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pist for a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context would i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. a few years and let's feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us compatible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w . this is d. w.
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news live from berlin tonight reports north korea has launched yet another ballistic missile the u.s. and south korea believe this one was an intercontinental missile if confirmed it would be pyongyang's first launch in two and a half months it comes after the u.s. slapped fresh sanctions on the north korean regime just last week also coming up you who can yana is sworn in as kenya's president he promises to unite the country even as police tear gas opposition protesters and what the pope did not say pope francis meets me and more leader on song suchi calling for respect for all ethnic groups but avoiding the term road hinge.
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it's good to have you with us we begin with breaking news tonight north korea appears to have watched a new ballistic missile reports coming in from south korea and japan say a missile has been fired the u.s. military saying that it's investigating what it calls a probable launch a probable i.c.b.m. missile now if confirmed it would be the latest in a series of missile tests this year the last flew over northern japan and into the pacific ocean the u.s. administration has issued repeated warnings to pyongyang to abandon its weapons program. i want to go now to washington to our correspondent carsten phenomena he's on the story for us good evening to you karsten so what's the latest there what more can you tell us about the story well not much more as far as the facts are concerned the u.s. military has confirmed that there is a problem it was
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a probable launch of that missile but they're still trying to find out more to confirm this in a bit more detail that the japanese government in the meantime has said that according to its information that missile through for about fifty minutes and then landed within its exclusive economic zone which means that it's obviously has not landed on jeff in these lands also not within the. territorial zone around japan's many islands but somewhere further outside in the ocean in that exclusive economic zone and so it's another provocation but doesn't seem to have been a real threat to japan but still of course the government of japan south korea and here in washington of the united states are all very concerned and of course you have there been any reactions from the white house yet. you know we've heard the
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president on a trump has been briefed on this launch one of the missile was still in the air he was on capitol hill at that time and congress where he was talking to leaders of his own republican party in the senate the big topic here in the united states right now is tax reform and they were discussing that but he was also briefed on that law and she has meanwhile returned to the white house and we expect him to appear in front of the press later today to talk about texas once again about that launch from north korea and if confirmed this will be the first launch that we've seen in two months i mean what can we read into the timing here when the experts on north korean regime astrology but the reading here is that this
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might be a reaction to the u.s. decision to slap a new sanctions on the regime in pyongyang and also to label it a state sponsor of terrorism if that is true the message is clear north korea is not backing down and if the u.s. wants to put pressure on north korea the regime there says we will always up the ante article responding carson phenomenon the story for us from washington carson thank you very much. and to kenya now and a presidential inauguration full of pageantry and protests after months of election drama kenya's president can jada has been sworn in for a second term during the ceremony police clashed with opposition supporters who say kenya on his presidency is illegitimate reports say at least two people were killed mr kenyon one october rerun presidential election but it was boycotted by the
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opposition. it was an inauguration ceremony meant to quell any doubts about who was in charge. with all the trappings of state power guru kenyatta took the oath of office surrounded by thousands of adoring supporters that i will protect and up for the so rinky still run its integrity integrity and the dignity of the people of kenya and dignity of the people of kenya so help me god so will have me all right but a few kilometers away another fast demonstration of support for this man. he says he's the legitimate president. as we said next month on december twelfth we will have a people's assembly that will swear me into office.
