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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the first line because i could never completely disappear if you see all of these stereotypes about us because it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy. afro germany starting december tenth. this is date of you news live from berlin it is judgment day for former catalan
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leader carlos bruised among a belgian court is set to decide today whether to extradite him back to spain to face additional charges could his fate to sway upcoming elections in the region look at the latest from brussels. the u.s. and south korea kick off a week of joint to air force drills said to be the largest ever north korea says it is an all out provocation that could lead to nuclear war. i'm sumi so muskaan it good to have you with us catalonia ousted president carlos first of all we'll find out today if belgium will be sending him back to spain to face additional charges over his region's push for independence which tomorrow and four other ministers are due to appear at an extradition hearing in brussels judges are expected to make a ruling later today spanish prosecutors want to prosecute and his former ministers
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with sedition for holding the referendum along with rebellion which carries a maximum thirty year jail sentence. charlotte shell some tell us following the proceedings for us in brussels and joins us for more hi charlotte good to see you what can we expect from today's hearing i assume you good morning yes the court room behind me here we are expecting to hear whether or not scholars who sharon and those other four dismissed ministers from his cabinet will be extradited back to madrid today where as you've been saying he almost certainly will face arrest and he's facing charges which carry up to thirty years in prison and now we're not expecting him to immediately get extradited back to madrid if of course that is the ruling he will get the chance to appeal or not could take several weeks now at this hearing here that's taking place is coinciding with a separate hearing that's happening in madrid today other members of his dismissed
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cabinet plus two activists who will hear whether or not they have to remain behind bars they're in prison at the moment their role in the independence movement and the supreme court's expecting to say whether or not they'll be released pending a probe and whether in fact they'll have to pay bail activists is saying that they've raised a considerable amount of money to pay for these ten people to be released from prison also this is coinciding with the start of the official campaigning for the elections that are going to take place in catalonia on december twenty first so in light of that people looking very closely at the decisions that are making being made in these two separate course today charlotte shell some pill from brussels. now it is also a big day in brussels for britain's prime minister theresa may she is hoping to reach a deal on bragg's that divorce terms with european commission chief young plug for the two sides must also come to an agreement on the irish border and the rights of
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citizens living in each other's nations the e.u. has refused to move on to future trade talks on told these issues are settled another source of contention is the role of the european court of justice may has promised to take back control of the laws but when a deal is reached who decides the rules of the game when things go right a british judge or their e.u. counterpart w. went to the east c.j.'s headquarters in luxembourg to find out. the sacred halls of the european court of justice its future role is a major obstacle in the press to negotiations. the british government wants no more european judges meddling in their legal affairs so mrs may has remained adamant that her country will not be bound by any future judgements of this court we will take control of our laws and bring an end to the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in question. leaving the european union will mean the
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channels will be made in westminster and cardiff and belfast but escaping the jurisdiction of the european court of justice is not as easy as many in the british government believe we have agreed to guarantee for the citizens concerned that the u.k. will apply e.u. concept in a manner. which you low but we fail to agree that european court of justice must play an indispensable role in assuring the traditional systems. how do you so the e.u. wants the european court of justice and its judges to maintain jurisdiction after breakfast especially when it comes to the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. legal experts also say britain won't be able to remain close to the un trade and customs while at the same time breaking free from all the regulations that govern the single market without the courts will be difficult to maintain
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a close relationship with the european union because that principle having common rules and above all in the rules being interpreted and applied in the same way as difficult to see how you feel. room. and not only that while the u.k. will likely fail to escape the e.c. to its reach entirely the country will also lose influence here since the court will no longer contain. a british judge. one possible solution a system of joint u. u.k. courts to resolve disputes but even then european judges will continue to have a say in u.k. you affairs. case definitely not closed. and. not just mother stories making headlines around the world new york's metropolitan opera has suspended longtime music director james levine after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him the accusations against levine are the latest in
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a stream of sex accusations against high profile men in the u.s. . jordan has warned u.s. president donald trump that recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel could have dangerous consequences trump has repeatedly pledged to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem which israel considers its unified capital but the palestinian authority says east jerusalem must be the capital of its future state u.n. chief antonio terraces calling for an immediate halt to air and ground assaults in yemen expressing deep concern at the latest escalation and violence yemen is caught in the middle of a proxy war to extend influence in the gulf region on the one side a coalition of saudi led forces who backed the internationally recognized government for three years they have fought a rebel alliance backed by iran now it appears that rebel alliance is unraveling triggering intense fighting in the capital sanaa and once again civilians are
