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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CET

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crime fighter the new season of radio crown thrillers begins. domestic violence. and schumann tragedy for investigators cases that keep you on your toes frighten stories of the best idea ever so every young person leads us into crime fighters and shantell afraid to tell a friend to think crime fighters. i'd . welcome to kick off life with the new faces of fame and success. to go should i
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feel they both believe it. or not the case here from guinea a man who makes his father proud to say he was a liberal performer no proof still i like to play but he's also a liverpool saying successful so it's off to an expensive. hi guys a lot of body falls because everything you need to know about transfers face to explain but also. which player would you buy but maybe him but be careful. ladies if you go they need him into a bunch but he's probably on his way out. the. wealthy kids always already getting excited for twenty twenty to play not just get out. it'll be the man's world cup but what about the women we joined a group of female footballers on a trip tickets are. walking. what do women can do because. women and men fame and
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fortune that's got. to. not be kate's the new african superstar it what i said because she wanted to believe that. we traveled to his roots in africa to see why he's so good. good i'm going to steal from borg i believe in the next hour the full brunt of this and. how did kate's have become one of the hottest talents in well football. sandra. what made him a style icon and a footballer who can pick and choose from the world's best clubs is not right. for you. let's get to know not be cater to the new system that there are. similar to the sun comes up and can be. changed his story begins in west africa
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and cannot create the capital of guinea. and that's where we went over a million people live in the port city and there are thousands of young players who like nabby hope to escape through football. but most of them grow up and remain playing here. taking the indian jump on the fun. and then. she. saw. me i'm going. to rock many places to play if at all then here. and i need a male to go. wrong so therefore we're wrong. along that city when you will pull for senate seat both wrong again.
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ginny's national team like all african teams is loaded with street football is like not be catered. in the dusty streets chances are not the same as for boys in the european academies but there are advantages to. the feeling. that he cannot seem to get. to know much. but how did not he make his out of here and why him we all stood around and. this man knows him best so how did junior make it happen.
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you know. so. well he did get help and that's why he is a sort of star in kentucky this is not the case as old coach but. the local boys listen to him they have high hopes that he could repeat the trick. about to not because that would be that would be fifty million dinars if it meant to him and they keep. nothing and then all in the not. for you. so. to do. but of course his mother played a role by listening to him and letting him do what he wants.
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this is. who am. i not how i knew. how and didn't i. really mean that every move there. you know when i'm out. it seems like nobody really believed he'd make it his brother perhaps. some kind of pastor nouveau poorly. now you. know. will first say to a young reform. there's a lot on their part and you know. looks like there was only one person who really believed in. the new system that didn't similarly use song comes up and can do. it again now that you're going to. change his belief was always that he always knew he
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could make it so. he decided where he wanted to go in his career and on the pitch and that's how he went all the way from cannot create to the champions league. he says i. don't want to take. so long. wonderful. initiation. sets up all this isn't there. or repeat do. if the idea. here and i. will read with lives if.
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i'd like to cater is maturing into a world class player liverpool paid seventeen million euros for him making him the most expensive african player of all time. is he letting it go to his head. he was caught with a fake driving. license and paid a hefty fine despite all that trouble he hasn't forgotten his roots you. just need. to see it could. not be support his friends and family donates to victims of floods and helps his former club. he already knew back then that he would one day get out of columbia.
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look forward and i didn't from reading after. africa because you didn't want to know who she is or believed. to be. a little. girl ready. to help. resident translator let him explain how the transfer fees get some. i don't know an austrian energy drinks company and energy drinks company. ok if you're going to put that in and i was out of the hi guys we all know that when
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change clubs there's money involved. actually any good there's usually a lot of money. now all this cash lying around has actually become so normal that we've stopped questioning it who the hell decided neymar was worth two hundred and twenty two million euros continue to move to a four hundred sixty million euro little pool and just spend eighty five million euros on the defender those will conduct now let's say you are backed by a russian billionaire oil which gulf states or i don't know an austrian energy drink from. last three an energy drinks company. ok if you're going to put that in and i want out of that. which player would you buy first let us know in the comment i want to explain how transfer fees are calculated and why they even need to be paid in the first place it's all to do with little things the first is compensation if a player is allowed to run his contract down he can go anywhere he likes for free.
