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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is the news coming to you live from the boss of facebook bricks the solomons admitting mistakes have been made mom says he's sorry about his company's handling of the cambridge analytical privacy scandal but is it enough to prevent an exodus from facebook also coming up the europeans arrived in brussels to cool drags it they have agreed on the foundation period but will they be able to keep up the momentum to the grito for the brics and dean in just a year's time. and another difficult issue on the agenda in brussels and donald
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trump's trade tariffs e.u. leaders are hoping block might be exempted when they take the facts tomorrow. just in the next sixty minutes the return to normalcy of occupation my islamic state the rockies in the devastated city of celebrate the real opening up their. home to well welcome to you i'm. we made mistakes that's what a facebook boss mark zuckerberg has said in response to the data scandal involving his company and the detail mining firm cambridge analytic in a statement on his facebook profile apologized and promised uses a new feature to turn off cut party apps at speech cambridge analytical allegedly
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used to harvest private information. it began with an innocent personality quiz and ended up with the dates of fifty million facebook profiles being used to sway elections. now the question is why did facebook allow academic research to end up in the hands of political consultants paid to win the night u.s. election the scientist behind the quiz says he's a scapegoat did you know what they were going to do with it did you know what their interest was no i mean that's the thing i was pretty heavily siloed as far as anything as far as funder or clients are found out about donald trump just like everybody else or to give people more options than just like facebook founder mark zuckerberg broke days of silence on the scandal admitting the company had made mistakes. i started facebook and at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens on our platform we will learn from this experience to secure our
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platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward. he's promised to make it easier for users to manage their privacy settings. even so lawmakers are demanding answers from the man at the helm. wouldn't it be great for him to show up like most americans do want to have to testify as to the practices of his company he can make millions of dollars in the united states around the world but at least you're whispered. there's concern outside the u.s. to. a long time demanding an explanation of how this could have happened whether german users in accounts were affected and what facebook intends to do to stop anything like this from happening again. so for him. added to a plummeting share price and threats of legal action from investors so has much to
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think about but perhaps the biggest concern is a loss of trust. when weird things show my face go down like my that's exactly right just in search of the internet that kind of freaks me out for the worry about what he's doing with my information for force and this information with the author of the process makes this feeling even stronger than. the mole that emerges the no questions mount about one company's role in data protection and democracy. and with me to discuss the story is a social media edited jetted reid who has been keeping track of the story since it first erupted welcome judd to mock second biggest finally broken his site is what do you make of what he said well that's right he has he released a statement to facebook of course and then afterwards went on this media blitz with a number of outlets and i guess what we should be talking about is what he didn't say in his statement he didn't explain why when facebook learned all these years
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ago that dr fifty million users was being harvested why facebook chose not to tell those users at the time why were and they finding out about this now he also in effect through cambridge analytic and this data services firm on to the boss by kind of positioning facebook as being as deceived as us the users when we know mary when we should know that our fate it's because of facebook's inadequate policy safeguarding our joshua why we're in the situation we are in now he never really fully explained how facebook can protect us from being manipulated politically because as we know during election cycles things like russian propaganda pop pop and that's a problem what he did say to another outlet was during the special election in alabama last year facebook deployed odd official intelligence to try and. stop this propaganda we'd like to know a little bit more about. what he did promise as we heard in that report limiting out developers access to information so something that facebook did in two thousand
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and fourteen but they're tightening it up now masaka vegs said he'd be willing to testify before congress and also that he doesn't oppose kohls to regulate social media company so these are all good things i do think he realizes he's got a pretty big crisis on his hands and potentially legal fights around the world so this is just a bit of a preparation for that and in fact to get people rating one week before he spoke now that he has and all of the measures that you know you mentioned do you think people are satisfied with this response well this is what we are actually media community out to to follow is a joint savella we polled them onto it is a keep in mind it's not a scientific poll but this is what they had to say as we can see here most of them cold response a complete non. not good enough he's lost a lot of people's trust but it does seem that many want to give him a second chance we can look at a tweet from one of our uses anyway he wrote to us he says he feels sorry for mark
