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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 8, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin a record drought turns vast areas of australia to dust it is the country's worst of dry spell in fifty years and across the globe raging wildfires in extreme heat have scientists who brazenly alarm they warn rising temperatures could ever personally disrupt the earth's ecosystems also coming up lawmakers in argentina are voting on whether abortion should become legal the issue has been highly controversial and divisive in the homeland of pope francis and german ryanair pilots will join
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a wave of strikes across europe on friday the budget carrier is expected to have to cancel about one in six of its flights plus as opposed to riot travel ban we'll talk live to a founding member of the punk protest group to find out why russia's security services have barred her from leaving the country she was due to appear at the edinburgh festival fringe already in full swing in scotland it is billed as the world's single biggest arts festival all of the city is the stage for thousands of performers competing for your attention. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. australia's most populous state new south
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wales is gripped by its worst to trout in decades with pastors turning to dust a heat wave is scorching parts of asia including china and japan and wildfires are waging in portugal spain and the united states so what's behind the extreme weather in just a moment i'll put that to a climate policy analyst but first this report on the high temperatures and the fears that the earth's ecosystems could be irreversibly disrupted. it's been more than fifty years since the state of new south wales in australia has seen a drought like this farmers pray for rain as their crops and livestock die some are forced to shoot starving cattle well others face the prospect of having to simply abandon their land on the other side of the world a similar story the french vogue mountains are simply too dry about half of this farmer's corn crop has already died in the us record temperatures are fueling the
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worst wildfire in california history the twin blazes dubbed the mendo scene a complex have exploded to cover an area the size of los angeles in less than two weeks. scenes like this are likely to become the new normal according to an international research team's latest study they call the trend hot house earth i said this when it's when the climate is much warmer than it is today three to four degrees than it already is four to five degrees warmer than in the pre-industrial climate. international climate targets aim to limit the earth's warming to two degrees celsius but scientists now think even that is too high setting in motion processes which could create a domino effect such as glacial melting researchers argue that without putting in place specific human made climate protections the seas could rise but up to sixty metres so how to curb greenhouse gas emissions scientists say we need to cut
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industrial carbon travel less by plane and car and eat less meat they say already the earth is on the brink of irreversible warming with severe effects like those in australia the government there has announced a multi-million dollar relief package for farmers but with dry conditions forecast to continue that may not be enough. let's get more on this now i am joined here in the studio by lots of ayesha a climate policy analyst with the environment and development and geo german watch thank you so much for joining us this evening. are these record breaking of vents are they related. well they're they're individual weather events and there's been extreme weather events in the past as well so they're not necessarily each individual event related to one another but what we're seeing is that they're getting more frequent and they're getting more extreme very often and that is related to climate change to manmade global warming that's caused by us burning
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fossil fuels coal oil and gas that heats up the atmosphere and makes these kinds of events just more likely to occur we saw that warning about what is called hothouse earth now do you agree with that assessment and should we be scared or we should be very worried i think this new study shows that we could be heading towards a new really catastrophic extreme with global warming of up to five degrees and that would really be something completely different from what we're seeing now is much worse sea level rise droughts really catastrophic impacts that could occur if we don't acknowledge what we still have the power to stop it and avoid this and we've seen some obstacles of course to you know action in order to stop this and you know many scientists have said that we are on track actually to encounter these sort of problems given that how do you see this affecting our lives going forward and you know what can we do as individual citizens in order to brace for it. well
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what will happen is i think we are what we're experiencing right now with the heat waves in different parts of the world is a taste of a new normal that we should be prepared for. so it will get hotter water will be more scarce etc so the most important thing i think we need to do is to try to minimize these effects so if we limit global warming to one point five degrees or well below two degrees then the worst impacts can be avoided and that means you know using less electricity not using coal anymore to produce power changing the way we travel changing the way we grow food and so there's a lot that has to be done many transformations but it's possible so you're saying limit to one point five degrees we know that the current target is to limit it below two degrees right and there are even some skeptics who say that that might not even be on track so what's your message to politicians tonight the message you posted this i think there is like he said two huge warning side so we have this new
