike in the casualty. has poor record when it comes to industrial accidents why is that the case. that's right india certainly has a relatively grim history when it comes to workplace accidents and industrial disasters the most infamous of they were course or was the deadly gas leak at a union carbide chemical factory in the city of book pile in one thousand nine hundred four which killed thousands of people now it's what's your blame poor
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safety standards of negligence by employers a lack of government oversight of these kinds of accidents and to be honest you know you can see evidence of this if you simply visit some of the many construction sites that you find in many indian cities you often find live wires there that that was a risk of electrocution you find workers working without helmets porch several stories about the ground on bamboo scaffolding often without safety nets or belts now that are there are laws in place that govern safety at the workplace these include you know this this of light as a toy is actually to ensure that workers do have safety equipment like boots harnesses safety nets etc in peri's there are safety inspectors at the labor department that are meant to carry out pretty arctic inspections to ensure that safety measures in place that equipment is properly maintained workers are created but i think in reality little of that seems to be happening authorities as i
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mentioned have nor should investigate in into the cause of the blast other initial thoughts as to what happened. well at this point we're not sure what exactly caused that explosion but there are reports here that suggest that some of the workers did sense a building up of pressure in the boiler eyewitnesses say that the boiler started shaking before that blast a senior state police official in the state of that with said in a statement today that ashes in the furnace beneath the boy which probably lead to a building up the pressure that resulted in that explosion now the indian authorities have ordered an inquiry to determine the cause of that accident within seven days and they are also investigating whether there was any negligence because it still remains unclear whether there was any dealy in shutting down the plant after the blast or evacuating people to safety so in follicle in delhi thank you very much for that live update from delhi. and we see in india but turn
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to india's most famous monument. it is at the heart of a political controversy with some hindu nationalists calling for it to be demolished this is built by a muslim employer does not reflect indian culture in fact one lawmaker described it as a blot on indian culture. this majestic mausoleum was named one of the new seven wonders of the world ten years ago. the taj mahal draws eight million visitors per year prince william of wales and his wife kate middleton among them. the taj mahal commissioned in sixteen thirty two took twenty one years to build the muga sharjah hand intended it as a memorial to his favorite wife. but this long revered symbol of love is now being scorned by hindu fundamentalist because it was built by a muslim. any moment built by muslims cannot be
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our national pride. there are moments of levity they are the moments of it they are the moments of cruelty. hindu nationalists see the taj mahal as a tribute to muslim conquerors who occupied india in the sixteenth century they believe it was built on top of an older hindu temple the ten. they want the hindu temple to be excavated even if that means demolishing the taj mahal. just like the people of germany did best broyard this. wall in the same way this. monument this should be reconverted into they don't. only then it will become a symbol of. the controversy has dominated headlines in india for against members of the ruling d j p party in parliament support the calls of the fundamentalist
3:37 pm
that's why the chief minister of the state of qatar pradesh was compelled to make a demonstrative visit to the taj mahal. wearing the robe of devout hindus a degenerate is known as a hard liner but in a symbolic appearance meant to put an end to the dispute he insisted the taj mahal would remain standing his a close confidant of indian prime minister narendra modi who has himself used famous muslim buildings like the red ford in delhi to showcase india as a regional superpower critics say modi is party politics are dividing the country and pitting a hindu majority against the muslim minority muslims in india say they feel socially and economically marginalized by the government hardline hindu nationalists now want to restrict religious freedom to they say that muslim prayer or no mas should be forbidden at the taj mahal. when it is. believing. meant then by archaeological department not be allowed to hold.
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and thus the taj mahal status as a symbol of love is being overshadowed by irreconcilable differences between religious groups in india. until in politics down there still no sign of a breakthrough in coalition talks the parties are trying to hammer out an agreement in forming a new government but the negotiations are becoming increasingly bad tempered the greens have accused the free democrats of trotting out populist platitudes the free democrats of course respect. they're putting on a brave face but the road to a so-called jamaica coalition remains rocky the talks of proof that old habits die hard the greens are now locking horns with their would be partners over key issues if there's one thing they can all agree on it's pointing fingers isn't. who used to stressing the differences between our parties and the f.d.p.
