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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2018 7:00am-8:01am CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin another one bites the dust trumps national security adviser steps down general h.r. mcmaster is to be replaced by a hard line conservative john bolton he has advocated preemptive strikes on north korea and thinks the u.s. should dump the iran nuclear deal so what could his appointment mean for global security also coming up china says it will fight to the end of trump goes ahead with new tariffs that will hit sixty billion dollars worth of its trade every year world markets amid growing fears of a global trade deal. but leaders heave
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a sigh of relief at their summit in brussels they fear that europe will be exempted from steel and aluminum tariffs for the time being. also coming up to los was once a disease on the retreat but now it's making a comeback ad of world t.v. day we go to ukraine there and elsewhere the disease has developed resistance to the drugs that once stopped it in its tracks. and keeping them out of the hands of the mafia we meet the man you see soccer to inspire the children of naples and to tackle organized crime. i'm sorry so much going to thank you for joining us u.s. president donald trump once again dominates the world's agenda with two moves replacing his national security advisor and proposing trade tariffs against china.
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first he named a conservative bush era hawk john bolton as his new national security adviser he announced on twitter that bolton would replace his current security advisor general h.r. mcmaster bolton has advocated using military force against iran and north korea so his appointment could mean dramatic changes in the administration's approach to crises around the world he is trump's third national security adviser in fourteen months our north america correspondent sara richardson have this to say about the latest u.s. government shake up john bolton is a hard liner and a war hawk who's taking up the post of national security advisor just as trump prepares to make some major foreign policy decisions for example bolton has called for preemptive military strikes against north korea and for bombing iran having him whispering in the president's ear likely means the iran deal is as good as dead as it appears trump is increasingly surrounding himself with people who share his way of thinking h.r. mcmasters departure also comes as no surprise he's been rumored for months to be
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the next top trump official on his way out in an administration that's lately seen some major shake ups. well trump's second big announcement has global markets sliding as fears of a trade war grow he unveiled plans to hike tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars in goods from china annually in retaliation he says for unfair trade practices in china and china in turn rather has announced its own plans for tariffs on three billion dollars worth of imports from the u.s. none of those trade sanctions come into effect just yet though the white house has instituted a waiting period on implementation but they are the fulfillment of a long standing promise. this is the first of many punishing china on trade it was one of president trump's most fiery campaign pledges we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing now actions are following words trump is moving to levy tariffs on chinese goods to slash the value of the
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u.s. trade deficit with china we want re sipper coal mirror if they charge us we charge them the same thing but beijing says reciprocity should not be the goal on trade it says it could impose retaliatory tariffs on u.s. products like pork and aluminum if it must but that it would rather convince washington to change course. embattled we've trade everyone knows it's unrealistic to achieve complete equivalence so if the us purchases whatever it wants but also rejects selling china the products we want and keeps blaming us for the trade imbalance how is that head on why so i don't mind up. meanwhile some analysts are asking is trump's bark bigger than his bite when it comes to trade. the president already announced global tariffs on steel and aluminum earlier this month but then
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came the negotiations and the exemptions. they include an initial exemption for the european union with e.u. leaders welcoming the move to avoid protectionism at the global level. this is a major risk for jobs in europe. in this respect style of tuesday u.s. ski. the dialogue is set to continue but so too is the pressure from washington trump is hinting more punitive measures on trade could be on the way. well more now on the reasons behind washington decision to slap tariffs on the china with christoph that's right soon after an election campaign where he pledged to address china's three hundred fifty billion dollar trade surplus we with the united states donald trump ordered an investigation of chinese business last year u.s. companies were surveyed and they have four main gripes with china first they claim
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chinese firms require them to form partnerships in china still technology and then close down the joint venture they say chinese companies buying into u.s. companies are being subsidized by beijing with the aim of having access to leading edge technology another frequent complain chinese hacking of u.s. commercial networks to spy on key company and finally american companies with operations operations in china don't have the same rights as chinese companies do not in response to those tears on steel that go into effect today china already said it will add additional levies to yes pork fruit wine and metal products financial markets reactions to the announcement from washington has been for only negative from wall street to asia shares dropped significantly as they see the long feared global trade war has now arrived in tokyo the nikkei index lost more than four percent hitting its lowest level since october concerns among investors in
