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this is detail news coming to you live from toronto police questioned the suspect in monday's deadly van attacks ten people were killed after a twenty five year old man drove his vehicle into pedestrians on a busy street the motive is not clear but the parties say they have found no links to terrorist groups so far also coming up. helping the victims of war torn syria as the conflict and visits a fia and international fund raising drive kicks off in brussels today but can it make any difference. and as president dollar trunk poses first ever state visit of
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french president on monday mcchrystal the french people in washington what they expect from the two leaders in the wrong day bill. a man who plowed a van into pedestrians in toronto canada is due to appear in court later on tuesday ten people were killed in a busy street in the city center at least sixteen others were injured the suspect fled the scene but was arrested a short while later after a standoff with police to run to police are earning praise for their restraint of professionalism in not firing a shot. next to a battered rental van and appearing to point a weapon the suspect image from so it's hard place closed in on him with inhofe
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america the incident this tense exchange was captured by a passable. the officer was praised for his bravery and for not seeing when others might have pulled the trigger now police will be able to question the suspect named as twenty five year old alec massey and authorities say his act was deliberate but motive unclear they play down terrorism links on the basis of all of the lobel information at the present time there would appear to be no national security connection to this particular incident. the attack happens just after lunchtime in toronto with many people out enjoying some afternoon sun police said the van was used to plow along a two kilometer stretch of sidewalk with no calf or who all was was targeted as.
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he just went on the sidewalk he just started getting everybody man here every single person on the sidewalk anybody in israel you would hit the bus stop everything was shattered there's a lady in there and i saw i just stopped and i looked the nights went after it again crumbling up one by one and one by one. within hours of the attack a vigil was held in the sane people here are struggling to make sense of the seemingly sense unless. there is and it has happened it's happening in. very safe and peaceful place and that's why i was struck. jessica in a vehicle has been weaponized in the crudest and most indiscriminate sway seven panic on a city streets to roam the latest to be added to a tragic list. to not of the us a french president wanted mccraw
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is in washington for talks with president donald trump this is the first time trump is hosting a foreign leader for an official state visit and he's pulled out all the stops for a lavish welcome both leaders have shaken up the political systems in their countries and look cool has become trump's close contact in europe but tough topics on the agenda will put that relationship to the test. so what are the key issues up for discussion mccraw and other european leaders that urging trump to stay in the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear agreement which don trump is called the one feel ever iran has threatened to restart its nuclear program should trump withdrawal there's also the pressing issue of trade trump announce hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum and exemption for europe is set to expire next week mccraw says the levies could spark a trade war on the war in syria is another divisive issue has hinted at putting out u.s. troops from the country but mccall says washington is
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a key ally in fighting terrorism now d.d. abuse correspondent care richardson is in washington she asked french residents there what they want from his meeting with trump. washington d.c. turns two kinds of red white and blue when the president of france comes to town. donald trump is hosting his first state visit pulling out all the stops for his french counterpart. their relationship has been called everything from a bromance to a marriage of convenience but no matter which way you look at it french president and manual micron and u.s. president donald trump seem like an unlikely pair one is a young globalist the other a seventy one year old with nationalist instincts so how did the to form such a close personal relationship some experts say it comes down to their common backgrounds in business and as outsiders so it's paradoxical that they get along so well given how different they are on the surface but at the same time they boost
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self-made political men you know that come from outside the establishment that were elected when nobody expected that and you know they they really shared this experience but how do the french feel about having a president who has been called the trump whisperer. these d.c. locals want to see them work together. i think it's a presenter as for him for the u.s. and for everybody to get something out of the really really feel have to bend over a little bit president trump knows that france is going to be a huge partner with the u.s. and europe in general and i think prism michael wants to do that. what else do they expect to see from trump during the two leaders rendezvous and d.c. . probably to. get marco. is not easy to do under so we'll see if we get fire word or if we get another cherry blossom.
