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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin political arrest or abduction this is the dramatic scene at a restaurant in kiev as border police the poor opposition leader mikhail saakashvili ukraine says he's in the country illegally saakashvili is calling the move a kidnapping will go to the ukrainian capital also coming up a power struggle in south africa the country's ruling a.n.c. is set to recall president jacob zuma but will the scandal tainted leader comply.
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and the kick and slap they could land a palestinian teenager in jail for years i had to mimi's trial before an israeli military court begins today are actions protests or provocation. i'm brian thomas thanks for joining us the former president of georgia turned ukrainian protest leader mikhail saakashvili has been deported from ukraine to poland that after being detained by armed men at a restaurant in kiev ukraine said that saakashvili had been staying in the country illegally soccer fields described the move as a kidnapping he's led repeated protests against the trains president accusing him of corruption. this surveillance footage reportedly shows the momentum asked men stormed to kiev restaurant. to detain one of the government's harshest critics
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their target mikhail saakashvili the former president of georgia the ukrainian government insists he's trying to stage a russian sponsored coup here that's actually says president poroshenko should resign for failing to fight corruption his attorney blasted kiev's actions as outrageous was that there were no it's a kidnapping and not the detention because it tension would be based on either a court decision or other documents and discussing the case with stack is really was taken into custody by law enforcement agents the ukrainian border guard service says he was an illegal resident of the country in two thousand and fourteen seconds really arrived in ukraine as an advisor to an old friend and the country's president petro poroshenko he became a ukrainian citizen and the governor of the odessa region but soon the allies had a falling out sack israel and started criticizing poroshenko his government and launched a nationwide anti corruption movement soon he was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship
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while abroad but in september he returned to kiev and his deportation may not be entirely surprising just last week a ukrainian court rejected his appeal to be given special protection against possible extradition. really is now back in poland and he's vowing to fight on i love poland but by fight this in ukraine in georgia. and. really says he remains confident and he says he'll soon give a statement on his deportation. and how exactly will you fight to the end for the very latest let's go to standing by for us in kiev make such as the always in warsaw now he's described the incident as a kidnapping as we just saw he was detained by mass what's the latest on the situation. good morning brian well it certainly
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was pretty dramatic often here in kiev yes it's true the actual detention happened without much in the way of official procedure these were people in camouflage but without any uniforms on they later turned out to be agents for ukraine's border guard service it seems that once he was safe got to the airport it got a bit more official and he was handed some documents by customs officials before being put on a private plane and spirited off to warsaw i think the really important thing here is that the ukrainian thought she's had a lesson to extent that they would have to do this quickly if you remember before christmas they tried to do the same thing again they were. security staff in camouflage without uniforms trying to arrest him just a couple of meters behind me where he used to live here in the center of kiev and his supporters are able to rally around in a couple of hours and prevent his attention even pulling him out of those police cause of this time it really was about speed ok this blitz deportation if you called that you know icons as saakashvili was trying to unseat ukrainian president
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petro poroshenko these two men were once political allies what happened. this was a political friendship that they had even study together in the eighty's they've known each other for the best part of thirty years sex really came to ukraine of his term in office ended in georgia to bring his experience of wide ranging radical reform but he felt that he wasn't getting the support from the central government to allow him to make those changes and he very soon found after a year that he wasn't able to do what he wants to do and left government turned from an insider to an opposition figure and it's also important remember that he had big protests planned for this coming sunday so that's an added incentive for the government to try and bring this forward and formally they had in all the reasons to do so because formally given that he'd been stripped of his citizenship and he lost his appeals for asylum he was now stateless person here illegally and i
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think that's very much the line the government will take that this is a formality something based on the fact of his citizenship his illegal status here and they will try and reject any political aspect of this ok so he's basically stateless right now what are his options at this point he can't go back to georgia is he going to stay in poland. well quite as as you mentioned there he's got and he was sentenced in absentia in georgia to three years in prison so you face prison if you want to go back there he is very close to the current potions those ties go back to two thousand and eight and russia's war with georgia when they flew to tbilisi to show their support for him he has forced the border last autumn he came through despite having had this is an ship stripped unity machine code came to the border and helped him basically force his way through so you might try that again but as we've seen the ukraine authorities seem to have learned their lesson and have tried to be