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japan are on particularly high as with the u.s. and china the rhetoric between the two of them heating up it is between the country's two biggest trade partners shares in hong kong are down around three percent at this hour now in an immediate reaction the dow jones industrial average had shed almost seven hundred points yesterday here's our correspondent on wall street for more. donald trump said that china is a friend but his remarks didn't sound that friendly at all and both announcement could have huge implications on all kinds of industries we already heard the agriculture industry especially could get hit hard from some retaliation measures by china but that could also be true for example for u.s. carmakers to export quite a bit to china also when it comes search of the financial industry chinese investors have pumped quite a lot of money for example in some u.s. financial institutions and the same is true for us or to good knowledge of
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companies who might also not be able to get a lot of money from chinese investors in the future so there are a lot of implications and therefore there's a highly negative reaction. was the greatest form of quarter reporting there now with me in the studio is our very own business editor daniel winter daniel these measures against china can they really help to bring down that huge trade surplus with the united states well i mean it could help but it would in the end hurt the united states because the u.s. gets a lot of its cheap goods from china and the stuff that america wants like the i phone for example it sends goods from other countries that say pots from other countries in asia to china for manufacture to bring into the u.s. the iphone alone counts to sixteen billion dollars of that trade deficit between the u.s. and china so if americans want to keep buying cheap then this is not the way to do
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things putting up those barriers in america will have to make more things itself and that's just going to be more expensive now we've seen a long list of exemptions including the european union. to the global steel and aluminum terrorists that the white house has threatened the world with that list of as exemptions leaves out china so is it fair to say that all. these measures are now directed against the world's second largest economy well you could argue that in the end though a lot of what a lot of analysts are saying is that this is just brinkmanship on the part of donald trump now he has threatened tariffs he's introduced tariffs what we're seeing though is that it's bringing a lot of his allies to the table the negotiating table as with the e.u. as you mentioned now china may retaliate we've seen already three billion dollars in tires through to the. countermeasures due to the steel towers that from here that's coming from china they could come up with something bigger what's going to
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bring shina to the negotiating table they've done that with the e.u. they've done it with canada and mexico how is america going to get china to talk about reducing the trade deficit with the u.s. this is not the way to do it not china as a major investor in the united states what kind of damage could these measures do if the spread were trade war breaks out some say it is here by now you know well this is going to be quite damaging for u.s. companies that invest in china for chinese companies and invest in the u.s. of course it's all kind of a part of a strategy for trying to go against china's made in china twenty twenty five strategy now they're focused on improving their technology and automation robotics big data to future proof their manufacturing industry what trump doesn't like is that china is buying up country companies from abroad to take their know how back to china has blocked many of the technology deals that china wants to do in the
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u.s. but at the same with europe europe doesn't like it either so what trump is doing is perhaps a very harsh reaction but it's let's just say it's what other countries were thinking of as well then you enter breaking down the u.s. china trade dispute daniel thank you. meanwhile the u.s. congress voted early on friday to approve a one point three trillion dollar federal funding bill to avert another government shutdown the bill includes large increases in military and non-defense spending it now goes to the white house where president donald trump is expected to sign it into law the bill will keep federal agencies funded until the end of september so donald trump hasn't just caused a stir was the terror of threats in china there's also the threat of import duties on steel and aluminum but for now at least that temporary exemption for the european union has got the block breathing a sigh of relief. well as we saw earlier you
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leaders at their summit in brussels have welcomed the news that the bloc will be exempt from those tariffs that and russia have been hot topics at the meeting which wraps up today. to global superpowers overshadow the agenda at the european summit in brussels the first leaders found themselves on edge over america's straight terror threats have been true see to well the good thing is that this issue has a reinforced our unity the european commission has spoken with one voice and very rapidly so happy that. for weeks u.s. president don't trump have been threatening to impose crippling tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the e.u. but throughout the night it became clear the block along with six other nations would be exams at least for now the goal of the season hundreds we think that these tariffs are not justified we want to continue the conversation but if tariffs are
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being imposed on the european union then we will respond with countermeasures this was a common decision we want a good transatlantic partnership but we will react if we think that international trade agreements are being violated and then the us infinites and i one hundred stadia will find its way. the second superpower subject to intense discussions russia and its involvement in the murder of a former russian double agent in salisbury british prime minister theresa may stepped up efforts to persuade her closest allies to harden their stance towards moscow we do see this as part of a pattern of russian aggression against europe and its neighbors as i said from the western balkans to the middle east this is a subject we have to scan spiritual leaders supported the finding that it is highly likely moscow with responsible for the attack on u.k. soil. the e.u.