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zuckerberg saying look we need to look at the bigger picture here facebook's changed how we communicate not soccer bugs the great man and in my book whatever the he's got my support so there is support there but i do think a lot of people are willing to turn a blind eye because the alternative would be how people are so used to facebook has become such an integral part of our lives that probably breaking out would something that most people think about doing by has been really too much a week and of course there's been a certain degree of loss of trust as the good but what is the one thing that people can learn from this whole episode so people need to understand facebook is free you're not paying money but you are actually paying with your daughter and your privacy and trading in our information is how facebook makes so much money each year and i think people should realize that a great deal of users and lawmakers are a bit naive and so if they inform themselves about privacy and understand that they give their consent to facebook every time they log in that's something that they
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should really be keeping in mind. from a social media desk thank you very much. not turning to london and russia's ambassador to london says britain cannot be trusted in investigating the poisoning of an expiry and his daughter alexandra said britain had accused russia the attempted murder of set against the file without presenting evidence he also said russia could not take british accusations seriously because the british had a record of what he said misleading the international community and this came after britain said it would ask for storm says that britain's would be safe in this summer's olympic games in russia. and in the latest salvo in a war of words that saw the british foreign sixty compare russia's hosting of the limpid games this summer to the nine hundred thirty six olympic games in nazi germany. the british government is free to make
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a decision about its participation in the world cup but nobody has the right to insult the russian people who defeated nazis and lost more than twenty five million people by comparing our country to nazi germany. joining me now from outside the russian embassy in london is our correspondent a big it must have begun did the russian ambassador give any evidence to show his country was not involved in this poisoning case. no you didn't give any evidence but he did question the british version of events he tried to put a lot of doubt in the british narrative about particularly the case of sergei st paul so he will say isn't it strange that fourteen thousand a military facility that was investigating which of agents and then found out that it was not. was handled and was used to try to assassinate screwball isn't
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it strange that that's just a few miles away from salisbury from where the accident the happened so also he said there is no there is no help to the russian embassy and russia has also. to be able to be involved in this case they they point out that the st paul's also russian citizens and that they have no consular access to them and he kind of let people go once of people who believe this is how it came across that actually there is. a kind of conspiracy from the u.k. so from his point of view. it was russia but he tried to lead to that somehow the u.k. was involved. in this incident and the russian embassy in london has drawn criticism in the u.k. for a series of light hearted tweets about the british response to this case describe
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the tone of this press conference that you attended. yes well indeed for example they put at the moment only on twitter with the temperature rising to i think minus twenty and i think also here at the embassy i think it was quite kind of all it's the best open to hold press conferences with say well normally a press statement you make a joke when you're in the u.k. it's the first thing you do but this is not really. the right time and place to do that but then he did make a lot of sort of suck remarks and he was also by by journalists about murders of opposition politicians. you know with attempted assassinations really serious subjects but still it was kind of all day and feel almost like being in a parallel universe. also the russian embassy in london thank you very much.
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let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the world a german court has sentenced and have gone refugee to life in prison for killing a teenage student in the city of freiburg far right groups seized on the case because the defendant came to germany to be convicted for attempted murder in greece critics say e.u. checks on refugees inadequate. former french president nicolas sarkozy has hit out at allegations he illegally accepted funding from the libyan dictator moammar gadhafi says there's no physical evidence of any wrongdoing he was placed under full investigation on wednesday for allegedly accepting millions from gadhafi for his two thousand and seven election campaign. observed a minute of silence to mark the second anniversary of the bombings that left thirty four people dead belgian prime minister. lead
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a reception memorial at brussels airport where two suicide bombers struck a similar ceremony took place at a metro station with attack and set off explosives. a sale just as the european union leaders gather have gathered for a busy today's summit that begins later this afternoon the big two topics will be the us president dollars new tariffs on steel an aluminum and of course greg said carson and gov mathis is covering that summit for us and he joins me now from there that you think you need is a arrived at the past hour what's the mood like ahead of the start of that summit. german chancellor angela merkel put it in a nutshell and said this will be a very intense meeting here she started off by thanking the trade commissioner monstre who just came back from the united states being rather optimistic that she may have achieved at least
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a short term exemption from those tariffs on steel and out of many of them but that is gets to be confirmed mackall also thing to michel barnier the chief cracks of negotiator for his work in the past weeks and months and that was also true for a number of other leaders who are looking at tough tracks of talks to come and kill me expect of this is summit. of course the steel tariffs are top of the agenda but also bracks it to reason may is in town she hopes to get a formal sign off of that transition phase that has been agreed by the chief threats that negotiators it's the latest achievement in what was a really difficult year a year full of compromises now i went back you know to our archives and looked at the key moments of the year and take a look at what happened previously on practice it. forty four years after joining the european union britain's ambassador to the e.u.