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a little more fleet footed than they were in the past i think he's now it's about taking stock and seeing what real support he has in europe and in the us the story would be very close to republicans to. john mccain and to really see what pressure he can exert over the ukrainian politicians to get back in and they calmly following this story for us this morning in kiev nick thanks very much south africa's governing a.n.c. is set to recall president jacob zuma now that's after the party held lengthy closed door talks on his future the seventy five year old has been facing mounting pressure to step down that in a series of corruption scandals but he has survived numerous attempts in the past to oust him from office. it could soon be the end of the road for jacob zuma a.n.c. party chief cyril ramaphosa left marathon talks in pretoria with a message for the president zuma own party has decided he should step aside his
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critics say a series of corruption scandals have left the president unable to credibly lead his country. to do so as it left his resignation would break a political stalemate that's left south africans uncertain over who's running the country. who was elected to lead the a.n.c. in december is poised to assume the presidency if zuma steps down but the country's largest opposition group says that's simply not enough. it is the view of equality but it is the whole this is the environment in the it was g.g. building community and this whole purpose will solve this to better they insist that the purpose in which country is the will be to undermine. instead the opposition is calling for parliament to be dissolved and for early elections they say it's the only way to ensure legitimacy. from the paulson has
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sought to reassure anxious south africans that zuma is feet will soon be resolved. i say this congress. this course only you know you. want this man's out to be finally. you know you don't want closure of this fence up. over the years as you do one crucial we weren't doing so or can't be no one. on one is in their interest although you know after all we continue to deny that they. already faces a motion of no confidence in the south african parliament next week if he refuses to stand aside impeachment proceedings could also be in his future. for more i'm joined now in the studio by due to be a correspondent christine money good morning christine right what happens if. a
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refuses to go what can the a.n.c. do they see will be forced to take a message to parliament to way it is more than likely that they will table a motion of no confidence against president jacob zuma a date has already been set for that the favorite the sick the twenty second we know that off that marathon meeting will actually end in in the midst of that math on this hand at last night. if the president also went to texas in his house and effectively told him that the party had. decided to recall him and that he had forty eight hours to make up his mind we are hearing unconfirmed reports that he insisted on staying three months away that he could attend the african union summit in the bric summit but that was denied to him he was given a forty eight hour deadline later today we will be hearing from the a.n.c. in terms of what progress has been made with the president has agreed to step down or if it's going to be taken to parliament ok that will be an important moment in this entire process zuma has been under pressure for years can you bring us up to
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date on what's been happening how do you fall out of favor with the party brand they have been a lot of scandals around this president or are people asking the question why is the a.n.c. only now making the decision to oust this president when for example the opposition parties have have tabled at least seven motion and confidence motions in parliament a.n.c. m.p.'s throwing those motions out essentially because they've had the numbers it all comes down to the fact that jacob zuma up until december last year had a consolidation of power where he is he was president he was the country's president anybody who dared speak out against him within party structures and that was really the place that he could be removed was kicked out of the party and so it was political suicide essentially for anybody to to challenge this president but when the tide turned in december sort of a pause that took over as the president we saw zuma significantly significantly diminished we saw that for instance last year and saw that it's not st ryan when south africa was supposed when he was supposed to give the state of the union
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address and the party effectively turned him down and he could not do that so yes powers have been reduced and now he's facing the ultimatum essentially ok and he's also facing a step to go public isn't he water everyday people in south africa saying right now about all of this south africans are inferior to because they're looking at this and they're saying this is about self preservation that this isn't about the good of the country that president jacob zuma is thinking about all the trouble he has coming his way when he leaves office and they him refusing to step down is it. essentially because of that they're also looking at people who still support president jacob zuma within the party structures and are saying you too are also only looking out for yourselves a lot of those people implicated in corruption charges linked to him as a south african is have this this picture of a president or a man rather we they see as having looted the state has have been corrupt and now faces the prospect of prison after office and he's doing everything in the little power he has caved to to to survive that and we should know more today we want to
