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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 28, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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look. this is deja vu news live from berlin the temporary truce for eastern guta is in question one day after it failed to take effect the fighting resumes with no sign of aid going in or civilians getting out we'll talk to a red cross representative about why he will not be sending his people into the embattled syrian enclave also coming up. he's the president's son in law and right at the heart of president trump's inner circle but it appears jarrett kushner's a top level security clearance has been caught what does this mean for the white
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house we'll talk to our washington correspondent. and is this the death of diesel environmentalists are breathing a sigh of relief as a top german court rules that cities can ban heavily polluting diesel vehicles but will this saddle millions of drivers with worthless cars. also on the show icy air from siberia sending europe's temperatures plummeting extreme weather warnings are in place in many countries as the cold front car and even the continent's southern edges of snow. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show. a day after a temporary truce fails to take effect in syria the fighting now rages on as does the war of words between the united states and russia a top u.s.
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general has accused russia of quote behaving like an arsonist and a fire fighter in syria general joseph fatah lash out after the planned daily ceasefire collapse the u.s. state department also slamming moscow for backing the syrian government russia is certainly not hearing to this cease fire they're not adhering to the cease fire because they continue to sponsor and back bashar al assad's government that is tragic as a result of that we are seeing innocent civilians and you've all seen the video many of you are parents you have seen the children who are suffering and dying and you've seen the innocent people doing that the world has come together the world has said that this has to stop i find it ironic when russia calls for a humanitarian road a humanitarian zone you know what humanitarian zone is it's the entirety of syria. well the break in hostilities a nice and good to have been ordered by the russian president vladimir putin now
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this followed international outcry over more than a week of airstrikes on the rebel held region that left some five hundred people dead but just hours after the truth began reports of renewed mortar fire and air attacks or it's far moscow says it is the rebels who hold the enclave who first broke the cease fire with a series of attacks. the skies over eastern ghouta were supposed to fall silent. but a five hour humanitarian pause brought little relief to besieged residents in the rebel held on klav strikes were reported during the polls and observers say that syrian government won't planes resumed their bombing as soon as it ended. up we pray to god for help what kind of ceasefire is this without attacks and barrel bombs. humanitarian corridors set up to allow residents to leave and aid to enter went largely unused rebels claim people are refusing to leave on buses out of fear
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of being captured by government forces. and i'm about a family here meant to pick up the wounded from eastern guta and take them to the clinic in the suburbs of damascus on humanitarian grounds. the much syria's ally russia accused the rebels of preventing people from leaving and blamed them for failing to uphold the truce ordered by president vladimir putin. that the militants are intensively shelling the area and not a single civilian escape to the humanitarian corridor or going to do it. moscow's plan falls short of the thirty day cease fire which was passed by the united nations but it's yet to take effect a group sista waiting to deliver desperately needed supplies so imagine. that you have. a business that we can imagine is really getting big for the. the residents of easton can do little to clear up the rubble and hope the next
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pause brings real relief. so how are aid groups responding right now to this development let's bring in ralph el hage he's the spokesman for the international red cross in the region he joins us from the lebanese capital beirut good morning to you mr hayes thanks for being with us your organization has released a statement saying it is impossible to bring in humanitarian aid humanitarian convoy in five hours so why is that morning to you and to your viewers indeed it is impossible to bring in humanitarian aid in just five hours in fact it is impossible to bring in the military aid if it's no ceasefire agreement is with held and is respected tween both parties if they come to an agreement and then they break it there is no way that humanitarian aid trucks can reach the city and safely and come back out safely to be able to deliver humanitarian aid what's
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needed today is that both parties respect their agreements together and allow the safe access of humanitarian aid workers into is some. ok now what are you hearing from your sources from the red cross in the area does it look like this cease fire could some point hold so that you can get aid to those who need it. we hope that it holds we were hoping a few days ago that any ceasefire would hold as my colleague mentioned the last time we were in it was in november and we know that there is a huge need for medical care medic medicine inside the city and it just isn't getting in there and we have to go inside and deliver this assistance as soon as possible now or we are helpless because without the fighting easing out and without the agreement of everyone fighting in decent dark we cannot enter and
