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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 5:45am-6:01am CEST

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we make up oh but we watch as. the under thirty five's we are seven seven percent. want to shape the continent's future. part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of . platforms africa it's. pretty. shift living in the digital age covering our top models on instagram. seeing the world through smart glasses and apps that help you not to talk but first buying art on line
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there are many ways to acquire art on the web from auction houses or directly from the artists themselves the fact is digitalisation is changing the art world. coming. to the hammer action house england. for seventy five thousand nine hundred five thousand. being streamlined they does need only register with you want your house and then they are free to submit beds anonymously. this online good news for online dating is their significant component for us we've already received six figure bits with a simple mouse click people sitting in australia or china can follow the auction or even participate but how did. it make sense for traditional auction houses like them pets to go digital that's what the his insurance company's online our trade report indicates. on-line sales now account for eight point five percent of
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global art market sales which is over three billion euro is. still the leading firms that are doing most of the business. there isn't a moment on about twenty percent of bit as our online. where people's habits are changing and of course this is making its mark on the art market too. there are now several internet platforms that sell only art such as on and off net the authenticity of works is not guaranteed but these sites do provide plenty of information about the artists and their art one example is german pop artist who's been active in the scene since the late one thousand nine hundred he used to sell his work in cafes or on the street now he sells online. freely for decades the art market was very static it was hard to get in. but the boundaries and rules are blurred with the internet you no longer need
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a gallery to show your art. there are other ways to sell your work find an audience. what better place than a social media platform the photo sharing app instagram is the most popular one used by almost two thirds of according to the his cock study hundreds of thousands follow international artists i way way i'm banks to name just to collect them recognize the potential of digitalisation early on he founded the independent collectors platform in two thousand and eight to make private collections more accessible and to create better networking opportunities for collectors. collecting has a lot to do with discovery so this is a great thing for collectors it's now so easy to get access to the most current information. but it's also made things more difficult. of course it's almost
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impossible to keep our up with all the information influences and impressions or. might be offering endless possibilities to collect. but it cannot be said that the art market has been completely revolutionized. behind every attempt to sell art online is the general belief that it has become much easier to buy art that it allows people to overcome their inhibitions. i like the idea but i don't think it's that simple. if i want to learn how to play the piano i want tennis i still have to invest a lot of time in it commit myself and be willing to practice this is true for the art scene as well. that there were no online bits forget how tight comic book going to rise three times are old fashioned better right there in the room bought the comic for one hundred five thousand. shift says there is an art to it.
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time now for the shift ranking who were the most followed models on instagram in fifth place. it was over sixteen point eight million followers she rose to fame with her appearance in the video for the twenty thirteen hit blurred lines this is the p.g. version. she obviously doesn't use instagram to sell clothes. didn't anyone ever tell you not to play with your food emily. slightly had in fourth place is the daughter of a model and a real estate developer and she's not just all over instagram she models for victoria's secret and is a spokesperson for dior makeup. trailer sister g g i d it is number three she's twice as popular with thirty nine million followers. it's hard to believe that her
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career got off to a slow start she was rejected by a number of agencies are the first to all considered or overweight. next up face paradela bean she found fame modeling for chanel for instance but she's also an actress and stars in the sign five blockbuster but literary she's got over forty one million followers virtual kisses all around. kendall jenner reigns at number one the reality t.v. star and kim kardashian and south sister has eighty eight point seven million followers and twenty seventeen she was also ranked the best paid model in the world . and that was this week's ranking now virtual objects in the real world the headsets are currently being tested by all kinds of companies the hope is that the modern technology will save time and money in the future. in deca a company based in heilbronn in southern germany develops men to reality apps for
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business since employees are testing the functionality of smarts goggles with a virtual object that is being projected onto a transparent disk uses wearing hauler lens a quick glances can touch the bike chain eventually with then. they each have a different perspective of the object since the glasses work independently of one another. of the eyeballs to forms for just the simplest way to understand how makes to reality might be used in future is to consider machine repair or maintenance in a place far away. everyone can get their head around the idea of saving someone the trouble of getting into a plane to go somewhere to fix a machine on sight of it in a tornado testing the use of service maintenance department it produces electronic circuit boards and exports them or never the weld but if one up. the special
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machines breaks down when the production chain stalls there are few service technicians so delays are inevitable but this could all change. the system the first terrorists are very promising in practical terms it will mean faster reaction times because there will be no travelling and fewer costs of course. in the tests a staff member is connected to a service technician via smart glasses the distance between them is of no consequence. so if i hear do you have an image of yes look at the white part. the technician can give advice and forward crucial information. i can see the blinking light if you like i'll send you a circuit diagram soon as this technology has perfected there will be less need for seven nations to handle repairs directly on site. it's not about using mixed reality to project something but about improving processes in a long time. and giving engineers and customers the possibility of trying things
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out testing them in a way that wouldn't be possible without mixed reality. in the future people will be able to invent virtual objects in analog spaces and shoring up the effect that. shift says the future is here. and now we'll test preamps in our shift at shop. perfectly not heard next time tend to make an impression there are plenty of apps that can help those who are not yet mastered that art including time outs. and out of time time. time not as a small selection of knobs you can learn and it's very easy to use. the instructions and the large illustrations are a big plus but there's
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a lot about retiring unfortunately and you have costs to your own twenty nine. as does cam. this operates with a camera and a commanding voice leaving users hands free mics. there's a limited selection of not here but all the classics are included. the free version of hot or tired time also has a lot of advertising and a lot of knots but if you want to spare your so. the ads you'll have to shell out two euro's and fifty cents. the instructive graphics and animations are a big plus they make tying a knot seem super easy. our favorite is clearly how to tires high it's intuitive and it's easy to use it can really be
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a lifesaver if you have to impress someone. you've got an interesting app you'd like to tell us about right to it search it at v.w. dot com we'll test the best tips in our program. that was this week's upshot. as usual we leave shift through the exit with the internet find of the week today we have a showdown with the you tube monster. not again another buffering problem but don't let your frustration get out of hand you could be entering dangerous territory. in this clip by the graphic designer allan bakker to stick figures take up the fight against you tube or the dark creature who lives within the video sharing platform. you tube fights back with its never ending supply of clips the only option is to fight the system from within.
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and next week on shift music professor outfit wants to revolutionize piano playing with a data glove sensors in the glove generate sounds on a computer that enables him to fuse classical and electronic music sound sensations next time and shift. senior citizens they're unhurried quantity conscious and they don't hesitate to try out new consumer trends ginny's returned population is grabbing their focus in college is to even so old age poverty is a serious issue especially among women. what do these developments mean for the
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next generation was made in germany in thirty minutes w. . took on learn german with w. . any time any place. whether with jo jo and her friends. colleagues discuss it in the film not mr spitzer's exposure juggles a war with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free d.w. . of freedom of expression. of value that old ways has to be defended and new. all over the world.
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are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views free flowing. d.w. don't come to freedom. walk away with. the guys. who really are scared we are very scared. and to let me. write it instead of. anglin danish is the true face of the country look like. freedom independence and a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress has witnessed extremists parking for influence we call for the rule of law the law is law democracy and the
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rule of law are on shaky ground. they have discontinued he and out of this should be. enough to. bangladesh the dawn of islamism an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has been testifying before u.s. lawmakers they're hearing has focused on his admission that the data of up to eighty seven million users may have been improperly shared with political consultancy cambridge analytical he's admitted his company didn't do enough to combat fake news foreign interference in elections and hate speech senator john
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kennedy did not mince his words when confronting soccer burke. you're you.


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