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delivers the breakfast notification letter in brussels the u.k. formally triggers an article fifty two leave the european club. so. six pages. there notification. figuring. fifty. is now officially said march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen. june two thousand and seventeen a snap election backfires for theresa may new government. this government will guide the country through the crucial. let's begin in just ten days . they begin with
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a huge compromise britain's press secretary david davis agrees that trade talks will have to wait until sufficient progress has been made on the bill some rights and the irish border we want to find a solution without. any kind of border but the u.k. offers no solutions and only draws red lines david davis is told the u.k. will not be allowed to cherry pick the u.k. it wants to take back control. and regulation. but if. it's. really. simply impossible. the british prime minister with a charm offensive in a high profile speech he promises that the u.k. will honor its financial commitments in full. sense of the e.u.
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its profound national interest and that. while they are waiting for the u.k. the e.u. acts in november two thousand and seventeen the e.u. agencies based in london are relocated to the continent to. voting. we selected. to be the new seat of the european mix since agency and paris to be the new seat of the european banking geishas october two thousand and seventeen and there is still not been sufficient progress the european parliament votes against proceeding to the second phase the breakthrough comes only in december went to recent major greece to a backstop solution for northern ireland pave the way for face to sufficient progress and there's no being made on the street terms of a divorce march two thousand and eighteen the u.k. is granted a transition face but on europe's times the final goodbye is pushed back by almost
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two years the deal was struck today should give us confidence that a good deal for the united kingdom and the european union is closer than ever before. but the clock is ticking and key issues are yet to be agreed. so all the twists and turns in those big thick negotiations as we saw in your report deal finally and briefly what are the main sticking points then remaining. and let me pick out two sticking points here one is the trade deal itself and there's still no mutual understanding of what it could look like at the u.k. expects a deep and special partnership something like norway and even beyond has with the european union and the e.u.'s made clear look at will simply be a trade deal if you stick to your red lines a second contentious issue is a northern island to recently has agreed to a backstop solution for northern ireland but that is just in case there is no solution found so the the how the solution for northern ireland will look like it's
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very hard to say she has said there will be no hard border she has said there will be no border in the irish sea but she can't have it both so this will be a very very difficult potential the stumbling stone in the negotiations and then there's of course time. you know in order to get a deal signed by all parties it has to be done by the end of october this year and that is a really tight deadline right give martis investors thank you very much serenus up to date. more on this possible u.s. talents now and the e.u. hoping washington will give them a reprieve headed up from a business says that's right amrita or is it or dayshift optimism or grounded in reality and that's the question isn't it nevertheless the european union does expect president trump to announce the bloc will be exempted from fresh tariffs on steel and admin and that's according to the european commission now earlier germany's economy minister pay to admire had voiced similar hopes he and they used
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trade commission had traveled to washington d.c. earlier in the group to make the case the e.u. still produces the white house has said the tariffs will take effect beginning on friday. so for more let's bring in a do well out of the frankfurt stock exchange still some cautious optimism from the european union from the commission there are european investors buying it. it wouldn't seem that way now european and this is all broadly in red territory today we also saw a key indicator of business confidence here in germany slipped by a slip to an eleven month low as a result of these trade tensions well i can imagine that they will derive some comfort from confirmation that the e.u. has managed to secure exceptions from steel and aluminum tariffs but maybe even that would just be a measured comfort it wouldn't even be clear that european exporters would be out
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of the woods even then a trade war between important trading partners like the u.s. and china would of course affect the e.u. as well if it leads to any kind of growth slowdown in these markets that in turn would depress demand for european products and obviously that's a bad thing for european exporters and you have to imagine also if chinese products are hit by trade tariffs well they'll have to go elsewhere possibly to europe and that would depress prices over here so a global trade war could be headed off but a trade war between the u.s. and china would have knock on effects and that's something that investors are very aware of yet talking about there's no call in effect it's not just the europeans that are on the edge of their seats they have the threat of punitive tariffs the u.s. is expected to announce penalty charges against china worth up to sixty billion dollars of chinese imports as a punishment and that she's stealing intellectual property of u.s. companies. beijing is bracing for an announcement from u.s.