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paying a heavy price. amid the ruins their search in for signs of life but finding only days. everyone who was here. almost fifteen killed by the destruction. it killed everyone. help them out of. a home in the village of saddam is the latest target lost saudi led airstrike. in hospital some of the few survivors are fighting for their lives. was the only thing. they targeted my house while they were eighteen to twenty guests the whole family was inside as well as all our cattle everything is gone there's nothing left. yemen has
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been at war since twenty fourteen when these iranian backed rebels seize control of the government saudi arabia has led the offensive against them combating manpower with aerial bombardment in an escalating proxy war. more than ten thousand people have died over half the population have inadequate health care no clean water and barely enough food to survive. no the rebel alliance is fighting itself iranian backed thirty soldiers have clashed with forces backing their former yemeni president until last week they had fought alongside each other . but now the former leader has called for dialogue with riad on the hutu rebels see him as a traitor. i am calling on the armed forces and the
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police to not take orders from the who tease in any circumstances or any place. to the armed forces the police and all the state institutions take orders from the military that is represented by the historical patriotic leaders. as the deadly battles between former allies intensifies life in the capital sana'a is suspended a shops in schools are forced to shut out the violence. now the tensions on the korean peninsula are in focus today as the united states and south korea kick off five days of joint to air exercises said to be the largest ever the drills involve more than two hundred thirty planes including two dozen stealth fighters there predictably drawn an angry response from north korea on state television kyung yang called it an all out provocation that could lead to nuclear war this all comes less than a week after north korea test fired an intercontinental ballistic missile thought
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to be capable of hitting the u.s. mainland so. let's speak to journalist rather he joins us from the south korean capital so hi jason we are hearing some influential voices in the u.s. warned of a possible preemptive war what is being said to that there in south korea. right well what age are macmaster said in washington and has certainly has resignation here in south korea ever since president moon j.n. took office in may he been concerned that the trumpet ministration would launch some sort of preemptive strike he's told the south korean people that if washington were to make any military maneuvers against north korea that seoul would have to be consulted first however there have been concern here that the u.s. will go in alone and south koreans will be caught in the middle chasing these joint
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exercises are the largest ever should we read anything into that. right well certainly the air power that the u.s. has flown on the korean peninsula this week is. perhaps its largest display of force the south korean government says that these are regular regularly this scheduled exercises they are defensive in nature although local media is reporting that both u.s. and south korean forces are running drills on simulated air strikes against north korean nuclear and missile targets i spoke with the u.s. is seventh air force here in south korea they couldn't confirm what kind of exercises are being undertaken this week but certainly the u.s. is is boasting about its air power that it has sent here this week on china
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suggested halting these exercises in exchange for a suspension of north korea's nuclear program how is that proposal gone down in seoul. right china would like to see a halt to all of us south korean joint exercises not only these ones but ones coming up at the beginning of next year and those exercises that normally take place in late february early march has caused some concern here in seoul last week the unification minister who is south korea's point man on relations with north korea suggested that maybe they need to be rescheduled because they could coincide with the winter olympics and i think right now south korea would rather have the international community focus on the upcoming games more so than north korea all right jason strother for us there in seoul thank you jason and one sports item for
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you the natural loser season got underway in australia this weekend now unlike regular luge which uses artificial tracks this form of the sport says competitors racing down a course that's been adapted from existing mountain slopes the natural luge won't feature in next year's winter olympics its season consists of six events covering both singles and doubles and for many this is the purest form of the sport. now australia's parliament on monday started to baiting a bill that could soon legalize gay marriage across the country and one lawmaker took the opportunity to propose to has gay partner this to bite has been the soundtrack to our relationship we both know this issue isn't the reason we got involved in politics give us tax reform any day but in my fair space to find albums by the ring that sits on by the ballot hands diaby
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answer the questions we cannot ask. so there's only one thing left to do. dr petra ball here will you marry me. go but. let's check out the memoir and just live your cold that was a yes it was and you. get your license thank you speaking. thanks for watching i will be at the news desk at the top of the hour please stay with us .


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