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study that warns that we can reach these tipping points somewhere between one and two degrees of warming we get to a point where warming will reinforce itself and just keeps on growing even if we stop to emit greenhouse gases so we have to limit it somewhere between one and two degrees so one point five seems to be something to read aim for. and the other thing is the heat wave which is giving us a very real feeling of what life could be like these two things together just a warming sign that real action is needed now and we thank you so much for joining us this evening with that message let's by share a climate policy analyst with the environment and development and german watch thanks. well as tension grows in zimbabwe after last week's disputed presidential election police briefly arrested a senior opposition leader earlier today as he tried to cross into neighboring zambia the former finance minister tendai biti a leading member of the opposition m.d.c. has since been released and is reported to be urgently seeking asylum in zambia the
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m.d.c. has announced that it will formally challenge the results of the election which it now really lost to the rulings and party the result sparked protest that was met with deadly military force concerns are now growing of a government crackdown. for more on this let's bring in our correspondent privilege with zawahiri who is standing by with the latest from harare so tell us what is the opposition hoping to achieve by challenging the election results in court. the evidence that they are saying they have put together. who. spoke to the press today is that they are seeking to challenge the presidential results and seek knowledge because she and prayed to the courts that the results be nullified they
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are saying that they have good evidence enough to challenge the results in saying that it was fraudulent. results that we announced by the zimbabwe electoral commission last week meantime let's address another part of the news today because we heard about one of the senior figures within the m.d.c. basically trying to get into zambia arrested as he was trying to do so how important is he within the m.d.c. and why was he arrested. tendai biti is very influential figure in the opposition circles particularly in the movement for democratic change he is one of the founding members of the m.d.c. which was founded in one thousand nine hundred nine by the late morgan tsvangirai who died earlier this year so they had come together for this election. coming with ease on a fraction of the m.d.c.
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because he had broke away from the main m.d.c. to form the movement for drama democratic change a lion's which challenge the president in. in this election so he's a very important figure and also he's a prominent lawyer he's a very accomplished constitutional lawyer and so in this case you also was instrumental in announcing what this state's now is seeking him for their victory of nelson chamisa saying that prison when i got what did not win the election but rather. he's the one who won the election therefore that's why this state is after him because they're saying that he broke the law you know announcing the victory of nelson chamisa ahead of the official results from the zimbabwe election commission what is the mood in the country right now because i mean there were dramatic pictures last week we saw tensions rising after the election but what
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is the state of affairs right now. the situation has slowly returned to normalcy people are going about their business but you know there are harsh tones everywhere you go people are just talking about the election results and the move that the opposition is going to take the opposition has been just been saying that they have evidence enough to challenge the the election results and people are waiting in anticipation to see them challenging the election results so it goes to be seen if the challenge is going to be mounted and if the courts are going to accept i accept the challenge and also you to have it appearing or not to include inauguration of president. which had been planned for sunday privilege mr neary in harare thank you so much.
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let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world the democratic republic of congo's longstanding president joseph kabila will not to run in the upcoming election according to a government spokesman the mountain ends months of speculation could be less second term officially ended in twenty sixteen but he had refused to step down now he has chosen former interior minister emmanuel rama zani to represent the ruling a and p. coalition in the voters'. award winning bangladeshi photographer are shy to do a lamb has again been detained by police hours after he was admitted to the hospital he was first arrested on sunday after speaking out in favor of student led protest he said that he was severely beaten in custody and a court ordered his discharge to a clinic yesterday rights groups have condemned his detention. and police in the u.s. state of florida say that a herd of cows helped corner
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a leading suspect these pictures show how them both deputies pursued a woman after she crouched and allegedly stolen car chased her to a nearby road where police were waiting to arrest her. you're watching news still to come on the program a heated debate over family dinner this one in hardin tina where a vote over legalizing abortion reveals the country's deep divide over this very very sensitive issue. chief executive ilan musk wants to take the electric company could profit just wishes by eleven percent on the news before trading was hold and for more than an hour on tuesday or wednesday the board of directors said it's going to evaluate the plan. if musk can succeed in taking tesla private it would be the
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largest deliberate buyout in history. musk tweeted on tuesday that he was considering taking tesla private at four hundred twenty dollars a share saying that he'd secured funding a deal at that price would represent a price tag of about seventy two billion dollars he didn't say where the funding was coming from shortly after his tweet musk published a letter to tesla employees on the company's blog where he said that going private would be the best path forward and would allow tesla to operate at its best free from distraction and short term thinking going private would also be one way to avoid close scrutiny by the public market because few did publicly with regulators critics short sellers and reporters some analysts believe he would prefer to have less transparency the company is still trying to overcome production challenges which have held up its new model three sedan on which tesla's profitability rests that hasn't stopped musk from announcing major projects like multibillion dollar
