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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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and they're challenging. machines and seven percent. platform for. me to use a live from burlington fire relief as germany ends nearly a half year of political deadlock the social democrats vote to join a coalition government more than five months after the country's elections this paves the way for a new government led by chancellor angela merkel to find out what it means for germany and europe also coming up. next any votes in an election whose
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outcome is anything but sit in the polls show a sergeant support for superbugs county and south bronx block as well as the anti establishment five star movement migration to be economy are among the key campaign issues. i'm edith to money welcome to the program at long last the wait for a new german government is over and that's because the social democrats have voted yes to joining a coalition yes again with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives now the vote is a huge relief for makyo who will soon be sworn in for a fourth time as chancellor but for the center left social democrats getting to this point has brought talks internal divisions that may prove difficult to heal. a
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nightmare for s.p.d. party leaders didn't come to pass as the results were announced there was no applause and no cheering instead a reserved reaction from a cautious party leader who fought very hard for this yes is a fellow democrats apartheid sixty centrist social democratic party did not take this decision lightly in the past few weeks they discussed the results of the coalition agreement openly and transparently these were important and exciting debates in which many members of the s.p.d. actively participated or at least. the results of the members vote is not exactly cause for showing off s.p.d. leaders know that many in the party have struggled with this decision fearing that the s.p.d. will be completely sidelined in another grand coalition as p.d.u. swing boss kevin coonerty back in the spotlight he became the figurehead of the resistance against a grand coalition and despite his disappointment says the son of the democratic vote and of course we accept this result we are not sore losers and will try to
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make the best of it. can dispense to. out of the germans feel many are just happy to see a government take shape. and if they can push through everything they're planning gladly otherwise we will lections what good would that have done us now live on its past if it was good for the s.p.d. in the long run i don't know it's been months now. good for the s.p.d. or not no one knows for now but in any case it will benefit the coalition partner the christian democrats. this is new s.p. the result is a good basis in addition ninety seven percent support from the c.d.u. similar support from the c.s.u. a good coalition agreement and a good team that's good governance. the german president also satisfied germany will soon have a new government. this is it is simply good for our country that this phase of a. uncertainty and insecurity is over and that the three parties are prepared to
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take on the responsibility of governing. nieman only the opposition has found a fly in the ointment amid a feeling of general relief. fact is the fact is that now the losers find themselves together the statement is clearly carry on as usual. now on the american was due to be sworn in again as chancellor on march fourteenth and scrutiny returns to a new edition of the grand coalition. for more let's now go top political correspondent nina nina it's good to see you so i do america is getting a fourth term at the head of another grand coalition does it go back to business as usual or can we expect changes in this government well this is most certainly uncle america's last term in office this is for sure so one thing's already clear that
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the next period is going to be extremely interesting in terms of watching who is going to succeed uncle americal as the leading person within the c.d.u. already some people are getting quite vocal so this will be one interesting thing to watch for whether they dare criticize her and whether they follow party discipline in certain other areas the other big thing is of course that anglo-american and the social democrats have a much narrower majority within the parliament so of course the debate in the parliament right here behind me is going to get a lot livelier because of course the parties in the grand coalition the social democrats and the conservatives also have to square the circle of redefining their own identity so that's going to be interesting well another change of course is that the far right anti immigrant and the party now becomes the official opposition in german parliament how is that likely to impact politics here. it has
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already impacted on the political debate the tone in the parliament behind me and some of the questions they have asked have also a reason to more traditional party members rising up and getting more vocal about certain issues and this is more democracy in action some german voters are saying so this is a good sign at the same time of course and we'll also find out how many german voters actually do support the a d. in the course of the next few months how many people actually voted for the eighty out of a protest vote because the grand coalition is going to have to deliver on some of the core issues that people find these big parties haven't answered and so many people in september elections are believed to have given their vote to the a.f.p. nina has our political correspondent thank you. what does this decision mean for the european union let's go now to brussels and speak to political correspondent.