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but as he spoke police moved in to break up the demonstration. the rifle shots that rang out dashed any hopes that today's inauguration would mean an end to the months of election unrest. and we want to go now to our correspondent catherine wando in nairobi good evening to you catherine so opposition leader are doing a boycott of the rerun and held a rally today the day that the president was being sworn in is he able to put any pressure on the government at this point. he can and he can't of the same time given the fact that now constitutionally and by law kenya has a president and a deputy president therefore there's really no space for him in terms if you think
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about it legally but then when you talk about the crowds or the his the number of his supporters which some people put at two quarters of the population then he could pressure the government into doing something but then this this will only be told or will only come for over time in the next couple of days we have a lot of people who are supporting him saying that he will be sworn in. which is that and now we're talking about secession if if you know if it goes further than that so these are the topics that his his his announcement has brought up and another issue that is being looked at by most kenyans is part of police brutality now that most things have calmed down pressure is now the opposition is now considering you know placing charges of atrocities on this government given that since two thousand the twenty sixth of august we have had ten children killed among those killed the scores killed by police during protests so. we have to wait
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and see how the issue plays out. word to declare himself president what would happen then it will be talking about more violence in the country. we could see more violence we could see more protesters going out on the streets you're seeing hardened youth who you see it feels feel like they have nothing to lose so we will see more protests on the streets we will see more dissent among his supporters but then we'll also see conversations which at first it wasn't such a big deal but now seems to be a big deal decision issue where kenyans are now talking about dividing the country and you know from central kenya to western kenya to coastal kenya so that you know they can live in the democracies that they want so that so that's that's basically what the situation is bringing about and what about after the inauguration and what
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did president kenyatta what did he have to say about overcoming these political divisions well he did give. an olive branch to the opposition saying that he is ready to discuss and ready to incorporate their visions into the government but he will only do that in the capacity as a president so if opposition leader raul loading goes to join the government he will join the government and obviously a lot of capacity and this opposition supporters they don't support this they feel that they usually have to go into another election to get a valid value to get elected leader and also a lot of people say that the president didn't do enough to bridge the gap or the correspondent catherine i'm wondering reporting tonight from nairobi kathy thank you very much it was tipped to be the high point of pope francis's visit to me in mar an address in the capital alongside on songs you cheat would the pope
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mention the roe hinge of crisis by name as he has in the past the answer no the term hinges hugely controversial in myanmar where the majority of the population reverbs to the rangers as being god only regarding them as illegal immigrants from bangladesh. as pope francis arrived in me in mar he carried with him the hopes of millions around the world even allowing for a small stumble as he disembarked this was a chance for the head of the catholic church to go face to face with those accused of ethnically cleansing mean mars minority muslim population nor does the ranger during his meeting with the country's de facto leader and son suchi the pontiff called for peace but he failed to mention the word many wanted to hear. that the country's buddhist leadership project. a month in areas that are ready with the people and that the future of myanmar must be piece. by.
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piece based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of society. that. respect for each ethnic group and its identity that. critics say he has caved to pressure from his hosts the chart says it fear the country's catholics would face an temptation the likes of which is known to the range of muslims for more than a year hundreds of thousands of them have fled their homes amid violence looting and attacks many end up living in squalor. later this week pope francis will hear their stories himself when he visits a refugee camp in neighboring bangladesh. in the earlier i spoke to ourselves these days your correspondent bust your heart is in myanmar and i asked him why pope francis held back from mentioning the room hinges by name. i think the
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pope was under a lot of pressure in the run up to this speech today there where he was pressured by human rights activists by representatives of the hidden minority themselves by representatives of other muslim groups they all wanted him to use the term because it gives these people an identity and identity that they're being denied by me and my military by the myanmar government and also by some parts of the population in myanmar so that's why they wanted him to use that term now on the other hand even the cardinal here in me and mark cautioned the pope he said don't use this word because it will it's a very sensitive issue and a lot of emotions are tied to it and it will deepen the divides between the religious and religious groups and it will it will make that conciliation of the
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religious groups even harder so in the end it was the pope's decision to make he decided not to use the term maybe because he thought it would do more harm than good. that was our boston hartford reporting from me in mar there is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world authorities on the indonesian island of bali have renewed their calls for residents to leave the area amid fears that eruptions from a volcano could become more violent mount our goon has been shooting massive columns of smoke four kilometers into the sky thousands of travelers are stranded after ash forced authorities to close the airport for a second day russia says it has lost contact with a weather satellite that was launched earlier today and that the meteor him has not reached its designated orbit today's was only the second rocket lift off from russia's new. cosmodrome. ireland's deputy prime