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facilities in china and europe analysts have expressed skepticism at those plans must statements about taking the company private are facing similar doubts but if followed through this could be a make or break moment for the silicon valley company as competition from european automakers is poised to intensified with new electric vehicles from our t. and jag you are with more rivals to follow suit next year. the new york times described him as arguably the most successful and important. in the world became c.e.o. of tesla motors in the aftermath of the two thousand a global financial crisis in an interview in twenty eleven he said he hopes to send humans to mars within ten to twenty years but who is musk and what does he really want. one is some have called him the architect of tomorrow others say he's a con man but either way il mask is a highly intelligent driven individual and the south african born under par new
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york has achieved things many can only dream about in one thousand nine hundred ninety four he founded his first company at the age of twenty four by the time he was thirty have become one of the co-founders of pay pal but mosque is better known for his other headline grabbing projects tesla space x. and hyperloop with tesla musk is revolutionizing the car industry by building electric cars a business for which he has come under pressure the company has spent more than ten billion dollars without ever making a profit but that hasn't stopped musk he wants to change long distance travel with hyperloop b. idea is to send an electromagnetic levitated vehicle through a long pressure tube over thousands of miles. liftoff his space x. project is aimed at sending the first people to mars it seems that not even the stars can limit elon musk thirty seconds away.
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ten years ago today europe's first war of the twenty first century started between russia and georgia erupted at erupted over the russian backed breakaway provinces of south ossetia and a cuts which most of the international community do not recognize as independent states well the short lived conflict killed several hundred people and displaced thousands the war only lasted a few days but ten years on locals on the boundary line still live in uncertainty and our reporter emily sure went took a closer look into the georgian town of did see just over the administrative boundary line from south essential. landfalls on the fault lines of a frozen conflict some maps show the boundary line to the russian backed breakaway region of south a set running straight through his farm. signs in the distance read state border a line most of the international community doesn't recognize it says russian border
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guards patrol the end of his cornfield the more. you cross the line they can seize you find you put you in prison. for animals across they take them. for a walk around here and longs where they walk around with dogs with weapons and. in a certain psychological state all the time. during the war several bombs fell on the land his eighty four year old mother vanessa says she lost one of her three sons. that night i sometimes. i'm afraid for my son but to my. afraid that they will come back. right.
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in august two thousand and eight tensions between russia and georgia escalated into a war over the breakaway regions of. georgia moved to take back control of. russia responded with tanks and air strikes it said it was defending russian citizens in the region. today there are russian bases in both breakaways including in south the city is de facto capital tskhinvali the e.u. monitoring mission acts as a mediator and it patrols the de facto border but the e.u. calls the administrative boundary line. the. big number of. relatively close to each other and closer is something that you have to monitor closely especially where there's no common agreement on where the a.b.l. is running. with a lot of uncertainty. carefully and that's why we on the ground with two hundred monitors twenty four seven for russia and south of said this is a state border while for georgia this is
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a temporary occupation line but for the people who live here this is a source of uncertainty even ten years after the war here in many places the border simply. moving boundary line has swallowed some of property in the past now he's determined to stand his ground this farm has been in his family for generations. i have nowhere else to go this is my part of georgia this is my part of my country i won't even. drop away to anyone. for the younger generation living on the border the war is a distant memory but with the conflict still unresolved the threat of tensions boiling over again is an ever present reality. lawmakers in argentina face a controversial vote later today on whether to legalize abortion the bill got through the lower house of congress by the narrowest of margins in june and today the vote is in the upper house the senate this time the bill is expected to fall
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short of the votes necessary to pass into law the issue has divided the nation and families. the cuttin news are a typical middle class family and when a side is getting ready for dinner. until recently they've never openly discussed their differences over abortion now as is happening across anjan tina there's a rift within the cuttin your family. to his wife maria and his eldest son fabiano resents the legalization of abortions but the family's youngest son thomas thinks they're safe and should be legalized. i mean the favor of legalization it's put an end to social inequality in argentina the truth is women with high incomes in this country from the wealthiest families have had access to abortion for years without any inconvenience while the poorest women
