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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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and as world powers baker hundred dollar and serious eastern ghouta prostration at the un as the security council cease fire vote is delays and gad meanwhile syrian government and russian airstrikes on leash devastation on the rebel held area near damascus also coming off. the president's donald trump new sanctions on north korea but he says if they don't work the u.s. will move on to phase two which could be close very unfortunate for the world. and judging it is now under way at the berlin film festival we'll take a look at the movies in the running for the golden and fills her fair award.
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amount is on a welcome to the program we begin in syria where the government is escalating attacks on. the opposition held suburbs of damascus intense shelling for seven days has killed five hundred civilians including many chosen the u.n. security council has been on able to agree on a cease fire resolution in syria and has delayed a vote on to later today but syria's key ally russia is blocking the resolution it says it wants guarantees rebel fighters in eastern we'll hold the fight saying we'll speak to the syria director of the save the children charity in just a moment but first this or force. these are just the latest victims of the world's inaction. dragged from the rubble of devastated eastern ghouta after six straight days of bombing. survivors are being treated in a makeshift hospital in the rebel held residential area outside damascus activists
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say this is the work of indiscriminate cluster bombs dropped by the syrian regime but while some receive treatment others grieve well a lot of more but. i knew he would go. i told his grandmother he would go. he didn't want to continue living in terror. i wish it had been me who was killed instead of my son. i wish it had been me who was killed so i wouldn't have to grieve for you my son on the move. some have lost hope others cling to it the work of first responders here made ever harder by treacherous conditions and a lack of medical supplies and his death rains down from above world powers are still arguing about how to stop it.
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the u.n. security council has been trying to agree on a thirty day humanitarian ceasefire but last minute amendments by russia forced a vote to be postponed to saturday. sweden's u.n. ambassador voiced his exasperation. i'm trying to facilitate and meaningful outcome of this security council so i can only protect what we're trying to do and that is to have are a solution adopted yesterday and now we have not achieved i find that extremely frustrating given what we are faced with on the ground it's been called hell on earth but the hope is an agreement could allow some relief to the people who top. i'm joined now by sagna cush who is the syria director of safe the children sanya you were in close contact with aid workers in eastern how difficult is their work on the ground right now their work is extremely difficult right now because of
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the bombs that continue to fall we need to let up and burn bartman so that our teams on the ground can get out so they can assess what's needed so they can do distributions of supplies that they have but right now everyone's just fearing for their lives their lives and holes they're living in shelters that mean basements they don't even see the light of day snow doing any kind of relief where under these conditions it's very difficult. we're just looking at heartbreaking footage here at the moment of the situation there right now how are families and their children surviving you know as a family is insured in an eastern good to have been living and if see true for more than five years now so they're quite in a vulnerable situation already so with this recent bombardment is just making things so much more difficult for them children are already so terrified of the sounds of airplanes and so you can imagine they're just carrying in the air right now under ground and air freight to come out their resilience is really being
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tested right now and we can only hope that the bombardment stops soon that there's a cease fire so they can get outside and get some relief. what would a cease fire allow you to do and is a cease fire or even a no a cease fire in this case is not enough it's a great first start and i really hope today that the security council gets to that point however since eastern goods has under siege a cease fire doesn't mean that all of a sudden medical supplies will get in that people will be able to be evacuated for treatment that will be able to get food and that will be able to get nutrition supplies for children a cease fire doesn't automatically mean out of that and that's what east includes her needs right now so in addition to this cease fire we need to really sustain to manage here in access to get people the support they need son who push the syria director of save the children thank you. to afghanistan now where
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a series of attacks has left more than twenty people dead officials say most of the victims were soldiers the assaults come amid a recent surge in violence by both the so-called islamic states and the taliban. insurgents strike ever deeper in the heart of kabul a suicide bomber has launched an attack during morning rush hour in the diplomatic zone of the afghan capital. group has claimed responsibility it's believed they were targeting an afghan spy agency needs of the nature headquarters and u.s. embassy. as a suicide attack happened reports indicate two people were killed and seven others wounded casualties include civilians and military personnel the death toll is expected to rise. earlier at least eighteen soldiers were killed when taliban insurgents stormed an army base in the western province of and two car bombs detonated in the southern helmand province killing at least three soldiers and
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wounding dozens more. these attacks are just the latest in a wave of violence to rock the fragile state in recent months hundreds have been killed. now ages of the other stories making news around the world three bombs have exploded in the capital of myanmar as wrecking states and during a policeman bombs are rare in the capital but the state is a hotbed of ethnic struggles right now but just insurgents are voicing and decade long rebellion and it's also home to the military come against the redskins and most of the no group has claimed responsibility for the blasts. estonia is marking the one hundredth anniversary of its declaration of independence from russia appraisers taking place today in tallinn freedom square attended by the nation's presidents and so many a was under soviet occupation for world war two until one nine hundred ninety one it joined the european union and nato in two thousand and