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we'll have to wait and see whether his charm offensive can reap rewards. on the conflicts to screw the conflict in syria which is entering its eighth year it's taken a heavy toll on the feel of the country although it's difficult to give exact numbers the london based syrian observatory for human rights estimates look at hof a million civilians rebels and government soldiers have been killed since the start of the conflict around nineteen thousand of those killed were children as in other war zones it's often the youngest to pay the highest price more than eleven million syrians have been forced to flee their homes just over six million internally displaced within syria and about five and a half million have sort of refuge in other countries now finding ways to help these people is the task of a donor conference us just opened in brussels the european union and the united nations are co-hosting the event they're hoping to improve on last year's pledge of five and a half billion euros tensions have escalated after
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a suspected chemical weapons attack in dumont earlier this month western states blamed damascus and responded with s. strikes syria denies the attack took place and claims the incident was staged the u.s. demands some thirteen million people are in desperate need of aid and joining me now from brussels from the donor conference is our correspondent a guild a modest welcome go global here fred if any the e.u. foreign policy chief and stuff in the midst of the u.n. envoy on syria have been speaking there woman i have to say. dear mr a made very clear that he is deeply convinced that a territorial gains in syria a military solution is not something that will lead the country into pieces so both federica more greeny end to mr a calling for a political solution that has to take place in syria and hear a federica more greeny said for instance peace is not
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a document that can be signed here the key protagonist have to be the syrian people and she called again on the key influencing powers currently on the ground in syria iran and but also particular russia to come to the negotiating table to allow syrian forces to put participate in the un let peace talks in geneva so a big attention to actors vitalize the political process in a solving the syrian conflict but this conference young is billed as a donor conference is a two day event will it meet the targets that you know people want or is there some kind of deal in a fifteen setting in. with long term conflicts like the syrian one you always have the problem of donor fatigue because it is always the same stories you have to bring across terrible conditions for civil children dying we've heard of this for
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years now so clearly it is a topic on the table however de mistura said he came back from this conference that's been ongoing since this morning with two hundred n.g.o.s in place who also talk about. ideas how to practically help each other but also talk about the the kind of money that could be coming in and he says it's a very positive atmosphere. he says the ngos have not lost hope and so he said we should also not lose hope and don't give them any idea how dependent is syria often refugees on this aid where does the money actually go. and the money mainly goes into humanitarian aid ten point seven billion euros have been flowing into syrian humanitarian aid ever since this conflict started from the european union and more money will come is what federica mongering he said but on the condition only that these un let talks in geneva can be restarted revitalised
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that is the main hope here clearly if you talk to the angelos if you talk to officials from the united nations this money really keeps the the syrian people a life keeps entire cities alive keeps refugees outside the country that life is absolutely vital without that money and that is the hope the sort of kind of leverage that the e.u. has regarding russia and forcing them back to negotiations and without that money the whole conflict would entirely collapse and the country would be doomed god not just in brussels thank you very much. this article look at some other stories making news around the world but be still with syria first pitches have been released by soon activists that reportedly show government jets bombing a rebel area south of damascus a palestinian refugee camp in a district held by so-called islamic state find as the apparent targets fighting has intensified after negotiations failed to secure the militant evacuation.
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convicted war criminals out of one car church is back in court today for an appeal hearing against his multiple convictions for genocide and other atrocities the former boston servia has insisted his forces acted only in self-defense he's asking that his forty year prison term be overturned by the united nations war crimes tribunals. former u.s. president george h.w. bush is said to be recovering after he was hospitalized in queues to for an infection just a day after his wife barbara funeral the ninety three year old has a form of parkinson's disease and has received treatment several times in recent years for respiratory problems. and today marks five years since the john up off the disaster a garment factory in bangladesh kristoff has the details on that story a story think we all remember those terrifying pictures the collapse of
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a multi-story building killing or eleven hundred garment workers share a painful lied on working conditions in the industry and the accidental brands unions and the government set up initiatives to improve factory safety but many laborers still work at their own peril researchers say and despite some financial compensation many victims of the rana plaza disaster feel abandoned. every step hurts she hasn't been able to walk without crutches for five years. need to forbid was working as a seamstress at run a plaza with a nine story building collapsed pinning her legs under the rubble for ten hours the compensation she received thirty five hundred euros wasn't enough to cover her multiple operations her family has had to scrimp and save. whatever i want compensation from the government none of the affected workers have been properly compensated they give us hardly anything what happened to all the aid