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know more sitting where this is all heading to see more thanks very much for that kristie now for some of the other stories making news this hour north korean leader kim jong un says he wants to strengthen what he calls a warm climate of reconciliation with the south these remarks coming after a north korean delegation which included his sister returned from a visit to the olympics in town chang bought for its main war and of called for ongoing pressure on the north to curb its nuclear program. an independent charity watchdog in britain has launched an inquiry into oxfam's handling of sexual misconduct by some of the staff in haiti and chad seven employees are facing allegations of having used prostitutes some of them under age. a deputy head has resigned over what she calls the charity's failure to respond adequately to the allegations. a vigil has been held in moscow to remember the seventy one people killed in the plane crash near the russian capital sunday meanwhile vesta gators
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have recovered the flight data recorder from the wreckage it may offer clues as to why the plane came down after disappearing from radar screens about four minutes into the flight. this is the new still to come on the show the kerik and the slap that could land the palestinian teen in jail for years as i had to be his trial begins in israel we look at the dispute over whether her actions are protest or provocation. well mark is here with some business in washington is preparing to implement a reciprocal import tax that is how president u.s. president on a trump refers to he has announced that taxes will be levied on companies from countries which impose customs duties on u.s. products was unclear however which countries would be affected by that levy but he stated that he'll say more about the mutual tax this week also announced his four
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point four trillion dollars budget plan for the coming fiscal year and one point five trillion dollar plan to modernize the ailing u.s. infrastructure. trump hasn't announced to though fresh sanctions against russia just yet but washington is expected to do so anytime soon in response to moscow's alleged meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. presidential bout and those fresh sanctions would primarily target russia's financial institutions which are key to the country's massive arms export business with billions of euros and therefore crucial for the russian economy. weapons have traditionally been a booming business in russia. last year russia export a twelve billion euros worth of arms to fifty three nations private banks usually
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play a key role managing arms exports but many of them are now subject to u.s. sanctions potentially throwing a wrench into russia's well oiled arms industry until moscow repurposed the props vs punk that is the bank manages russian arms transactions and keeps them hidden. though social so that the. establishing a network of companies is all you need to transfer money. from the outside it's not at all transparent still it's. until recently. was a private lender catering to the middle class but at the end of last year the bank found itself at the brink of collapse in january moscow responded by nationalizing it at a point is the head of the russian export center provide golf as president. he has close ties to the kremlin and his father used to head russian's foreign intelligence service literally economists are concerned about growing links between
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the state and the banking industry and what they can but saying i'm. not happy with this solution. huge it's a soviet style solution and will not lead to any good should coalition of a. short enough force to look at an issue of. government influence in the finance sector is growing some say moscow will order the central bank to keep spawn awash in funds to finance arms exports. do you have a problem see a sponsor will finance on companies. that and if they work badly and run out of money go to the bank will go to the government and ask for funds that ship. if you get what they get your cobra show for each additional. experts in moscow predict that the u.s. will soon extend sanctions to the bank but the government seems unfazed at the
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prospect when it comes to guns it seems where there is a will there is a way. so what do fresh sanctions possibly mean for the russian economy and its business partners in particular let's ask and the us can now he's managing director of managing partner at accounting auditing and consulting firm and partner in moscow good to have you with us first of all i mean i don't know if you were advising aabs companies as well but you are advising companies doing business in and with russia how are they coping under those sanctions currently in place. good morning first of all. first question i have to say no we are not advising arms companies that is traditionally not big business so it was not a business before sanctions certainly not a business after sanctions but yes we advise a lot of companies mainly from germany german speaking companies but also from
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other countries and these companies have developed certain strategies how to cope with the sanctions and business goes on in a certain way are you entitled to explore those strategies how do you cope under the current circumstances as a business. the as a lawyer that's or as a lawyer i can only say we cope with index system framework that means companies adjust to the new legal framework and that means that certain products cannot be exported anymore other products have to be verified certified by a german export control agency and if those agency says it's ok then there can be exported and certain financial transactions are not possible anymore and companies have to take care also we advise him to take care of service and this is a new legal framework which is being implemented and one has to be creative i
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assume and we just heard in this report it was mentioned that there is a growing link between the states that means moscow and the russian banking sector does that worry you as as an attorney or devising german mainly medium sized companies medicine companies we are not really concerned about that our clients work either with their own financing or they work with established banks mainly foreign barings which operate in russia and the and you're right the state influence which has increased in the russian banking center is not really effect for the german export was who are active in russia right and we ask now managing partner at accounting audit ing and consulting from a good end partner joining us from moscow thank you so much. general motors
