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a freezing host city pyong chang is ready for its moment in the sun for the next two and a half weeks it will be at the center of the sporting world. you're watching the w. news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company more news at the top of the young. to. learn german with w. . any time any place. with jo jo and her friend. michelle spitzer's expression goes on for weeks all over the world.
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online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free. or early on. news. hello and welcome to kino favorites now you might think that the us would have the edge when it comes to crime and suspense and that germany wouldn't even get to looking but think again germany played a major role in the development of the genre and its no lessons in presenting fia as entertainment the top ten german for it is be prepared to be.
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here in. the one nine hundred seventy four feature film debut at. is about a failed student who discovers that every spectate sociology professor plagiarized his doctoral dissertation and decides to blackmail him. if you follow. centaurs so far. and done. so not only. things escalate when both men end up as suspects in a murder and each tries to destroy the other by any means necessary it's a game of cat and mouse one that both men can only live i i. i think. the
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post-war period in germany was a time of optimism but among the feel good films of the adenauer iraq came it happened in broad daylight in which woman plays a police detective hunting a child killer. but drawing helps to give an idea of the murderous profile. and make you know struck kind of. the detective works undercover actually getting closer to the killer. was so convincing as the murderer that he was later cast as the villain in the james bond film of the same name. starts off like an entertaining stone
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a comedy is the true story of germany's first hackers in the mid to nine hundred eighty. likes computers and getting high but when the k.g.b. offers him knots of money to get passwords for top secret western projects he starts playing dangerous game. this satisfying combination of cold war through and psychological drama features strong performances and an overarching conspiracy theory what if there really is a secret panel that controls everything. the film antibodies kicks off with the arrest of a serial killer but this doesn't mean the crimes being investigated have been solved. director christian albert is inspired by americans of the genre but avoids copying them his detectives are constantly look
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good by red herrings although behind bars the killer seems to be one step ahead. that is nicest and is going to size an. antibody he's simply diabolical. and antibodies was director christian ticket to hollywood number six now in our list of the best german thrillers it features a legendary actor. a tense and crossed a phobic movie with four people stuck in an elevator. the end of the day in the big city and everybody just wants to get home. but someone has left tools behind after repairing an elevator.
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i don't know. but no one can hear him everything's broken down completely it's not long before the alpha male start fighting over their territory and the only woman soon a life or death struggle and suddenly a struggle for much more. little. there's only one way to go and that down elevator films are almost a thriller something. but seldom done as well as this one. to. two men one a rapist a murderer the other simply watched it happen the crime was long ago and was never solved. about a fogger. more than twenty years later another girl disappears the detective on the first case starts looking into it
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again. he's p.o. . diverge from to. many or most writers don't end well it's about social criticism and i think giving social criticism a happy ending is difficult to be honest. and so the innocent must atone for the deeds of the guilty the silence is gripping unconventional and psychologically brilliant. the journalist tarek thinks he's got a good storing he wants to take part in an experiment and it was. but this is a story he soon regrets chasing the experiment device normal citizens into prisoners and guards it's about a p.d. and some discipline rules and regulations chaos soon breaks out in the experiment
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to prison and scientists for. six miles east of us to ok. electricity. the experiment goes horribly wrong and the only chance for survival is to fling this is a nightmarish vision of human guinea pigs. now at the top of the show that germany had pioneered the. may i now present exhibit a from one nine hundred thirty one for its first ever talk a milestone of the history. here fritz lang simply into mates violence rather than showing it yet there's no doubt in viewers minds the little owners of these toys are dead and the killer is
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as frightening as he is frightening in an insanely good performance by peter lawrie several of the film scenes have gone down in cinema history. but i'm not alone there are. the hunters soon becomes the hunted chased by an angry mob it's fritz lang's warning about naziism which in the early one nine hundred thirty s. was starting to undermine the rule of law. the killer is tried by a grim kangaroo court with no allowances made for his mental illness hear. hear. sure. but only in place a face with a gruesome collector he collects tattoos and he doesn't care if the owners aren't
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quite ready to part with them yet. it's. the stuff insertion. which i'm sure but we have a. few german thrillers this darken menacing this film is one that really gets under the skin. the secret of the suspense a bomb exploding is a momentary shock but if the audience knows a bomb could explode at any moment you have them clinging to the edge of their seats our number one german thriller directed by john remaster dominic graf exemplifies this principle perfectly
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a roller coaster ride to disaster. she's the wife of the bank branch manager. sees her lover together with the help of two a compass is a plan a major heist. i don't know how. good your guy as the ringleader probiotic has everything under control he sits in the hotel next to the bank listening to the police radio so he can stay one step ahead . when incident command decides to send in a special unit to end the hostage drama project knows just what to do. everything's going according to plan free from suspicion the branch managers wife
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collects the money but she's following her own plan. to listen. to. the film keeps the audience captivated until the bitter end in one thousand nine hundred eight it's attractive more than one million cinema does across germany and it director dominic graf a german film award. that wraps up our top ten german and this edition of favorites to forget it writes if we miss your favorite drop us
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a line and join us next time tell then go easy on the popcorn. more dri go to the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week after germany's longest political deadlock in post-war history and new governing coalition is finally taking shape can its deliver on its promises and how weak is chancellor merkel that's our topic this week on quadriga join us. next on d.w. . sinai calling from the.
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indian lessons. college moments. and insight. revisit on whom of one of the world's most famous design salman aims. your moment in sixty minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language what's the first word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german and why not learn to tell a simple online on your mobile and free themselves d w z e learning course because fifty german made it easy. to create a movie milestone. it was an instrument of propaganda and persecution. it underwent a bankruptcy and restructuring. but it still turning out films today. germany's
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biggest and oldest film company. a cinematic history from the german empire to the present one hundred years or so for starting february eighteenth. hello and welcome to quadriga germany's inconclusive election in september assured in pro longed wrangling between chancellor angela merkel and the pound a plea of potential coalition partners but now following the longest period of political deadlock in post-war german history.


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