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this wus coming to you live from north and south korea for a pro historic summit. this rule the so-called climb which defines the korean peninsula officials have been because. this will rule for aerial on this delicate mission also coming up.
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cross the white house it's hoped no nor had. that this previous encounter with president truong. a historic summit on the korean peninsula the south is preparing to welcome a north korean leader kim jong un for talks about peace and nuclear disarmament he would be the first north korean leader to set foot on south korean soil in more than sixty years the peninsula has seen some dramatic diplomatic strides in recent weeks and expectations are they come a step closer to easing the tensions. pinning messages of hope to the fence dividing the two nations it's here in the border village of panmunjom that kim jong un will make history on friday. when he crosses this border markets attend the into
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korean summit he'll be the first north korean leader to set foot on south korean soil since the korean war ended more than sixty years ago it's a significant location inside the demilitarized zone straddling the border to north korea that pyongyang has promised to end nuclear and missile tests hoping for a lifting of sanctions in exchange. in south korea many see the summit as a cause for optimism. now you have an agreement on people see if you will come out of the summit. my generation has been through a lot of pain due to political chaos so i hope the summit ensures our next generation won't have to experience that. i hope the two leaders work together to prevent another war like the korean war. which. will come from the summit addresses human rights issues in north korea and the other how could it be the. others however
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a skeptical. you were there when you got him john is saying that he will complete denuclearization and close the nuclear test site through the into korean summit but we cannot believe it helps you navigate them what it undeniable as officials in panmunjom complete the final preparations for the summit it's clear that achieving any official agreements in just a day of talks will be difficult to say the least but friday's summit is a breakthrough in itself. and if the meeting goes smoothly it should lay the groundwork for something even more unusual talks between north korea and the u.s. . joining me now is our correspondent jason strother in the south korean capital seoul welcome jason what is south korea hoping to get out of the summit. well i think just bringing kim jong moon down below the border was a an accomplishment itself but i think like we heard from some of the people in
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that package they just want a sense of calm and normality on the korean peninsula we have to remember that just at the end of last year there was talk about war erupting here again so i think deescalation of tensions is is that even very least that president moon can hope for although i think that the loftier goals would be for north korea to completely denuclearize as well as engage in dialogue that would lead to a peace treaty that would eventually that would ultimately and the korean war which only came to a conclusion with a cease fire agreement back in one nine hundred fifty three that's going to be a hugely symbolic step and the north korean leader kim jong il on call says and steps across the border into the thought oh my this again how this summit came a lot and why now at the beginning of this year kim jong moon in his new year's address said that he hoped to participate in the winter olympics here in china and
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after that overture south korea went into full gear trying to get the north koreans to participate and they did the north and south korean athletes marched together during the opening ceremony in february under a unified flag north korea even sent athletes to the paralympics in march and that sports the plumas see has led to this the fall in tensions and now this summit this week and jason and you indicated this is a very high stakes summit how important is the outcome of this meeting for the one being done and kim jong un briefly if you can. well we're on not even sure if the trump kim summit will actually happen i think we're still some ways off from that i think what is discussed tomorrow here in in south korea will really set the agenda for a potential kim trump summit right jason strother in so thank you very much for
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that thank you. let me now bring you up to date but some of the stories making news around the the deadly van attack in the german city of mustard three weeks ago has now claimed a fourth life police say a seventy four year old man who'd been seriously injured in the rampage has died in hospital the driver who killed himself is thought to have had mental health problems. a media spot of electing a prime minister on the first of may that's after a massive anti-government demonstrations forced veteran. to step down as prime minister on monday opposition leaders are calling for more protests and demanding the governing party also give up power thing it's corrupt. police in northern india see if you stretch and have died after a free crashed into a school bus in the town of guard they believe the driver of the school bus who was
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also killed ignored a guard signaled to stop several other children have been injured in the crash. just in western africa say they've discovered more gorillas and chimpanzees in western africa than expected but the apes remain endangered intensive study found a significant drop in the population in the last eight years at the concrete eighty percent of gorillas in the region will be gone by the end of the century. the trade will be one of the issues the german chancellor will be discussing with donald trump during her visit to washington the two leaders also expect to talk about the iran deal the nuclear deal which germany supports and trump has threatened to scrap saving the iran deal was also high on the agenda a french president in modern mccraw who has just completed his own three day visit
