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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is the news live from berlin facebook c.e.o. gets a public grilling on capitol hill over his company's massive misuse of private data . we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry mr byrd apologizes but will his testimony be enough to deflect criticism facebook is not doing enough to protect its users and is exploiting its market dominance also on the show.
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the united nations divided the security council fails to agree on a coordinated response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria the u.s. says damascus and russia are to blame. and germany's new cabinet members stand shoulder to shoulder or do they there's discord in the ranks as chancellor on the macros ministers gather to reset their priorities. i'm brian thomas a warm welcome to the show we start out with some breaking news right now and algerian military plane has crashed near algiers more than one hundred people may have been on board when the jet went down near airport that's about thirty kilometers southwest of the capital illusions seventy six transporter
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was reportedly headed for that are in southwestern algeria rescue crews are at the scene but there's no word yet on any casualties we'll have more details for you as they come yet. we're turning now to our main story the head of facebook one of the world's most powerful companies has been answering questions before hearing of u.s. senators mark zuckerberg was called to the senate after revelations that millions of people had their private data misused by the political consulting firm cambridge analytic oh facebook facebook is now under fire for its lack of privacy protections it was the social network versus the u.s. congress facebook's mark zuckerberg one of the world's youngest c.e.o.'s testifying before one of america's oldest senates almost half of the u.s. senate took part in a hearing that lasted more than five hours zuckerberg who was not sworn in under oath began his first ever congressional appearance with an apology we didn't take
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a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here but that wasn't enough for some senators who want to see facebook take stronger steps to protect user data and privacy actually possibly under new government regulations your user of green what shocks as a facebook user are you are you willing to give me more control over my data as someone who uses facebook i believe that you should have complete control over your data if we're not communicating this clearly then that's a big thing that we should work on because i think the principles that you're articulating are the ones that we believe in and try to codified in the product that we build. critics say zuckerberg and his team are not taking transparency privacy and security seriously enough whether it's alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election united nations criticism of inciting violence against me and mars were
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hinge or muslim minority or the cambridge analytic a scandal which revealed that eighty seven million facebook users had their data in appropriately obtained by a political consultancy tied to the trump presidential campaign at several points in the hearing zuckerberg appeared unaware of some of the inner workings of the platform he built and launched in two thousand and four as a nineteen year old harvard student how long do you keep the users debt if they if they choose to delete their account alone to keep their data i don't know the answer to that off the top my head if share price is any measure zuckerberg performed well before the u.s. senate facebook stock had its best day in two years zuckerberg is in for another round of questioning this time by the house of representatives or ask questions in a room to talk about facebook and privacy violations i'm joined now by constantine is a green member of the german parliament and the party's parliamentary spokesman for
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digital affairs thanks so much for coming in if the marketing zuckerberg were to appear before german lawmakers what would you say to. well we would ask why he was fighting against the transparency and the regulation. for the lack he feels sorry now about it's not that facebook somehow stumbled into this affair and this scandal was not the next it and you could see is coming from far ahead and. so i don't really believe in the excuses so far ok let's take a look if we could right now and one very telling moment from the senate testimony yesterday sort of burt would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night.
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no. i think that maybe with this is all about your right to privacy the limits of your right to privacy and how much you give away in modern america in the name of quote connecting people around the world this is all about privacy isn't and facebook has many users here in germany is the german government doing enough to protect the private data of facebook users here in germany. no there are not and this is no accident either we've been asking for regulation since many years and the answer always is data is the new oil off the twenty first century and this oil has to flow and needs no regulation and i think the opposite is ride we need clear regulation we need clear the constitutional rights for the digital age we know we know from the analog age.
