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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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our. the opportunity for. starts october third on t w. this is the news coming to live from berlin does the house is trying to africa's biggest make more than one hundred passengers drowned as a ferry capsized in lake victoria scores of people are still missing and pursue the expected death so drives. a bad beat. even bus that's. puts a conservatives on their noses food raising put two decades in the far right or
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turned into for germany meanwhile by now the country's second biggest party. and. the scramble to get aid into the drive into that. fighting gives civilians there a moment of rest tight many have fled violence and settle in syria. more than one hundred people have died after a ferry carrying more than four hundred passengers sank on the victoria and tanzania water risk if it's all still a day after the disaster officials say chances of finding more survivors is low and the death toll is expected to rise. about one hundred people have been rescued so far thirty two i said to be in a critical condition the ferry sank to the shore between the islands of korea and
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google or people in the region have been expressing their sadness and anger or what many believe was an avoidable tragedy. and for the very latest on the situation correspondent catherine bond joins me from nairobi katherine what's the latest from the disaster site and initial thoughts on the cause of the tragedy well now the rescue mission has officially turned into a recovery mission the tanzanian navy doesn't expect to find any more survivors from here on out dozens of bodies have been retrieved within the last couple of hours and they expect to retrieve dozens more given that day was a market day there was a lot more people using the ferry and it's not quite clear still just the exact number of how many people were on this particular ferry and rita. as we heard many people are very angry about the frequency of accidents like this one why do we keep
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seeing disasters on lake victoria. well other than the fact that lake victoria has rough water the main issue is overcrowding of these particular ferries this particular ferry had a capacity of one hundred people but then it was carrying well over that local authorities put that number between three hundred and four hundred people on board and this is including livestock including merchandise including things like cement and you know means bags of maize so it was it was overloaded it was carrying more than it's capacity and this is mainly the reason why a lot of boats go down on lake victoria and cats have been any attempts made to improve safety on the waters of lake victoria. well governments this is uganda kenya and tanzania have been looking into ways to maintain this ferry in fact this particular ferry had undergone maintainance in the
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last couple of months it had its two engines over hold the issue is probably just implementation of the regulations that govern how many people get on board these ferries there are regulations that say that you shouldn't exceed the number of people required on the ferry but then now implementation down on the ground is one thing and that's probably what governments are going to look forward or look into going forward how to implement so that these ferries that just carrying what they can bear. to do in nairobi thank you very much for that update. look at some of the stories making news around the bond jim authorities are struggling to contain a more land fire dr spock's by minute gone or all right the fire in the state of saxony has been burning for nearly three weeks it has spread to an area the size of one thousand football fields threatening to residential communities. the dead still
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for one once in landslide and center philippines has risen to twenty two dozens of other people are still missing authorities forcibly evacuated people from five villages driskell for the landslides off to days of heavy rains brought by typhoon could. the president of vietnam john di kwang has died at the age of sixty one state media says president had suffered a serious illness and had been treated both at home and abroad he was vietnam's president since two thousand and sixteen. authorities in peru have recovered more than seven hundred artifacts which had been stolen from the country been clute prehistoric relics from various civilizations in the andean nation the items that are repatriated from europe the u.s. and other latin american countries. the chancellor angela merkel is under
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increasing pressure after the results of a new poll here in germany only twenty eight percent of voters surveyed backed america's conservatives the last share in over two decades. showed that the far right alternative for germany has overtaken the center left to become the country's second biggest party for the first time ever with strife within a coalition and thirteen opposition some are asking for how long can the chancellor hold on. it was still business as usual at german chancellor angela merkel's weekly cabinet meeting yet the struggle to keep her coalition together is increasingly taking its toll. the latest germany trend by public broadcaster a.r.d. again sees machall coalition government lose its overall majority the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. drops to twenty eight percent its worst result ever social democratic coalition partner s.p.d. is down to seventeen percent while the far right party has become the second
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strongest political force for the first time polling for the remaining parties has remained the same. weeks of public wrangling over what really happened on the streets of chemists with e.s.d. and the extremist right closed ranks in demonstrations and the constant power struggle between matter and her interior minister horses. have hurt the government the promotion of germany's chief spy hans-georg masson a medical critic as a compromise way to remove him from office also appears to be backfiring on the very man who had the idea. machall critic and interior minister horsy who his approval ratings have plummeted eleven points since april to twenty eight percent. the head of the various conservative c.s.u. party is facing increasing criticism from within his own party ranks this latest poll again suggests the coalition wrangling is
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a major problem and is playing into the hands of the far right. and for some analysis to the obvious chief political editor joins me from up on i'm interested us as we saw gains for the far right if he according to the latest making is the second strongest party in the country what does this mean for america well it means that the pressure from the right certainly growing and that is really . just an expression of the weakness of her own coalition government right now i'm going to map is used to pressure she's used to pressure from the right but with her interior minister horse playing up in her own government and not being afraid of once again forcing upon her a potential government crisis which was now really averted. sounds they're weakened and also very visibly weakened for her european partners as well she knows she needs to find something to tackle the a d.
