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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin germany and china just following the u.s. signaling support for the iran nuclear deal german chancellor i'm going to back will says both nations stand behind the twenty fifteen agreement despite the u.s. pulling out earlier this month eccles in china for talks with top government leaders we look at battles high stakes diplomacy. also coming up italy's president gives two separate content his approval to become prime minister political novice charged with leading a government of extremes is this the beginning of europe's next crisis we bring you
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the latest from rome. and germany is getting ready to defend its soccer world cup title coach walking live has still have to decide who will make the trip to russia competition is intense and one of love's biggest dilemma is whether or not to keep manuel neuer as goalkeeper. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel says both china and germany are committed to standing by the arend nuclear deal which was recently abandoned by washington michael who's on a two day visit to china told premier league king that close cooperation between the two sides was essential to solving the world's crisis the german chancellor is also seeking greater market and. as for german companies in china she'll meet
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president xi jinping later today. or for more on the chancellor's visit to china let's bring in our correspondent who is standing by for us in beijing and joining me here in the studio is christine she she's a researcher at the market or institute for china studies here in berlin welcome to you both let's start with you mathias there in beijing you attended the joint press conference with chancellor merkel and the chinese premier li keqiang early on what was your impression of the meeting between these two leaders today. well i think these two leaders they know each other quite well they have been knowing each other for quite a few years eleven's to china so there were no surprises everything went very smooth the topics they talk about with the exception maybe off to you ron ok so you know he went and met with members and have been on the table for
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a long time to know. kristen. i move over to you here in berlin let's talk about the iran nuclear deal the u.s. has pulled out of that deal obviously the other signatories to the deal however germany the e.u. russia china they all want to salvage it is this now an opportunity for germany and china to deepen their relations maybe an opportunity for germany to re-enter oriented foreign policy i don't think so i think it's clearly an acknowledgement that china is an important player and obviously also has a lot of interest to keep up the framework because they obviously have a lot of business going on there also independent off u.s. businesses so they hopefully can keep up and i think that's what germany and the you are hoping for help to provide some of the financial incentives for iran and also to keep up. mathias bites you in beijing
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a business delegation understand is accompanying merkel on her eleventh visit to china what are germany's business interests there what are german companies looking for in china from china. well first of all german business is doing the business in china they are ending a lot of money in china nevertheless a complaints we hear more and more complaints about limited market access about unfair competition with chinese companies did they have to be in joint ventures with chinese companies sometimes technology that is being transferred to chinese companies all these complaints to have been on the table they have been addressed again today we have seen very little real. improvements in these. in these areas although premier league has said today that any business could
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address him directly and he would solve all problems but structural the structural reforms that germans businesses are hoping for they are still on the whole day are not they are you ok there's a lot to discuss in terms of relations between germany and china human rights is always something that chancellor merkel is under pressure to raise in her discussions with the chinese the chinese chancellor will be meeting with president xi jinping later today do you think she will raise the question of human rights i'm pretty sure she would raise it because this has been on the agenda for the german government for quite some time they have been heavily in walls behind the doors and also the german ambassador to china has recently again called for release but i don't have too much hope that this issue will be resolved and that she can even take back with her on the plane i don't think we'll see this happening unfortunately being the widow of the nobel peace prize winner you shall bow who
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yeah who was of course the subject of of other controversies before his death let's just one more thing here is getting back to you what to people in china expect from machall if anything when it comes to the topic of human rights. i think the human rights community is very well aware that people like most of the western. heads of government who raise the issue of human rights frequently that this makes an impact this does have an impact although not always the impact that they hope for as we've just cost with you. but if they wouldn't be there if they wouldn't raise these topics things would be way worse for these two men rights community and they are not. christian we already heard from a tune is there of what german business interests are to some degree what they're
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looking for what about the larger economic picture this the trading relationship between germany and china very important china is also a very important investor in germany there are some current concerns about investment in strategic industries in germany tell us more about how the economic relationship is a ball shermans clearly if they are very important markets for each other and i'm reckless also pushing for really bringing the overall trade investment negotiations to an end they have been negotiate that for nearly i think it's the seventeen now between the u.s. and china and this is supposed to be a first step maybe then also for more agreements to follow and rightly say there's still a couple of obstacles to to solve but clearly i mean they very much dependent especially germany as an export in country christine thank you so much kristen she cut pro researcher at the macintosh institute for trannies studies here in berlin and our correspond with his bowling out there in beijing thank you to you both.