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minister has resigned francis fitzgerald's departure means the country will probably avoid a government collapse and snap election which could have complicated briggs talks between britain and the european union opposition parties have been demanding that ms fitzgerald step down over her role in a police whistle blowing scandal a day after revealing their engagement britain's prince harry and his american fiance meghan markle have announced early details of their wedding plans they will marry in a chapel at windsor castle in may the historic castle is one of the queen's main residences markel will be baptized and confirmed into the church of england before the wedding and also plans to become surprised a british citizen. all right first business now with helen a british citizen herself you don't have to become yeah we're going to say. that's
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right that's right so what's up with bitcoin right will bit cohen is nearing the ten thousand dollar mark right is very exciting in the ranis this week when it's been remarkable gaining one thousand dollars in less than a week now bit coy is one of the best known crypto currencies out that there are others as well they're all digital payment systems in which the currency is created on privately owned computers using a technology called block chain that means that these currencies end up bypassing the central banks which also means they can undermine monetary policy offering no protection to invest his central bank has warned bitcoin has no tangible value and is destined to crash now its value is determined entirely by supply and demand so of course that means that it's very sensitive to market developments when china for example decided to ban bitcoin exchanges in september is value slumped by thirty percent you can see that they're marked in red but soon it more than doubled again
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. because in has never ceased to surprise markets and now they want to cash in on the rush the world's largest derivatives market place the chicago mercantile exchange group says it will start offering bitcoin futures by the end of the year in recent days three hundred thousand users are reported to have signed up to bid going bring the total to over thirteen million but it's still quite hard to actually buy things with it a slew of trading platform such as fancy dot com and fast tech dot com offer everything from armchairs to ferrari's and watches but these are peer to peer sales platforms you won't be able to exchange your bitcoins for that flash b.m.w. in your local showroom but they can buy you some things. there are coffee bars that will only accept because like this one in prague you can book that perfect trip to the mall deaves on expedia with big call ins and speculation is rife that amazon could soon accept bitcoin for payment. with japan also recognizing bitcoins as
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legal tender it could be said that the crypto currency is future is looking good so if bitcoin doesn't actually crash it'll probably be only a question of time before the broader economy has to join the rush. and joining us now. take it and use. crypto currency like he left his job at goldman sachs to do say back in twenty thank you for joining us jacob now because it is certainly a volatile currency so how wild a ride has it been for you and your funday over the past four. well it's been a crazy ride for all of us sometimes crazier than others this year in particular but this year's ride has been distinctive because it's been pretty much straight up whereas a lot of us who have been around a little longer remember twenty fourteen when the price of decline dropped over eighty percent very painful for those of us who hadn't expected
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a year like this so how high could you see it going and how do you know when it's actually correcting in terms of value because this is uncharted water yes well these are uncharted waters in terms of the price we've never been anywhere near ten thousand dollars before it's only a month and a half ago that it first hit five thousand dollars so that gives a sense of how quickly it's it's happening but if you look at the charts a big coin and you go back to the years eight or nine years of its existence there had been passed a tremendous spikes in two thousand and eleven it went from i think from two dollars to thirty dollars and then back down from thirty cents to thirty dollars and then back down below two dollars so it fell more than ninety percent and in two thousand and thirteen when a lot of us heard about the coin and i had had a similarly crazy ride up but then also down so the ups have been followed by downs and that's likely to continue do you believe the hype do you think that it could reach over forty thousand dollars for example by the end of next year as some people say yes i do think that i think there are reasons to think fundamentally it
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could be worth a tremendous amount in the distant future or even in the near future but that it's just we have to expect a very wild ride between now and then and anyone who is hoping that it will reach that kind of high has to remember it could easily drop by double triple that so it's it's very unpredictable of course a six string me sensitive to news development so i mean how much of your job is waking up in the morning and looking at news developments and getting a feel for how the currency might move in light of that. yeah that is a big part of my job is just keeping track of what's going on but a lot of it also is longer term developments the short term price movements are crazy in are very hard to predict what a lot of us are more interested in is what is the future of the city whether it's going to be widely used in ten years is it going to be replaced by another computing technology is it just going to turn out to be just a fad that came and went so the long term is a little easier to make out and in the long term i think the future of this
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technology is bright the ability to send money from one person to another without any organization or company in between is very powerful and i think that has a great future that is to a lot of people that were say pointing out the fact that it's on regulated it could crash and investors could news the lots of i thank you very much take it and he is off he runs the treasury digital fund aid new york my pleasure thanks a lot now germany still does not have a new government but that doesn't seem to be hurting business german companies are still posting profits and the latest figures from germany society for consumer research g f k show that consumer confidence is rising. it will soon be christmas the most important time of the year for the retail sector in germany the industry has been doing well low unemployment and a robust job market have been fueling consumption since two thousand and twelve
