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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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formal peace treaty more than sixty years after the korean war ended and the troops . trying to get at the top of the hour don't forget you can check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks for watching. because the germans came together in one nation from the money to chancellor bismark. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. nice well formed ways to bring my own knowledge of christendom spread to the truth . all week to get it to the enemy in time to see the to play and steered by courageous decisions we must
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make the. odd. plane the germans for starting may thirteenth on d w. can i get an actual safer world from a trade war no this was the german chancellor has lost a frosty reception in washington now she's back to solve a heated tariff tussle between the globe's biggest economies. also coming up greek gratitude eurozone finance ministers here how athens is ready to bail out of its bailout but the new german finance minister fails to impress. and high hopes among asian investors. in the storage meeting between the leaders of north and south
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korea we'll get some analysis from the financial center of singapore. welcome to do the business trade issues a say it's to dominate the meeting between donald trump and i get a macro in washington today so far edu companies are exempt from the tariffs on steel and many of them that the u.s. administration in post in some countries but that's to end by may the first germany's exports have been a phone in donald trump's side for quite a while and he's been quite vocal about it calling the germans bad very bad but i don't disagree a trade conflict is in no one's interest. sparks could very well be flying when german chancellor angela merkel meets with u.s. president donald trump on friday medical wants to put a stop to u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from e.u. countries current exemptions for
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a huge states expire on tuesday if the parties can't agree the european union has threatened to implement a list of chatter of sun u.s. products like motorcycles and whiskey a spiral of sanctions would hurt the german economy but the u.s. wouldn't get away unscathed either at the end of the day we are all worse off they are only news of this and the only question is who is losing more and who is losing less he says there's a lot at stake for both sides and donald trump is demanding concessions for example trump wants fairness when it comes to importing and exporting cars he feels there are comparatively fewer american cars on german streets than the other way around in trump's opinion the disparity is due to the high tariffs that germany imposes on american vehicles higher than in the other direction but according to some german economists trumps argument doesn't hold water. it's a question off off off off quality. and off we. can steal
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most the monts. so that means. should speak with. the chief all of us copper abuses in order to meet his own requirements another point of contention is the u.s. sanctions against russia which also affect european companies it's just another area in which the two leaders could be locking horns. and let's remember may the first is just around the corner a lot could depend on today's talks in washington for more on that let's cross over to an advice for half an inch of correspondent in frankfurt how are investors handling this uncertainty. well it's actually quite calm here still on the market side the dax for the last days was actually higher and higher so i think that like the calm before the storm most likely because investors clearly don't like the prospect of tariffs levied on
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various productive because that could trigger a sparrow in terms of countermeasures also from the the side of the europeans and that could of course stand them convert economic growth world trade and that is something which is not going down very well with investors now regardless how this these talks end two days since donald trump into the white house uncertainty if you like is part and parcel of every day global business of any greater implications we should worry about. well actually it is quite surprising how calm the word state is if how wallet from tweeting for example is if you look on twitter what he's saying there i think nobody is extremely impressed if we are not talking about concrete measures because we have seen in the past that he cannot follow throw logs because he needs to have congress he needs to have the
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house and he needs to have the senate so i guess still yes people are concerned about instability coming from the us administration but they also kind of rationale and the the word as we knew it the word which was dominated by multilateralism trade agreements that's clearly on hold for now at least until donna from is the president of the united states ok well the next election is still a while off there on a devise but in frankfurt thank you so much. well here in europe finance ministers of the eurozone i'm meeting in bold garia with greek debt high on the agenda again some countries wanted to relieve greece of at least parts of its debt while others insist on full pay back germany being the most vocal european commission president was in asons
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a day ahead of the meeting and optimistic about the country's prospects last year greece achieved a surplus of seven billion euros much more than expected. it's the beginning of a new era as greece prepares to wave goodbye to its. arriving for talks with his eurozone counterparts in the bulgarian capitals of fear germany's finance minister appeared upbeat. today the outlook on greece is far more optimistic than it was a few years ago. and he wasn't alone in his optimism euro group president mario centeno pointing to greece's better than expected performance in twenty seventeen. times from greece. piece called. primary surplus of four point two percent to twenty seven. point five times what we've heard to the program greece has received
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a total of two hundred sixty billion euros as part of three bailout since twenty ten its latest and most likely its last bailout runs out in august. the loans have come in exchange for sweeping and highly unpopular public sector reforms which saw pension slashed and a freeze on recruitment we gain economic autonomy would be a major political achievement for prime minister alexis tsipras whose assured european commission president john claude younker that he won't backtrack on reforms in the post bailout era. our correspondent. gary and she says that germany's role in the discussions there is controversial and that france is ready to step into the breach. there is a problem because the finance minister all of shots was greeted in the most friendly manner of course we welcome the newcomer in our rose but then nothing happened he didn't bring anything he didn't have a plan he didn't have
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a program he didn't say yes or no to anything so far and what's behind the scenes obviously is that will shortz needs to talk to uncle america the german chancellor and sort of figure out how they are going to deal with this will they go with the flow will they go with the majority among the euro group finance minister or will they sort of reopen the box and start having a nicholson or use and sort of stop proceedings so that is not clear quite clear of course trade is on the agenda on the sidelines the french finance minister bruno came in here and was very clear in repeating what he has said before we will not be blackmailed by the united states and we will be ready to talk once the exemptions to the duties and the customs have been sort of made permanent but other than that we will not be pushed against the wall and it seems that the french finance minister takes over the new role that the german finance minister used to have in
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the past telling people what's on. the euro zone finance minister meeting and bug area now to the historic and remarkable meeting between the leaders of the two koreas which has already yielded some major breakthroughs that one hopes that a thaw in political relations could also improve economic ties significantly one issue that doesn't appear to have been addressed get is the fate of the joint industrial zone that's been shot since two thousand and sixteen. for more on the impact of that meeting let's cross over now to our financial correspondent linda hong in singapore linda the markets look like they're cheering on the historic meeting are they right. well i'm monica that's right i mean the korean war on a she jumped about zero point four percent after the conclusion of the talks and also we see the cosby index and the high end zero point six percent today but there's a bit of caution from people experts in the sense that you feel remain not be able
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to last for quite a while because of the fact that the south korean central banks target create actually fell below the fed for the first time in the year. on high alert for further signs that rising treasury yields in the u.s. and the strafing dollar leading to perhaps a foreign flight within the korean equities want to come. back to this meeting so people seem to have high hopes on the outcome of it what impact would better relations have on both economies there well there are a log off benefits to it first of all north korea has a population of about twenty over a million and that's actually a very big market for south korea and also at the top can when the conclude that but then when it actually said that they going to build a railway and that's actually going to come in the way of project finance and money is going to flow into north korea as well as that we're actually stimulate both economies want to linda twenty seconds the impact on business with the rest of the
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world something to look forward to. well monica you know a. lot of the curate with all these peace talks going on as well as the new coalition from the north korea with actually seen tensions rising last year when north korea actually fired and intercontinental ballistic makes oh so with that we actually see more peace and that means more so the people invest this money indeed the home there from singapore thank you so much. it that's your business update here in c.w. thanks for keeping me company. like
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