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wants to show strength towards a russia and in dealing with the united states over a potential trade war the union has now bought itself a little bit more time. garrick mathis is following the summit for us in brussels good morning gary let's talk about the tariffs first step because this exemption for the e.u. extends to may our leaders they're optimistic that they'll find a more permanent solution i would say leaders know that they now have a little more time for very tough talks to come the european union is very much interested in avoiding a protectionist system coming into place they're very much interested in a system that drowns via the w t o that runs via international organizations and keeps trade fair total reciprocity will be very tough to achieve and from the e.u.'s perspective they don't see that it's an unfair relationship yes they are high tariffs also from the side of the e.u. on for instance u.s.
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our cultural products or car imports but overall if you look at the picture it's and it's more equal picture from an e.u. perspective so it'll be it'll be tough negotiations equal care but in a difficult position europe seems to be split between the superpowers here how are the blocs relations to china. you just heard the french president talking about unity and i think that is a key issue and it will be also today relations to china look in the past the european union the world's largest trading bloc by the way has teamed up with states like japan but also the u.s. in order to tackle chinese over production of steel the oversupply that is of the root of the problem we're facing and that alliance if you want is now endangered by unilateral action that the u.s. has taken so i think the e.u. will further move in that direction and will focus on w t o m measures and by the
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way unity also a key issue here when it comes to relations with russia for instance and those show of solidarity for to reset may was an important sign here and by the way that is one of the reasons why theresa may will stick around for the second day of the summit well also because breaks it is one of the items that's topping the agenda today what's on the table what's the reason they will formally a sign off for that transition phase that has been agreed by the chief president though she enters and then i think she will use that second day to drum her case for a strong and deep special relationship she hopes to achieve and once again the e.u. leaders will tell her look all the negotiations are with the chief negotiator need to michelle bunny and there's there's they will listen to her message but there's not a lot in detail they will talk about today about that new relationship which from the perspective can only be a trade deal if the u.k.
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sticks to all its red lines. gareth mathis following the e.u. leaders summit for us thank you karen. the brags that referendum us split the u.k. just about straight down the middle there are still plenty of people prepared to fight to keep britain in the european union including a self-proclaimed e.u. supergirl here's more is about love and peace and tolerance and these are values that we should celebrate. each pricks it's mine is my lady k. and i am the e.u. super go for me bret's is a national outrage that is going to blight our country's economy society and culture for generations to come and it must be stopped. good stuff i didn't campaign before the referendum and i feel quite guilty about that because for me i wasn't very politically engaged perhaps it was a non-issue for me i didn't think it was going to happen so when i woke up on the
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twenty fourth of june and i was like whoa how come so many people think this is a good idea. seventy five percent of young people voted to retain it's not a. future that our my generation wanted but the fact of the matter is the moment there are not many young people actively voicing opposition to do want to recruit young people and we want to mobilize. against folks that. can i give you a post about the do. we want to stop. there are a lot of people that. we've got to make. so i might go try grabs.
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to be interesting to see i think. if we just say we're overturning. these people who voted for breakfast already have a genuine do. trusting the system they don't believe it's working for them they're going to be angry anyway even if you know if they don't and they don't see an improvement in the quality of life. that will break. you know there wasn't a manifesto. until we get the final deal and we see what the reality of bricks is and how that matches up to what was promised people still don't know what they voted for a lot of people social media will say to me you know like i give them hope and inspiration through my own my music. gives them the drive to. say they. believe.