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to washington mccool used a speech to a joint session of congress to urge the u.s. to stick to the iran deal even if it didn't agree. yes or the. correspondent group of video was spoke to british historian timothy garton ash rupert's put it to him that micro had done a lot of the work that could be done to convince trump to stick with the yvonne accord so they might not be much left to do i think micron did a fantastic job but i think there's still a lot from akhil to do the style will be very different much less spectacular. less hugging and kissing probably but in substance to keep repeating the key european positions for multilateralism and also particularly given the danger of a trade war i think the german voice expressed to transfer market is still very important first we saw the bromance between trump and mark or then the very open
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words of the french president how difficult is this fungal americal so if you remember there was a lot of speculation about whether ireland machall is now the leader of the free world right and of course that's too big for one person in europe but maybe there's a kind of joint to european leadership. a joint enterprise between macro machall and i think a lot of us are looking to the two of them. to give a strategic direction for europe and therefore also for the west after all the camaraderie and the celebrated friendship even the french president said i don't really believe that donald trump is going to stick to the iran nuclear deal so what is. why do you think don't trump should listen to anglo-american well. i think he should do this too whether he will nobody knows i mean you know there
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are two problems with trump one is his as well ideology and his promises but an even bigger problem is that he's totally erratic personality the total unpredictability of the man so nobody knows quite what he is going to do but we just have to keep on trying keep on working and in a sense the good news is that he can change his mind as we've seen over north korea to think about national thank you so much for this interview. but you know while talking to the british historian the still under way on twitter and it's all about one man and his seeming bill mance with a u.s. president yet here he is yes that is rapper kanye west on the right and notice the cap that he's betting he has a close up. but what kicked off the storm wasn't this tweet a suggestion donald trump and the rapper could be kindred spirits we are both of
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dragon energy tweeted the star hughes my brother instead of the commas disappearing into the online ether the brotherhood tweeted back thank you very cool of that's unleashed a virtual lynch mob under the hash tag kanye west is over a party full of fans and non-fans celebrated the rapper's anticipated demise there were rumors west had lost millions of instagram followers the company later said that was just a technical hitch france threaten to delete his music even incensed non-fans took action i don't have any county albums want one so i'm deleting davies instead and wes wife reality star kim kardashian was quick to disassociate yourself from her husband's comments while defending his right to make them she treated i believe in people being able to have their own opinions even if really different they are
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different from mine. also attempted to save suggesting he's very good bromance is with kani of waste i really don't agree with everything trump does i don't agree one hundred percent with anyone but myself whether that will satisfy the mob we'll have to wait and see if we know kanya this will obviously not be the last controversy is involved in ok moving on to sports and a night of high drama in the champions league last night in the women's league as a vine unit coasted defending champions real madrid it was the first leg of the two leg semifinal match up the german league champions and such a progress of trophies the season but their path was made more difficult by a loss at home. if prior to when the trouble this season the champions league semifinal showdown with real madrid represents the greatest test of all and they got off to
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a dream start you're sure kimmage finishing in the twenty eighth minute off to have as rodriguez found him on the run but with biden's back line already missing several key faces an injury to jerome boateng the thirty fourth minute spell danger robin had already limped off early in the match marcello capitalized on the germans absence to fire a low volley past spend all right and draw his side level on the stroke of half time. and marco asensio rounded off a lightning fast counter to put the visitors ahead in the fifty seven minutes and so it would remain she won the final score and nights of contrasting emotions for the coaches you know what. it's not easy to come here and supply and we know this is not. we know we can do better but we can be happy and satisfied with the match tonight she put the most are content to satisfactorily. to germany fresh london and the chance in some notes and we didn't know how to take advantage of our
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chances. we weren't as a fish and as we usually are does come to even though he does this year i don't top of that we handed out gifts and then didn't use the chances we created for ourselves properly. a difficult night for you decide the coveted travel slips a little further from reach. here watching the diving is if we don't mind if the top story that be a following feel the leaders of north and south korea are to meet in this room in a historic summit on friday christians have been rehearsing for days at the so peace line dividing the korean peninsula. and due to how we can all read. good music on the go just asking movie play open the app and still. give you access to all the latest news from around the one hundred as venice push notifications for
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any drinking means. you can also use the d.j. after send us photos and videos which you think might be of interest to us. and of course remember you can follow us on twitter as well as on facebook and there's always our website. but for now do stay with us because there's a standing by he has the business truck coming up for you shortly. top stories followed across social media to share your comments and content welcome to.


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