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tv   Doc Film - Five Stars for Rome - Italys Populists Reach for Power  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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with each passing day of the continuing conflict in syria more and more children fear their future may be fading away. with every classroom damaged or destroyed with every child witnessing the horrors of war every family fleeing the violence and we can't risk losing and entire generation of children to death fear and despair. because they are the future of syria. we are on the brink of victory. and italy's parliamentary election earlier this year the n.t. stablish mint five star movement celebrated a historic success winning almost thirty three percent of the vote.
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it's an unconventional cause and it waged an unconventional campaign. tory michiel of the five star movement. the five star great we're big fans. you know it's a. sound bill you know they want to know what hit me but yeah they always sneered at us now they need to take notice i. was never. going to do our opponents our opponents are idiocy dishonesty and disloyalty there are parts of the. road the second of march twenty eighth seen the five star movements last rally before the vote. less than three months later the party is now poised to take over
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the government of italy. nine years after comedian bethink grillo and i t entrepreneur general bet took us a ledge of founded it as a protest party. the five star movement is especially popular in southern italy like even neighborhoods where unemployment is high and average incomes. naples has become symbolic of italy's struggling economy rife with poverty and violence dominated by crime and the mafia. told him a chill is a member of the five star movement he's already a member of parliament and nearing the end of his first term in office. his constituency the area north of naples is notorious for its problems corruption
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organized crime and toxic waste. the public wants environmental offenders to be held to account. its only value in spirit the will of what was needed was for someone to come along without any experience someone with no idea how to make a law and it was completely new to parliament because these political geniuses have not managed to get even one law through brings environmental offenders to book. now we finally have a law that makes them pay for their environmental transgressions with up to twenty years in prison and. thanks. and by means of protection and alternative energies are among the five star movement top priority. which it has reached out to citizens initiatives that want to put an end to the legal problems besetting the region from the garbage crisis to mark to control and corruption.
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the basis for environmental crimes is corruption. so i'd be interested to know what the five star movement program for corruption prevention looks like. they don't know much about the most people in prison aren't hardened criminals they're there for pickpocketing petty crime and so on when it comes to economic crimes. very few of those who have profited from them are behind bars she will lead again who bothered the rigolette that you got it all good we had but on the us that she should take there's a law that says anyone convicted of your eyebrow in the public administration even if they haven't paid for the damage and even if they go to prison and pay for it i no longer have anything to do with the public administration and that's a start. i'd be a report of these as an easing of the. decades
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of illegal waste trafficking have destroyed the company region in southwestern italy. its citizens are tired of politicians who repeatedly promised to tackle the problem campaign. the party has leverage the potential of protest coaches who want to teach the established parties a lesson. well ok i give you this thank you have a nice day. mitchell who was visiting the markets in giuliano the largest in the province of naples.
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there was a lot of the team has been a whole week since we were here hello may our five star movement thank you so. i'm not voting i have two unemployed sons at home with a reasonably. ok excuse me but let me tell you something going on as i'm already in parliament i for turn two hundred twenty thousand euros of my m.p.'s salary and i couldn't look at you and your sons in the eye if i was making sixteen thousand euros a month in the with you what does he want to know when you see these you know who. do you know anything about the basic income we're pushing for you know you know how it works seven hundred eighty euros for every unemployed person to do ok you got to win almost one of these it's not like you get seven hundred eighty euros you can twiddle your thumbs a state will train you and make you three job offers you know. what if you turn them down. after the third that said that's the way it is throughout your own except in italy and greece we know what are you offering pensioners but he said
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they don't but if i get four hundred forty euros a month and i was on leave i said i need to be increased to seven hundred against europe has set seven hundred eighty euros as the poverty line not on anyone below that is classed as poor. at this at that and looked on the. thing to look at him about what we've done over the past five years. enough with politicians promises they're all charlatans we do this we do that let's try it with luigi tomorrow if we're disappointed so what the italian people are doomed anyway. the mets are just not italy's economically depressed self is the five star movements heartland. people here welcome its promise has lowered taxes for the poor an end to graft and nepotism and a basic income all pension of at least seven hundred eighteen. the party's
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candidates are eager to demonstrate their solidarity with the general public they don't drive flashy cars and they're not playing. and. it's a seemingly nonhierarchical grassroots movement. but will it remain that way once it's in government. people struggling to make ends meet the only target. is also made promises to small and medium sized enterprises less taxation less bureaucracy. these are the issues that some autonomy cheeto is planning to focus on at his next appointment. tenders it takes months for results to be announced and then nothing happens for months and then you have the next one on your back and then another year goes by. we have to stay competitive. but lots of companies are struggling with that movie
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especially the medium sized ones but big ones too. they don't have as much work as before she. reminded of another problem is public administration if the authorities only pay me years later but i have to pay my taxes first how many companies have gone bankrupt because of that. we have but that was all a while ago. that was things have improved on the administrative front i still see the problem more illiteracy. new and up in a situation where you have to employ people all because you're not getting any more orders and these things start happening overnight. the general public has to make financial sacrifices members of parliament still doing just fine. noble employee receives two thousand euros. a public prosecutor three thousand.