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don't have this opportunity. but his mother believes the procedure is unsafe no they say water is never safe as thomas claims abortion isn't safe because women who have had abortions are left with many consequences they can be psychological as well as physical no medical intervention is ever say and it's not free either because we'll all be paying for it but that they don't know is. that he . too broke his children up to be independent but he nevertheless feels bad about the disagreement see him but they think it didn't get any i always told them that they have to be independent in their judgments. so when i see them influenced by the media or by friends it hurts. it hurts a lot it's not easy for tom aside. it is difficult because you live
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with your family you spend a lot of time with them and this kind of discussion has generated tremendous divisions in argentina not only in families but also in the universities at the office in any environment. the atmosphere on argentina streets is no different. in june the lower house of parliament narrowly approved the legalisation of abortion during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy with restrictions starting at fifteen weeks ever since in the native country of pope francis the powerful catholic church has been campaigning to get the upper house to reject the bill on wednesday the polarizing abortion debate has also provoke violence in several cities young activists wearing green scarves in favor of legalizing abortion have been beaten in patagonia a young woman wearing the light blue scarf of those who are against legalization with patch. commentators say opponents of legalization have a majority in the upper house but supporters of the move are hoping to draw
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protesters around congress to put pressure on legislators to vote in favor. given argentinos deep division over abortion it is hard to predict which side will react off that vote a victory for the anti abortion front could be short lived. activists who want to overturn are determined not to give up or the goldmans rights to choose. out on the streets opinions are divided. my young mother also became pregnant and then yorkshire and she was given was an abortion and she decided to continue the pregnancy and that's why i'm here. and yet an emotional do take place here in secret it's not that there's no abortion i think it's a healthy see the state has to result in a ghetto so that i'm all for it i think it's a decision that has to involve the woman it's a matter of planning. then is so now if he doesn't actually responsible or not you have to take on the burden of a child or give it up for adoption. today's vote will determine whether rajan tuna
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becomes the third latin american country to legalize abortion after cuba and you're acquire it. and our ethics and religion correspondent martin gak is following the abortion debate and that decision which is expected to be handed down today in argentina there and martin what do you think we're going to see well right now it looks like the know will actually take the day there are thirty eight bodes that had been sort of declared for the no again thirty first that we have to bear in mind that when it actually cleared the lower house in june the situation was very similar and they started with no essentially ahead and then of course journey the other way so it's hard to say why is this such a polarizing issue especially in argentina i think it's a polarizing issue everywhere you look at sensually because there are of course religious intuitions but there are also moral intuitions i think the party lurky of
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the latin american case is that there are real really no defenders to be found of abortion i mean the discussion concerning the freedom of the woman to choose or the freedom of women to choose it's really quite marginal most of the discussion has been centered around abortion is something that is already happening is something that we cannot really stop the question is what are the legal instruments that we're going to deploy the norther to more delayed it it is very very clear number one that criminalizing women has been nothing but a failure of a policy and this is throat left in america the second problem is to some degree abortion in large american something that is really at hand if you have enough money so the problem this presents is that a lot of women that do not have access end up dying in dire situations or end up in hospitals this shows that there is a lack of equality in front of the law this is a very different picture for the debate and this is at this time what we're hearing
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in the senatorial debate which is what is that we're going to do about the things that are already here with us it's not whether we allow them or not it's what do we do with them and you know amid all of this we know that argentina of course this is the home of pope francis. for example on he's known as a relatively progressive pope when we compare him to popes of past times where does he come down on the issue and how is the catholic church influence in the the catholic church by and large an entire unit structure of course takes the position that the catholic church usually takes which is untie abortion but argentina let america by and large it's a very peculiar region so argentina has a group which is actually quite powerful has become quite birth rule over the last couple of years called got to look women for a choice or for the right to choose this kind of things i mean catholics that stand in pro-abortion grounds or conservatives that are actually sort of siding with the pro-abortion forces whereas you have people on the lift that actually take a much more cautious approach abortion is something that's so the figure of the
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pope is important the got to leave church is important but it should not be read as a sort of black or white thing that most certainly it's not martin back following the abortion decision in argentina for us it's going to be a close one and we thank you for putting it into context for pleasure. here watching d.w. news we will have more news in just a few short minutes i'm sara kelley in berlin seizing. the business of. cyber attacks on company and government networks the menace is growing more and more serious. and the ends of you are as going to cyber defend says. the talent victim. and security even possible in the edge of the world wide web. site across thirty five minutes d w. climate change. waste.
