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but everyone has the right to. everyone has the right to see. the body. the body. this is the news coming to light from could that be the new iranian nuclear deal a little training of a hockey toes and a lengthy lingering and shake should look and trying to make a public display of this special friendship and then it's down to business with president trump talking about a possible new would be drawn to agreement. also coming up. the loans gathers to
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help rebuild syria the united nations and wants nearly two billion euros germany's foreign minister has already pledged a billion. pound amini of the leader of the opposition calls to test his back onto the streets to guard rid of the prime minister and doll they want to ask the ruling party because they say it's dropped we go live to the captain and get a bottle of. vodka. full of well welcome to you i'm a bit touchy. at the white house the american and french presidents have been making unprecedented public displays of friendship donald trump gave money in mccool a lavish welcome on what is the first state visit off the trump presidency but they have a serious issues up for discussion and it seems trump offered few concessions to
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his guest. pomp and ceremony at the white house french president emmanuel macro all eyes on the first state visit by a foreign leader under the presidency of donald trump. mr president best self proclaimed friendship was on full display a time. don't have to have clothes on time again. but we do have a very special relationship in fact i'll get that piece and then. it will be we have to make him perfect he is perfect situations and that's where the many friendships opinions on several key issues differed so it's no simply on iran that hundred deals signed in twenty fifteen tehran agreed to limit its nuclear program which it maintains was for peaceful civilian purposes in return for an easing of economic sanctions. it's a bad deal it's
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a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made i blame. congress i blame a lot of people for but i will say if iran threatens us in any way they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid we're going to meetings today we all macro and proposed a solution. between our countries you can see the of a clear you consider the around deal to be a bad deal for a number of months i've been saying it's not a sufficient deal but it has enabled us until twenty twenty five to have some sort of control over their nuclear activities we want to work on a new deal with iran. the iran deal is not the only source of disagreement possible u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum for the european union paris climbers called washington's decision to recognize to restrain with the capital of israel trump and macro also discuss the upcoming summit with north korea with regards to the war in syria from
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the facts macro for france joining the u.s. and britain in x. strikes often alleged chemical attack earlier this month however out of consulting with syrian crisis deferred macro favored pushing for a new solution to end the war or trouble stressed his exit plans. i would love to get out i love to bring our incredible warriors back home they've done a great job we've essentially. just absolutely obliterated isis in iraq and in syria. after day with a big agenda the leaders rounded things off with an official state dinner at the white house and. he and bun in the leader of germany's jewish community has advised jews to avoid then the keep on the young luca the traditional skull cap in cities and that is in order to reduce the viscous attack last week two
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young men weighing the keep on in. the attack on a syrian migrant shouted at the semitic remarks. and later today a solidarity march bill in west people will get underway and we bring you special coverage of that event. i mean let me now join a correspondent for religion and ethics and law to god to talk more about the study on first floor what exactly did that lead to us the jewish community see about the wedding of the kippah well he said that worrying keep us for yama consists basically putting jewish the jewish community or jewish members of the community or anybody that word should really end in a griscom and this is something that he cautioned again and there was a set of these the advice to give about how dangerous is it for people to just go to cuba and i mean you know the numbers concerning concerning anti-semitism attacks in germany are sort of quite varied it's it's not entirely clear that this actually
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would either solve the problem or a semester of fact it would change things the fact nonetheless is that we have seen attacks on people with the press and that basically seems to be precise and sources so why is anti semitic become such a big issue here we've had some various incidents recently which have caused a fed bit of concern i mean i think that this is a problem in terms of numbers particularly now when what is considered to be the muslim form of anti juday some that we see sort of in germany and we have seen this couple last couple of events is not something that new murry police very big as a matter of fact i mean a fifteen hundred registered anti-semitic episodes in germany over the year this amounts to no more than fifty or sixty at least in the official register and we should point out that he's actually become being contested but the numbers actually are quite minimal the program however is dead germany us a political space has spread the jaded in its entire political health and it's very troubled history of the twentieth century which has as the linchpin the holocaust
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an extremely violent and semitism so well the numbers of these what merkel has called these new intakes i mean to some are very limited the one that he's a towering one over the german conception of the political and much of the same time germany has not the fastest. going jewish communities in the blood how do you explain that well i think that it makes sense for a very dear frissons i mean this has been always you know a hot center for jewish life i mean for many many centuries with of course tragic tragic interstices but i think that what is important to remember is that many of these communities that now come into leanin in two major cities are communities that had been fed unhealthy doses of dice on the one hand and. mother and peace on the other and given the fact that both of these communities are very very large it's completely understandable that will find friction it should be pointed out that probably the biggest problem with actually putting these they regularly