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we just are standing by and waiting and waiting hopelessly and this just can't continue all parties must allow humanitarian aid workers to enter eastern boot as soon as possible ok what's what's your assessment will the fighting stop or will the attacks continue we really cannot forecast were humanitarian organization we can just be hopeful that they stop we've seen them stop in other cities for a while with a similar situation and we hope that in these sort of the fighting stops or or seizes up for a while to allow humanitarian aid to enter as soon as possible ok there are four hundred thousand people in the affected area what do they need most right now what's the biggest threat for them outside of the fighting force. the threat for first of all is that they lose their lives under the ongoing catastrophic situation
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and the fighting second we know that there are hundreds and hundreds of people who are chronically sick with diabetes hypertension or cancer patients and they urgently need the medicine people are dying because of because of lack of medicine and it's just unacceptable that is this is happening they have the right for medical care but they do not have the medicine we know that this is the most. high priority for humanitarian aid organizations to deliver medical aid as soon as possible second there is a need also for of food assistance as well but primarily the need for safety for people to be able to be just to be spared with their lives is the highest priority as well ralph el-hage from the international red cross joining us from beirut thanks very much thank you we're turning now to the u.s. where president donald trump's son in law jared kushner has been stripped of his
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top level security clearance kushner's downgraded status takes him a step away from the president's inner circle especially in terms of access to america's top secrets kushner's not alone many other white house aides who had temporary clearance also seen their privileges blocked by chief of staff john kelly if you have had donald trump here like jarryd krishna. from the early days of the campaign the discreet son in law has been a constant at trumps a advising coaching watching his back doing his best to turn an improbable candid it into a president. of the. air and have a job in the white house on access to the u.s. is most closely held secret but on friday trump said krishna's privileges were in the hands of his chief of staff so that will be up to general kelly general kelly
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respects general lot and general kelly will make that call i will make that call i will let the general who's right here make that call but jared's doing some very important things for our country. since being hired to bring military discipline to the white house general john kelly has been clamping down on who has access to u.s. secrets jared krishna who's brief includes mexico china and israel insisted his work would continue unaffected by the downgrade whether this is closing for krishna or a mere formality in trump's ongoing family affair the commander in chief wouldn't say . ok let's find out what all's in from washington with our date of your correspondent alexander phenomena i was at what is the security downgrade for kushner tell us about his future role in the white house
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. well jerk cushion as you said is not the only one affected by the new security clearance policy in the white house but he is certainly the most prominent one as we understand he's overseas contacts have raised concerns and are a reason why he has not been able to say a permanent security clearance himmat with foreign officials doing that companion and also serving as the president and senior advisor in the white house without using official channels with both coordinating with the national security council without informing white house or phish shows and that is highly unusual now his security clearance was downgraded and this is via a limitation and i have to say difficult to envision how he can continue to perform the many jobs that the president and trusted him with from negotiate
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new trade agreements with poor and partners to overseeing the middle east peace process without having access to top secret intelligence to intercept communications to the president's top secret. ok now it was the chief of staff general john kelly who ordered the changes to the clearance system and the president could have overruled them but chose not to what does this tell us about kelly's role right now in the white house. well it seems to be a win for john kelly it's instead he was able to impose his will and cushion he reportedly told he's so. that he was uncomfortable with joint cushion are unclear security clearance and he's unique role as
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a member of family and staff for in the white house but the question is where would the president is going with kelly and against his son in law in the long term and i would doubt it. either thanks very much for that for now is under phenomena for us from washington now for a some of the other stories making news this morning say in washington d.c. the streets outside the russian embassy has been renamed boris them solve plaza after the russian politician and critic of the russian president vladimir putin who was gunned down three years ago at the same time in moscow supporters placed flowers at the very place where he was shot close to the kremlin a former security guard from chechnya was jailed for themselves murder united nations experts say north korea has been supplying items to syria used in the production of ballistic missiles and chemical weapons a panel of experts monitoring sanctions found more than forty previously unreported