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that report is part of our road to break that series you'll find more reports from that series on a website dot com now some other stories making news around the world syrian opposition fighters and their families have been evacuating the siege town in eastern town after reaching a deal with the government syrian military sources say over a thousand civilians and some three hundred opposition fighters have left the town of harasta so far the withdrawal gives the government the upper hand in the battle for the rebel held region. in zimbabwe dozens of women are celebrating being swayed from jail their release comes after president. pardoned some three thousand prisoners to reduce overcrowding the president as a strong opponent of the death penalty and also commuted the death sentences of prisoners who have been on death row for more than ten years. catalonia separatist parties have failed to elect a regional president for the third time jordi to a close ally of former president carlos was the mall was set to become president
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but he only received sixty four of the required sixty nine votes the party now has two months to elect a leader before fresh elections are automatically triggered. and the ukrainian x. combat pilot. has been arrested for allegedly planning to carry out a coup but claims agents working for the government have been plotting to discredit her an outspoken critic of the ukrainian government's subject go became a member of parliament in two thousand and fourteen after spending nearly two years in a russian jail now just a few months left before germany defend the world cup title in russia for the players who hope to be on the squad it is crunch time and we have mark meadows from the sports what this year to tell us more about tonight's friendly with spain mark how competitive is this it's an important game actually because we're getting close to the world cup and some top stars for germany are going to miss out on those will
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cup finals so we'll see how it goes tonight all right let's take a look at some of the hopefuls. out there west to never rest is the motto of the german football association the d.f.t. has given to the national team's world cup title defense it could also be interpreted as a warning to the players vying for a spot on the squad for russia don't rest on your laurels. my expectations from the players are as high as you'd imagine my talks with them have focused on. prepare themselves and focus in every training session not just for the national team but also with their clubs. speaking of clubs one prominent one dortmund's has no players included in this week's twenty six months squad perhaps a reminder that time is running out because in mid may the germany coach will announce who will travel to russia only to friendly matches remain before then next
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tuesday against brazil and on friday against spain competition is fierce for the coveted spots a few names aside. i think will start the game with our core. mats hummels. toni course as well. will see what we do in the second game. of schedule top quality opponents because he wants to see more than fitness and form facing the likes of spain and brazil tests their mental strength. will need that if we want to survive in the summer i want twenty three players i can count on to perform and are capable of teamwork. but that's not obviously work for us and twenty fourteen our team spirit was incredible. as for twenty fourteen love had a message to the fans. to be able to repeat what happened then is really
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not that simple certainly not but the germany coach and his squad know they're among the favorites to lift the title come july. ok mark so the coach has some obvious favorites those on the short list that you want to take with him are there any big names who might not make the cut or mario good scored the winning goal in the two thousand and fourteen world cup final he's not in the squad he's not been in great form for dortmund let's be honest he had injury and illness problems and he's not really hit the ground running this season and there are better options out there to play for germany his daughter and teammate marco royce has a terrible and injury record that's why he's not in the squad because you can live doesn't want to risk taking a player to russia and then breaking down the first week of the tournament if royce has a great end of the season scores lots of goals and shows he's fit he's got a chance of getting in tonight is important for the three players in particular team over there will almost certainly be the main starting striker but then you've got sandra wagner mario gomez and indeed last intell is the over three backup
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strikers i don't think all three of those players can go so tonight could be very important for them if one gets a goal and you say hey mr live take me ok so there's also some question about the goalkeeper situation where does germany stand on this money or neuer is undoubtedly the best goalkeeper in the world is only rival is a day here who will probably play for spain tonight but noise not there he's injured he's been injured since september he's broke for twice in six months which isn't great for a goalkeeper we were told he was going to come back in january it's now nearly april and he's not back but he's such a great goalkeeper that live will give him as much time as he needs it seems he will play for by before the end of the season if he doesn't and this is a setback then it's not a disaster for germany because germany goalkeeper place the barcelona so that's not a bad backup to have. he will do absolutely fine if he has to play and oversee all play tonight and get himself ready to be the main goalkeeper in case no it doesn't make it but jimmy found shouldn't panic as teams have much bigger goalkeeping
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problems than germany england for example we have no idea who's going to play golf now if we look ahead to russia germany's group there it's not actually that tough we have mexico sweden and saw. korea do you think that germany could actually go all the way again it's very difficult to defend the world cup title only two teams have done it brazil in italy many many years ago as you got to south american sides who are desperately wanting to win the title having been beaten on the way to germany winning the world cup last time around oversea brazil losing seven one to germany and argentina in the final so they're really really desperate to get that world cup title linnell messy argentina obviously for him the greatest player in the world he's got to have a world cup title i mean c.v. to really be able to rival pele as the greatest ever so it's going to be really tough for germany not quite as strong as they were spain where they're playing tonight are also not as strong as they used to be but the spain coach was really bad so here he believes jimmy is still the team to beat you know and i will. show
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you that one for you as we know he's won many titles parties stump on an entire generation of footballers and established a very defined style of play he's had a great level of success with the national team and he's also managed to make them play like a real team as part of the case that this is a friendly but looks to be a really good match who do you have your money on for tonight's match a draw for the world cup belgium. completely unexpected mark meadows from d.w. sport thank you very much. you're watching news still to come on the program we go to ukraine ahead of the world that tuberculosis day to see what effect the resurgent disease is having kids. and keeping kids out of the hands of the mafia but we need them and using her to inspire the children of naples and to tackle organized crime. plus with hunger on the rise across the globe the head of the
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world food program we'll bring you that interview as well it's all coming up in the next thirty minutes. the total. to call smart we take football personally. so well the fold a little sooner so much on one plane is already bad policy around forbes from the name plays in a russian crimea and the another we're trying to follow auction time streaming come to cause alarm you claims to violate a who isn't and dreams of a sponsor on the world cup's lost. touch. climate change.
