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tv   Check-in - The different faces of Berlin  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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they've become. a. magnet to count frequency. once they start there's no stopping them. just starting april seventh on d w. welcome to a new special edition of check in all about berlin. the first lucas to go towards the highlights of the poor foursome down for food shops and history.
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then nicole foolish ties into the political harvest berlin the rush time with a german parliament has its seat. the glass dome provides a wonderful view. and finally takes us to the main settings of perlin cinema history including the film museum and the grand last cinema. and so we start our journey in the west of the city on crew for some kind of roland's most famous boulevard. i'm on cool first dump also known as the cool it's berlin's most famous shopping drag right in the heart
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of the area known as city whist. the boulevard is three and a half kilometers long and extends from the kaiser villa in memory of the church at by child lots all the way to lots and lots and the district. the cool first dump is not just a popular shopping destination it's also a fashionable place to take a stroll the idea is to see and b.c. . i want to pack as much as possible into my trip along the cooler first and my plan for today shopping culture and sight see we also have to soup and will be taken some killing there it highlights to so let's go. i start the day with shopping after all it's the major attraction of the food. and surrounding streets first stop the luxury is cut the fee department store. it's located on telling seems to us that which is an extension of. germany's most
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famous department store opened at nine hundred seventy shoppers will find everything they need and don't need to hear. from forssell and. decorative objects and shoes. to excess or east. to clothing. and if it's food you're after and there's an entire floor that's an absolute paradise for group mates. goofus numbers a paradise for culture vultures with museums galleries theaters and cinemas your sports for choice. i've decided to visit the story of berlin museum twenty three the groom's guide you through eight
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hundred years of history it's not so much about facts and figures but about getting an impression of life through the ages. as. my next stop is the zoo located just off the. it's home to some twenty thousand animals and away sits right in the middle of berlin. to new panda bears of the current favorite attractions charging a ride through the summer the public loves it. and then there are the tapir it's i'm going to have zookeeper you wouldn't feed them.
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but what you like to eat you know this is south american flatline tapir there are also top pairs in the mountains in the andes tapi as in plants. like this if you know yes raisins carrots apples cooked carrots the ice and what of the names pablo hablar is the boy and that one's my own i hear coming. here they're very friendly you know use their tongues to take the food but they also have tea of so you have to be a bit careful. should i put my hand out no just take the food like this and pop it into their mouth like eating a letter in a post box so you could. how would i make it good zookeeper it's too soon to say if you like you can stroke him behind the year on his neck with. this you know it's like a brush you know. it's the first time ever that i've stroked and fed
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a tapir how cool. and now we're back on the cool down in berlin because the lead memorial church a local landmark. it was damaged in a bombing raid during the second world war the ruin remains today as a reminder of the destruction of war a modern church that was built next to the damaged original in the early one nine hundred sixty s. it has a separate bell tower and an octagonal nave berliners have nicknamed the complex the hollow tooth and the lipstick and powder box. the interior is cast in a blue light it's designed to recall old gothic cathedrals with their large stained glass windows i have some questions for us. a pastor here. the. forty fifth church is a memorial a reminder of your act of war was why is this building so symbolic by when the
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koran hardly any traces of the war left in the city almost everything has been renovated or rebuilt it's rare to see the destruction of war like this bomb tower in such a prominent place in. the cutest little church is very central it's very well known how do you deal with a responsibility as a pastor here. well. we try to do justice to as many people as possible. thanks to visitors poll we know that we get one point three million visitors each chia and more than ninety percent of tourists. doesn't us added so we different of course from typical local churches we do community work like any other church but we also do work for the city the city question of if we try to do justice to the special place by having four to
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five tours a day for example. if you don't need to look far to find a restaurant on the cool first meet up coffee kunstler was already a landmark on the kingdom before the war. coffee has revived some of the spirit in splendor of the past and it's a popular with locals and visitors alike. but i'm looking for something else today something a bit more down to earth i want to cherry worst. and screwed up one ninety five it's one of the most famous places to eat this hearty berlin specialty it's not the cotton slow but it's also a favorite with celebrities. even victory than royal were here ex german chancellor gerhard schroeder and tennis legend. well i think they liked it here. so let's give it
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a try cherry worst might be rather rustic but here you can also order its spirit with a very elegant drink the menu includes not only beer and soda but also champagne an interesting mix. this combination is something new it's an acquired taste. but it's kind of tasty. also unusual the curry worst is served on china plates everything on the food is a bit class year even a good old berlin curie worst. and for the next stop on our check in special nicole foolish explores the inner
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workings of the city the political center. today i'm in berlin from the central station it's just a short walk to the german capital government water built in the years following the cold war everything is big and shiny made mostly of concrete and glass. and right in the middle of all this modern architecture is the historic reichstag building one of prelims most visited sites this is where the german parliament known as the border stock convenes it's a center of power and tourist magnet alike. and. i've arranged to meet you feel to be a berliner with turkish roots she's been representing the social democrats in the one sack since two thousand and thirteen so she knows her way around first she shows me the debating chamber the heart of the parliament and really german
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democracy as a whole. the. care of it there but we debate vote and pass laws here. and that's where you work yes that's right the how does it feel to stand up there at the podium. it's nerve wracking i can imagine especially the first time in with a thought well over time you get used to it the nervousness doesn't fade but that is all right but i've been a member of parliament for four years and it's truly special to have a chance to speak in this hallowed hall. but i come from an immigrant family and along to what they call the guest worker generation. on the full force and it's really something significant for me and my parents as well than that i got a good education and today i'm representing people in germany as a member of parliament. to mansion and washington.