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and a member of parliament. salaries of ordinary workers or employees disproportionate to the. ok maybe they have more expenses but the maximum should be five thousand year or so . and that's not all politics also cost a lot. that's why we've waived forty two million euros of reimbursement for election campaign costs but it wasn't just our decision you know it's lost because of the referendum when the public was asked if we wanted to cut the cost of politics and everyone voted yes. so why do politicians still take the money we started our election campaign ourselves with posters and banners and cards and loudspeakers through the streets our campaign didn't cost the voters a cent. the message of the day is
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strengthen the italian economy. but how all the tax relief and tax cuts supposed to be financed. he made it clear again and again during the election campaign by rejecting the e.u. so stairs he policies and liberating italy from the bureaucrats in brussels italy first debt reduction can wait. we're in europe and therefore we're entitled to so and so much money but we're in europe and we can meet the three percent hurdle or not we're in europe and everyone here has to go along with it well we are in italy and we need a lot of money for our medium sized companies for our domestic products and to put our economy back we're used to be. critics say the appeal of the five star movement has never been put to the testing government but that's about to change. so how does the party respond to the accusation that it's just
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a motley crew of political amateurs winning votes with populist slogans. and. i believe it was a means reaching out to the people and there's nothing wrong with that it's about giving people answers the promise of a taster income of seven hundred eighty euros it's a political offer to look after the public it doesn't mean that they get to stay home that means that the state will take them under its wing check them to give them work and train them. in the form of. hearing campania it's impossible to ignore the legacy of thirty years of illegal construction and health for environmental degradation and social disintegration have advanced. the coastal road north of naples the beaches are deserted there's garbage everywhere and how finish construction projects line and abandoned
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desolate shoreline. it's first ground for the five star movement. and we can't take it any more you can see the situation with your own eyes there's nothing but trash here as you well know there is no infrastructure here it's turned into a donor dot com boom. drop of wealth and that's led to constant vandalism there are cars that have been broken into are all over the area around largo pottery and market. people smash the window just to steal bags of shopping and it was prevented by the bill that so before i go to vote and i will vote for you not you personally it's the movement i'm voting for because this is about italy and i believe in it
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but there's a mother in the business and i have to ask you what can i do to help you you're just joining us for a given moment that a better yet still a mask on you because so i don't need to leave this country because what should we citizens do that they're mad about. the atmosphere the meeting is marred by mistrust in the political establishment so the tournament chilo sees that as an opportunity. but his policies potential is also its greatest handicap it's only experience has been in opposition. so far his party hasn't had to keep any of the promises it's made on a national level. remember to put only a cross in the box don't write anything else although i understand the temptation of leave comments about certain politicians. so they're popular in
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rome much the second. people from all over the issue may have traveled to the capital to hear the closing speech by luigi demaio leader of the five star movement . candidates for the office of prime minister in what many call the third republic the new year after twenty years of government mocked by the decline of the big mainstream posses . yes no longer having to meet yet you still do but i was i knew that she didn't know if you need to know whom is full and soon it. will even be so maybe to no intelligent enough it will be soon and i move. the ball so no it's the only way that leaves the store. bowed. to him
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a cello is among the crowd with just two days to go before the elections forty percent of italians haven't yet decided whom they want to vote for. this was the recommendation that you're already you know it's not that i'm going to know that yet you have to vote for me on sunday because you know what i label love you know decide the answer i don't want your money seven thirty incredible days man of the it's been a bumpy ride but you can see how close we are to the people. we went to people's homes to introduce ourselves to television and media create too much distance. we see politics as a kind of service to the citizen informants and after two terms in office you go back to doing what you did before study or work. hard to achieve you know a good double game on the i believe that you should only be in politics for a limited period before returning to real life. you also have to reap the fruits of your political life and if you don't reap anything it means you haven't done
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anything to me a do if you've been to some of those if you go on about this one it will. even a little bummed out the people of the five star movement are paid to say what they think and for doing what they promise to do. if they don't do it they should be sentenced to death just like in france in the past off with their heads like that in the days of the. someone who knows what it's like to be in power is five star politician virginia actually the mayor of rome since twenty six. a lawyer and a single mother her appointment was a political sensation finally they said a politician untainted by corruption. but two years later her popularity is in freefall. and she's failed to get to grips with the city's
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problems especially the traffic and garbage. and the scandals have piled up. and so far i year and a half ago i successfully counted him to conquer the capital and assume the mayor's office in rome and we will continue along this path and we must follow it to the end and you know how by leading the country ligi demining by going to reach. you guys are great. good evening everyone. your own boss i can't say for sure yet. but i just got a result i don't have an opinion poll. was and what i can tell you is that we are on the verge of victory was the was.