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from the right this latest poll puts it in second position but then again let's put a health warning on those polls we've learned that over the past two years and one of the reasons for these losses the survey shows both the conservative blog which i love america and the coalition part of the s.p.d. have lost support. yes appears to be really a punishment by the voters who thought it was rather an appetizing what they had to see over the past weeks this wrangling over these chiefs by somebody who clearly challenge somebody who's not in a political position makes political statements and is then promoted to get rid of him into a more political position is also sounds rather complicated but in the end it boils down to the coalition being busy with itself and that's something the voters don't seem to approve of and you put a health warning on this but we have to remember there has been a fair bit of infighting within the coalition government and within the
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conservative bloc if this goes on could the country be heading for fresh elections . well we certainly first of all have those recent elections coming up in bavaria anything could really happen after that but the expectation really is that hospital for who's also the head of the variances the party might not survive those elections this would throw a lot of questions into the open but it could also then be a relief for german chancellor merkel i think where we stand right now were far way off fresh elections and we're certainly seeing views made its prime task together with the social democrats a coalition partner to avoid that pretty much any cost even if it means their own credibility. if political editor we can occur thank you very much. america is not the only european leader facing a tough time british prime minister to resign is also under new pressure after a breadth of blueprint was rejected by the european union at
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a summit in salzburg austria on thursday the u.k. media has branded the summit a humiliation to reason many had hopes to get support from the european counterparts on a so-called checkers plan for britain's exit from the e.u. instead the european council president said may's proposals would not work and that they would undermine the single market maze plans face a crucial test of britain's conservative party conference which gets under way at the end of the month. for some perspective the news is a reporter alex forrest whiting joins me welcome. book some i did not go as the reason why you would have wished in fact some british media using was accumulation disaster what went wrong well i think that those people those allies with two reason may at number ten downing street really thought that the world's going to be more accommodating there be more sympathy for her given what's going on back home with her with the domestic politics
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a bit in the end it was decided and donald tusk presented this that actually it wasn't going to work with the e.u. principles particularly freedom of movement and also this big question over the irish border what they going to do with ireland and northern ireland northern ireland of course being in the u.k. so how would that border work and donald tusk himself even posting a picture of cakes on social media on his instagram account which appeared to be mocking the british in which he said some cakes perhaps sorry no cherries in other words the u.k. cannot cherry pick what it wants from the e.u. post breaks it so they say a strong message meanwhile the clock is ticking the brig's a deadline is march next year after this unsuccessful summit what next when it's very very. difficult for two reason may put her in an extremely uncomfortable position as if she hasn't been won already she's got these breck cities who are lining up against her already we've had these resignations over the summer such as
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the former foreign secretary boris johnson you've also got these pro remain is who are angry with this check is deal she's got to face her party at the conservative party conference in just over a week many of these people lining up against her they've only got to get a vote of around fifteen percent of tory m.p.'s within the party to say that they want a vote of no confidence in theresa may so it's very difficult for her i think that we've moved a step forwards towards a new deal possibly to another general election maybe even closer to another referendum everything at the moment i believe is to be played for right alex forrest whiting thank you very much. to china now where up to a million muslims have been sent to education camps in the last year there reportedly dozens of them into junk province where mostly members of the we go muslim minority are thought to be held for political indoctrination china has