3:39 pm
are not exactly helping to ease the tensions. interview. despite their differences the business friendly f.t.p. remains confident they'll reach a compromise. there are a number of issues we do agree on and that is also important to mention we all want to strengthen the e.u. and nato we have some common ground on diplomacy development aid and security but it is strengthening nato that's one policy the greens can get behind at least in theory but as they say the devil's in the details. this should not be just about investing that abstract number of two percent for defense that won't make the world a safer place. and there are other issues. we need to agree on the fact that turkey cannot be a full member of the european union. with so many differences some are questioning whether the coalition talks will ever truly take off. still
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a long way to go now for business with ben and facebook under pressure to spend all those profits bad oh yeah it was an awful thing to have to deal with ham radio shares in the social media giants lead by almost one and a half percent is trading got underway in new york today that's despite reporting a massive surge in quarterly profits found among the books is will have to take security steps which will impact that profitability facebook is in the hot seat in the u.s. for the way it handled political ads following or allowing the spread of russian propaganda to influence last year's presidential poll contra bills at tesla electric comic a is burning through cash at a record rate last quarter it was a whopping loss of six hundred nineteen million u.s. dollars and production bottlenecks with its latest done at the laying delivery hitting the company's share price. it promised to be the call of the future
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but the tesla electric cars sat in the parking lot of this california dealership all the older models the long awaited model three sedan around half the price of other testers is still nowhere to be seen production delays and the company posting its biggest quarterly loss ever soar its share slide five percent investors don't like surprises and when tesla c.e.o. you know must know it's the model in twenty sixteen it promised them a cheaper vehicle much sooner really confident that it will be next year. and then in terms of price well of course it will be thirty five thousand dollars. back then but now problems with its bash reproduction among other issues mean it's at least three months behind schedule meeting musk to hope that his on wavering vision for the future is shared by customers as competition in the electric car segment revs up and they could well take that hooters elsewhere. and let's pull
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into part of jim bello he's outside of one of tesla's dealerships here in berlin to ponder their own cause i believe known for its ritzy shops and fast cars seen any tesla's well i have only seen one tesla and that's the one in the showroom behind me right there and so that's the one test that we've seen that we haven't seen any on the streets here so a lot of maseratis a few porches here and there and lot of you know german made cars of course but not hassles i'm afraid the germans do love their cars they love the tech and a real greenies i mean that's the perfect combo you could say for teslas why don't they sell well here. well well first of all the price tag the two models that are available right now at least in germany to be bought at the model asked in the moto x. are super expensive for most people the eighty thousand one hundred thousand dollars that's what it would take you back and of course the one you model the
3:43 pm
model three that we've spoken about in the report earlier that one that had a lot of bottlenecks in the production that could be affordable for most people at thirty five thousand but it's of course one of the major reasons that we don't possibly see tesla's but also germans love german made cars it's very difficult to convince german consumers to buy cars from other countries so we'll see once they get their production in place that they will be able to take on here and i did forget to mention that the germans are quite tight when it comes to money just tell me a general really briefly will mobility catch on in europe's biggest economy do you reckon well even in terms of the mobility the biggest problem at least in germany is the charging stations so you can buy an e-card but it's very difficult to charge them and i think that's the major issue that they have right now building the infrastructure for that and that's been a huge challenge here in germany especially ok let's see what the road ahead
3:44 pm
reveals on that front thank you very much for your reporting jim pond there on the lens famous focus. now how do you like to get up close and personal with this guy the great white the largest of predatory fish a booming tourist trade in south africa and he's a reason to feel a little more comfy about diving with these fellows a lot more shocks wind up on our dinner tables than we do on this. off the coast of south africa the great white shark glides silently through the water. on the lookout for its next meal the predator stalks the thousands of seals that gather in the channel known as shark alley. the area is also one of the world's top commercial cage diving destinations but here in hunts by visitors can book a short tour for one hundred to one hundred fifty euros goosebumps guaranteed. coming
3:45 pm
face to face in icy water with the great white shark with just a few metal bars for protection is a thrill few tourists will forget. their size they're there the mystique that surrounds them. you know i don't live near an ocean and so. the only experience that i had was sharks is what i see on t.v. and i believe these and seeing the first hand is ok i don't think you could compare to anything else it's pretty amazing. the shark tourism brings in revenue. but it also enables researchers to inform the public about how vulnerable sharks are how they're caught in troll nets or targeted for their fins. cage diving industry hansen's bias been operating for a number of years many of these very collecting daily observational data now to better protect an animal we first have to know something about it so we can hype to
3:46 pm
push legislations at high levels if we don't have that knowledge to to first investigate. great white sharks have been called the lions of the oceans helping to maintain the ecological balance of the marine environment but populations have been decimated leaving only about three thousand worldwide in south africa they're now our prize tourism resource if other countries also. lies that the iconic fish is more valuable as a tourist attraction than in a soup bowl the great white shark might have a chance of survival. you are all. that well enough to get your heart beating some breaking news from a reader. that's why i've been news coming in from spain says the straits prosecutor has often johnston issue a european arrest warrant for the ousted scotland leader of all he is counting in
3:47 pm
belgium and had refused to return to spain for questioning for his role in the region's declaration of independence. the real killer is right here. what you people. here. and sleeping here. and i can see everyone. tonight. could have been a thing the latest incarnation of the famous belgian detective a cute part oh i'm directing a new movie for a guy like christie's model on the orient express robin mare from auckland to this is here to talk about the film welcome robin another version off the same movie and not just often if it is dated you had glimpses there not only of kind of brown of a johnny depp michelle pfeiffer with him to follow daisy ridley and you haven't
3:48 pm
seen yet we will miss judi dench penelope cruz derek jack and more because it is an unsolvable piece for a twelve suspects who could be the murderer on the or in text press and what you did see though that is the great talking point before the premiere tonight is kenneth brown a and his most stocks. group or hall there's been quite a lot of social media saying this is not right but actually he's done his research because i get the christie wrote in another pyro novel that and i quote paro sported the biggest mistah in england so perhaps this is the correct one let's see more of that and start of more of the film right now. stunning seventy millimeter cinematography. spectacular scenery. some just sets a corpse and a veritable who's who of the acting in each truck on
3:49 pm
a train. you know there is something about the thankful of strangers pressed together for days with nothing in common but the need to go from one place to another and never see each other again. timeless classics always right to be redone but there in lies the secret you know there's something not to be rediscovered and with this particular group of actors who were quite amazing in a great screenplay you get a chance on seventy mill to take people on the train now to stumble out to the dinara galaxy and you're right and give a real sort of experience and then with a puzzle a horrible murder to solve that becomes something deeper and darker. would you mind if i join you get a world famous to kill paul wrote. that with that boy in the paper and you are you know since. you're. the one seems to have a motive could this be poor rose most difficult case.