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germany's most important consumer confidence index has almost always been rising steadily reaching ten point seven points from six points half a decade ago germany isn't alone things are looking up for the retail sector in the eurozone second largest economy in france consumer confidence levels for november beat market expectations making it the first rise in recent times the survey shows that the french are more optimistic about the future giving the retail sector something to celebrate about this holiday season. well lies will be on ivory coast's commercial capital abidjan over the next couple of days aid is flying in it's a tackle some of the most pressing issues right now bring this right is one of the biggest political issues here in europe helen of the e.u. and african union are kicking off aid today's summit tomorrow that many european leaders are hoping will be somewhat of a turning point in relations between the two continents ivory coast is hosting the
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summit which is the first of its kind it's set to look at ways of increasing trade ties and improving conditions in some parts of africa particularly for young people but increasingly the meeting looks set to be overshadowed by the plight of migrants trying to get to your. the european capital was trying to send out some positive vibes at a number of events ahead of the summit in abidjan and at the european parliament high ranking politicians were also trying to find solutions for better cooperation between the continents is open i want to get to the people in the past the europeans had a tendency to look to the east towards russia and china they haven't done enough in africa sure we invested and we are committed but i think we need to strengthen our strategy not just throw money at the problem may be full and forcing us to buy the know that. the wake up call for europe was the migration crisis more than one
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hundred thousand africans arrived on the shores of the e.u. this year alone and some estimate that two million more are on the move towards europe the e.u. has been working on a plan to curb the influx and will try to sell it at the summit one of the key aspects of the plan is to fight the root causes of migration in some countries like if yo pia those are political in others like nigeria the main reason is poverty the e.u. also wants to destroy the business model of human trafficking smuggling africans to europe has become a multibillion euro industry. to keep migrants from making the dangerous trek across the mediterranean the e.u. would like to beef up so-called reception centers in the transit countries and finally the e.u. is hoping to reach agreements with the countries of origin to take back those migrants who made it to europe but were not granted asylum. many african countries
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want something in return mainly money and legal migration alternatives for their citizens. do feel small you know we just lack the funding and we have the will to change things but this will needs to be supported with resources our economy is mainly informal to change that we need foreign investment. the information the new full update day it did is embassies month it was a. european countries are we rebuilt they have sunk a lot of development money into africa over the decades like here in chad often with no noticeable improvement but for many on the continent the blame is clearly not entirely africa's. the biggest mistake is that aid doesn't always come with conditions attached and the red carpet is being rolled
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out for dictators that are starving their people and corrupting elections while enjoying the respect of the european countries. it could use a tool it has big. money in return for migration control most likely that will be the defining narrative in abidjan the europeans hope that this africa e.u. summit will yield tangible results. earlier we spoke to young philip schultz he is in and we asked him what people are expecting from the sun. occasions i especially on the african side this is not just any eye level meeting it's the most important for room to discuss governing issues on both continents we just have to look at the numbers five thousand delegates are expected that's a lot of heads of states from africa as well as from europe and also the chinese so
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resources that are made available during those summits usually quite impressive but they are also more and more voices especially in africa that say that those kind of this kind of one sided financial trends for this is just not sustainable and the summit should move away from it it's a more sustainable partnership between europe and africa. and that was young philip reporting. here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you north korea has fired a ballistic missile the first in well over two months japanese officials say it landed close to japan becomes just a week after the u.s. imposed fresh sanctions on young yank president kenyatta of kenya has been sworn in for a second term at a ceremony in the capital nairobi despite this the country's political crisis is continuing police used tear gas against supporters of opposition leader mylo day and they say the presidential election was illegitimate. after
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a short break i'll be back to take you through the day.
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germany's educational crisis. crumbling school buildings teaches in short supply and students dropping out of this state waited too long with new investments in education how did it come to such a pos and how can judge economic powerhouse catch up on its heart was. made in germany sixty minutes on d w. story so that people the world over t.w. on facebook and twitter have to date and in touch. follow us. they're black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter going up like this not being able to blend in and all this kind of. group and being you know different than the rest.
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she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seems as. though i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with an. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . in germany what do we.


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