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german foreign minister heiko must has said that europe is a long way from a compromise with the u.s. on a new iran's nuclear deal maass who is all a visit to washington was speaking after back to back meetings with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. and national security advisor john bolton the us has we mentioned pulled out of the twenty fifteen accord a move which germany has called a threat to international security. in my opinion we are far away from a compromise. we are taking two completely different approaches the approach that germany has decided to take along with france and the u.k. that is the one we will continue to pursue in europe. german foreign minister speaking in washington there earlier about the iran nuclear deal well our washington bureau chief xander phenomena has been following the german foreign
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minister's u.s. visit she sent us this report. frank but constructive discussion with national security advisor a bold. and firm handshake with u.s. secretary of state but no joint statement no breakthrough german foreign minister came to washington to make clear that europe is united in supporting the existing deal with iran and that it wants to work together with the u.s. however at the end of his visit he had to acknowledge that the transatlantic partners remain deeply divided and are far away from a compromise and iran is the only one issue trade climate change the middle east policy agree to disagree seems to be the new normal transatlantic relations. now it's some of the other stories making headlines around the world today a u.s. court has ruled that president donald trump cannot block twitter users who disagree
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with him from viewing his account. seven plaintiffs sued trump after he used his feature on the social media site to block them the judge said the president's account is a constitutionally protected public forum. the only ascript paul has spoken out for the first time since she and her father a former russian spy were poisoned she said the nerve agent attack has turned her life upside down she also noticed her announced her hope to return to russia despite the u.k.'s claim that moscow was behind the assassination attempt. and two people have been killed and a dozen others injured in a train accident in northern italy the train crashed into a truck close to turin late on wednesday authorities say it's unclear why the truck was on the tracks as the train approached three italy's president says uproot giuseppe conti is that country's next prime minister was put forward for the
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post by italy's two main populist parties the far right league and the anti establishment five star movement you point of contact a lawyer and political novice is designed and weeks of political deadlock in his acceptance speech he vowed to form a government of change but said he was aware that he needs to honor european and international commitments counting also promised to protect italians at home and abroad. but if. the president has given me the mandate to form a government which i have accepted we raise a valuation if i manage to form this government i will present to the palm and china is a program that he's biased on the interests of the majority political bodies. with . i'm preparing now to defend the interests of all italians in all places in europe and internationally in dialogue with the european institutions and
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with representatives of other countries i will be the defense lawyer of the italian people. italy's prime minister designate their decepticon today well country is now tasked with putting together a cabinet the new government will then need to be approved in parliament the vote is expected next week italy has been without a government since elections and early march left no party with a clear majority. his appointment has left some in italy concerns the parties who put him forward the five star movement in the league both for and fiercely anti immigration election campaigns no foreigners in italy are starting to worry about their prospects under the new government. how modern is learning italian through games like this one originally from mali he comes to this
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school in eastern rome four times a week along with other migrants and refugees but that might change is the new italian government has its way. students are definitely aware that something has changed here people are starting to give them strange looks are they getting a first hand experience of the shift in italian politics. the head of the right wing populist league or party. wants to push through a hardline anti immigrant agenda as italy's next interior minister he and coalition partner luigi you are from the five star party want to deport half a million migrants as part of their agreement but experts say that might not succeed they will write the things i don't think they will be able to do really effective things the common basis of these parties is this idea that
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they are both. parties. i do not expect a set of very long longstanding cooperation after months of uncertainty there's a sense of relief among the general population polls suggest six in ten italians are ready to welcome a populist coalition government. gave that we've had very little substantial progress in politics over the last few years i hope this alliance if you can call it that will make a positive difference. also must ensure that i feel nervous about this. we're taking a big risk. on kevin o'donnell. i think change is good italians have had enough of traditional politics and we haven't got much to show fours. get up down what they were going yeah. but many refugees in italy like to come out to and
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from mali have reason to feel uneasy now. i think it's crazy that they actually want to send us back i can't believe it i've been hearing about this since i got here it's just insane. it will ruin man shipful. that's why people in classrooms like this one on the edge of rome hope the new government won't accomplish all that it set out to do at least when it comes to migration. business and there are big changes in the works of germany's don't you bank that's right germany's biggest land has announced it will get rid of more than seven thousand workers in the next years mainly in their investment banking business the call is part of a restructuring on the daughter of. a new c.e.o. christian xavi he will be hoping to offer some words of reassurance to the annual