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isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing the lives are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire a child are going. to want to go compartment magazine play. w. . the most colorful. golightly or. the most traditional. with. take a tour of germany. w dot com fighting toxic waste from moscow arena into fellow protesters on
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a mission. six thousand tons of refuse a day transplanted to long now from the russian capital with no sign of proper disposal. activists are concerned for the health of their children and they're willing to pay the price of fixing a. growing garbage heaps in russia. before so long. welcome back you're watching news our top stories u.s. president donald trump has appointed john bolton as his new national security adviser replacing h.r. mcmaster bolton is an outspoken critic of the iran nuclear deal and has advocated using military force against north korea. and global markets plummet as fears of a trade war grow china says it will fight to the end if u.s. president donald trump goes ahead with a plan to put tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars worth of goods annually from china. so tomorrow marks world that tuberculosis day globally t.b.
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is one of the top ten deadliest diseases effective treatments came close to wiping it out in rich countries but it is now making a dangerous resurgence the main causes the increase in the number of drug resistant strains of tuberculosis where the medicine used to treat it simply stops working official statistics say that a quarter of the world's population carries the to the infection there are an estimated ten million new infections every year and the disease kills about one point seven million people every year in europe ukraine is one of the countries hardest hit by the return of tuberculosis and the rise of resistant strains our correspondent in ukraine the connelly sent us this report. just three years ago all the claiming co barely knew anything about tuberculosis that is until a routine checkup changed her life and that we can't know how many people around us
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here have tb many just don't know their status yet but even after recovery the fear of infection is never far away sometimes i just couldn't use public transport i just couldn't. we were all doing it whether we coughing sneezing or just breathing out each of us is constantly sailing thousands of tiny liquid droplets droplets that can spread the common cold but also tuberculosis that's what makes it such a fear of disease. you know those i'm all in that i was praying that it was cancer or anything but tb when i got that diagnosis it felt like my life was over i packed my things the hospital and said goodbye to my friends that is the friends you stuck by me lots of people had just disappeared from my life that happens to everyone who gets tb. who takes us to a closed door spittle for tb patient on the edge of the capital kiev. visiting the
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patients even for just a couple of minutes means taking extensive precautions since her own recovery all those dedicated herself to fighting for better care for ukraine tuberculosis patients we head to the most secure part of the hospital. the top. of the lot. but still is sixty eight and has multi resistant tb standard antibiotic treatment isn't enough to beat the strains of the disease he carries he too early discovered he was infected by chance. we had a routine check up at work they took an x. ray and they found a problem i had no symptoms at all i didn't realize anything was wrong. russell's treatment will take longer but his chances of a full recovery a lower than for those patients with conventional strains of tb. more than a quarter of tb cases seen in ukraine a multi resistant that's one of the highest incidence is worldwide experts say
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that's down to many patients not completing their course medication and the health system the confines patients in close quarters allowing them to infect one another . we joined or on the children's ward. yet many of these children were fact by their parents. they were in hospital they have little in the way of distractions and no school. while recent years have seen big improvements in the medicines available to patients in ukraine although worries that's not enough just to the people with tuberculosis need help they need support it's not just about the drugs a lot depends on the emotional state of the patients whether or not they'll complete that course of medication and make a full recovery. while these that report there from did nick connelly in kiev and he's standing by for
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more on the story to speak to us now hi nick good to see you we saw your report that one of the causes of multireligious to t.v. that is seeing a resurgence in ukraine is because patients aren't completing their course of medication why is that and how many people are we talking about here. it is a very long course of drugs to go through so if you have a standard form of tb on average you'll spend about six to nine months on a course a very intense medication several different drugs same time with significant side effects can happen some people if you have multi resistant tb as a seal the. man we feature now reports then that can take up to twenty months and people often feel better before the end of their course and stop taking those drugs to get to get away from those side effects before they've actually beaten the bug to the end in terms of people the numbers of that the best figure we can go by is
7:36 am