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are squarely the new german anti-semitism in the hands of islamic or muslim anti-semitism is that actually it bleeps is the more serious problem that is a more traditional form of anti-semitism in germany that comes from the extreme right and this is something that we should not lose from sight martin got going to just if this goes on thank you very much for those insights lecture. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild in india a high profile self-proclaimed guru has been sentenced to life in prison this off the job full court found guilty of raping a sixteen year old follower in two thousand and thirteen he's also on trial in another case in the state of wichita. traditionally don't services for an exact a life this one in australia capital canberra have been taking place honoring the
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lives of those astri lin's in new zealand who were killed in the two world wars this year marks hundred years since world war one ended. more than a thousand of this is indigenous people have set up camp in the capital brasilia are demanding authorities do more to protect their rights and land. demonstrations have taken place and you since two thousand and thirteen. a top item on the agenda at a conference on syria is a major donor conference of countries now underway not germany has pledged an extra one billion dollars in aid for syrian refugees both inside the water own country and in neighboring lands and this pledge came as governments and aid groups started the second and final day of the donor's conference the e.u.
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as foreign policy chief. called on russia iran and turkey to force a horse to the fighting as well as drumming up aid organizers hope the conference will revive the stuart peace process. let me now join correspondent ben righetti is in brussels covering the donor conference for us and bent the german foreign minister heikal moss' announced a billion euros for syria what has been the response from the other people that all of the other donors are pledging a lot of money for the coming years to help the people in syria the united states great britain the european union all will pledge a lot of money and it is it seems that the conference will arrive at the aim of six point five billion euros for this year as in the coming years and the numbers are quite staggering because you and others have to support thirteen million people in and outside of syria and the united nations say the six point five billion are the
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bare minimum that they need to feed to to house and to school these people and the situation is getting it was they the united nations because the the fighting is getting more while and in syria and the situation of refugees in the neighboring countries in lebanon jordan and turkey is also becoming worse and bent upon actually collecting desperately needed aid that you foreign policy chief medical group he's also calling for a new political push first let's listen to what she had to say syria's not the chessboard for big players syria belongs to the syrian people and here today we will mobilize on one side political support for a political process on the un also this is the only context in which a political solution can be found for syria the european union has. devoted so far
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almost eleven billion euros to the syrian people both inside syria and in the region and we will continue to support the syrians. so benefits of a lot of you talking about finding a political end to the conflict in syria optimistic op people there that the u.s. sponsored peace process will take off again. but there's not much optimism the chances to do that are very slim because the russians are simply not on board and the u.n. security council is blocked on that issue and that's because the regime mainly backed by the russians is not on the kind of a video streak in the syria the military advances is a big so there's no reason for the assad regime and the russians to give in and the united nations is also warning that this can become even more difficult in the coming months because assad is trying to regain control about it live and two point five more million refugees could be on the way in the coming months bank to get
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at the syria donor conference in brussels thank you very much for that update just joins me now and facebook's digital lexing methods face for the criticism that i'm retired this time it's germany's federal cartel office that's turning up the heat on facebook that in a time when facebook is aiming to comply with europe wide privacy laws coming into force next month not a newspaper and of you the head of germany's competition regulator says it is our opinion that the amount and format of the data collection violated vital data protection rules and are abusive the regulators feel that the social media giant has a dominant market position and as such needs to meet stricter requirements that companies in an open competition environment. now let's get the word from our financial
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correspondent on the corner standing by in frankfurt conrad's is the several cartel in germany the appropriate body to take aim at facebook's data collecting methods. well at least here in germany they are one of the most powerful offshore a tease they have the right to force a company even if it's a large american internet company to change its business model if they think that this company abuses its position in the market and the chief of the cartel office in this interview made it pretty clear that he thinks that it's illegal that facebook collects data from internet users and even if those internet users are not on facebook and even if on whatever website those users do not click on that little facebook like but they find on that web site even then facebook is able to collect data from them at the cartel office things that is not something