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pollution. isn't it time for. eco africa people and projects that are changing no one's government for the better it's up to us to make a difference keep going to come to my legacy. w players reputation murderer claim arsonists. claim tar and. the roman emperor nero are going to just get bad press and remount historians are reexamining this case rethinking the rochas history being unfair to be going to miss him her lead starts aug fourteenth on d. w. . his creations come fix his brand
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a mistake of all colors got that icon of the. look what do we really know about samantha behind the torch. what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer. smart and tough as it starts september ninth w. welcome back you're with d.w. news i'm sarah kelly in for land our top stories australia has declared a total drought in most of the in most in its most populous state excuse me new south wales vast tracts of land have turned to dust after the regions and worst drive spell in fifty years farmers have had to ship in grain and ration water in order to keep their livestock alive. germany has wrapped up a deal that will send migrants who had been registered initially by spanish
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authorities back to spain spain has become the main entry point for refugees crossing the mediterranean sea the un says that more than twenty three thousand migrants have entered spain so far this year many more than italy or greece that deal with spain allows german authorities starting on saturday to reject those refugees who have already been registered as asylum seekers in spain german chancellor angela merkel wants to reach similar agreements with austria it's only and groups. well meanwhile an afghan man wrongly deported to kabul from germany last month is on his way back the german government admitted that it was a mistake to deport the twenty year old because he was still appealing his rejected asylum application we caught up with the man in kabul as he was preparing for his return. nasi bulla can hardly believe this is really happening after five weeks of fear in afghanistan now he finally has airplane tickets. i'm so happy i can
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finally fly back to germany. it was stressful for to spend time in afghanistan his family lives in a dangerous province he couldn't meet them at home and instead had to make arrangements to meet elsewhere before leaving kabul he spent a few days in the hotel waiting for necessary documents. whenever i walk along the streets of kabul i'm afraid the streets aren't safe there are constantly explosions and suicide bombings. on the parkers he will return here to no brandenburg where he last lived on july third he was wrongly deported as his asylum procedures had not yet been completed his lawyer expects the hearing to continue in september as planned she demands that the authorities be made to answer. this would be turned upside down by a deportation and that is why i demand that before every single deportation that we
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double check whether the decision has been made on lawful grounds. up the up civil case masochist. can finally return to germany. in other news almost all major social media platforms except for twitter have banned notorious us conspiracy theorist alex jones for promoting hate speech some applaud the move others are worried they set a precedent for mass answer shipped by take big tech companies for more on that as you can see standing here we have our social media editor elizabeth show who is patiently waiting for us to speak with her and you know a lot of our viewers of course as our outside of the united states so for those who don't know about alex jones and his aim for wars website fill us in. well for alex jones alone in four wars the his web site his media platform about twenty years ago and i can show you what it is all about so he has of the websites
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of there he hosts a t.v. show hosts a radio show he also produces a number of other shows he also has a web store an online store where he sells supplements he sells merchandise that's how he partly find it says his operations and as you see there he sometimes gets very worked up he gets very emotional when he is trying to make a point but i'm here has also made headlines often because of the conspiracy theories that he is spreading through his platform so some of the really absurd things that he has said over the past years are for example he has claimed that the u.s. government is putting chemicals in water that then turn frogs gay he says the u.s. government was behind the september eleventh attacks on the world trade center and he also claims that the shooting at the sandy hook elementary school where twenty six people were killed was
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a hoax and although he says things that really are not based on any truth c. is very popular about ten million people visit his website every month but as you can imagine he's also very controversial and that is presumably why tech companies have now started blocking him right. yes all these companies have been under a lot of pressure from governments from day users over the last month so they have been told that they should increase their efforts in fighting a fake news and also in fighting the spread of hate speech so in an unprecedented move right now we're seeing a big tech giants like facebook you tube apple and also spotify removing content from alex jones have a deleted his videos his podcasts others have gone on to ban him completely from posting anything on their sites and one of them also is teacher which is
