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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2018 2:00am-2:15am CEST

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in something human for the next generation gloomy view barmen series of global three thousand on t.w. and all morning. this is d.w. news live from berlin and gains for the far right in general elections in sweden this weekend democrats see a substantial increase in voter support after a campaign focused on the migration debate mainstream parties of the center left and center right have been left well short of a majority we'll have analysis from our correspondent in stockholm also coming up
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tens of thousands of russians take to the streets in protest against the government's pension reforms hundreds of arrests are reported after the rallies push come as polls show falling support for russian president vladimir putin. and at the u.s. open twenty year old nomi osaka pulls off a stunning victory osaka becomes the first ever japanese born tennis player to win a grand slam after overcoming serina lumia in a dramatic final at flushing meadows. welcome to the program i'm marion evans dean swedish voters anti immigration message sweden democrat leader jimmy aka song says his party's a third place finish in the poll means it has gained a victory because on says the result means he'll. he in
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a position to wield what he called real influence but he's also offered to work with other parties when just something the mainstream center right and center left blogs have categorically rule down and the results for the state and democrats means the established parties will find it harder to form a government the outgoing social democratic bloc has a narrow lead over the center right moderates in both gaining around forty percent . on a short while ago i spoke with correspondent barbara van who's in stockholm i asked her i want to the far right gains mean for a country that's traditionally been viewed as a bastion of liberal values and it really means that the country seems to sort of take a new direction i mean sweden used to be the humanitarian superpower on the international stage for decades all was and there was sort of like a fix image swedens we liberal they are tolerant they are open they embrace other
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cultures and all this is now the question because it has shown that there is an underbelly of swedish politics and of course of swedish mentality of heart of the voters here of people in this country who don't agree was that anymore who feel insecure of who really do follow the calls off the right to being populist to sort of go in for the fear mongering that has been really dominant throughout this election campaign and who believe the slogans of the right wing populist that everything will be better once the migrants are completely blocked from sweden as many as possible thrown out that's really what it comes down to and yes it is a major change in direction for sweden. all right barbara you mentioned that it's clear that no party is going to be able to secure an outright majority so what's going to happen next just how long is it going to take until we see an established
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government in sweden. this can drag on because it used to be quite an easy system you had either the center left block or the center right block having the nose sort of first place and then the others would say ok we tolerate you and it was all sort of like a game that they had set rules that was already fixed from the beginning and this is not going to work anymore so they will have to sit down and say do can we sort of form different kinds of coalition they've for instance never had anything like the grand coalition in germany that means like a whole bunch of smaller parties would have to really sit down and think do we have things in common can we find common ground can we make compromises that is something that simply hasn't been done and it's going to take time and it will be very difficult so the old party system the old block system you know is also shared tonight and things will completely change and have to change on that front. barbara
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faisal reporting for us from stockholm many thanks indeed. well here in germany some two and a half thousand protesters followed the call of far right groups and marched through a town in the east of the country that was following the death of a twenty two year old german man marchers walked silently through the town of could ten which is about one hundred fifty kilometers southwest of berlin police say the german national died after an altercation with two afghan migrants an autopsy showed the cause of death was acute heart failure that was not directly linked to his injuries the afghan men have been taken into police custody. reports from syria say russian and syrian aircraft have resumed intensive air strikes in the province of its live eyewitnesses and a monitoring group told news agencies there were several fatalities the area is the
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last larger region in the country that's held by rebel forces observers say the army of president bashar assad is preparing a large scale assault to retake it live backed by russia and iran. there's hardly enough time to put out the fire in this town and seven if that. then a second strike happens. like one. of those who will look as though they're going to the lowest with the us a little low this member of the right helmets after several prayers after having been hit himself. the law. so loves it up as the trophy comes to his aid and now the blast goes off nearby. the footage shows how desperate the situation is for civilians in their lives and
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for those trying to rescue them. it's the second day of heavy bombardment in syria with reports of helicopters dropping barrel bombs on several rebel held tons and villages. this man from southern it has a son by his side the trying to escape the brunt of the airstrikes goodwin the city where. we were displaced by the russian strikes barrel bombs and shelling. they hit us with everything. and we're heading towards the northern area. you know and. they are not alone aid organizations say hundreds of families from it left are fleeing their homes so far the attacks if not hit a major city in an area that is home to three million people but the signs are not good president assad's forces are determined to end the conflict at whatever cost for civilians. and out to some of the other stories making news around the world
