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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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but everyone has the right. everyone has the right to. visit the governor's line from berlin america's domestic intelligence agency clashes with the white house the f.b.i. says it hasn't grave concerns about the accuracy of a secret memo on the russian investigation but president trump's administration wants the document released also on the program the court of arbitration for sport reverses lifetime bans for dozens of russian athletes accused of doping now the
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international olympic committee must decide whether they can take part in next week's winter games. and german lawmakers are vote in new regulations to reunite asylum seekers with their families reunions will resume in august but there's a cap on numbers. i'm sure gail welcome to the program we start in the united states where the f.b.i. has condemned plans by the white house and house republicans to release a secret memo later today the memo alleges the f.b.i. abused its surveillance powers when he's investigated the troubled presidential election campaign the agency contest the document accuracy while democrats say its release could undermine investigations into russia's interference in the twenty sixteen election. this relates to. the work i did.
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a quick exchange overheard after donald trump state of the union speech on tuesday night the us president reassures a republican lawmaker that he has every intention of putting out the memo that's polarizing washington. thank you mr president the memo was commissioned by devin newness chairman of the republican house intelligence committee and it describes alleges surveillance abuses by f.b.i. and justice department officials looking into possible ties between the truck campaign and russia investigators are accused of failing to disclose that their probe was partly based on research financed by hillary clinton's campaign republicans claim this shows anti trumbo bias at the f.b.i. they're calling for the memo to be released. there may have been milf eason's at the f.b.i. by certain individuals so it is our job in conducting transparent oversight of the
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lead of the executive branch to get to the bottom of that sunshine is the best disinfectant and so what we want is all of this information to come out so that transparency can reign supreme and accountability can occur but the f.b.i. has warned against releasing the dossier in a rare public rebuke we have grave concerns about material admissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memos accuracy for their part democrats claim the memo cherry picks and i'm a classified information in an effort to discredit the russian investigators been led by robert mueller. this is not about the facts this is about a narrative that the chairman wants to put out misleading there it is to undermine the f.b.i. undermine the department and ultimately undermine gentleman tensions between the trump white house and investigators have been mounting days ago the f.b.i. his deputy director andrew mccabe quit and now an open confrontation looms between
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the head of america's top domestic intelligence agency and the administration. washington correspondent michael caniggia. welcome michael if the memo is released on the allegations against the f.b.i. off on to have substance how is that likely to affect the motor investigation. well it is important to note that there is no deal that there is no direct link between the memo and the more investigation but it's also important to note that of course democrats and many others think that the goal the ultimate goal of this of this memo affair is to undermine the f.b.i. and the credibility of the miller investigation which is of course probing a possible collusion between the trim campaign. and russia and so and some say even that the ultimate goal of this of this whole affair is is that that not just to undermine the f.b.i.
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and the investigation but to ultimately lay the groundwork to get rid of all or. talk to us about the timing there were democrats and republicans on this committee in that sense there's this memo so why is this coming out now. well that is a very interesting question because the timing is very curious because we all know that that of course the moeller investigation the miller team is currently in talks with the white house to interview president trump for its probe and while the president has been has been eager as he said to talk to him all or his lawyers are not so convinced that that is a good idea and they're talking about it to the miller team about the format and the contents of this interview so so this time it's very curious that this effort would be launched just weeks or a short time before a possible interview. that model team will conduct with the president from so this is interesting to media people like you and me it's interesting to white house
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watches to people beyond washington d.c. as political circles care. well to be honest with you i don't think that most people beyond washington will pay attention to the finer points of this very complicated. affair and people people are busy people are busy with their own lives and they have other things to do than to to pay close attention to to what is going on here in this in this tug of war between democrats and republicans so what what this could end up doing is basically to reconfirm reaffirm people's preconceived ideas about about trump and the russia investigation those who support trump will will will support and take sides with him and those who don't will of course oppose him. michael cannot in washington thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world
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a turkish course has reversed its decision to release the national head of amnesty international from detention the original decision was made yesterday but successfully appealed by the prosecution human rights activist attached to a time to kill each has been in jail since june on terrorism charges which he denies. the u.n. special envoy on human rights in me in my eyes said that military operations against the hinge of muslim better hold banks and genocide in the seven hundred thousand range you have fled to bangladesh since the army crackdown after last year's attacks by insurgents. kenya's high court has ordered the government to end its shutdown of three private television stations the outlets were taken off after they covered opposition leader rather dangerous self-proclaimed presidential inauguration on tuesday journalists say they've been sleeping in the news rooms to avoid being arrested outside. twenty eight russian athletes have successfully overturned lifetime olympics bans for doping offenses the bans were overturned in
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the court of arbitration for sport a move condemned by the international olympic committee which must now decide whether to allow the athletes to take part in next week's chang winter games. the russian doping scandal has dominated the sporting headlines for almost two years after an investigation into state sponsored doping the international olympic committee banned a host of russian athletes from the olympics full life. forty two athletes took their case to the court of arbitration for sport thirty nine had their appeals up held on thursday. the gas arbitrators unanimously found that the evidence would forward by the r.u.c. in relation to this matter did not have the same weight in each individual case cas overturned the bands of twenty eight athletes due to insufficient evidence that doping violations were committed. this does not mean that these twenty.