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a radio and podcasting service this is the reason that they have provided they say we have reviewed alex jones podcasts and found he has on multiple occasions harassed or allowed harassment of private individuals and organizations and that harassment has led listeners of the show it to engage in similar harassment and damaging activity now the only major social network that has not and alex jones at the moment is actually twitter so he still has his account and there he have the twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey it says if we succumb and simply react to outside pressure rather than straightforward principles we enforce impartially regardless of political viewpoints we become a service that's constructed by our personal views that can swing in any direction and that suggests that us and right now we're seeing at the bait on how we can balance or these companies can really balance the fight against the hate speech and
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also promote free speech fascinating stuff there elizabeth show with the very latest on our social media desk thank you so much. the former malaysian prime minister not to browse uk has been charged with three new counts of money laundering at a court in the capital and is already facing charges of breach of trust and abusing his position in connection with a multi-billion dollar scandal involving a state investment fund denies any wrongdoing but the accusations have led to his stunning fall from power and a host of legal troubles. yet another day in court for malaysia's former prime minister not. he's accused of pocketing the equivalent of more than ten million dollars from a company linked to the state's investment found one empty baby. not to pay did not guilty and was released on bail but this is just one small part of a much larger investigation that could see the former prime minister spend the rest
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of his life in prison if used involvement is proved. emotions run high when our chief was first arrested last month after police said he and his associates had stone and billions of dollars of public money from the state fund to finance a lavish lifestyle. rates on his properties turned up a trove of luxury items such as handbags and jewelry worth more than a staggering two hundred seventy million dollars investigators also said nearly seven hundred million dollars was transferred to not chiefs private bank account. in a recent interview he again denied the charges are which north didn't have any knowledge whatsoever of money is coming and i would not have. and i lowered it if i knew. that the investigation is now also spread to other countries including the u.s.
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this yacht's was impounded in indonesia after requests by the us department of justice it's one of thousands of luxury purchases they said were made with money siphoned off from the found. out about the allegations of corruption at the highest level of society have caused outrage in malaysia they contributed to not cheaps defeats in the general election in may it was a new government who insisted an investigation into an r.g.p. reopened after he had initially been cleared of wrongdoing while in office. now the hope is that justice will be done a few. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world belarus authorities have arrested several journalists including deutsche of ela correspondent by coast ski his apartments and mr mintz was also searched authorities say that the detainees illegally obtained access to
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a state news agency but critics say the move is part of a crackdown on independent media. and hundreds of migrant workers in southern italy have staged a march to bring attention to their poor working and living conditions the protest was sparked by the death of sixteen farm workers in two recent road accidents activists say that the trucks used to transport tomato pickers to the fields are often overcrowded and rickety. and indonesian officials say that the death toll from sunday's earthquake in mombasa province has risen to one hundred thirty one with more than fifteen hundred deems severely wounded aide workers have been struggling to reach a victims in remote areas many are believed to be still buried in the rubble over one hundred fifty thousand people have been displaced. china has fired back against new u.s. trade tariffs it's announced additional import duties of twenty five percent on
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sixteen billion dollars worth of u.s. goods you know it's been came just hours after washington said it was imposing you tariffs on chinese products with exactly the same amount the chinese tariffs will apply to u.s. products such as fuel motorcycles and medical equipment while the u.s. said it was talking industrial products like metals chemicals and electronics the trumpet ministration already slaps new tariffs on chinese imports last month but china's foreign trade has so far shrug off the dispute exposed showed surprising growth in july and moving twelve percent compared to the same period last year. saudi arabia's government is not known for tolerating criticism that the current spat between the oil rich kingdom and canada is escalating into a full blown diplomatic crisis riyadh is canceled its medical treatment programs in canada will transfer saudi patients to other countries now media reports say the saudi government will also relocate fifteen thousand saudi students from canada the
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conflict a rose after a tweet issued by canada's foreign minister criticizing the arrests of human rights activists in saudi arabia. german ryanair pilots have just voted to join this swedish belgian and irish colleagues in striking on friday and head of the announcement ryanair already cancelled one hundred forty six flights to destinations all over europe affecting more than twenty five thousand passengers its numbers are said to rise as the german pilots join the twenty four hour strike to demand a higher base salary said the netherlands could also be joining ryanair argues pilot salaries and not too low pilots are also finding the airline of a base transfers the maximum number of flight hours promotions and annual leave. let's pull in our financial correspondent correct bosun in frankfurt any sign at all of ryanair budging on this. no ben and if we token take into
