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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 8, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin as germany's new government starts to take shape europe's taking score germany's coalition in the making and reveals a potential ships in policy but does this mean for the rest of europe that have nothing else also coming up. america's vice president arrives in south korea ahead of the olympics focusing tougher sanctions all ignore. him scholes calling relations between sold and kill and yank the destruction. of german cars took to the pitch on wednesday frankfurt book their summer a final berth in a big win over mines which features some crabs scoring chances for the hopes.
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oh i'm terry martin good to have you with us. germany's two biggest political parties have probably agreed on a deal to form a coalition government they made the announcement in berlin yesterday after another grueling game of give and take more than four months after the country's elections but both chancellor are going to tackle and her social democrat counterpart say the agreement is the only way to guarantee german stability after a marathon thirty four hours of negotiations it was old strained smiles for the would be coalition partners with the working compromise achieved relief from the chancellor. it's been about so i am convinced that the coalition agreement we have worked on together can be just that the basis for a solid and stable government that's what our country needs and it's what the world is expecting from a ceiling of finance of our expectations were high especially among martin childes
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his social democrats the s.p.d. party base will have the last word over the next few weeks the parties four hundred fifty thousand members will decide whether the agreement will stand is the foundation for a new grand coalition schultz's message success. is about argus talk we had a big influence on this agreement and we're grateful to the conservatives for making compromises that would difficult for them bad achievable in the end just one example in the current edition agreement fixed term employment will likely be the exception to the rule in the future repeated contract extensions a thing of the past. another key demand from the s.p.d. made less headway little progress on a major overhaul of the german health care system. the conservatives knew they needed to compromise in order to secure a coalition deal even the leader of the cd use bavarian sister party the c.s.u.
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had nothing but praise for the s.p.d. and the agreement. beast anyone who reads these one hundred seventy seven pages and i hope they will be widely read it will see what we are proposing is good for our country for all and that's also what the s.p.d. is proclaiming the social democrats are getting two of the most important ministries finance and foreign affairs martin schulze wants to become foreign minister he's handing over the leadership of the s.p.d. to andrea not less after another ten stay in berlin the next decisive phase is now beginning the s.p.d. membership will begin voting in a few days the results should be known on march the fourth only then will it be clear whether there really will be a new grand coalition. a coalition breakthrough here in berlin was music to the
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ears of the president of the european commission john clune. i wasn't able to study the finer points of the coalition deal but i've been told that europe is mentioned three hundred twelve times what other country has made such a commitment to european topics right from the beginning of i welcome this and i especially like the chapter on europe as well. as it. well bring in our brussels correspondent max hot and he's standing by for us there let's germany finally has a blueprint for a new government are we hearing signs of collective relief from germany's european partners. good morning terry you know the belgian newspaper the list says just that on its front page it says germany restarts and europe breathes a sigh of relief so yes that is definitely something and it's hard to find anyone in the european institutions who doesn't like this coalition treaty because as we
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just heard john king was younger it's all about europe not all but there's a large part about europe something they haven't seen in the past like that but there's also the acknowledgement that this was a difficult bitter pill to swallow for going to mexico for example here the french of the moment says if this really stands it will be a victory from out insurance from the social democrats and even a little harsher here are the financial times right here you know if you can see that machall has to pay a heavy price ok max what are europe's partners now expecting from this new government i mean the the new government is of sensually the old are they expecting anything different well the most important thing for most partners at least in europe is not the details of what they really want to do especially not in germany it's that there is a functioning new german government because the situation that they had to deal with in last month's was difficult this is a time when the european union wants to reform it wants to take advantage of the
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good economic surroundings that want to take advantage of specially of money when my call the president of france who is pro european to get things done would you put it this way you have to repair the roof of the house not while there's a storm but before the storm comes and that means right now so the relief is there probably will be the new german government but of course it depends who you ask the different political parties and what they focus on and you mentioned the french president many well mcallen he has proposed some bold reforms for the european union is he expecting to get support from the new government the new general german government. it seems like it's the new finance minister and by the way that's a position that's probably the one position that a lot of newspapers i read this morning focus on will get along well with him i knew him a crawl because he even if he's a social democrat he's very pragmatic and it seems he's you probably would be more
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or less in line with what in mind we might call wants but if you look at the coalition contract and the different documents then it seems that there is more of john crow junker in there than of a minor in my call i don't want to get into the details here but there are two more or less competing visions for the euro zone. and it seems like the germans are trying to go a little more in the direction of crude you are not as visionary as a man who in my craw as we've known them in the past the germans more pragmatic are still missing major focus is an apartment block and hotel in the city while lean where most of the deaths occurred north korea has staged a military parade in pyongyang and a show of strength just one day before the olympic winter olympics open in the south nuclear armed north is all in the lympics linked charm offensive sending it troop of performers and the sister of leader kim jong un to south korea.