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so bob relief across the e.u. i imagine french presidential manual mccraw of course needs berlin back his european reforms well sort of reactions have you been getting from there. but tickly of manual mccrone it is he said immediately after the speak came clear this is good news for europe the belgian prime minister shuts michelle he said no get on germany do your job and sort of push europe a bit forward and of course the e.u. commissioners and everybody else here congratulated berlin on the result of this this questioning the base is the basis of the social democrats so general sigh of relief because what europe really wants it needs is german stability angela merkel has been the beacon of stability for so many years now and this would have been a really bad point for european politics for her to sort of leave the scene as she
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knows how to make compromises in europe she knows how to handle people she is a fantastic negotiator behind the scenes and everybody really relies on her to bring forth compromises in the future about the e.u. reforms about the brics seek new negotiations and of course about the deep divide that is opening up between west in eastern european states and bottle of briefly once anglo-american is sworn in and a government is installed here in germany what is a priority for brussels. there is a whole range of topics of course there is this divide to that between east and west that will have to be negotiated the talks will start heating up the later in the years so a firm hand on the tiller is needed for that and then first steps need to be taken to add some new reforms poland is not going to give that much to. but it will give it a bit and so that will start in the spring also so there is
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a lot on the agenda and america really stands for pushing things forward cautiously and slowly is her mode of working. vessel joining us from brussels thank you. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world syrian troops and allied militias have captured a number of villages and towns near a rebel held east and it's the largest advance since an offensive began last month to crush the rebel stronghold near the capital damascus observers say thousands of people have fled as government forces push ahead. thousands of people pose to the split from spain gathered in bus alone or in a more crabmeat calling for the fictional bania region to separate from catalonia this comes as former catalan leader withdrew his bid for a second term on thursday. italians are casting their ballots in a general election that's turning out to be
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a tightly contested race bulls are set to close in just under two hours and a center right coalition by former prime minister silvio berlusconi is for italian party could gain a majority wants the votes are tallied the economy and migration have dominated what's been a divisive campaign. early indications suggested a high turnout in italy's election but after a divisive campaign no clear front runner has a managed. i think today there are no differences among the political parties you can vote for because i'm young and i'm a bit disillusioned because the programs are always the same. for the first three months and the political parties never keep the promises they made at the beginning of the. former prime minister renzi has defended his democratic party's record saying it pulled italy out of the economic
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crisis. but discontent of a high unemployment and entrenched corruption have fueled the rise of the anti establishment feinstein movement led by. luigi dimaio the great if you feel this way of winds of my things i hope that the five star movement will be able to rise so that there will be a change the situation we have now is not. a good share going on but been. told so i am optimistic because i know there will be a formal solution to the sudanese when i am has a mistake because we are in a country where living conditions are terrible and regressive. we are like your third world country. voter anger has contributed to a surge in support for far right parties like the league which has promised to
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deport hundreds of thousands of migrants. to its part of the center right coalition expected to be the biggest bloc in parliament and led by silvio berlusconi he's made an extraordinary comeback after a career dogged by scandal and could now find himself in the role of king maker with no party expected to achieve a clear majority there may be weeks of coalition wrangling ahead. i was from now the stars will hit the red carpet for this year's oscars and their word for best picture is already shaping up to be a tight race a fairy tale romance and a dark murder mystery are both in the running for the top prize. cast from brawn freed from their molds then filed and polished to perfection. the final touch is a golden coating. oscar statuettes have been made this way since one nine hundred twenty nine these are the first steps in their journey from new york to los angeles
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its late night talk show star jimmy kimmel's job to host the ceremony. there will be a. big go on scripted surprise in the show. feel session they want to avoid a nasty surprise like the one that happened last year confusion over an envelope led to the wrong film the mean and best picture this year it's the sheep of water which has received the most nominations it tells the story of an unfair b.s. creature he falls in love with a meat cleaner while trapped in a us the forestry. the big favorite for best actor is gary oldman for his role as winston churchill in darkest hour. you know where you should with. the board my daughter angela frances mcdormand is up for best actress in three billboard sites being the siri she plays
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a mother who tries to shed light on her daughter's rape and murder in the middle of our god. i know chief but i think we're kind of abroad where there is like oscar hopes to for this women series sharon and place a teenager who wants to escape from the banalities of life in suburban california in the tragicomedy ladybird and then back to city college and then maybe you're going to pull yourself off and not expect everybody to know everything. do you have the papers. less surprising though is meryl streep's best actress nomination for the post it centers around the washington newspaper's decision to publish a secret government report on the vietnam war during the presidency of richard nixon the film is also up for best picture. and facts are voted as one of two german backed films hoping for an oscar the short film is based on a real life event when islamist terrorists stormed a bus on the border between somalia and kenya wanting to kill the christians on
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board the militants protected them. it's a story of it so the diary which knows no religious by injuries oh. god the. class of two not everyone here will be able to take home an oscar but many will count the nomination alone among their greatest achievements. you're watching the news live from brendon will be back at the top of the hour thank you for watching. earth a home for saving googling dia's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to usenet contact the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action global ideas on g.w. . happy birthday in good shape returning ten this year and
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