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shareholders meeting today after years of losses that might prove quite a challenge. because if you look at the figures it's not a pretty picture back in twenty twelve ga it was the world's second largest investment bank since then it's how it is slipped down to number eight behind several u.s. banks credit suisse from switzerland of course barclays from the u.k. . which is market capitalization that is the value of all the company's shares combined has also dropped significantly from just over thirty billion euros to twenty three point seven billion euros that's making shareholders seven billion euros poorer there's been a steep decline in earnings to their fallen from over thirty three billion euros to twenty six point four so no wonder shareholders up in arms many other acting their anger at this man here supervisory board chairman powell he's been in the position
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since twenty twelve leading to accusation he's been steering the bank in the wrong direction and the new man can't deny his responsibility either he's held senior position positions in the bank for many years we'll have all the news and reactions from the shareholder meeting throughout the coverage all day and starting next show in an hour. a currency crisis in the turkey has been averted for now in an emergency meeting of the turkish central bank has hiked one of its key interest rates from around thirteen percent to sixteen and a half step was taken to bolster the lira which had plunged to historic lows against the u.s. dollar yesterday the a measure showed an immediate effect the turkish runs again more than two percent after the announcement for. washington is looking to impose new tariffs on foreign vehicles it claims it has evidence that car imports have eroded
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the domestic industry so it is examining whether foreign vehicles are weakening the your u.s. economy and in turn impact national security the trump administration has used the same legal justification when imposing tariffs on steel and other medium imports german and japanese car makers would be most strongly affected by additional tires on ford fees. they call it takes a good fifty top technology c.e.o.'s have met with french president in paris to talk about leaving a positive mark on the world but many would sink firms like facebook and hardly the ones to tout their positive influence but maybe that's the point to get silicon valley firms to think different. if mark zuckerberg thought the tease ways come to an end he was wrong french president emanuel mccraw made it clear to the facebook c.e.o. that he would be calm things down on global businesses who exploit to pass new data
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while avoiding paying taxes. was one of the round sixty industry bosses attending the tech for good summit on wednesday the meeting had one main objective encouraging global companies to focus on improving the wild especially since so many of them have become more influential than governments. obviously on a worldwide basis people are increasingly concerned about their relationship to technology the impact on the workplace how this will affect international politics and governance and governance has a harder time managing this. frankly the companies in the world is moving at a faster pace than government. companies to still freeriding while ignoring social situations around them and his was may have already taken impact and some friends took the opportunity to announce new initiatives will be investing one hundred
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million dollars in entrepreneurs in europe and in africa who are working on bringing digital skills to everyone so that the future of work is available to everyone food delivery service delivery stated that curry is would now have free insurance while announced that european drivers will have access to medical cover. that's all your business is tearing up thanks. germany's national football team has begun to arrive in northern italy for training ahead of the world cup in russia almost all twenty seven players and coach the walking of arabs provisional squad will be there by the weekend but fans hoping to meet their favorite players are in for a bit of a letdown. world champions bus approached as several hundred germany fans cheered their team on. the trip to northern italy and waited
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for hours to greet the stars at their hotel but the bus didn't stop for them. get it safety first and if they came out there would be too much commotion if you told it so i'm kind of disappointed not to see any players but maybe one or two will come out later. i was. in the end they didn't the team remained inside the team manager did make an appearance but only for journalists. that it's finally starting it's at hand and you can get to work otherwise it's all in theory and now we can come together and try to evoke team spirit concentrated into detail . by your munich players still have a few days off after their loss in the german cup final on the manuel neuer is here and working on his comeback not all fans believe he can do it. let's see how many well neuer fares in the next few days here and then we'll see if it'll be neuer or
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to stay good. they'll be playing a couple of friendly's we'll see how it goes for neuer. noir or test agan it's not the only question the coach will have to answer behind these walls he has less than two weeks to decide on his final squad. for the women's champions league final takes place tonight in the ukrainian capital kiev well spore won both the german league cup and are now hunting the elusive treble but the same goes for french side lee all the two teams are making their final preparations as they hunt for european glory. final preparations for germany champions volves. just last weekend the new pact beat byron munich to lift the german cup. their focus is on winning the treble and the wolves team coach is confident of his side's chances but we don't we have to take the game to van.