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shipments from john yang to syria between two thousand and twelve and seventeen in mumbai thousands of grieving fans have gathered outside the home of iconic bollywood actress treat every kapoor investigators say she drowned accidentally in a hotel bass tub and dubai over the weekend she's due to be cremated at a private cemetery later today. well still to come on the show the beast from the east will not stop roaring extreme weather warnings are in place as temperatures plunge across europe. well press officer now germany's biggest bank is taking a new step to deal with the misdeeds of the past as roy deutsche bank that's what we're talking about brian the lender has agreed to pay another two hundred forty million dollars to settle a two thousand and eleven lawsuit in the united states accusing it of manipulating
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the libel or venture interest rate germany's biggest lender is the third after citi group and barclays to resolve claims by investors including the city of baltimore and yale university denied wrongdoing but settled to avoid the risks and distraction of litigation as court papers show georgia has already paid four billion dollars to resolve claims libel is used by banks to said rates on hundreds of trillions of dollars of transactions a landmark decision is causing a lot of uncertainty here in germany one of the country's top courts decided that diesel powered cars can be banned from certain cities in order to combat air pollution now municipalities commuters and companies are grappling with how to deal with the challenge small businesses in particular whose diesel powered utility vehicles are essential to keeping their operations running or hoping for exemptions . the idea of small normally conjures up notions of bustling capitals but
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lynn is just one of seventeen german cities notorious for breaking legal air pollution limits could city centers across the country soon be no go areas for millions of cars. over in frankfurt used car dealer marcel del are ball is only too aware of the diesel problem his yard is full of cars waiting for buyers the main difference between them one type sells well the other doesn't. as an american the prize or the last year prices have been falling dramatically along with demand in some cases demand has fallen by ninety percent the prices have come and i reckon about twenty five percent of what's happened today means prices will go down again we'll have to see how things develop i think sales will come to a standstill. that's and for i in fact stop. carmakers
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marketed diesels as the environmentally friendly choice they burn less fuel per mile and emit less carbon dioxide no wonder one in three cars on german roads is a diesel car owners rely on them to get to work businesses for regular deliveries. manufacturers are confident a general ban on diesel cars will never materialise the car industry lobby group v d f a says even partial measures could be damaging. to. the decisions problem is that different cities could have differing regulation. that this concerns us because a patchwork of different regulations in place that would obviously confused rivals . that's why we hope for a reasonable nationwide regulation. diesels will stay on german streets for now whether they'll be restricted in some fashion
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is another matter. or germany is just now dealing with a reality that is already being legislated in china were cleaning up polluted cities has become a national priority a short while ago i asked our beijing correspondent mathias bellinger what chinese officials were doing to deal with the issue of air pollution there have been restrictions on traffic for some years cause there are certain days where certain cars cannot be on the street passenger cars there are trucks are limited from entering the city motorbikes are banned in most cities if they are not electric motor bikes there is a policy to promote electro mobility to promote battery powered cars pure evey's the policy is still in the beginning up to now there are not not too many electric battery powered cars. less than one percent in china but the number is growing
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because there are big subsidies on these cars and. the government is requesting companies to produce evie cause and briefly if you can how are german car makers being used when it comes to alternative types of powering a vehicle like the mobility until now german german comic has have missed this trend they are now trying to catch up they are they are trying to build partnerships with chinese companies one are a bit more advanced in this part germany has a lot of technology to offer in car manufacturing and for the chinese market it would be critical for them to extend their leadership that logical leadership into e.-v. cause there as well in our correspondent in china thank you so much for your insight . australia has ordered
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a mandatory recall of almost four million cars fitted with faulty airbags from to kata the recall affects multiple manufacturers australia as assistant treasury minister michael sucker says the government is unhappy with the progress on last year's voluntary recall making the compulsory recall necessary a cost effective airbags have resulted in one hundred million recalls worldwide and forced the japanese company into bankruptcy and it's back to brian now in the struggle of afghan refugees in neighboring pakistan and yes this this issue is very much as a four right now christophe afghan refugees and pakistan are facing the prospect of deportation after islam a bad place the new cut off on the amount of time they're allowed to remain in the country now this move comes amid speculation that pakistani officials are preparing the forced return of millions of afghans many of them of course fear what lies back across the border in their home country notion of boss reports exclusively for g.w.