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president donald trump on thursday slapping more tariffs on chinese imports chinese premier the chain used the national people's congress this week to appeal to common sense in a verdict in impending trade war. i hope that we can act rationally rather than being led by emotions in order to avoid this trade war. but donald trump remains adamant that the u.s. is at an unfair disadvantage when exporting american products abroad and insists on changing that and i keep telling these countries no you have to buy american i want you to buy american you know we help people we help countries we give aid to countries i say whether you buy your equipment or we buy from other countries i said what about buying from the united states well we haven't been doing that now they do it on march eighth trump signed a tariff order on global aluminum and steel imports the exceptions to the rule where metals from the u.s. neighbors canada and mexico. the tariffs to be announced thursday only affect trade
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between china and the u.s. and are expected to affect a wide variety of chinese goods from clothing to electronics the measures will likely also curb chinese investments in the u.s. as well as kept visas for chinese researchers and escalation of the brewing trade war now seems inevitable. all right let's go back over to jenelle then jenelle u.s. administrators haven't announced the tariffs yet but chinese officials have been giving statements what have they been say. lot of basically sticking to the approach that they've been on in the run up to this expected announcement start trying to strike a tone between combative and conciliatory so they've tried to convince us that they're open to concessions they've been saying things like they'll open up their markets they'll halt the forced transfers of technology they will also better protect ip and those of course are key complaints that the u.s.
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has been making for years on the other hand they will see the signing of terrorists today as a declaration of a trade war and they wanted to make very clear to the u.s. that any response they have will be decisive there are reports that they're preparing retaliatory measures specifically aimed at the u.s. agricultural scuse me agriculture sector and we do that this is one of the sectors in the u.s. one of the few sectors that is still racking up a trade surplus also this is also something that's aimed at trump's base we all know that a lot of the midwestern states that are brain producing make up trumps constituency so but there are other things that they can do as well they could target planes that they could to target u.s. tech so in a nutshell they've been saying they don't want to trade war but they wouldn't be afraid to fight one you know do mine down for us at the frankfurt stock exchange thank you and it's back to our return now as well cup preparations begin that's right it's crunch time for the players from the thirty two teams taking part in the
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football world cup as a coach is going to decide who gets elected to play in russia their talents will be tested in a couple of friendly matches in one of the juiciest juiciest gashes reading champions germany need for the european giant spain on friday. it's almost decision time on friday night germany take on spain in the first of two world cup matches. for coach joachim loew of it's a chance to test his side's mettle against a fellow torment favorites and an opportunity for his players to show why they deserve a sates on the plane to russia competition is this team is. saying you sort of you know but we have always had good players. like not just the banks or eleven twenty or twenty five. so it's a great situation for a coach this is from the opposite to its own despite the embarrassment of riches at
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his disposal love knows this side will need to be at their best if germany are to repeat their world cup heroics this time around the showdown with spain and their match at home to brazil on tuesday night should provide a glimpse of their credentials. and the us fastest man is pushing his quest to become a professional footballer was seen both with a train with dortmund that's right but also a dog one on friday and he won't up for his big audition with a fendi match against daigle. five after germinating the athletic stracke for almost ten years you same bolt has turned his attention to football. at the age of thirty one he wants to try and go professional this way he got his big chance to impress manchester united coach joe say marino in a five
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a side primal event. before. he. saw bolt was looking to does alongside fifty seven year old diego maradona. though his football skills will always show was. his big test however comes on friday he will join his latest side parisienne dortmund's for an open training session. it will be. difficult to do to keep the sort of it's a part trained for now but ball test less isn't and no small measure of confidence maine the most outrageous crossover in sports could really happen. coming up ahead life returns to mozilla's shattered streets after years of i.a.s. occupation and their celebrations as the first school reopens. and the high stakes
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also tibet the saviano he's been under police protection for a decade after exposing the secret interviews mafia robin marriage to desperate. you're watching news coming to you live from above and i'll be back shortly. with some junk and instructions from a book. ph of fourteen william come. from malawi wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity listening to. play kind of exciting journey around the world to get. a story will erode still. dilemma. if you
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that under such a we are the sum of seven percent. want to keep the continents future fifty. years because they share their story. and their challenges. seven percent. platform. this is coming to you live from berlin i'm going. to have your company our top stories facebook boss market zuckerberg says he's sorry about his company's handling of the cambridge analytical privacy scam in a statement on his facebook profile the book promised use of a new feature to turn off good apps. and leaders are gathering in brussels for a peace summit the agenda will be dominated by the latest planning for brakes it as well as hopes to avoid a trade war with the u.s.