3:50 pm
so they got him after all you asked your skin no no. no not at. all it was in perfectly good health he had his hand of it and if it was not the cost that he. had raised he saw someone was rummaging around my cabin in the middle of the night and i want to listen to me if there was a mother what is going on and there was a mother up the mother i was with us and every one of you is a suspect. and one you know. my name is he would. oh and i'm probably the greatest detective in the world. plastic and i actually like looks the part but this kid is the most hollywood robin that they keep rehashing and making remakes of or new movies or they keep making
3:51 pm
fake was and guess what here's another one yeah you know i can't disagree with you that agatha christie is still the most successful crime writer ever and she died forty years ago and i mean she's still and she wrote sixty six to take to novels that great plot murder on the orient express is a wonderful plot with lots of twists and turns and a big surprise at the so i forgave them about how this film which is always had a huge cost we made endlessly well yeah i thought that as well i'm yes and no in that there's been many series one of the most famous with david suchet. and there's been a t.v. a number of t.v. films as they call them the most famous time peter ustinov but there's actually only been one of the film made for the movie cinema and that is back in one thousand nine hundred seventy four over forty years ago this is directed by sidney
3:52 pm
lumet again a star studded cast with albert finney as part of all lauren bacall ingrid bergman john gielgud sean connery vanessa redgrave it was nominated for six oscars it only won one for ingrid bergman as best supporting actress but it went the critics loved it it went well at the back box office as well and incidentally agatha christie also liked the film but she didn't like her cool pyros mistah as in sydney's mustachioed she wasn't very keen on that the have on the what she would make it in the latest film which is printing tonight it is premiering tonight in a rather unconventional place is it being premier in the royal albert hall. in london with all the stars evidently going to be there as well and then it will be on general release around the world and i should be first in the queue. like that. today good luck enjoy the film come back in tell us how it was great to have you
3:53 pm
ok we have another story from the world of culture but one tinge by tragedy for the first time hundreds of artworks that a reclusive collector hit for decades are going on display in the fifth city of ben and the german city of bonn some of the works had been stolen from jews the nazi era. the hoard of precious art works is going on display for the first time in bern switzerland and bonn germany the linked exhibitions include master works from the likes of kirshner expect man oughter dicks and vassili couldn't ski the works on display just some of the motherlode found in this on a schumann flat in munich in two thousand and twelve had not been seen by anyone for decades except by this man. tax inspectors discovered the trove of around fifteen hundred works during
3:54 pm
a raid on google it's apartment and later at another residence in salzburg. it was said to be a recluse who identified with art more than people. seen here in the middle hildebrand gurlitt built up the collection after being enlisted by the nazis to sell so-called degenerate modern not. the story of the art discovery quickly became about a nazi art trove of looted works but the real number is more sobering. there's a total of six works that have currently been identified as looted out. you could say that's not many but i say it's six too many and it's six works with a human story behind the. carbon bullet died in twenty fourteen and the conspiracy and burn was stunned to learn that it had been named as the sole
3:55 pm
heir the exhibition there is composed mainly of words confiscated by the nazis from museums after receiving the works the swiss museum let some five hundred of them in germany so the provenance could be researched the exhibition there in bonn focuses on work looted from victims of the nazi regime and works whose ownership has not yet been established tracing the work's origins seventy years on has proved a major stumbling block we tried to turn every stone but in spite of this there are actual limits to our search the exhibitions not only serve to bring these masterpieces back from the grave but also give voice to works and artists the nazis had hoped to silence. you're watching the news here is a recap of the top stories that we're following for you spain's state prosecutor has austin johnson to issue a european arrest warrant for the dismissed scot along media disposable he's
3:56 pm
currently in belgium and had to fuse to return to spain for questioning for his role in the region's declaration of independence. and the man accused of carrying out the new york terrorist attack has appeared in court but he's shown no sign of remorse present dollar from has scored for the death penalty. that's it for me on the thought she might see you tomorrow but do stay with you so we will be back with you in a few minutes and she'll have the news for you meanwhile you can always check out our website the v definitely dot com about.
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they are the hope there are so many of them are. these monks are rebuilding what the military spent years destroying to dob we really are something like the
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people of the world over information they provide to the plans they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. this is d.w. news live from berlin a prosecutor in spain asks a judge to issue a european arrest warrant for dismissed cattle and later karla's pushed him on this as prosecutors demand jail for members of catalonia ousted government not.


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