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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from south africa braces for a political showdown the ruling a.n.c. for when he chose president jacob zuma his time is up but they have not yet set a deadline and zuma who faces many corruption allegations has so far refused to step aside also coming up dramatic scenes at the kiev restoral as border police deployed to opposition leader mikhail saakashvili ukraine says he was in the country illegally saakashvili is calling the move a kidnapping we get the images from our correspondent in the your creatin capital
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the. last few bomb us make history again this time with their portraits. try to negotiate was greater than. artistic integrity would not allow him to do what i or. the former u.s. presidents cost and what once again on display at the unveiling office painting washington's national portrait gallery. one welcome i'm. we begin in south africa where the ruling a.n.c. party is confined that it's still scandal tainted president jacob zuma to step down but party leaders have not yet agreed on a time frame and not giving time to respond to the party's decision to recall him
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from office we'll get some analysis from our correspondent in just a bit but first let's take a listen to what the a.n.c. secretary general had to say just a few minutes ago. this. space . tourist. we have. to respond when we call or what do. you expect to do. let's leave it there is the. joining me now in the studio is did obvious correspondent christine christine this sounds like a complete fudged new deadline or time frame and the secretary general of the a.n.c. saying let's leave it to jacobs yeah a lot of frustration and then this and to the follow up humanae of that came from
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that statement journalist pressing the secretary general. to indicate as to how much time the president could potentially take this already goes to show that this has been a very very difficult negotiation that president jacob zuma is still insisting on leaving on his own terms and that the party is struggling to to have to get to a place where they have to force him out and so there they try to affordable the dignity that they possibly tad and he's really taking advantage of one of them but there is also the hint that within the agency this they caught reach an agreement themselves as to when the president should go at the say allow him to see through for instance the breaks on the way he holds a ceremonial presidency as well as in the african union summit as well and so this might get us to a place where we see for example he did the secretive especially indicated that any sea members would continue in the engage the president and what i can see happening by is people persuading him and showing him all the the reasons why he needs to go
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sooner rather than they should do not to modify office is what you're saying he does want a deadline coming up the opposition has. no confidence in this month what will happen that it's a. so what that does is they they they won't have the a.n.c. backing on that motion will never will never be given the mandate to go and support an opposition motion in parliament and so we can expect that that that will probably fall out as have other motions of no confidence because it won't have the support and backing of a.n.c. m.p.'s because they have a very big number but what opposition parties will be able to do is to go to the public and say we gave the a.n.c. another opportunity to see this man out of office and they didn't take it surely they continue to protect this president and it's got nothing to do with the rest of the country but about saving face for one person and so it would look bad on the a.n.c. either way to come to february twenty second that date that's been set for that motion of no confidence and for it to be thrown out because it would look once again that the party is protecting this president who south african say needs to
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not only leave office but face his day in court for corruption charges that are lingering about him and the longer this kind of political saga drang drags on what does it mean for city after all the country wants to see him establishes the party exactly and the pressure has been going on this has essentially come down to a power struggle between these two men. one the a.n.c. is mandate in december to take over this party and to also go on to assume the presidency and carry out the mandate zuma refusing to go is essentially leaving civil looking like a weak man would still commanding all the power and why i understand that some of you tearing it in in every time when you talk about this issue he's still saying i don't want to disgrace jacobs's i am affording him the opportunity to do this in a dignified way but he is getting frustrated himself and i can see the pressure building on him as he faces more criticism that the opposition is now going on to
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say even sort of was himself must be required as a deputy president the entire a.n.c. must be must be dissolved essentially because this president is proving ineffective so the longer this drags on the more zuma insists on staying longer it looks bad on several balls and makes him look weak and ineffective christine thank you very much for your analysis on south african politics. ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili has warned corruption could tear the country apart if the e.u. and especially germany don't step in he was deported to poland last night after a heavily armed ukrainian border police stormed a kiev restaurant to detain him saakashvili a former president of georgia has described the move as a kidnapping now ukraine says he'd been in the country illegally and was sent back to the country he arrived from he's now in the polish capital wausau. dozens of mikhail saakashvili supporters braced the cold kiev night to protest his deportation they're backing his call for president pershing go to resign accusing
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him of corruption the ukrainian government says sacristy really is trying to stage a russian sponsored to satisfy his attorney has called kiev's actions outrageous was a common it's a kidnapping and not the detention because the detention would be based on either a court decision or other documents and this wasn't the case. this surveillance footage reportedly shows the moment border police arrested sac is really for deportation saying he was an illegal resident in the ukraine. zacchaeus really had been a friend of paros shango arriving in ukraine as his advisor in two thousand and fourteen he renounced his georgian citizenship to become a ukrainian national and governor of the odessa region but the friendship turned sour sacco's really started criticizing poroshenko his government and launched a nationwide anti corruption movement he was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship while abroad but in a public attempt to reclaim it he forced his way back across the ukrainian border