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. lawmakers are set to vote on whether to boost the country's military presence in afghanistan germany has almost a thousand troops there the second largest contingent off the united states and poland will decide whether to send three hundred more the vote comes as the government in kabul struggles to combat a wave of attacks by the taliban and other militant groups just by the presence of international troops seventeen. joining me now on the studio is jim the special representative of god his son and back assault on a mock was put said he was germany's ambassador in kabul between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and seventeen welcome best of both so good to have you with us in the studio now we've just had another suicide bombing in kabul the capital of afghanistan this week thirty people were killed why is security getting worse by the day and thank you for having me and i agree
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a security situation especially in the cities is deteriorating and i think that the taliban are losing out on the battlefield and that's why they carry terror to the urban centers and they haven't achieved their goals in the battlefield so they carried terror to the cities. that have been still has control over a large portion of afghanistan in the state in the countryside is that are link between debt and strength and the fact that nato troops began with drawing in between the two on that you were there between two thousand and fourteen and seventeen i mean the handover of security responsibility from i stuffed mission to the afghan security forces in late twenty fourteen was a turning point indeed western forces draw down from one hundred forty thousand to fourteen thousand and that's one tenth you know and the afghan state is still there the afghan security forces are so there and they're holding a military statement i would say that germany has some one cousin soldiers deployed
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there you're planning to send perhaps if the parliament agree sort on the three hundred what difference can the german mission with this more number make and done things that i wouldn't have done is that in terms of security where we have framework nation in the north for the resident support machine it's not a combat mission anymore we are training assisting advising the afghan security forces and the searching of the moderate surge of our troops is to secure our our mission you know to train and it's advice and because we need a force protection and. there was bear some deficits in the recent past and do you think that germany and many of its allies european allies i did night about what's happening on the ground in afghanistan on the ground what most people are facing is conditions like war if not war it's said now you speak the local language you speak you know what's happening on the ground what is your assessment it's true we are limited in our movements really we don't have the space to move around the country
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unless we wanted to but we have a lot of information we have local staff and foremost we have international organizations and we are working with but it's a situation. it's not perfect but there are also a chief minister and there was life expectancy has increased tremendously health services are better than before education has improved and i think also the the per capita income has almost doubled between two thousand and five two hundred fifteen so you must know we should forget that. so progress has been made specially in civil society but do you think that international help ganton things around in afghanistan all is the forgotten sunbeams lost to the taliban in the downtown well first of all it's. the land of the afghans and their peoples they have to fix their problems we can only help them you know but i'm confident that the present afghan government is determined to to move things forward and we help them
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there carry out reforms and we attach our help on certain conditions fighting corruption for instance and cooperating in migration issue is a very important point for us and also in having an inclusive government o'keefe the strengthening of the civil society and reconstruction ambassador a mock sports thank you very much for sharing your views with us on the thank you for having me. turning now to nigeria and boko haram extremists have freed one hundred ten school this national the town of doxy a month ago but their act of semen clemency came with a chilling warning to the parents don't try sending your daughters to school again back. there were limits to the jubilation and. to the complete surprise of local residents a convoy of pickup trucks and into the town on wednesday morning and released dozens of kidnapped schoolgirls. many of them however are still in shock.