the number of people who come back to hospital with extended resistance that's a really bad thing to have when you've dropped your drugs then your strains at any multiple resent resistant resistant to one or two antibiotics they may be resistant to several antibiotics even second line antibiotics or even all the available antibiotics right now and that's about ten to fifteen percent of cases seen in ukraine has a tense fifteen percent we assume because of those cases of extensive resistance of people who don't continue their drugs to the end make another one of the problems that you mention you were in your report is that patients are confined in close quarters and can infect each other what are medical authorities doing about that problem. well see that has tradition and it's the the approach that was used across the world in past decades of see the ideals it was to isolate those people and keep them away from the general population but indeed their people can path their resistances to each other so they might be resistant to
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want to take then they spend a couple of months with someone else with a different resistance in close quarters we saw the those rooms that normally have two or three patients living in very close proximity so there is a push now to get people treated at home so it's more care in the community people come into hospital and then go home with their drugs or alternatively to try and provide better isolation so when they get those was they're not meeting people with different resistances but that is a big sort of discussion here in the health care system between supporters on both sides you have doctors on both sides saying it's good to get these people away from the community and prevent them in fact you know people other people who say that it has lots of side effects what are doctors there telling you about how this resistance is developing in the first place. well the theory goes that there's resistance that resistance came and it is important stress here about. over a quarter of about just under thirty percent of cases seen in ukraine are resistant
7:38 am
to the top two. for tuberculosis that they say is a result of the breakdown in the health system has said before in the soviet union there was a centralized system treating people then the ninety's that all broke down and people had access to antibiotics often without a prescription but they were taking them without medical control and were often not continuing their courses to the end so whereas in other countries maybe people don't have access to these drugs at all and so the tuberculosis bug isn't able to develop that resistance to these drugs here you had a free for all and people were really abusing those antibiotics and that's something i've see we've seen worldwide with lots of other diseases that if antibiotic use isn't controlled and isn't managed then you get these resistance is developing and tell us more about what medical care is like for tb in ukraine this is a country with one of the highest rates of tuberculosis in europe. well it's definitely changing i mean there was
7:39 am
a chronic lack of investment in years past you saw that close hospital that that is the old soviet model of getting people out of out of the cities away from the general population isolating them but there is a very determined effort to bring money in ukraine get sort of money from international donors so in terms of for instance the drugs that people are getting they are now getting up very up to date drugs that are now soon to be getting the foremost front line drugs that is already used abroad but equally which is hoped will treat people even with some of the most serious forms of resistant tb but as our practice always said she was very concerned about the social side about the stigma people losing their jobs people not being supported once they were left once they left hospital back in their normal environment she was a restaurant manager before she got tb and lost her job because no one wants to employ someone you know in a restaurant who has a could potentially communicable disease so i think that is the side that these
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activists like old are now working on to try and get more acceptance of people with this condition. and make a kindly reporting for us from he have and i thank you very much. now world hunger is on the rise a new u.n. report says that around one hundred twenty four million people in fifty one countries struggled to feed themselves last year the worst food crisis of the year were in nigeria south sudan yemen and somalia where thirty two million people are in need of urgent assistance now yemen was hardest hit it has been at war since two thousand and fifteen and this year more than ten million people face famine that is more than one and three in three humanities now the report says that conflict and political instability are behind most worldwide hunger climate disasters in particular drought are also a leading cause of food insecurity twenty three countries face food shortages due to climate catastrophes last year with african nations hardest hit while the global
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report on food crisis is the result of a major collaboration between regional and international organizations including the un world food programme christine spoke to the program's executive director david beasley about the scale of the current hunger crisis. thank you for joining in your latest reports we are seeing that the number of people going hungry in the world is increasing and had been steadily declining what is the cause for that. the cause for all the rise in hunger is conflict conflict in unprecedented proportions were seen the worst humanitarian crisis since world war two and it's so sad because we were making so much that way around the world and in reducing hunger but now for the first time it's up and such a long time from seven hundred seventy seven million people to a hundred fifteen million and even sadder news is