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i think robert levy gonski that some people have it for andrea pirlo if there's still time to run on his contract the selling club will have to be compensated the second thing is marketability take neymar for instance he has eighty five million followers on instagram that's more than barcelona or his old club and paris century man his new club combined with a player like that in your team will guarantee to sell shirts and bring new fans to the club now if a player is allowed to leave before the end of his contract if people will but says that he's selling club must receive some kind of compensation a couple of things affect how much they get the first is age these days young players with a bright future the mind a much higher transfer fee than all the players think it's mandela transfer dortmund to barcelona was. the second thing is talent is the reason neymar is worth two hundred twenty two million euros and i am only
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worth around half that much or maybe half that much or or actually maybe half. it's not a lot let's put it that way nobody is going to buy an old player who's not very good some players have a transfer clause written into their contract back to neighbor asa loan and decided that if anybody paid two hundred twenty two million euros they could have it what they didn't bank on was that anyone would actually be stupid enough to do it leo messi widely believed to be one of the greatest ever players has a seven hundred million euros falls into his contract christiane elbow one always has to go one better whether or not these fees are realistic sums is neither here nor there their search to try to deter other clubs from making an hour but these days who knows it's a complicated business. thank
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you so who would you say. maybe this month. but watch out you might not be the only ones interested. spanx. the emmerich obama young at the for a training camp it's all sunshine after a successful first half of the season you know to shoot. the ball so that looks a lot. of money. is the root. of the young's ninety seven goals make him the top african scorer in
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porn is league history well he scored anymore for the black is his time in germany coming to an end at the training camp he was still full of compliments for. the challenge but it's ok. to france. and the. young is clearly a superstar wherever he goes by the way he's fluent in italian french english and spanish. speaking little spanish and because it's me something in that i have to speak a little bit german. and it's funny. really he could play anywhere he practically speaks every language he's the bonus leagues and. this title really
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means something to him. and there's your puppy what. should. the deal to drive it to. live on the. claim that obama young is about to head off to england for the moment he's still up on his league while. he's still chasing more goals. we'll just have to stay on the edge of.
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the gulf nation will host the twenty twenty two. the men's edition at least but what about the women and women's football team from germany was there and kickoff went along for the. women playing football nothing out of the ordinary right well not in this country there wasn't many girls. playing they would. need new kinds. it's a country where you are unlikely to hear a woman say something like this. was my second family. a country that wants to be the beating heart of global football for the twenty twenty two world cup but what about the women. does not. meet footballers from germany if only executive. plans from germany went
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to find out his football more than a member. in the deserts you. keep yet you still push something with really come out of country. doha qatar capital nestled on the persian gulf sumo skylights kind who holds nothing longer than. a german women's team travels to the host of the twenty twenty two world cup. can try to catch up on the field in a country that entices and repels in the sun the sun is up by the lastest downtown but soon they are sometimes comes to proofread a name to mexico call them but you buy it is a really fun includes this most of the. point in skiing as i did some poems. if you want to empower women in qatar you'll often have to meet men first like on their trip to the desert. qatar is a totally foreign world for most of the germans something between ultra modern and
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traditional islam is a state religion if more women attend university here than men. naturally qatar is rich thanks to oil and gas under the sand a small country has the highest per capita income in the world. the german players come in part from muslim families themselves from lebanon iran turkey. freedom self-determination often hard for. the hope of hanging around with footballers from qatar for a few days was quickly shattered. yet to empower women and they were not to be found the germans remained alone for their desert think about. their male guardian knew all about the men's world cup in twenty twenty two but that was about it. i can't i just a culture to see it because by you've lost. them. what would be unthinkable
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in neighboring saudi arabia is a. women can play football in public women's football has been an official sport since two thousand and nine since then a women's national team was founded but it's not recognized in the fee for ranking it's easy. it's not the government that makes things difficult for the women of qatar but public perception. of course the national team doesn't train in the desert in a women's sporting facility away from the eyes of men. only a few of the players were born here many come from she musea algeria or europe daughters of ex-pats. hardly any. actually because we have too many we saw too many good football players they can play for and their families just don't let them traditionally they don't agree.