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consideration how the management of ryanair has handled recent conflicts with the union it's likely that this will escalate further in ireland after pilots went on strike ryan air threatened to transfer planes from ireland to poland and force the employees to also move from ireland to poland the management in the negotiations with the unions here in germany has talked about potentially doing something like that here as well that's why it's so significant that in this case unions from four different countries of the european union acting together it's a first for such concerted action they're joining their forces in order to try to prevent the management of ryan air from playing of one side against the other economy by passenger numbers ryanair is europe's largest airline how's this going
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through bookings. well right now itself doesn't give exact estimates in the case of those islands strikes the managers have said that they have had a negative effect on bookings and in the long run of course this indicates that the times of thirty to forty euro tickets are over as you know also ryanair will have to do something move and as you know the now the. unions are acting in concerted action on the european level it's not likely that you know the super low costs will uphold at ryanair ok troubling times for flying europeans this kind of visit in frankfurt thank you. and motor sports debt stricken formula one team force india has announced it will
8:45 pm
come out of the administration after a group of investors agreed to a rescue package the teen went into administration in july with former cohen erm v.j. malya under investigation for fraud in india the deal means that force india will be able to take to the grid at the next grand prix of the season which is in belgium later this month. a founding member of the anti kremlin protest group pussy riot says that russia has barred her from leaving the country maria alyokhina says that security services told her that she was on a no fly list when she tried to leave moscow to perform at britain's edinburgh festival fringe a source at a russian court told e.w. that i was prevented from leaving because she had failed to carry out community service. has been ordered to serve a one hundred forty hours of community service for two separate protests she and
8:46 pm
a fellow pussy riot member spent nearly two years in prison for an anti putin demonstration back in twenty twelve in a moscow cathedral. and i'm joined now by maria alyokhina she is joining us from moscow this evening welcome to you and i'd like to ask you because you've said that russia has barred you from leaving the country did security services give you a reason for that and if so what does it. yes so. f.s.b. stop. f.s.b. border controls don't mean. let's say passport line and after that i spent about half an hour in yeah they're all and after that they gave me a. paper that says i'm not allowed to leave the country because of the. decision of the court police and the decision of the
8:47 pm
car police we're told and perhaps you can confirm is related to these hours of community community service that you haven't served why haven't you served them so in the paper there is no an explanation of why they banned me to leave the country. but i think that they started to do this actually of things like tool to ban me from leaving the country after our actions because it's not only think. they can do all they can do a lot of things and this is just one. so. i think that if you are actually if activity and doing something. right but it's. like political actions they they do the same why i.
8:48 pm
refused to do their community service because i believe that. they call it necessary works and i believe that's the best necessary work for the society in russia actions in so i'm doing actions and i think it's more. you have. and we know that the work for example of pussy riot does continue we saw for example just recently at the world cup in russia what do you make of the current objective of the group because we know that you were actually publicly disowned by it they said that you had forgotten the aspirations and the ideals and of the group right. again. the group pussy riot what do you make of the aspirations of the group right now. the right is not like the group of collective which is doing different forms of political art
8:49 pm
actions. music videos it's a little. media is on the boat we should probably heard that song we're. going to bend and journalism of the only record journalism which we started to study. into sounds unfortunate when you least from you know calling you. this is the only. court journalism in russia and it covers that don't mix of police who are in this prison who are learned since political or trials and just yesterday we were raids and action in the front of. prison department in moscow. was assigned that. prison department is and you will ugh because there are
8:50 pm
a lot of murders. of tortures. and legal slavery which exist in russia and this is not. an exclusion it is just part of the system so we went there always a portrait so if there's people who've been tortured in you know calling your school and cute. with leasts. or music recently cellar use which they buy for prisoners like one dollar per month for right twelve hours working day well we thank you so much for joining us here and i think you tell us a little bit more about those efforts and also about the situation that you had with the security at the airport the fact that you were prevented from leaving the the country. are looking on with the latest from moscow we very much appreciated.