7:42 am
a severely hungry people the people that are struggling to find a meal any given day that's going up from one hundred eight million to one hundred twenty four million conflict driven you point out yemen as one of the most preceding off the crises struck us a little bit about that yemen is an absolute humanitarian disaster war stricken country for for literally years now and it doesn't matter where you are in the country the stunting rate the death rate the starvation array is just mired with war and it is very difficult for us to get food in. sea by air and then when we do get in the difficulty of getting it to the people out in the hinterlands so to speak out in the countryside and in the cities like they need data it's a very complex situation and it's a very dangerous situation it is a lot cheaper to feed somebody who is internally displaced within the country as opposed to somebody who's migrations to another country help us understand the
7:43 am
mathematics behind behind that if we're speeding the syrian inside syria it costs about fifty cents per day and that's almost double what it normally cost but because it's a war zone now if we take that same syrian and they are a refugee listening in berlin. and the total humanitarian support in berlin is fifty euros per day so when we don't get ahead of the curve and provide the sustainable development this necessary you end up with these incredible high cost here's what's difficult is as i tell leaders in the united states and in europe if you think you have a problem with syrian migration a country of twenty million people well the greater seville region is being destabilized now by says a broker ahmed outside bob and al qaida. and then you put in that climate impact of droughts and mismanagement and government bad governance that's five hundred million people if that's destabilized they use food as
7:44 am
a weapon of recruitment because they'll deprive people of food and i've heard more mothers tell me my husband had to sign up with isis because we had no food and if we had any alternative at all so these conflicts of costing the global economy for team trillion dollars per year right now and all we're talking about is a few billion dollars to address global hunger david beasley of the world food program there speaking to you now international aid organizations have warned that the democratic republic of congo is slipping deeper into crisis it has been rocked by years of political instability and violence and almost two million people have been forced to flee their homes but international aid has been slow to arrive and many people have been forced to resort to desperate measures to survive. when there's nothing to eat anything will do in new combi
7:45 am
a remote village in south eastern congo the starving locals have turned to jungle snails in their daily struggle to find food. our food situation is dire everything is very hard we have no of a choice but to eat the snail was you have to really search for them if you collect many of them it's maybe just enough for a day's mail. congo is in the middle of one of its worst ever food crises following a new wave of violence over the past few years the u.n. says over two million people have been displaced and many have been hiding for months in the jungle as the violence subsides those returning home face a desperate search for food. we want able to breast feed our children properly because we couldn't eat properly . we were going to sleep hungry three to four days in a row we had no pots and pans to prepare fish we practically had nothing to eat.
7:46 am
and these kids aren't the only ones the un children's agency says hundreds of thousands of children are starving in the region alone. aid organizations say they have only a fraction of the necessary funding to help those in need. today of our four hundred thousand children suffering from severe acute malnutrition that means a child with this illness is nine times more risk of dying than a child that is properly fed that many children in a single region is enormous. these local farmers are taking matters into their own hands with tools provided by the red cross planting fields that belong to local chiefs. they're fighting famine one seed at a time. to italy now the cosa nostra the cup
7:47 am
war and the other countries three main mafia groups and this week saw million italians take to the streets across the country to remember the victims of crime in late march took place in the southern region where mafia influence is strong victims showed photos of their dead loved ones and held up banners saying silence of the mafia. or one person who refuses to be silenced by the mafia is the italian writer roberto. his novel later made into a film explores the power and reach of the mafia saviano has been under twenty four hour police protection for more than ten years because his life is constantly at risk. robert. in the berlin the anti matter campaign or from italy is here to present his new book but the german capital is also a place where he can relax. berlin is
7:48 am
like coming back to a mythical place from my youth but the best thing is that moving about is less complicated without the usual security squad. in midland seven zero tell us about his fight for a better italy his two thousand and six book camorra was an unflinching look into the criminal heart of naples into the cumorah since then savion knows life is protected by bodyguards he described in detail how the camara spreads its terror he provided investigators with useful information that led to arrests violence still reigns in one of the methods though have changed. in the past the camorra rules district through blackmail and threats today they drive in and shoot the place up at random you gain power by spreading fear.