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the the us was not yeah it is in the past few months to me so you've given all you've got ya chang about eight hundred ten thousand euros in donation he said that's an average forty three year old for head off i don't think which is one reason why we are so strong we're able to do that if we don't take money from lobbyists on the ground we finance ourselves with money from people who believe in us and that is precisely why we have become the country's greatest political force when i was. young italians in particular i believe five star politicians are more honest than silvio berlusconi and the candidates of the old established policies. the five star movement also unites voices from the left and right well i know you just go if you're working on a law about employment contracts you have to ask yourself what would become of
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young people young people who have precarious contracts. a third of temporary contracts in italy are valid for just one day no question and they dare to claim that employment rates among young people are improving so right you know they're not by us young people are going abroad so they disappear from unemployment statistics and then they brag about these numbers. thank you thank you. i did your list kone and dead benedetti have promised to leave the country and are already looking for cheap flights on the internet not on the highway i'm. yeah to me yeah yeah it would feel so good to cancel their lifetime pension scheme this country is so hypocritical that i am here. in italy when we say damn heartless kone paid off the coast in austria and some people get upset at us just for saying it it's going to be somebody. was you know it's not you it's you know
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silly obvious eyes you know do we really believe that our opponents today are busty brunette and ready they're gone. now there's just the italian public and we need to keep our chins up and unite against anybody we have to take back our right to know that you know they don't just fall out of the sky get them back one by one. they took our rights and fabius off with what we know and it's methadone anesthesia what they want the public to be unconscious. i have the honor to give you the person that made it all possible he's a hero to me than. i am here that. they think really no one of the co-founders of the party crowd gives them the rapturous reception. they said that the days when people shouted to hell with you
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over me but listen as you just hear maybe they are over but our right to shout because when there was silence here when nobody was saying anything we were shouting we never gave up our right to yell you know no you know we'll keep on yelling to hell with you maybe not quite as loud maybe it will be a smaller our own pocket sized to hell with you you know when that you stick to the fridge like a magnet a little to hell with you sticker for your car got me but never forget your first to hell with you. let me. go. that they grillo has never run for public office i don't know but i do something. if you're just dumb he can't because he has a criminal record not one of them go. in one thousand and eighty one he caused a traffic accident in which three people died. grillo was convicted of
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involuntary manslaughter. i think how wonderful it would be if the public could take part in a referendum every week from home the movement could dissolve. biodegradable movement and all molecules will be passed on to future generations. our grandchildren will breathe clean air containing a molecule of him and a molecule of me. goodbye. five stock chink mr lee believes in equality for. the movement sees itself as a post i do not equal rights democratic force. that can and and to system policy that despite all its euphoria and passion lacks political know how really
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govern a country. as parents and even december limits experience as an individual matter but when you suddenly find yourself in the chamber of deputies you're going to have difficulties at the beginning but then you get used to it you learn as you realize that the others are no better than you are on the contrary i was elected at the age of thirty three and at thirty five i passed my first law against environmental offenders all you need to realise your ideas is passion heart and soul. the. first exit polls show that the five star movement has won big with almost thirty three percent of the votes its really strongest party. but even though it's a kid around eleven million votes it didn't get enough to form a government. to actually take power the party needs a coalition partner. but ten weeks after the election just as many were giving up
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hope it finally felt. it in his new government is an alliance of the five star movement and the far right leave. the server to him a chill or one fifty eight percent of the votes cast in his constituency a huge success. but what course will the country announced. both chain crystal and leg are in favor of a basic income and a uniform rate of tax cuts and both are critical of europe and want to oppose the financial dictates of the new. the alliance incidentally was made possible by silvio berlusconi himself. has fought it earlier party had joined forces with lega. in the end he unexpectedly agree not to stand in the way of the tie up with the five star being. so now the
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face of the third largest economy in the eurozone is in the hands of a populist protest movement and a party of the far right. the
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place . this is the daily news on live from berlin the freebee champion real madrid have been crowned champions of europe defeating liverpool three one in the champions league final. to see change. in ireland as voters there choose to scrap the country's ban on abortion the results show a landslide victory for the yes camp two out of three voters in the referendum voting to repeal a constitutional ban on abortion.


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