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money that came from abroad we need that money and. there was a powerful outcry from the international community after the disaster working conditions in bangladesh improved a bit for the garment workers the owners addressed safety issues and improve the structural integrity benton's month from in kota clean clothes campaign says that another round of plaza could happen at any time in bangladesh although there has been some progress kind of. foot there's no way all the factories in bangladesh are party to this agreement and not all the hazards have been sorted but there's been some serious progress on safety it's much safer than the year run a plaza collapsed it covers structural safety fire safety and it's partly due to the fact that the buyers had to fork out along with the suppliers to ensure the safety regulations are enforced. the textile industry freely decides whether or not
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to produce sustainably or offer fair working conditions germany's development ministry set up the textile partnership following the run a plaza disaster but only fifty percent of german textile companies are members of the agreement on factory structural safety and seen a few days but one signature is missing from the follow up agreement that of the bangladeshi government. and activists also want it to be obligatory for employers to give their employees accident insurance cover. so that people like needle for big room don't have financial worries to add to their problems. with ash back to germany where the u.s. china trade dispute is weighing on the minds of executives with the mythology of data collection revise the business confidence index has not fallen for the fifth consecutive month according to economic research institute evil and the drop was
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also bigger than expected business leaders are less optimistic about their current situation and the outlook for the next six months many are concerned about how they could be affected by the trades back between the united states and china the european union is currently seeking an exemption for u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. let's get more from contribution standing by the frankfurt stock exchange convert the upbeat mood among germany's executives is evaporating the head of the evil institute says what's the word on the trading floor. well here too the mood has evaporated somewhat the business climate has come down not only in germany's manufacturing and construction sectors but also in the services sector in april for the first time the insitute included the german services sector in this index for the people here on the trading floor this means that the choppiness business sentiment
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and economic data from the first quarter might be lingering might be continuing into this current second quarter and not only here in germany from france from paris the in c. in situ for ported that the. affair with the business climate in france has come down as well all this is having a negative effect on our currency the euro has lost significantly this morning cannot thank you. french automaker p.s.a. the company which makes peugeot one hundred cars saw revenue shoot up by over forty percent in the first quarter that's also thanks to the additional sales coming in from the new p.s. a brand opel german automaker has failed to make a profit for more than fifteen years and its performance under p.s.a. has not improved now the parent company plans cuts at opel workers and officials are vowing not to take it. company transports continue to arrive at opal's factory in eisenach but that could change soon opals french owner p.s.a.
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is looking to cut ships and reduce its workforce by eight hundred employees about half the workforce here a potential disaster for eyes and because the school victory june this will be catastrophic for the region because it affects not only opel but a number of suppliers sized to those eight hundred jobs don't reflect the whole picture. it'll also affect the city the central shopping district. the local economy will collapse because there won't be any money and that will happen if they lay off those eight hundred people it's tragic. ople posted losses for two decades under its previous owner g.m. . new owner p.s.a. is looking to make opel more competitive that was the goal announced in two thousand and seventeen. just as our clear plan is to cut out forced redundancies we want to keep our existing plants in europe and modernize them. as well as
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develop a plan to make each location competitive. in. these commitments however don't seem to apply to eisenach for mayor of this about face from p.s.a. comes as a surprise. we expect t.s.a. to keep its promises to uphold the collective wage agreements and honor the investments they pledged to us in off. higher wage agreements negotiated between the metal workers union and g.m. coupled with recent salary hikes of three point seven percent make it harder to restructure opel industry experts fed and. opel plants could be in jeopardy human done. i don't see how the p.s.a. group which is used to working with large plants will be able to deal with the higher wage structures coming into place with these two plants the threat for icing
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off and loughton has never been as big as it is now. the opel crisis in eisenach comes during a period of robust economic growth regionally there are some three thousand jobs they can seize perhaps one small consolation for opel employees here. spectrum reader with more world news thank you very much christophe which took share lections being daughter had to june campaign planning is underway that's likely to test relations with europe it's against this backdrop the german foreign minister heikal moscow met his turkish counterpart m if you god was if you in new york moscow splashed his government will maintain its ban on foreign politicians campaigning in germany cover so who says he plans to visit germany for an annual memorial service in the turkish community ma says that doesn't fall under the ban but the visit has raised concerns the event could be turned into an election rally an estimated one point four million texans living in germany are eligible to vote
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in techie. and for more on the story i have with me a german christian democrat parliamentarian a nicholas living welcome to you nicholas there will now what do you feel about the fact that the turkish foreign minister could be coming to this memorial service in germany this comes just four weeks ahead of the election in turkey i think it's a good symbol for the partnership between germany and other turkey that the forum on a minister of turkey will be take part some of them on a holding and. ask him to recognize that there's a clear political and law situation some of the three months before a general election in turkey if it's forbidden to do political campaigning on time and floor but you have told him that already but how can he ensure that he doesn't use this as an emotional anniversary of any fiftieth anniversary at solingen to win it into