8:51 pm
by. ok well now the edinburgh film fest excuse me the edinburgh festival fringe i should say it's here to correct me for our culture of death it claims to be the single biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet and right now it is underway in the scottish capital rather marilyn's here to tell us more i mean maria was just talking she was actually scheduled to perform there but she was apparently blocked from leaving the country and there are three thousand five hundred though shows at the festival just so for the last year there's more this year and was maybe one less from what we're hearing from pussy riot but the simple answer about how many shows are all this year is nobody really knows are spoken to the festival fringe office today and they have a. program that is the size of a novel and the three thousand five hundred shows they expect around fifty four
8:52 pm
thousand performances all in three and a half weeks but there are always performers who turn up and there are some who come on up as we've just heard so it really is a bit flexible as it should be it's a fringe festival so without further ado there let's have a look at what makes the fringe so special. every august musicians acrobats and theatre troops converge on to edinburgh scotland for the edinburgh festival fringe and for more than three weeks the venerable royal mile in the historical old town becomes a stage for performers from all over the world. thank. god we fell full time and we have to look at the cities i'm talking to the so much is just a well of creativity is unique. as far as i'm aware there's police sales in the world where art just lives and reads it's overwhelming but i think that's the best
8:53 pm
part of frames where you go you get pulled into one direction or another you know quite know what you're going to hear most of the performers spend a day trying to convince as many people as they can to come to their shows. it is that you come to the show to excite list right now not just the shows on offer range from cover a to stand up comedy to classical standards and musicals competition is intense. it's sad it's very difficult we're on from nine o'clock in the morning just straight away flyer and i know we're doing silly stuff like a job but a perilous to try and just drop a tight ship because there's so many people have got somebody different thing to shot. was officially a sidebar to the edinburgh international festival the french has been growing since it first took place in one nine hundred forty seven expanding to pubs theatres and hidden clumps anyone who can talk their way into one of the three hundred seventeen
8:54 pm
venues can join in. there's a cultural democracy that underpins the friendship so i don't see a master of your kindness brought out or you're an artist who's performing for the first time you get exactly the same coverage in the brings program you get exactly the same treatment exactly the same slot in the. and the bad news i was to. is that there's a kind of beautiful quality to it so there's something for everyone at the famous study of this french. and what the fringe is really famous for as a stand up comedy oh without a doubt i mean it started last risk careers like stephen fry hugh laurie better known as dr oz but a very funny man and emma thompson just to name a few last year is one of last year's when i was a wonderful australian comedian called hannah gadsby who's just made a special for netflix everybody's talking about had just to get an idea of how
8:55 pm
thought provoking comedy let's hear a little bit. if you're comfortable in a small town we're going to be really because on this situation. in a small town that's all wrong from a distance. people are all good. but nothing was taken for a man but i would want to be a straight white man ready to fight or die the fight would be substantially i. do think i have to quit comedy. i'm probably not the forum to mike such an announcement is it but i've built a career out of self-deprecating humor and i simply will not do that anymore not to myself or anybody who identifies. understand what self deprecation mean it's not humility it's humiliation what i would have done a good story larc mind. look into that hill just yeah edinburgh is awash with culture at the moment is the international
8:56 pm
festival the book festival starts on saturday and there's the edinburgh military tatoo going on all at the same time in august so a lot to look forward to primarily from our culture that's as always thank you so much for telling us all about it and with that now you're up to date on g.w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks for watching. good.
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more. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region as rich in history started on talent but so poor and in your question opportunity and freedom. this makes it especially difficult for an independent druggists i see many of my younger promising janet are now making names for themselves all over the. song by getting along the way songs might follow some with continue. their experience or freedom sense is like that feeling it's ok you can visit it but you come back from. my existence would i work at you know i.
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