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walking the halls of the bundestag is like taking and journey through time this graffiti was scrawled on the walls by soviet soldiers after they won the battle for the right stock in one thousand nine hundred forty five british architect norman foster integrated them into his clan when the building was reconstructed and he left the bullet holes to. the. now corner in the delicate lobby this painting represents the right stock fire in nine hundred thirty three the nazis used the event as a pretext to persecute their political opponents to the books of names commemorate the hundred twenty members of parliament who were murdered in the aftermath. the next stop is the prayer room a place of quiet and reflection for the m.p.'s regardless of their faith.
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there's a lot more going on up on the roof of the building the glass dome is the biggest attraction for visitors to the right stock. from the top we had all the way to the bottom in the basement we come across five thousand boxes with four thousand nine hundred ninety nine names on them the full need and the most there's a box for every democratically elected representative in the years between one thousand nine hundred. one nine hundred ninety nine. cents press and i'm the phone . on the set is there anything in them no. these boxes are all shaped the same to stand for the equality of all elected representatives and independently of their function and nothing you feel from so in
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the years of naziism are symbolized by a black box there's no name on that one it can see the. tunnels least from the right start building two parliamentary office buildings nearby. i'm going to now we've emerged from this tunnel into another very futuristic looking building canonical yes this is the power luba house from the to the representatives offices and the committee rooms are here on the right and left on their own biden. so lots of heated debates behind these walls that one right on. my committee the finance committee meets in this room every wednesday from nine fifteen till
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about noon or one o'clock. it's in. the polo house on the western bank of the river spring just across is the money elizabeth house some members of the bundestag kept their offices over there. when the city was divided and this area of the river served as the border between east and west berlin the crosses for member people who lost their lives trying to escape from the east. i'm standing in front of the chair. up there on the seventh floor that's where an alum merkel works unfortunately i can't get in but on her official website you can take a look at her office. wow
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look at that view you can see the tear garden the big inner city park all the way to the right star. right next to the chancellery and i'm going to hop on that who bought. me claimed the chancellor train this will get me to the grand boulevard on today linton in no time and that's good because i have a very important appointment to keep. i'm of course going to take the v.i.p. entrance i mean i have a photo session with the chancellor herself. ok ok it might not be all that exclusive after all at madame tussaud everyone can take a picture with. our western morocco obama. or other celebrities a bit stiff but pretty close to the originals and you think. now
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i'm going to treat myself to a little break the tea i got missed the perfect place for that it's right in the center of the city just behind the right and the brandenburg gate. and oasis of peace and quiet for berlin arrests and tourists longing to rest their legs. here in the park you can rent a rowboat chill out in a beer garden. or just sit back and watch the boats go by. the final leg of our check in special takes us where dreams are made lucas take a journey through berlin's glamorous movie history. berlin is a movie city and has been for a long time thousands of movies have been shot here stars and starlets from all
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over the world come to relive and it's exciting cinema landscape this check in addition is in specially for movie theron's. my first stop is that perhaps the most famous scene among berlin many important film supreme year here. there was a cinema here in one thousand nine hundred fifteen it was destroyed in world war two and rebuilt in the fifty's that super lost was extensively renovated from twenty eleven to twenty thirty today there are seven cinemas here the concept is feel good cinema the backrests are it's just a bill and drinks are served. this is berlin its largest cinema with each hundred fifty seats i met the managing director hunt through a huge lead. which internationally known stars have you met here.