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has just announced it will be closing one of its four plants in south korea two thousand workers will be affected impairment charge for g.m. will be eight hundred fifty million u.s. dollars the move is the latest in a series of steps the u.s. also make is taking to put profitability and innovation ahead of sales and volume demand has dropped for the sedans it produces there in south korea g.m. said it will decide the future of its other south korean plants within the next few weeks to israel now a closely watched trial of a palestinian teenager that's right it's all about a palestinian teenager monica who's become a symbol for many of the struggle against the israeli occupation of the west bank or she goes on trial today seventeen year old i had to mimi allegedly head and pushed two israeli soldiers last year now footage of the incident went viral you may have seen it the case focuses on defining exactly what is and what is not a legitimate form of resistance to the occupation this video went viral
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in december two young palestinian women i had to mimi and her cousin noor slap and push two israeli soldiers standing guard on the property where i had lived it sparked a fierce debase for palestinians i had became the symbol of resistance to the occupation. others mainly in israel portrayed her as provocative. shortly after the video appeared online israeli authorities arrested the next seventeen year olds at her family home and not be heads father bassam is awaiting the trial of his daughter and wife although the family filmed the incidents bassam refutes accusations that they exploited their children for their political cause we want to show the world was the in the land was the victim we. picked ourself because if there is no coming he will die like how much before twenty minutes we use chemical. non-violent resistance i had phases twelve charges
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including assault and incitement in an israeli military courts her mother is in custody as well. this is where it happened in the village of nabi salah in the occupied west bank the israeli settlement of hallam east is right next to the village settlers have taken over the village water source and much of the land villagers have long been against the occupation. from a young age i had to tell me me has often been seen on video defying israeli soldiers there have been protests on and off here since two thousand and nine they often turn violent with palestinians throwing stones and the israeli army firing rubber bullets and tear gas at least two people have been killed. on the day the video was posted adds cousin mohammed was shot by soldiers with a rubber coated bullets at close range seriously injuring him in the heads the fifteen year old is still recovering. it is made me more afraid of
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the soldiers because they shoot anyone in the head all the face or were of a now the rubber bullets hit you very hard. he's in israel the protests are mostly seen as part of the palestinian propaganda machine to make the israeli military look bad and that is something the israeli government has little tolerance for they want to send a message to this family and also this village that basically this kind of. way in which there's a lot of videos that try to show off israeli soldiers evil that this that kind of profiting off this as. the state kind of accuses this family of having done that this is not going to go on israeli human rights activists say that i had case also shed light on the controversial practice of palestinian children being tried in military courts or held in detention i had to mean he could face a long prison sentence israeli military courts have the conviction rates of over
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ninety percent. it's to the olympics now and a seventeen year old korean american has been lighting up the slopes at the winter games and the californian chloe cam whose parents are korean braved the pressure and the strong winds to take gold in the snowboard halfpipe kim was our favorite set the bar high after her first run but it was are third and final run the produce the nearly perfect score ninety eight point two points easily out distance silver medalist leo you of china. well the first doping case at the olympics has sent a japanese athlete packing short track speed skater key ito failed and out of competition drug test and was suspended he allegedly used a drug meant to give athletes greater breathing capacity japan's team chief says it was best for the athlete to leave as there was no time to clear his name before the end of the games. now it isn't on or given to all american presidents but that's
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where the similarities end the former u.s. presidential couple. brought in michelle obama had made history after unveiling their official portraits of the national portrait gallery in washington d.c. the obama's are not only the first african-americans to be in trying in the collection they're also the first to be portrayed by african-american artists. and of course the portraits have been a hot topic on social media prominent black writers and cultural figures have been weighing in the los angeles journalist jamil smith saying the portraits would help in exposing audiences likely to be predominantly white too conspicuous blackness but i am most looking forward to seeing reprints framed in home state door malls and affixed to refrigerators but amateur photo shoppers well they were out in force as well from this user showing obama disappearing into the greenery here's a live look at what donald trump is doing to obama's legacy and others had
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a go at the man and the painting rock obama or homer simpson will let you decide oh don't forget there's always more to our website to give you dot com on this. the poured in from ukraine of poland. at a restaurant in kiev ukraine. was in the country illegally thanks so much for being with us.
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