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we don't know why they brought us back our but they told us we're muslims and we share the same faith so they didn't want us to suffer they didn't molest us or subject us to any kind of sexual harassment but they kept one of the girls on religious grounds where she's a christian and refused to renounce her religion and that is that. the parents of the return girls can hardly leave their luck with some of them even thinking. yeah why am i how i oh i was crying if you guys back but today i am laughing and feeling happy for the release of our girls i'm not oh i saw with my own eyes how the insurgents drove into town this morning with the girls they were waving the flag and telling people not to run away as they were coming in peace they needed something that. might help with one hundred ten schoolgirls were kidnapped and up she last month two weeks that desperate parents receive no news of their fate the
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government of president to bihari has come under massive pressure for its slow reaction to the kidnapping and its failure to protect local schools. now over to helena and affiliate sites in france helena about strikes and reset set me tough times for commuters in the country a new wave of industrial action that only two out of every five high speed trains was running on thursday and half of the regional trains across the country have been cancelled now the walkouts come in response to presents manually because labor market reform and those travelling by at all also facing problems. there have been days of warnings with only one in three trains up and running in the capital parisienne transportable storage fees have advised people to come pull the trouble isn't confined to front either high speed train operated telly has cancelled services running between brussels and paris and several you're
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a star trains to london and not budging either. these are unregistered wildcat strikes and as such effectively illegal the communist union c g t is behind them it's urged members to engage in impromptu and repeated striking even outside of official strike days. the right to strike is laid down in our constitution but if it's an unofficial strike then it's essential that public services can function enough of a four point five million daily train passengers to get from a to baby food should personally i find these destructions threats by the union extremely serious i've never seen anything like this. the catalyst for the action president mcconnell's planned labor market reforms he wants to hike up the age of retirement for railway staff right now train drivers can retire at just fifty two other rail workers just a few years later french railways a deeply in the red and groaning under forty five billion euros worth of debt
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unions warn that if mccrone topples the long time privileges of railway staff it will open the floodgates for even hausherr labor market reforms mccrone has already announced plans to cut one hundred twenty thousand jobs in public services the showdown between the government and french workers is likely to continue. well when people talk about the u.k. economy it's usually about the financial sector the famous city of london but creative industries has steadily been adding more and more to britain's g.d.p. and so this is like graphic design all animation often rely heavily on european talent so the status of many nationals in the u.k. up in the ag creative companies were the breaks it will hit them especially hard. it's a sophisticated tool that helps creatives with three d. animation vaguer who helped invented is from norway the majority of artists in the studio nexus and independent production company based in london comes from the e.u.
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nexus provides interactive content and animation for international clients what's important for them to have access to young talent. is jeopardizing that. we're already seeing talent we would naturally come to london immediately after their studies on hesitating and so they might move to barcelona or berlin or london is an expensive city as well so it's kind of slowly losing traction the u.k. benefits hugely from london's reputation as a hub for creativity creative industries amount almost ten percent of all u.k. exports creative workers are in high demand there are already skill shortages creative industries are amongst the fastest growing sectors of the u.k. economy industry leaders want the government to recognise that asking for example first special visa system after breakfast that. the majority of staff at nexus are
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freelance highly specialized artists. they often hired only with a few days notice. the great thing at the moment is that i can call someone up in france they can hop on the or start coming over there are any issues or issues that we have to deal with my worry is that that won't be able to happen and that will definitely affect us and it will affect how quickly we can assemble a team here in order to qualify for a non e.u. visa a full time job and a yearly salary of almost forty thousand euros is needed for many creative workers that's unrealistic in history is moving credibly fast and as are. result i think if we're not very clear now as to what the new rules are going to be a line is people to stay or to come to. the industry will suffer
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fishel. already there are rumors that some companies might relocate to the continent the industry wants reassurance from the government they need more not less talent to come and stay in london. bactrim recent on the desperate situation in syria that's right helena syrian state television is reporting that more than two hundred people have been evacuated from the revel held town off in eastern huta a deal allowing them to pass through a corridor to government territory was announced after weeks of bombing officials involved in the negotiations said sixteen hundred fighters and their families are expected to leave britain based syrian observatory for human rights says the government's offensive on huta has killed more than fifteen hundred civilians since february. with me in the studio now is dr mohammad kut though he helped coordinate the humanitarian response in syria and he also works as