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well u.s. vice president mike pence has said the world should not become distracted by warming ties between south and north korea it comes as the two nations join up under a unified flag at the upcoming winter olympics in china short time ago tense landed in south korea after a visit to japan while in japan he said the u.s. planned to shortly unveiled new aggressive sanctions against the north and said washington could not allow pyongyang to quote hide behind the olympic butler as threatens the region. for more of the story let's bring in jason strother he's a freelance journalist in seoul jason i'm trying to picture this washington's most second most powerful the official sharing a stage with high ranking north koreans at the olympics can we expect to show. i don't think we can expect a showdown nor do i think we can expect a handshake of course leading the north korean precession is the sister of ruler
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kim jong moon kim go junk but i. sure as much as south korean president moon j.n. would have liked to have had an environment where perhaps the u.s. and north korean officials could have informal talks there is no indication from either side that either is really eager to speak to each other or pence came out swinging before even landed there for even gets theirs to south korea is promising but u.s. vice president new sanctions on the north what could that entail. well he was quite vague on that and i haven't seen anything out of washington yet indicating what those might be i think it's just another part of the trumpet administration's plan to put maximum stress on the kim jong regime they say it's already working helped and helped lead to the current. decrease in tensions that pave the way for north
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korea to attend the olympics of course all these goodwill gestures that are happening right now on behalf of the kim jong un regime walking in with south korean athletes to the opening ceremony on friday fueling the joint women's ice hockey team all these goodwill gestures could all mean nothing in just several weeks after the olympics are over and the u.s. and south korea get on with their joint military exercises that they had to postpone because they would have coincided with the games and once these drills start they always antagonize the north and the war of words between washington and pyongyang always start up again jason thank you very much jason strother there in seoul germany's president. is also in south korea headed to morris' opening ceremony for the winter olympics he met with south korea's president. during their talks that dialogue was the key to solving
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standoff over north korea's nuclear program and also warned against easing the political pressure before it gives agrees to give up its weapons program. so for still looking at german cup football last year's finalists frankfurt booked their semifinal berth thanks to a three nil home win over mines they can however thank their opponents for some gift wrapped scoring chances. off to defeat al spike in the lead frankfurt's what king to put things right on say red beach had bad thoughts chops the resulting kona was delayed though as minds fans threw carnival sweets on to the pitch not great free by the referee and the minds defense was handing out gifts to keeper ready admins catastrophic era allowed the sign read page to make it one nail. off the half time he got even worse for minds on exam to housemates control dribble
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beyond out of his reach and into the nets to bale. and tackles it folds again soon after he slacks top shell out the master round to chip out and confirm franklin's place in the sameas their opponent's misery was and over the. received a straight right. i got it back as a winter olympic games preparations in are slowly coming to a close with a game set to start on friday but the olympic torch is journey isn't quite over yet the flame took a spectacular ride on a zip wire on its way to china this stall is one of the more daring stages of the true thousand eight hundred kilometer journey around south korea not a feat for the faint hearted for sure and that's all you deviate p.w. news for you for now don't forget you can get all updated on twenty four seven on our website at twenty eight dot com we leave you with images from south korea on
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the eve of the winter olympics straight from the sea to the plate athletes and spectators alike have to eat enjoy.
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the whole d. w. on one of. four in focus global insights the news out for local heroes. double made for mines.


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