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frumpish our. chava pakistan more than a million of hundred species have crowded into the sea close to the up on board many of them have fled the war making the country fund decades nestor that is one of them he was born in pakistan and has lived in this camp his whole life. he's university educated and used to work as a teacher nasir lost five children are all in school being forced to leave is the last thing he wants from what he says i'm up to my parents and grandparents are buried here and i can visit their graves whenever i want to. my friends from school and university are all here my life is here and i wonder how can i just leave everything in a few months if the government just allowed us to stay to continue our jobs we could live in peace there are nearly one and a half million registered afghan refugees in pakistan and many more living here illegally. all of them have been told they have to leave the country by march
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thirty first previously the government had assured the legal status for at least a year this most recent deadline has come amid increasingly hostile relations between kabul and islamabad pakistan says the presence of afghan refugees is not only a drain on resources but is also a way for terrorists to infiltrate the country from across the border. who are living as aliens here and work up to about thirty percent of the caps seventy percent of the outside the suburbs of bridges cities adult ships. will become is a crew which we should be able to check as to who is. the most to disprove his so we can start out with is a good point for where it would push the boat or whatever but the rules that i've learned on has recently seen a wave of deadly attacks. for the safety of those who returned u.n.
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officials also say the repack tradition of so many refugees is an unrealistic toss to undertake by this latest deadline they're hoping talks with the government may help them buy time. any large scale returns from pakistan or elsewhere will have significant humanitarian impact. yet our economic challenges. in some places there are a lot of situation reaches more satisfactorily and there are issues like education and livelihood challenges in that one is done and so these are the challenges. which need to be addressed and the international community should try targeted development assistance you know one is on. some political commentators suggest that holding the feet of refugees in the balance is one of pakistan's bargaining chips when dealing with diplomatic pressure and while many refugees like nestor now fear
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they are being used as political pawns they have no choice but to accept their life in limbo as another deadline ticks down. and you can find out much more about many of the issues surrounding migration at our website that's d w dot com well here in europe a rare siberian cold front is still holding much of europe in its icy clutches it has sent temperatures plunging across the continent carpeted some usually warm southern cities and snow snow fall has also of course been causing havoc for commuters but it has been an absolute delight for children didn't have to go to school. the beast from the east continues to stalk its way across europe freezing rivers blocking roads and causing general disruption across the continent and britain heavy snowfall in parts of the country caused some schools to close and the country's met office to issue travel warnings. in southern italy snow paralyzed
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traffic and train services schools were closed in naples so youngsters could enjoy a rare snowball fight in the shadow of the custom. in western record snowfall of one hundred eighty two centimeters caused huge snow drifts burying hoses and roads and forcing rescue services to evacuate the stranded locals. for them it has been quite a shock. it bumpy for me nothing like this in living memory you know i've been living here a long time but i don't remember it ever snowing like this it has always been within the average of half a metre maybe a metre. further east to feel was resplendent in white but flights in and out of the bulgarian capital were cancelled while the blanket of snow left closings in the west of the country without power. that led to schools being closed perfect for the city's young sledging enthusiastic
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. well tennis legend roger federer stole the show at the race of wards in monte carlo the world number one not only walked away with the sportsman of the year award but after returning to the game following a severe knee injury in twenty sixteen also one the comeback of the year award and what a comeback it was the swiss won his fifth australian open is eighth wimbledon title in twenty seventeen bringing his total of grand slam titles to twenty already the most successful male player in history the thirty six year old said he's old by the arguments and motivated by all the illegal doping in top flight football now the former arsenal manchester city midfielder samir nasri has been banned for six months for a doping offense nasri seen jogging here in the middle of the screen was found guilty or receiving and intervene as dr treatment which is prohibited by the world
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anti-doping agency a private medical company administered the banned drip and nasri posted a promotional photo with the founder on twitter which led to us of his band the thirty year old french international is currently without a club having left turkish side and tell us for in january that band is open to appeal. because you're a minder now of our top stories the temporary truce in syria's eastern piers to be dad one day after failed to take effect full scale fighting is resume and there's no sign of any aid getting in any civilians getting out and reports on the top level security clearance has been cut donald trump sung a lot longer to america. this is deja vu news live from berlin we'll have more at the top of the hour thanks for being. committed.
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the media germany always has its finger on the pulse. of the markets and the future. will be spoke to. me. in sixty minutes. my first bike also sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by this ocean for something as simple as learning how to write a bicep those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my home and it took me as them until. finally they gave up and mentioned buying young bicycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice as no i want to meet those woman back home who are bones by then and social
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