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four. well u.s. presidents donald trump is turning up the heat on north korea with a new round of economic sanctions he's calling the toughest yes boss if they don't work he says that the u.s. will move on to phase two which he honestly describes as the quote very unfortunate for the worlds. pressure. as the u.s. imposes its largest range of sanctions yeah but they are targeting shipping companies accused of illegal treating with north korea it's an attempt to force the regime to give up its nuclear and missile programs the u.s. president says he's exploring all options we'll have to see of the sanctions don't work we all have to go face to face too may be a very rough thing maybe very very unfortunate for the world it really is a rogue nation if we can make a deal it'll be a great thing and if we can't something will have to happen with the increasing
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threats of military intervention weapons experts warn sanctions alone won't solve the crisis they see their nuclear weapons program as a guarantee of their security against what they fear which is an american military attack they are going to be willing to sacrifice economic activity in order to maintain their nuclear program. it's been six months since trump threatened fire and fury like the world has never seen now the international community is waiting to find out what trump space to you will involve striking a deal or escalating tensions even further. earlier i spoke to correspondents josh make the soul and i asked him if the press of a ministry intervention on the korean peninsula back on the table. that is certainly the question that comes up now here in south korea the winter olympics
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are winding down and this was an event that officials here had hoped would possibly be true broader political breakthrough possibly leading to direct talks between jiang and washington however with this latest round of sanctions while washington says it remains open to some kind of talks with north korea if they are interested in coming to the table these latest sanctions certainly set a tone that makes many people worried last amazing on saturday in the international olympic committee says it will resume discussions on sunday about whether the international athletes of russia will be allowed to march under their country's flag at the closing ceremonies yosi has allowed some russian operates to come peace but only under an olympic flag their case is all the more difficult to russians have been called doping in. the first a courier who had his metal strips the second
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a bobsledder who had missed it taking about substance. to the bones they going to fall for travel two minds on fighting ice but their new coach bruno love a day at the visitors had multiple opportunities to put the game away but mines had other ideas the wants to use it back over next as the games first go home and center of the box at the six minute mark you just came from what i am one nil paulsberg and coach lab india was fired up but then my answer is yes you know remove to equalize for the home size is great fails to make game winner and the score remains what all. well it's a war it's a. party now day and everyone's waiting to find out which means we will win the prestigious gold and bear for the latest we're going to cross over to my colleagues down at the right car and rocks for ten days and how those
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hours of movies some good some bad what were your personal moments and of course your personal highlight. best first or worst let's start on a positive dose my personal favorite was actually the first film that came out the one that open the festival i love dogs from wes anderson it's a stop motion animated film about a young boy who's trying to rescue and rescue his dog a beautiful beautiful movie really. working as you see back from wes anderson and with an all star cast bryan cranston bill murray jeff goldblum greg airwave the wonderful movie got to hold fast to the incredible upbeat star and i still look back and laugh about this movie really a beautiful film still my highlight of this festival what you really really fun film can very much talk about i love dogs in the other one that has really stuck with me especially as we're standing here in this cold was an italian film called
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feeley amelia which takes place in sardinia and has just these beautiful vistas of the italian countryside with the sun there and i'm dreaming of it right now and it's warm but it was a beautiful film about motherhood and the relationship between mothers and daughters credibly well you did beautifully shot very much recommend if you are a mother taking your daughter to see her there and taking your child to see that areas are beautiful film a maybe a pick for the for the golden bear if you talk with the worst film i have to say there was a documentary that was shown their own of competition but only official selection songwriter about ed sheeran a behind the scenes look at the top ups there of the world horrible horrible it's like a bad movie about a guy who is a. musician if i appear did a horrible waste of time for anyone who loves music fans maybe will get something out of the ok i actually really enjoyed songwriter because i thought it was interesting to see the behind the scenes process but my pick for worst role is a swedish film called the real estate which i can't even really tell you what it's
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about it seems to want to be about the older women and this one woman's trying to reclaim her youth somehow but the entire film basically just features very long discussions about swedish real estate i know so you can get a very good audience for the athame really well we have been war and of course the jury had to also watched all of these felons how do they even make their choice then and get. so the the jury is can both have six industry for fashionables directors writers that are selected differently every year yeah yeah and that's and basically there's no way of knowing how they're going to decide that's the interesting thing about the bailing out a jury they it's six people making their own decision this is not a democracy the choices they make are often completely different than anything we would what we would pick or anyone else would pick so it'll be a big surprise what they'll come up with in a couple hours time scott rocks and my trainer thank you.
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stay with us. and watch. a trick or plea. seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks. skiing.


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