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a medical doctor himself including. today he briefed members of the german bundestag or bottom line on the situation in eastern huta. we've talked to you from syria when you were there it was a pleasure to have you with us in the safety of us studio a tell us the united nations chief once described the situation in eastern huda if you weeks ago as hell on earth is that your opinion is that how things are there thank you for having me here today i actually every day we service the war's full. and then the next day. the day before we have been under siege since five years. of supplies of. people cannot be cheated because of health because people don't have access to regional hospitals. because the continuous attacks on the have been neighborhoods and even the very basic medicines are not available in this area either because of the seizure or the attacks on the. hospitals or that even on the warehouses where
3:44 pm
very few. convoys could reach the area and something less than ten percent of the needs even those are targeted by the size of the stephen jima sleights league you were born and brought up in eastern huta you have contacts there you have operations going on there how difficult is it for doctors to work in eastern huta given what he was saying the bombing is going on the shelling has been going on was so hard because there are limitations for every things and then the doctor had to have to have. a very hard. decisions who to treat who to leave who to save because of of the very few. resources they they have the cannot just decide who to to treat and who to leave even their safety their own safety. since years and all the since the beginning of this year ten
3:45 pm
health workers in some water well killed by the size so you can imagine a doctor who is concerned about the safety of his family about the safety of his colleagues and about his safety also. and supplies is a big issue also to deal. chronic diseases don't have any chance to be treated because of the security situation where women are delivering baby in underground shelters don't have the access to the hospitals to be. cheated and even one day they have asked if they cannot stay because the hospital is a dangerous place and i mean a lot of feel prison is running field hospitals and they can have different difficult circumstances do you get the sense that actually hospital facilities were targeted deliberately of course because the rates. but that's we see here is like is one attack every twenty four hours. so it's cannot fail in a deliberate attack and recently we start shaving coordinates of those hospitals
3:46 pm
through the u.s. and with all parties all the military parties that are operating on the ground or from from from the sky so. even after those bases are still being targeted there is a target using all types of weapons even bunker buster which translates all certificates and research to try to fortify the hospitals to protect our staff and to protect to protect the patients we used several ways to protect the hospitals like when it's distributed the hospital in several divisions and different places so at least we can minimize the damage if one of those facilities was attacked then even though there were things there were instances dr moment caught them it's a pleasure to have you this to his and we wish you all the best in your humanitarian operations in your country especially in eastern hotel which is facing a very difficult time at the moment thank you very much. for the situation in syria to neighboring iraq and the city of mosul in last summer iraqi forces pushed out
3:47 pm
the so-called islamic state after it had taken control of the city for three yes but the battle to drive out the extremists left the city in ruins the u.n. estimates that rebuilding its infrastructure will cost more than a billion dollars and take years to complete the reopening of a school in the old city is a sign however often you had hope. evening it's a day of celebration for these children now the first school in muscles all town is reopening. under i.i.s. rule there were no lessons here children were not allowed to attend school now three hundred pupils are able to study here one small and iraqi volunteer group raised ten thousand u.s. dollars to rebuild the. from a bombed out shell. with. a
3:48 pm
girl recites poetry at the opening ceremony. read honey prince left on the school walls for good fortune and to ward off evil spirits the reopening of the school is one step in muscles long road to recovery. that's one learned over the one that said i hope things. go up so that it has cation and life can improve was that my wish is a better future for the only rational. one and this heart of the city has suffered greatly from the tyranny of the islamic state. guys. there are still dead bodies lying around the city the smell of the dead is still in the air. that. after leaving the school and driving through the neighborhood you realize
3:49 pm
that it is an oasis amongst the rubble bombed out houses lined the streets muscles historic old town was the last part of the city to be liberated from the so-called islamic state bias fighters were holed up in the maze of narrow alleyways here forcing the iraqi army to fight a slow house to house battle to root out any remaining pockets of resistance. this woman fled mosul when it was under i ask controlled she only recently returned to the city to find her home completely destroyed. many of the children here have suffered a similar fate. yet but their homes now in ruins now at least there is a refuge for them here in this school and hope for a more secure and stable future. the italian from makoto bet the saviano has just completed a book to
3:50 pm