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we have to take it into their house and be for consistency if we put beyond under pressure then that will create problems when. spirit center back in the left fisher expects a tough tosh i think its overall strength also as a team that we have to be prepared for and they really couldn't attack in game four time champions and holders leon are also in search of the travel this season the french champions won their league trophy for a record sixteenth time and also lifted the domestic cup. it is your. every trophy every title is different we've won many titles and every time it's a different feeling it's a new feeling if you're a top player you like to play matches when finals and we want to win this final
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obviously. our time to battle awaits in kiev for the trophy between two of europe's most successful clubs. american football now and n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell has announced that the league will find teams if players on the field fail to stand during the national anthem before the start of the game some players chose to kneel during the anthem last year to protest police shootings of all armed black men starting a controversy as president trump criticized them for being unpatriotic the league will no longer require players to be on the for. during some allowing any who wish to remain in the locker room the third and a car that's cruised into the hearts of millions worldwide the b.w. beast has a vast fan base here in germany and beyond with nearly won over by its cute form.
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as the bug celebrates its eightieth birthday today takes you along for the joyride . with its red orange paint job and circular headlights it's hand months in the months pride and joy he's been a big fan of. decades. sure no one so nice and round really costly just adorable when you stand in front of it you see a really friendly face looking back ham and cinnamon takes me on my first ride in the legendary car. there's not much room in this. hour steering automatic windows or any of the features cars i probably wouldn't buy one but many people around the world have
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a completely different opinion. twenty two million have been sold and it was even once the world's best selling car it has also been popular in the u.s. and mexico. helped lay the foundation for the we w. factory in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight his propaganda promise was a car everyone could afford what he called the strength through joy a car that we evolved into the v.w. beetle in the one nine hundred fifty s. it became the symbol of freedom and independence in germany germans drove it to the countryside and vacation spots it didn't take long for the millionth peter to roll off the assembly line the car represented the country's economic miracle on wheels and restrain now and for its durability no other car goes through so much or so little. that's. right.
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even made it to the silver screen disney made millions with its film back. hammond simmons car has even helped him to make new friends he joined other beatle enthusiasts to create a fan club the vehicle has been out of production for fifteen years now but love for the beat of never dies. just remind our top story before we go in beijing german chancellor merkel says both china and germany are standing by the iran's nuclear deal despite. earlier this. is in china for two days of talks. for now thanks for watching.
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every second counts playing video games with them sometimes stuck in traffic. possibly talking trying to now thinking about using drones instead of money blood supplies from a safe place. to come say time. changes place. play. center of the conflict zones
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confronting the powerful. my guest this week here in jerusalem is michael aren't simply demystify the public affairs. this government has rejected any international investigation into the events of the field taking place in gaza. what's it got to be. complex so close to sixty minutes p.w. float. would often find full details to take you seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up women's talk. superheroes smart women smart talks smart state the legend frank recently dangerous time the two dollars for moms play book club team play the white child the flu round is shaking about to go to the top of the food was your favorite team
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plays. a little bit about to make the point that muslim church didn't go for the politics of the entire country the champion of free and fearless and for the last sixty five years joplin for mines. welcome to tomorrow today this week the pros and cons of new mobile technologies. no blood no needles a ugandan stars have with up the tests will malaria. social media addiction how companies are manipulating young users. and a flying blood bank could drone soon start saving lives. it might be tiny but it's a.


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