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as here in berlin as for the front a lot of us and german film stars come to the most famous ones were perhaps steven spielberg tarantino tom hanks and they came onto the stage here and said how much they like this cinema he told the disc you know from the top most are good that's all pilots hope are lost it's quite an institution in berlin is there anything left of its old flare. when i started so past was germany's number one cinema we still screams newsreels and we had all the premier's with the fear in iran and gregory peck on the red carpet was in all the major us stars with him we kept a lot of the fly. yeah from the fifty's and sixty's to as it is a listed building on that and we have modern technology and that's a fascinating mix but as he has a mix and. that's why this. every year around three hundred films are shot in berlin and kalki knock off chick takes
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film fans to famous locations. he had so much as the south of here for instance this was also a film location and it's hard to believe because it's almost completely changed. but i'll show you a photo from a very important film because it's the this is the same perspective. in nineteen twenty nine the silent movie people on sunday was shot it was one of the first independent films. the film shows what young people used to do in berlin in the one nine hundred twenty s. on sundays and bet's why it's so interesting because it documents what berlin looked like before world war two by the way billy wilder wrote the script. we take this subway to the courts back to straight a scene from the agent thriller breach of spice of twenty fifteen was shot here tom hanks plays the lead role. we are looking for the
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right perspective. here that's it matches the scenes takes place in one nine hundred sixty one the wall divides the city not so easy to find authentic scenes today but this place is just right in the film it is a border crossing between west and east berlin. in bridge of spies tom hanks plays a lawyer who wants to exchange american prisoners for a russian spy for this he has to go to east berlin. as empathy pumping and so basically none of the surroundings have changed. they've just set up the sport of post and a bit of barbed wire. bridge of richard's advice is a major hollywood production why do they come from so far to produce here in berlin they are by there because the story is also a berlin story steven spielberg wanted to shoot at original locations. but
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as a symbol but another reason hollywood people like to shoot here is because it's so cheap. besides esko he knockoff chick tells me the stars enjoy being here next stop potsdamer platz here a blockbuster was shot in the sony center then they are approaching the enter now by the way events vienna yes it is vienna there's an explosion here it's the bombing of u.n. delegates from captain america's civil war. is trying to extend this and in. the movie was the most commercially successful film of twenty sixteen. i stay at potsdamer platz to pay a visit to the dollar to keep the mighty the museum for film and television it has one of the leading historical film collections in europe their journey into film
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history begins with a silent movie stars like katie paul and aston you'd see. in addition to expressionist works there are also recordings of molina the diva became famous in one thousand nine hundred thirty with the movie the blue angel. a whole section is dedicated to the silent film metropolis it was the first science fiction feature film and first shown in one thousand nine hundred twenty seven. another highlight is the special exhibition the one foot history of a brand that offers one of the oldest film production companies in europe and was particularly successful in the thirty's and forty's a serious competitor to hollywood. needs vinyl curates the exhibition he shows me
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a special piece from the molina details collection per morning robe from the blue angel and. it was established in one thousand certainty that at the end of world war one germans felt they were lagging behind other european countries when it came to using propaganda to motivate their own population to go to war. that was a major reason the offer was founded. to produce dynamic and appealing propaganda films have. supported wages can you name some for hits. just as i was with her first as metropolis by fritz lang from one nine hundred twenty seven there may be during the nazi era in one nine hundred forty two or so libor. was most successful film with it i don't have exact numbers in my head but i think twenty million people saw that film. my last port of call today facebook leads me to my current because this is where the mobile cinema is setting
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up its shares today. pop up cinema as the name of the concept two friends came up with they set up their cinema every night always in different places. recently annoyed current is actually a techno club fed none the where there is one of the inventors of the mobile cinema . where does your pop up cinema pop up in general well it's basically in berlin and different places. in the middle of the forest wherever we can find a place to play. or we find a place where it is so interesting to our. night it's a david lynch movie on the program. so now i'm going to sit back and relax in the cinema of the day merlin was awesome great movie exciting locations and i got to know the city from a whole new perspective that's it bye bye see you next time of. gifts
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. thank you good.
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the buddhist there is gearing up. business life and death out there with every soldier responsible for the next. german troops deploying a hold of. the federal government says this could happen. but not germany's confluences up to the toughest. challenges of the jumma not.
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was. if. if. all we can be the generation ns it. malaria must so millions can live. china's chiang dong one spacelab as we entered the earth's atmosphere and burn top of a remote part of the side of the pacific ocean it was unclear where the defunct space station would plunge back to earth raising fears that falling debris could cause damage in a populated area. syria.


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