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facebook should be able to do and you know the germans are not alone here the chief of the cartel office made it pretty clear that they are in communications with congress in the united states and also the e.u. commission is after the large model put this to internet companies so this looks like there are a lot of work and conrad later today facebook will report press quarterly earnings the first time since the cambridge analytical scandal what are the expectations. well the expectations are that the numbers for the last quarter will not smoke. will not show this scandal this cambridge analytical scandal growth in internet adverts has been so strong at other companies we've seen that with aff about this week and this is likely to have continued the outlook of course will be very interesting to see what will facebook have to say now after zuckerberg talked to congress after this charm offensive by facebook and after facebook said that they
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would comply with the new european privacy rules. and reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange caller thank you and staying with the world's biggest social network facebook owned messaging service whatsapp is raising its minimum user age and europe from thirteen to sixteen years that's also to help comply with new european data privacy wools users will have to confirm their over sixteen years old when they agree to the new terms of service and privacy policies but it's not clear how the compliance will be checked here in germany whatsapp is a popular way for parents to keep tabs on their kids. they handle welfare in germany is in full swing daniel gathering is one of the best places to get a look at the cutting edge technology which is transforming the manufacturing industry advances and automation are coming so fast and furious these days but according to a recent study by the organization for economic cooperation and development the
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threat of robots replacing workers and pushing them out of jobs is a lot less and once you're. fears that factories will soon operate without human labor are easing it likely has something to do with changing attitudes about robots they were once seen as brutish work courses that would make human workers obsolete now they're acknowledged as skilled in agile collaborators. advances in artificial intelligence have made machines smarter and easier to operate they don't require programmers today's robots can even respond to simple hand gestures. they're also aware of their surroundings able to pause if there's any interference researchers or even developing a kind of electronic skin that can sense objects without direct contact. given what i was got his eye robots don't need to stop these sensors can allow them
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to interact with humans with the kind of physical give and take of a dings and approaching. co bots are a newer class of lightweight robots that work closely with people there are a niche product that have been around about ten years now. danish company universal robots are pioneers in the sector if you wish but you know it's become and the original idea came from three students who basically wanted to design a robot that could help them make a pizza in the evening and if it so it was just a crazy idea from students thinking outside the box that ended up becoming an industrial product of that. product projected to see rapid growth the market is expected to increase ten fold over the next five years meanwhile more and more data is being collected up linked and analyzed allowing systems to run more seamlessly many customers are nervous about their personal data disappearing into the cloud so now with edge computing data can be processed near the source instead of in the
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cloud. because the thought is that history and the big advantage is that the technological domain is very localized now which allows me to apply our domain technology know how quickly right at the source thought that may be enough to convince the naysayers we may soon see a workplace where humans and machines create products together as a team a harmonious work environment with data globes and artificial intelligence it's still just the developers vision but even that underlines the likelihood that humans will remain in control. inspect and we don't know a news from canada that's right and just stuff not to don't just. list of shots twenty five percent with first degree murder in the deaths of ten people most john by event of van fourteen others were injured when the van plowed into them on a crowded pavement police gave a possible clue as to the motive saying the suspect had posted comments critical
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a women immediately before the attack they said most of the victims were women. this makeshift memorial a place of solace in the midst of pain and confusion. lawmakers paid their respects to the victims and comforted a grieving community of. the twenty five year old suspect alec were nasty and lived here with his family in a toronto suburb and had no prior criminal record police are prohibited from discussing possible motives but they say the suspect is said to have made an online statement as has been reported in the media the accuser is alleged to have posted a cryptic message on facebook minutes before he began driving the rental van and he drove it so found a young street and onto the crowded sidewalks part of the message reads the in-cell rebellion has already begun short for in voluntarily celibate in-cell is often used
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by online groups of sexually frustrated males who express massage mystic sentiments . a legit post also saluted elliot rodger a us student and self-proclaimed in-cell who killed six people in a california rampage in two thousand and fourteen. police say the majority of the toronto victims were women. such attacks are rare and touch shocked many. against this place was a pervert be a scar or a proper one thing for all scars that they're part of. the suspect is due in court for a bail hearing in two weeks. jetting out to armenia where several thousand protesters have taken to the streets of the capital yet of on off the talks between the opposition and the acting prime minister were called off the opposition once the ruling republican party out of power completely because of corruption the prime minister. abruptly stepped down on monday amid massive anti government protests.