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if you want to play with. and those games was easy for them but they see what is for boys and the idea hasn't changed that much. when you play football leagues their femininity they can't get a husband or have children or that's the stereotype that these people are putting their faith in the big event the hope is that the world cup will give women's football a boost i am very very if if i will come to develop. it will be very nice to change the. community to believe what the ira ready to go in to do and it can go forward to the families so i believe it would be perfect like that. perfect or is what's happening in qatar just a sham sure everything looks bright and modern especially in the info. presentation doesn't just show up beautiful stadiums but also stands that a pact with women. but what's really going on here. mood
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in the me. is lose. lose hope some of the world's most wanted to go through just. to feel very very eager to hear them you know a specific plan a women's football here and qatar to make sure that women have the same rights and opportunities to play football as men we are not going to fight the football association we did something good for the relation between us ones who for just the of the stadiums. not to put security such spying on suck out at least there was a photo op. as outlets are now fully admits he has a will and. all of us are meant to face the thing it takes to see it the south not the finest the toss out of this and. yeah peter feel of want to know if you feel highs or lows and now he's co-producers was he comes closest to him in qatar to
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the cup we don't wish to play an untidy. job and i don't even take a touch by not just good touch. on. the cash is certainly that it's been pumped into the development of top sports throughout the country. a few years ago the aspire academy cutting edge training facility was built and unfortunately the coveted and condition pitch is only available for men separation of the genders. should be a game to men up. i don't want to take those who fall into stall from the top you're going to pick up just a attitude was. close to the first meeting with the qatari national team and some of the german team can speak arabic not only does this bridge the cultural divide just also sees to it that after
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a bits of getting to know one another it's. tough to tell you comes from where i learned a. little tough. love by the time they said goodbye and made plans for tomorrow's big games the business is finally know a bit more about the women in kids talk. about i made it so much of a dream this must by the heart as you have to be able to. know when it's time you indeed i mean it's up to you indeed i'm going on about scientists and if you don't think my work on. the simplistic just on stuff might have been finished god expects he doesn't sound so obvious and michonne just as on sed if you can mask it off and you can contact on the name of the time you can speak to this fallen frenzy one off i'd just be unkind and just die of comfort tylenol and non-answer and i'm just a smidge to his office nothing office but yes. playing football that's what this is all about and saw all the very last nights of the trip women finally play football
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instead of just talking about it i think it's are misusing celtic enough to bring out the press men with cameras but man with microphones even the ref is a man. it's unusual to see women wearing shorts see. anything live you can see who wins a friendly match like this one yet right this is football and the spectators want to see that's a neat little judgement and the can tarries in yellow for quite capable against the experienced women from the country that's twice been well the champion. in the. three three at half time the difference irish knows because just because i got into the white. race the whole point is still going to be on. very soon and we
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just awful. one sees a lot. in the end the guitar is lost five three which might have had something to do with the lack of opportunities to match up against other teams at the international or even the national level. now we need more support we need to be equal to them and they have a league here have. them here called they have many championships but we don't sometimes we have a league sometimes we don't have the clubs so we need something solid basic from that anything is possible i hope i'll be the coach for twenty twenty two a team for the girls and boys come in charlotte. inshallah god willing for the
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world cup will give women's football in qatar a kind of new dawn bright on the persian gulf. inshallah and see you next week.
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opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you our german soccer get it back to the top. in our web special double talk come football made in germany. every journey begins with the first step and every language what the first word heard in the. eco is in germany to learn german why not learn english help it's simple online on your mobile and free themselves from the w z learning course he can speak german meetings. w. diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages.
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and with us our innovations magazine for any. of us from every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com science and research for. a powerful storm has hit europe killing several people across the netherlands belgium and germany high winds brought down in trees grounded planes and caused chaos on the roads germany's rail operator concert on long distance rail connections leaving many thousands stranded. a california couple who held the thirteen mile nourished children captive in their home for years of pleaded not guilty to charges of torture and child to peace.


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