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innocent but in their case due to insufficient evidence the appears so held the sanctions and old their individual results achieved in such reinstated those athletes could now take part in the pyong chang winter games which start next week but they will have to be cleared to do so by the i.o.c. first the remaining eleven athletes however. for the olympic games in south korea the sports court found they did commit. but their lifetime bans have been revoked. well those allegations of systematic doping by russian or thora this came to light because of an investigation by german journalist heigho so what did he think of this ruling. because of the crazed declaration of bankruptcy of the anti-doping fight globally because you see that we have here is a really big cover up scheme running for years in russia and it is not disputed by
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the international court of arbitration of sports but at the end the message is this is not sanctionable which means at the bottom line we are. facing the olympic games is the message is you can do what you want you can cover up was a secret service you can dope. and present unprecedented scale for years but at the end you cannot prove it on the level of individual athletes that means they are allowed to eligible what message sends it to the whole world that you can do what you want but at the end you are allowed to compete. now i germany's parliament today a great a new policy on refugee family reunions on the far right party criticize the changes as being too liberal many others feel they don't go far enough currently some asylum seekers already in germany including many syrians are not allowed to bring family members here those are migrants who don't face political persecution
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or are not protected by the un refugee convention today's new policy will reopen the doors to about a thousand people a month. get more from political correspondent decade to brady welcome kate so what does today is the new law mean for people who are already here in germany. so basically fell from the first of august one thousand people per month will be able to be reunited with their families here in germany provided that they are direct relatives of refugees already living here in germany and on top of that one thousand people will also be exceptions what's being described as cases of extreme hardship now it's not exactly clear just yet exactly who will be included in those cases but it is worth pointing out as well that there is currently a suspension in place on family reunions for refugees who have subsidiary protection or limited refugee status here in germany now that usually applies to
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refugees who have fled civil war and would usually have to return to their home country when that civil war is over and that suspension was jus to expire in march but as part of today's law which was passed today they say as being extended until july thirty first ok so this is these new rules that just come in from all this because i'm looking is the thinking well if the system is already overwhelmed will it be able to cope. well this is all part of the strategy to reduce or take more control over the number of migrants kirn into germany but as we've seen in the last couple of years the number of refugees arriving in germany. decreased dramatically when we compare to the numbers that we're seeing back in two thousand and fifteen at the height of the refugee crisis so it certainly will act as a measure but it's also a compromise as well we have to remember in these ongoing coalition talks between
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the social democrats and the concepts are conservatives take a very much more robust stance against a more migrants coming to germany and so they kind of see this as a limit but at the same time the s.p.d. has managed to get their exceptions for these cases of extreme hardship but it's interesting the numbers there because we heard just last week these discussions between the two would be coalition partners that were taking place and the big hurdle that has been overcome was allowing family when you can reunifications this figure of a thousand people a month i'm just now the german parliament is debating it so something has come out of this exactly i mean this is a crucial development in these coalition talks and certainly a win for anglo american who is desperately trying to form a new german government now and mobile in four months since the german election and
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where expects an if these talks sexy to see a deal on the table as early as sunday but they still have quite some large obstacles to overcome especially when it comes to domestic issues in germany so we'll just have to hold tight a little bit longer and wait for the weekend to see what really happens. very much for that. you're watching d.w. news live from brother and still to come german comic or die one posts record profits so says the twenty seven twenty six best year ever but shares are down so what's annoying investors. i've been told heard of the great wall of china that will have bought the right file wall of china partly beijing's making it stronger than for the older who feel old if your business i'm thinking just to. get you going get the news on the go just download an app from google play it from the apple store i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as pushed out of patience for any breaking news could also use it to sense
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photos and video. is it your up to date up will you talk about the website is there around the clock polls that's the dumping of dot com there's a slight bend to zooming will be here in moments have a good. time. when i'm traveling to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to date on the latest news conference.
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