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to to get into this digitalization and to get this transformation done so the lack of regulation we had in the last years by the bonus lee young as well was a big mistake ok now mark zuckerberg did touch on this issue the one you just mentioned about regulating facebook let's listen to what he had to say about that well senator i'm not the type of person who thinks that all regulation is bad so i think the internet is becoming increasingly important people's lives and i think we need to have a full conversation about what is the right regulation whether it should be or should be ok conversation about the right regulation a new data protection laws affecting social media takes effect in the european union next month do you want to see it used against facebook. while not used against i want to use it for the consumers they need
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to have the right of private privacy and dignity this is actually what data protection is all about. they need to have that on facebook too and if two billion people in the world thirty million in germany are with facebook we need to regulate this company that these values stand up in times of digitalisation and the truth is facebook fought against this kind of regulation against privacy against transparency all these last years and now they really have to show that they did understand words alone is not enough constantine a green member of the bundestag party's parliamentary spokesman for digital affairs thanks very much for your comments today thank you now for some of the other stories making the news this hour president aliyev is expected to cruise to victory as that country votes in
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a presidential election today opposition parties have accused authorities of preparing to rig the vote on a boycott of the polls a live as ruled the oil rich country since taking over from his father in two thousand and three. police in indonesia say eighty two people have died after drinking bootleg liquor containing methanol and ninety six percent alcohol seven suspects have been arrested another two are on the run desk from the consumption of such alcohol are reported frequently this latest toll is among the highest in recent years. the u.n. security council's failed to agree on a plan to investigate alleged chemical weapons attack in syria rival resolutions by the u.s. and russia both failed to pass activists say at least sixty people were killed in a poison gas attack on a damascus suburb. these images have shocked the world the young survivors of an alleged chemical weapons attack in duma is thing good on saturday. what happened
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here has sent tension between russia and the west soaring to new heights. as so often during the syrian war the united nations security council is where division and then tag unism have played out on the one side the u.s. and its allies on the other russia supporting syrian president bashar al assad h. side vetoed the others resolutions and h. plan b. of a for the deadlock. the u.s. delegation is again trying to mislead the international community it's now taken a further step towards confrontation. russia is already on the ground and this amateur video purportedly shows russian police investigating near the site of the attack moscow says and the regime a ready to allow probe which shouldn't assign blame the u.s. says that's a cover up. history will record the on this
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day russia chose protecting a monster over the lives of the syrian people while the u.s. and its allies say russia's position is a smokescreen they want an independent inquiry to begin soon while they still evidence of what happened on the way canned like this gas canister said to have been discovered two days ago. and while diplomats argue over how best to respond the alleged attack has already shifted syria's battle lines hiya displaced people from duma arrive in syria's rebel held north resistance collapsed in eastern guta after the attack the refugees are reminded of the brutal intensity of this war which the international community has so far remained powerless to stop. here in germany chance for all america has taken her top ministers on a working retreat in the countryside outside berlin there hammering out the details
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of her agenda for the coming months among the most pressing issues drafting a new budget and reforming germany's migration policy the chancellor wants to forge as well some team spirit among her divided government. they have been politically marriage for a month but there hasn't been much of a honeymoon in germany's new coalition rarely a day has gone by without cabinet members making controversial statements about issues like the role of his not mean germany security or refugees and much of the controversy has come from these two men interior minister holds a horse and health minister yes siobhan now merkel and her cabinet have an ideal opportunity to smooth things out there today retreat this rock costal maser bag not far from berlin it has been described as the german equivalent of competency of it in the us or checkers in the u.k.
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they the government also hopes to further develop its work schedule. germany is a strong partner in the world it has a strong economy people look at us with envy because we're doing well but nevertheless many citizens have fears here and we want to deal with them. ah. a particular focus will be on finance minister orloff sold his new draft budget which he aims to present at the end of the month the e.u. and nato are also on the agenda with two high profile guests that may is a back nato secretary general shelton back commission president. and the cabinet has also been discussing issues like how to reduce unemployment or force the digital development the new government has so far achieved little but the expectations are certainly high. and joining us now from his burghers did abuse chief political editor michelle acuff michelle what are you hearing right now. well
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certainly there was a lot to smooth over and what we're hearing is that it was in the end of bunch of professionals getting together to discuss the way ahead although one does how much more mapping out does this government mean they have one hundred seventy seven pages of coalition agreement to go through and to work down but the big question of course is how those forty six a billion or so heroes will be divided and will eat into the budget now we're due to hear from the finance minister who is from the social democrat party and about the potential way ahead in terms of atmosphere a very professional atmosphere upbeat particularly from the new ministers but with talk of you then says of course continuing particularly from interior minister who has regional elections coming up for his use you pati this autumn michel it after following those talks outside of berlin first right thanks very much this is the
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reader's live from berlin more on these and other stories that are website e.w. dot com for now though for me brian thomas of the entire news team thanks so much for being with us to. make your small t.v. even smarter with the w. bush machine. what you want when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. you decide what's on. find out that w. john moore.


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