a here in germany but again a special about that except that saviano has been on a train people out billy's protection but over ten years that's because of death threats from the mafia this is because his books expose the true brutality of the mafia in southern italy her job and moved from market to disk is here for more and robin he could presumably hide changes identity go away some live in a one with find him but he chooses to stay in the public eye why well he thinks this is the best way to come about if he thinks that his celebrity profile hopefully keep the mafia away from killing him right now how ever he's quite face listing about it he also says that he does believe one day when the media dies down when his media profile dies down when he's not they will get him somehow and yet he says he thinks it's inevitable that down the line he will be killed i mean
3:51 pm
the camorra mafia around naples and some of us he hates him so much because his book was hugely successful his first book gomorrah it was cold and the mafia has had a sort of a sort of glamorous side to it in the media has to be said if we think of films like the godfather which are quite brutal but they're quite sexy too and and and and in his books has shown the real true brutality that kind of action books a bit of fiction mixed with a lot of facts and he's sort of ripped apart this myth of the math and he's also done that in his new book which is the clan of children which is all about teenage mafia guys in one tools. roberto saviano is in the belly of the n.t. matthew a campaigner from italy is here to present his new book but the german capsule is also a place where he can relax. berlin is like
3:52 pm
coming back to a mythical place from my youth but the best thing is that moving about is less complicated without the usual security squadron. in midland seven zero tell us about his fight for a better italy his two thousand and six book gomorrah was an unflinching look into the criminal heart of naples into the cumorah since then savion knows life is protected by bodyguards he described in detail how the cora spreads its terror he provided investigators with useful information that led to arrests violence still reigns in naples the methods though have changed. in the past the camorra roots district through blackmail and threats today they drive in and shoot the place up at random you gain power by spreading fear. gangs in search of fast money and ready to kill this younger generation of killers
3:53 pm
is the subject of a new novel the clan of children the world severiano just gripes is also evident in cleese videos brutal gangs fight for control of the naples drug trade. these are gangs whose members are children between ten and maximum eighteen they shoot from the mopeds using the weapons of war buildings cars businesses and people with forty percent youth unemployment in italy crime is seen as a quick route to money and power or to just notoriety. today's camorra kids want everything to be known and seen they boast of their deeds on facebook using their real names and the names of their clans they're quite open about it and they taunt the police even if the police get involved. as the problem of.
3:54 pm
savion who tells the story of a generation with no god no mercy and no way out he won't that naples may soon not just be at the foot of mount vesuvius naples could soon be everywhere and nobody keeps writing books about the mafia yeah well he says that it's his revenge for the way he has to live in the shadows and he's determined to go on with it i mean he has no permanent home and he will continue to expose the math. otherwise it gives the impression of the mafia while they do with him it's all the fia he means fearless and he's been successful got to begin t.v. movies and things made out of his book laura yeah the there was a movie tomorrow made in two thousand and eight which won a lot of prizes was very successful and also got the backing of martin scorsese he didn't actually make the movie but he backed it and more recently in twenty fourteen there's been since twenty fourth when there's been
3:55 pm
a series made by sky it's really all based on those books mostly on gomorrah and it's been sold to fifty countries so far third series just being released and as you can see from these pictures it is close really close the real brutality of the mafia as it really is i mean one critic summed it up recently the series of the words italy's breaking bad i think that sums it up current well except it's much more brutal and breaking bad and there's nothing glamorous about this kind of a mafia life thank you very much to death but coming in and being on that story. you're watching a d.v.d. is a let me bring you a recap of the top stories if you're following for you facebook boss a mock sockless says he's sorry about his company's i'm gay of the cambridge analytical privacy scandal in a statement on his facebook profile zuck above promise to use a new feature to turn off party apps and leaders on drossos for
3:56 pm
a key summit the agenda will be dominated by the latest. as well as hopes to avoid a trade for with the u.s. . that's it for me on that that she my government or from our culture just sara is standing by she'll have more news for you in a few minutes my back. to .
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some junk and instructions from a book. of fourteen william come from. the boys from a low. he wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity besides. citing journey around the world to get. a hero's story william and the bill.
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the race for immortality has begun plaguing neuros scientists are researching ways to replicate the human brain claim androids are taking over physical labor place human brain is deciphered. to determine plain joints with artificial consciousness are the number one item on the market doesn't have to do because it's so denies or clinton's claim the transfer of the show mind into an avatar is successful immortality the feast within reach. but in one try this i remember you kind words when events we need to plan it and we'll make sure it wouldn't want to play. brain factory starting march twenty fourth on t w play.
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play play. this is d w news law about birth led to a european summit with a packed agenda of leaders gather in brussels with gregg's it on the forefront of their minds but there's also the issue of a possible trade war with the united states moving the over the meeting we will have the latest from our correspondent is also coming up.


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