7:49 am
gangs in search of fast money and ready to kill this younger generation of killers is the subject of a new novel the clan of children the world champion or just bribes is also evident in place videos brutal gangs fight for control of the naples drug trade. these are gangs whose members are children between ten and maximum eighteen they shoot from the mopeds using the weapons of war buildings cars businesses and people with forty percent youth unemployment in italy crime is seen as a quick route to money and power or to just notoriety. today's camorra kids who. everything to be known and seen they post of the deeds on facebook using their real names and the names of the friends they're quite open about it and they taunt the police even if the police get involved was the problem with. savion who
7:50 am
tells the story of a generation with no god no mercy and no way out he won't that naples may soon not just be at the foot of mount vesuvius naples could soon be everywhere. but in naples itself one youth workers taking a stand using soccer to inspire local kids and tackle organized crime he says what's key is to break the cycle of youth unemployment street violence and drug abuse in the city's troubled neighborhoods take a look. at these football pitches perna massa's pride and joy has been coaching children for years here and instilling values like teamwork and respect that's much needed the city of kut i know is part of the ny post metropolitan area it's long been struggling with high unemployment violence and drugs. the children see it all at home
7:51 am
they watch their fathers bagging drugs on the living room table for sale on the streets. bruno wants to provide young people in the air with hope for a better life this little containers serves as the office for his football club. burna used to sell drugs himself he was convicted of dealing and spent eleven years behind bars his brother died of an overdose he'd like to spare the children here the same fate it's a challenge i have not junkies hang out on the football pitch. every morning i have to go around collecting used to syringes so that we can practice here there's no one else here to clean up. the syringes could be infected so i have to make sure they're kept away from the children. with. the burners football club
7:52 am
isn't enough to ensure the children will have a better future much more is needed to counter the mafia's hold on the area. and this is. what we need a master plan for this district above all we need proper jobs for young people it's the only way to keep them away from organized crime the root of our problems is the lack of work. and these young people are protesting organized crime they face a lot of violence here at this metro station a fifteen year old was badly beaten by a group of teenagers they wanted his mobile phone in some small chinese youth unemployment is over fifty percent in ny pools and the surrounding area prospects of blake for young people here making them easy prey for the camorra as the neapolitan ma fury is known the baby gangs and baby bosses are getting younger and younger and ever more brutal. father aleksandr telly works in
7:53 am
a troubled neighborhood of central ny pools has shocked by how violent many young people are. it's not even organized crime is disorganized. turn up on motorbikes they find their guns like crazy night and day terrorizing people. there's a memorial outside his church for a local boy jenny was just seventeen when a baby boss shot him he was caught in the crossfire on the way home from school. brianna remembers the outrage that followed jenny's killing the demonstrations and the promises made by politicians but nothing has chimed in the two years since in the slums of drug dealing continues as before and police white set foot in the area mobsters rule the streets junkies everywhere. they travel he from all of
7:54 am
a ny post to buy drugs. and still the children of carvalho made up of burners football club no matter how difficult life may be at home on the pitch the children find a sense of belonging. twenty three year old luigi is one of byrne a success stories he spent years playing it burn as football club and learnt that there are alternatives to making a quick buck and drug dealing. when bruno got out of jail he approached many of the kids in our neighborhood. joining a team doing something good something right had an impact on me it gave me the strength to walk away from organized crime. today luigi works at a local supermarket he plans to stay in to show other young people that there are
7:55 am
alternatives to crime and violence. stories like this give bruno strength one day he hopes his neighborhood will be known for more than just the camorra and crime. stories that we're following for you. u.s. president has appointed john bolton as national security advisor replacing master bolton as an outspoken critic of the iran nuclear deal and has advocated using military force against north korea. and global markets plummet as fears of a trade war grow china says it will fight to the end this u.s. president goes ahead with a plan to put tariffs on up to sixteen billion dollars worth of imports annually from china. and leaders. have welcomed the news that the bloc will be exempt from u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum. and russia have been hot topics of the summit which
7:56 am
wraps up today. thank you for watching we're back in just a few minutes. true
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