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do you discuss one in the show when joins me now from the armenian capital yet yvonne emily you've been following those to us that's what's been happening in what stands for the day. well as you can see the atmosphere here on republic square where many of the anti government protests in the past few days have taken place rather jubilant there's a lot of noise around me people are honking their horns you might be able to see. pastors who have just arrived here on the square there waving armenian flags and people have been marching through the streets as well around the city cheering calling for a free and independent armenia and. now they're convening here on the square and there's also a stage set up just over there there's going to be a concert and
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a rally here tonight so really the protests seem to be widening continuing and rather jubilant here just because they have a noisy and enthusiastic protest going on behind you and elites and the prime minister has stepped on that the opposition is now calling for the ruling body to quit ok to tell us about that. well said a shotgun may be gone now and that has been the demand so far from the protesters they also have demand demanded early elections as well but now the mood seems to be sit shifting slightly among the people here on the streets as well they want the republican party to go as well now which is still in charge. was and is still fetish. excuse me party and the acting prime minister is from that party his name is scott and john and people here on the streets of the arab on
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certainly want changes you can see and perhaps here i spoke to an opposition activist one of the leading. opposition activists about what their demands are earlier on let's have a listen. it seems. he's trying to steal the greek. person's name cvs is going garbage on his now like prime minister. we are going to march on the march from him snap elections we will also the mon. temper government we should be true to be led the by the representative of the people. and let me opposition leader in licola fashion young was supposed to meet with the acting prime minister today but the meeting has been counsel give it tell us briefly why. how it got incredibly to understand that the opposition leader and i demand more
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due to a specific month and now i'm done by the council the negotiations she said they weren't you know she isn't at all i just want to point out what's happening behind me here people are clocking in see that's been happening. and they raise their hand to show that they are not violent and what's interesting here as well is that different parties have now joined the protests so far it's just been opposition leader and you call it pushing on who's supporters have been coming out onto the streets but today one of the of the second biggest party in parliament also called on its supporters to come out and join the marchers so that's what's going on here things seem to be widening widening as we speak i'm written a history unfolding right behind you every show been in yet of on the captured of media thank you very much for bringing us up to date. ok biggest force on an important match coming up tonight in germany the two remaining heavyweights the
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semifinals do backing the buddhist leaders by new nick and within ten coach. this place close to riyadh madrid the champions league title holders by now hoping to end a long string of failure against take a look. at your pine kiss guided bar into the trouble in twenty thirteen this season he wants to do it again. but in order to win an unprecedented second treble he needs to beat bogey side rail madrid a team they haven't defeated in the last five encounters but this is still confident of reaching the final and the atmosphere here in the team is phenomenal. but an atmosphere like that is also the only way you can be successful that's why i'm optimistic and of these three games. they'll need to stop christiane eldo though he single handedly carried madrid into
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the semifinal last season hitting five passed by and over the two legs this time around ray are expecting a considerably better performance from by and. make models in general moving on to me they seem hungry for success at the moment and of course when you've been knocked out in the semifinals and last year in the quarter final you definitely want to reach the final again that's obvious so we're expecting a revved up and hungry by i mean team months of. week on houses. it looks to be a big night of football and for your pint has quite possibly the biggest obstacle to winning a second trouble with bae and before he calls it a day at the end of the season. and the other semifinal liverpool beat before i leave you here as a recap of our top story he was president donald trump and his french counterpart in money in montreal have hinted at an out of the nineteen two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear accord mccloy's in a state visit to washington. as you can now. the
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. lawyer. culture. hair. superman. superfood. song long gone job lottos.
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lifestyle you're a. hero in springtime there's a lot to see and do along the german french border between fribourg in strasbourg. for instance sampling asparagus and also or getting an adrenalin rush in the oboe cock horse and visiting a very special place for franco german friendship. in sixty minutes on d w. global inequality. what does inequality mean. to well. known to the media. joining the discussion and how the news. media forum claims. the dangerous battle for images five women.
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five exceptional. stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the front lines capturing street food moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting research on g w. o from berlin good to have you here again well today we are taking a ride stopping at these stations. beautiful buses circumvention for classic
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on a bill collector. stronghold and this is to edinburgh scotland scotland's capital.


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