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with iraqi foreign ministry has condemned a missile attack by iran's revolutionary guard on a base of a kurdish separatist group of iranian t.v. showed footage of surface to surface missiles being fired at the democratic party of iranian kurdistan says at least eleven people were killed and fifty others wounded at its base in korea in iraq. thousands of people have marched in chile to remember the military coup forty five years ago demonstrators carried photos of some of the three thousand victims of the ensuing dictatorship some protesters clashed with police after the march. well thousands of russians have joined a nationwide rallies against the government's proposed pension reform. the plan would increase the pension age by five years to sixty five for men and just sixty for women the independent monitoring group ovi says police arrested hundreds of
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people anti corruption activist alex fein avali urged supporters to join the protests before he was sentenced to thirty days in prison for organizing an authorized public events. when joining us now from the russian capital of moscow bureau chief your overshadow good evening to you yuri so what more can you tell us about the extent of these protests are they only about this rather unpopular pension reform or is there more to it. well the pension reform is something that makes people in russia really angry as for today's protests marianna saying of ali an opposition politician who is in prison now you cited cold for these protests and at the end of the day much fewer people was on the streets this sunday than in his previous protests this was partly because not only wasn't there but also because young people are not so excited to protest
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against pension reforms and young people are actually the glee intel of not following nevertheless there were protests in all of russia with violent clashes with the police hundreds of russians have been arrested in nineteen cities a big bunch of them detained in st petersburg where the police arrested up to five hundred people though many people disapprove of that planned pension reform there is no real then joe danger to the president going to putin and his policies his rating has fallen but dramatically he also talked to people on television the other day and presented himself as a good president who has improved his somewhat well yuri along with all these widespread protests across russia today there are also local elections held for governors and regional parliaments what about those elections do any of the candidates pose
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a threat to putting the grip on power or that of his party. i don't think so since his reelection in march president vladimir putin has formally been in the saddle and saying through the election today he's got his people throughout the country now in almost all local governments and parliaments. as far as become see this election have no surprises the election campaign was at the request in a long time with no real competition in most regions in the us it is the result has already been taken for granted we spoke to the election observers from the goals it's an movement for defense of voters rides and they said that that state counted that's have been the running nearly opposed people who could compete with this those in power are not allowed to run at all the same situation by the way we have here in moscow where the mayor stood against gagnon a man or
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a practising protege of let me put in by the way he has a great chance to be reelected to why because instead of real opposition candidates he faced absolutely faceless candidates who was not at all dangerous for him and in that sense the election for mayor in moscow sums up the condition of democracy in all of russia all right here a shadow over importing from moscow many thanks. sports news now and germany's national soccer team have just had another chance to repair their reputation after their disastrous world cup campaign this summer they managed a workman like scoreless draw with world champions france in the nation of league on thursday but fans and critics expected more of them when they took on peru in a friendly you now have this look at how they fared by this wasn't exactly the performance coach you walk in love was hoping for some highs against peru but also plenty of lows germany failed to exploit their chances in the fast paced early
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stages marco toys alone wasted three golden opportunities in the first fifteen minutes and germany's defense once again looked porous allowing luis adding call the to open the scoring for peru after twenty two minutes i put the equaliser was not long in coming you liam brunt hitting the target after winning the ball deep in the opponent's half just three minutes later. germany didn't shine in the second half either five minutes from time nico schultz capital those dumb peru's defensive gaffe to net the winner in his debut for the national team two one the final score i will saturday's the u.s. open tennis final was somewhat overshadowed by a series of alberta's from runner ups are in a williams for which the six time champion received a seven hundred thousand dollar fine but while williams dispute with the umpire has dominated the headlines around the world in tokyo the fans are only interested in
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their champion twenty year old that only made history at flushing meadows and back in japan a country hailed its hero. this was the moment japanese foreign celebrated their new u.s. open champion i. they are be osaka is the first japanese board tennis player ever to read a grand slam. oh she might have moved to the u.s. that the age of just three but now more than ever fans here in tokyo walking to celebrate her as their own. i'm astonished to hear a japanese player has won the grand slam a mother will help us soccer will continue to do well since she's still young. paine hokkaido the pride of japan has one very special fact. i didn't expect to receive such a great present from a grandchild i hope she'll continue to perform well and avoid injuries. this with
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me. is making history at just twenty years old it's no wonder she's the toast of tokyo. and that's the latest from. there in evanston thanks for watching. news on. the answer. to these kinds of side by. people who put big dreams on the big screen.


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