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in september flanked by his supporters. just last week a ukrainian court rejected his appeal to be given special protection against a possible extradition. and in his native georgia he's wanted for a legit abuse of office in january a court there sentenced him in absentia to three years in prison. now in poland he's vowing to fight on. with i love poland but my fight is in ukraine in georgia for a fight with him and what part of that is really says he remains confident and he'll soon give a statement on his deportation. our chorus for an economy is in kiev i put it to him that saakashvili did not leave the country voluntarily looking at the pictures of his detention. good off new number two well that's certainly the case i think ukrainian officials had to learn their lesson from
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a couple of months ago just for christmas they tried to detain him in a similar raid at his house just a couple of tens of meters behind me where i am here in the center of kiev back then there were those famous images that went around the world of sex really running across the roofs here delaying that arrest and allowing time for his supporters to come down here to downtown kiev and they eventually were able to then pull him from an unmarked police car so that time the ukrainian authorities weren't able to spirit of the country in a hurry as they've been planning to this time it was all false and his supporters weren't able to get in the way he was on a private plane very quickly and i think there's no quits not a coincidence that given he was organizing big protests for this coming week and they wanted to make it happen in a hurry so why did the parties decide to move now and hostle saakashvili out of the country was it to do with the protests that he was planning as you just mentioned. there's definitely that aspect coming that he's got these you know these protests
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that he's organizing he's been organizing protests there has to be said regularly of the boss a few months but he was aiming to get more people out on the streets this time around. it's important member here the formal reason for sending him out the country is he's just status his immigration status here in ukraine he was stripped of his ukraine's it's a ship by president bush in their last year while he was out of the country and had to force his way back from poland and ukraine so that's the formal one case running against him at the same time you also had a case running against him for as we mentioned of peace supposedly organizing what it's all intents and purposes a coup against the current government the fact that it's actually he was sent out of the country while that case surrounding this supposed who plot was still running rather do you discredits that case in the seriousness of it i think also it's important but that there are elections this country next year in about a year's time ukraine's will go to the polls and petro poroshenko has to deal with a lot of discontent over stagnating living standards the conflict of conflict and
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don't bass so there is a motivation here to get someone who has shown his ability to bring people out on the streets out of the country if that's possible. well there was a chorus what an economy talking to me a short while ago from the ukrainian capital kiev let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the was the trial of a palestinian teenager i had on me is underway behind closed doors in an israeli military court tamimi faces trial charges including assault and incitement for slapping and pushing two israeli soldiers last year for palestinians a seventeen year old symbolizes this struggle against israeli occupation israel says she's simply an agitator julie social democrats are expected to replace outgoing leader martin shoots with and they are not as she become the body's first ever female leader in its history the leadership change comes amidst party infighting and turmoil ahead of a critical vote on a new coalition deal with conservatives now look at what all
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us presidents have in common that is right that all find their way into the national portrait gallery in washington at some point here for example we have george washington he's the first us president seen here by painting them brown in seventy ninety five and then you have abraham lincoln immortalized on the canvas by george peter alexander healey in eight hundred eighty seven a more recent example joan of kennedy's trip but leaving de kooning a painting that commands attention because it is different from the other sober images of the leaders as you can see the national portrait gallery it has been described as a gallery of old and not so old white men well not anymore barack obama as the first african-american to have his poor traits in the galleries hall
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of presidents. this image of the former first lady michelle obama will be on display by a couple of the first occupants of the white house to have their official portraits painted by black artists barrack obama is portrait iskander widely is renowned for painting people of color in the style of the old masters he didn't follow all of obama's suggestions i tried to negotiate was greater. struck out on that as well. the artist says he was deeply moved by the experience of painting the former president this is our ability to say i matter i was here. the ability to be the first african-american. to paint the first african-american president of the united states is absolutely the wrong of the former first lady michelle obama was painted by the black artist amy sheryl to michelle
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declared herself both honored and humbled. i'm also thinking about all the young people particularly girls and girls of color. who in years ahead will come to this place and they will look up and they will see an image of someone who looks like him hanging on the wall of this great american institution. the presidential portrait as a rite of passage for former u.s. leaders. the images of the obama's have already attracted more attention than most . here watching the d.v.d. is coming up ahead with the russian weapons industry under pressure from u.s. sanctions the kremlin responds with a controversial plan to protect its multi-billion dollar arms business but what diplomatic cost. then physician has
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a story coming up for you shortly you're watching the dog news live from berlin. much of it coming. normally to news from africa the world or link to exceptional stories and discussion on the use of easy i want with safety deputed comes to pick up join us on facebook. for cars. and while. venture up.


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