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a form of campaigning i think it's up to the turkish government if they are really interested in a good partnership to many on their own that they recognize last iteration germany and it's a clear situation it's forbidden three months before the center of an election. i think it's up to the foreign minister to follow up another tip the president has often accused germany off in nazi methods in trying to ban foreign politicians from campaigning in germany and we must mention the germany has a significant minority and more than a million eligible to vote in these elections given that how do you see what what outcome do you see of this visit by the deck is fun minister i think i hope that the turkish government recognize that that's the turkish policy you should not take place in streets of places and it's take issue that
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partnership developing in the last year not finished now when. we recognize that last year there also may be a kind of war. about the bad worse verse. between germany and turkey and we should not repeat it so stay on and develop good relationships it's up to the turkish government to recognize what in germany the rule says and it's clear no campaigning in this affair in germany now that initial list goes on between turkey and germany austria and a number of issues but you can't have this election in june that election is expected to cement that you. hold on power even more how does germany view these developments that into a given that this nato ally is moving in what many see as a more authoritarian direction i think we have to recognize the development in the
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turkish policy. it's up to the turkish people to decide how they want to live and which system they want to live i hope they can vote in the freeway and do this decision really in the freeway but we have to deal with the new situation in turkey . because turkey is also playing a big role in the syrian conflict and we need a good partnership. for peace in this case so now it's up to the turkish people to decide i'm sure. nicholas lemann from the christian social democrat from the christian democratic party thank you very much for coming on to do and sharing your thoughts with us thanks for having me. telling out of sport and the champions league football tournament gets down to the semifinals this week the industry goes by and munich will be host defending champion van madrid in their first leg match up tomorrow tonight though it's liverpool hosting of the law all eyes are on liverpool superstar who played for robot just last season the egyptian
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international is fresh from being named the english premier league player paris paraphilia. returns to italy as one of the world's hottest talents the egyptian has been on fire this season scoring forty one calls across all competitions unlading liverpool to one unlikely champions league semifinal spot cards you can call. him a team mates won't be giving him any favors in tonight's clash box he is confident his men will broad's above the challenge. pretty sure. if it is a famous. not having friendly games so i think bill feel pretty early in the game that not his teammates anymore and then he can strike back in a football way that would. have fared pretty well without this season that he
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knocked up in the quarterfinals overturning a four one first leg deficit a fake that will go down as one of the competitions greatest comebacks and they're ready to flex their muscles once again this is rome his first semifinal in europe's premier competition since nineteen eighty-four part of little paul haven't reached this stage since two thousand and eight. it's a big thing semifinal like it is for us so that means we are not used to that that's good we don't if you experience that's not good but we are not used to that means you will see the excitement of both teams in a positive way and it's all football should be on familiar territory for both sides the dream to make history sets the scene for a cracking contest. the champions league semifinal is this week and next of course lead to the one match winner take it all final and that's much hyped affair will take place in the ukrainian capital kiev give us welcome the enormous champions
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league cup to the city even letting residents get up close and personal with it ahead of next month's big match riyadh madrid is the current title holder but they turned the cup over to care for some ukrainian pomp and circumstance. here watching the t.v. news here's a recap of the top story the fear following for you the suspect in a funky deliberate van attack in toronto is due to appear in court later today ten people were killed and another fifteen injured after a man drove into pedestrians on a busy city street police investigating the driver's motor. but have so far don played any links to terrorism. but.
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it's one of nature's most perfectly designed machine. dung beetle. it can transport the thousand times its own body weight. traversing rough terrain is no problem. but is it possible to replicate these capabilities with robots. to morrow to the next d w.
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these places have the most hashtags on instagram. you're a max take some objective look at some of europe's best loved tourist attractions. what makes them so special and what secrets of a come see. europe's famous slam box all series this week i'm next. to rome in sixty minutes on. the odd cold the germans came together in one nation from the money to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers and nice well born why. to bring my wild card to vastly protect christendom spread to the truth. are we to get it the enemy into. the mob. and steered by courageous decisions we must treat
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the law the germans for starting may thirteenth on d. w. . o. . welcome to tomorrow to day. coming up. to c o two storage by cutting down trees could be good for the forest. amateur detective decoding the history of the sounds. and the humble dung beetles and inspiration for proboscis. but first we examine.


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