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tv   Europe in Concert - Philipp Poisel Germany  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2018 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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if i think i have died in the us as hurricane foreign so many lives and londe across the states of north and south carolina it has been downgraded to a tropical storm but it is still bringing extremely heavy rainfall and dangerous storm surges hundreds i with ice power. they are watching state of the next. we make up oh but we want tons of coffee that hundred thirty five we are this summer some of this and. want to show you the continents future. part of enjoying our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams are going to their challenges to the seventy seven percent plus forty for africa majority.
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make sure it's mention that you must cling to it but. she got there by his and i mean and she can. be armed kind of in the mist and sense of. it comes to. the vest as we've been doing some behind. unleashed ailment and dancing to good luck churton zisha on playing the frog and reviving the bad boy that you know minus the chairmanship the i'm sure. your dish your. children home. from them five knots of sadness as you've done a martin bone thing to goes by. but after these.
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facts should've been best times and far share i'm sure one that in the long that schenk energy a woman that it's unsnarl for the moment is inside. climates and park and watch only should. do if you're. doing during. the service. some. joined up if it is due to friends and i should leave. the dishes. to do. good issues.
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with nothing left and a call from the answer to that soon sunstruck sometimes. the thing that counts insurance and since the time. it's me. that says we should do. this show. should. show known. as a good. thing or. cool
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. through north.
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they were both to have thanks have. well there should not and this one says he doesn't sit back. on the home stretch.
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for a day whom should. know me. from the. family. writing. to me. so for parents or friends. posts. trying to leave. their peace or. trying to shut scared and
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steve. you know i should i. go. there for just for. fun. she says. leave. her seat foreleg seat i've been. trying to secure you. to
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see you seem. to be very keen to keep and. bear carrying this new search area. shakspere steve. also seems to. call and seems to. call the c.d.c. . the c.d.c. . to. say. you know.
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deep. sea fair. and square feet. thank you these. both of you thanks. thank you you thank
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. you know. i leave charge of it in my mind my. own with. me and. steve sharper than i do us tomorrow five. i hear. you know. i think of it i'll go find a. shop could i just see. insert side shop even to the. side. of the. zero.
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zero feet of earth. in the that's. not her she's. five i. was a while back. hard to. find it. but i the minute to. meet i'll think of all. i do ya show me. i did try to come. off the street psych tunes from my. mind my. right. side. for the street. smart. fever. oh viveur.
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you. from my. ignition. and you. left. me and my shirt. was transferred to for. she. still. insists there. of do you say. sure. she'll be.
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in the end and. besides. spencer. dish her. ordinary. teeth. stirred. from you. big. ben near her feet again. in my shirt. sure they're.
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for. each side i start my. day should i. assume was. a deep old. susie. susie. susie.
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strike. do. thanks. for. the shirts our good shoes. i have sued. indeed sue sue
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. thank you.
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i'm. sure you. should be fine. for. which. the food.
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supplies some. and. we shall not. and i don't. doubt. that i am. asking for. further further.
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fast heard of. the situation from. a vending machine to find a. better friend. than most. of us and she must. sure shirt. because she my men are. there from different. sources. shish. i asked. each of us. and i asked. i mine shaft.
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and minus minus the furrows. for. fear fear fear. fear fear fear. i my own house. and my. sons' fear fear
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. perhaps.
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i this stress. writes a friend here. this fast says sharp.
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i vish from the. other the spy says she. actually did answer to all. concerned our marriage to. a man how special. was so fergus. and murray for her. to come speak on a stagger here to. fire duty leave or minus liveness best fire duty leave a minus leg spends fighting or didn't even mind then sleep. there.
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by the smell she told. her stomach for it and she. sort of your are you know every sign of mine read seventy. i this fast to all of. your ira means around. the city sherman the mind this living. and live by the river. and so the us and them are right. to come skynet just staggering to only. fight or would he leave a man in the sling. by duty leave
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a man the step. by duty leave him minus leave there. was. i was his friend. danged me me. but i'm the. firm i was i'm. the smartest and my own. acts. and their own the. just so recently.
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read or didn't. i don't understand. this further. you. i mean one when you are threatening the.
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new system. stovey and. call me or find some. good money for the front and. told farland told me he doesn't farm because he can tell them to pull its machine tool they'll move over the course and his friend here by the shop for over. to him. and see them some.
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positions on the. city found some. plants in service plans. come on chuck tunstall fine. but your money is either since i jumped one starts to get the job done stan grant shapps understands chapter ten cents because going. to be screened more as music or more has become more for. the moment because he's been more secure the moment should come so it's been more. oh oh. oh oh oh oh
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oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh. when they're. done some good. done some good thing. i'm suzanne some good. johnson serves that sounds fine shutting farber but your food is the liver should see it so shut up comes those gas sharks timespans chaplin's those good shotguns lasky screamo i specifically. ask you spam or ask
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her might describe her as coming. as kids going more shop than susskind. hong. kong. i never heard. and seen it done so i'm going to. learn some good. gunslinger good. service for. my music in the first instance of
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such nonsense and as such a film star first couple times first person judge comes first disagree moment i suppose the morning i was considering. as mr marlowe more might i suggest going to morrow morning i suppose the morning must be something more murder be sharper than first because from morning.
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love. me. love love. love love. love. love love. love. such destruction for. his english roots it's
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a shock sometimes shocks comes last gasp circumstance grabs shut comes us kissed among us kissed her eyes because. as kissed her ass kissed her i slipped her. the more moon dust. bowl. has. come up. oh. shucks a global. flood. player
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. stocks are close. to her. class.
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thank you. thank you thank. you. thank you. thank. you. thank. you.
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sure. i miss said often. i'm sure. a shirt. nerd i'm. sure.
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sure. exactly that's used for. my sister i need to finish oh. oh. oh oh mary i'm. sure.
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i'm. crying.
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thank you. thank. you. there is an unusual treasure at the bottom of the adriatic sea. off the coast of croatia there am for us they contain wine ages for about two years customers then retrieve the wine themselves. so what makes this exclusive beverage so special. your robotics thirty minute d.w. . fun
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beethoven. his work goddess fortunately. the mushroom and feed. the children finished off twenty. the first time doing it. very quietly credible it's a whole new world of mine in cyberspace on the street will love sickness anything of the first and sexual frustration true i still have to get me to these robot you know resist exploring new frontier is in sex and love three. stunts attend the twenty fifth on to w. . after.
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the odd odd. this is day to day news coming to you live from berlin a trail of destruction tropical storm florence pall over the east coast of the u.s. with gusting winds and heavy rain five people are dead and hundreds need to be rescued the national hurricane center sais that the danger is far from over also coming up. the strongest storm this year barrels across the philippines typhoon my .


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