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defended the camps as part of a vital security move guarding against militants and separatists this after caused by germany and france for the camps closure now there is evidence that really good children are being detained and sent to state often just far away from their parents activists see the camps as an effort to dissolve the identity and culture of proud ethnic minority. with its music and cartoon characters. kindergarten seems like just another place for kids to have fun but the barbed wire and barricading betray its real purpose as a de facto prison for children. among those believed to be inside are the children of we merit. a deal mohamed and abdullah. from clothing to fit it's all chinese they're indoctrinating them with chinese culture and chinese customs so they sell their
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back in there no living in turkey all but one of mera pets children were taken away while she was abroad caring for her sick father. as well i wanted them to grow up with me i feel horrible. there isn't a day that goes by where i don't cry or. state security are always on high alert and she and jang province home to china as we go community. are people rocked by past and prone to protest. we were and it is where the government is accused of a brutal crackdown that has seen more than one million muslim center indoctrination camps like this on since last year. official response is a deep in the language of anti terrorism. she injunction the
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measures are intended to promote stability development harmony and people's livelihoods and at the same time strike against ethnic separatists and terrorist opposition movements. back in turkey hard words for grieving mothers like mary pat but faith and family help. if god gave me another chance to speak to my children i would say. i'm so sorry my children all of. a systematic separation of parents and children. fears that beijing is on a campaign to raise identity one we're child at a time. the united nations is warned that the turkish russian deal to delay a major offensive in service of province may not prevent war fighting there the deal leaves room for syrian forces to take on terrorist organizations many of whose
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fighters live side by side with civilians it's the plight of lives three million civilians many of former fed fighting elsewhere and syria that has now become a priority organizations like the red crescent are desperate to get rid of them before the bullets start flying again. one hundred ports from what i on the turkish side of the border with syria. did. everyone on time is short these aid packages are bound for the syrian border. but there are still empty boxes here at the red crescent depot in how tight. aku induce helps with packing even though it isn't one of his usual tasks he's the chief coordinator of his organization's aid to syria we're going to. things we can care for one hundred twenty five thousand people from head to toe in the camps for
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displaced people an adlib. but in order for all this to go smoothly it's crucial for the transport to go quickly and be well organized. in one corner of the warehouse there is a display of what the red crescent workers take across the border to shoes toys washing powder hygiene supplies food and cooking utensils food into the getting the need in this most of the families there have been displaced in the province of live alone there are more than four hundred camps and the people there have a very hard time getting by. most of them have lost absolutely everything they once had. turkey has taken in more refugees than any other country about three point five million syrians now live on this side of the border three years ago president out on the side of the country could not host anymore and effectively close the border since then turkey has been trying to keep refugees on the syrian side and
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give them aid over there. and to further its effort to prevent more syrians from crossing the border turkey has been building a wall it's more than eight hundred kilometers long and still expanding. and the red crescent truck arrives at the border crossing. with i am not allowed to accompany them. during journalists are not permitted at the moment to cross into it . but the aid workers have showed me this video from the red crescent it gives an impression of the scale of their mission. on the outskirts of bombed out syrian cities new tent cities are being built. he said and
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honestly i am not all are as tidy as the camp filmed by the drones these images are from the syrian village of very close to the turkish border more than three million people are now living in the province of it house of them have fled fighting in other parts of syria. has returned from his eighth delivery in it he says the people there are more optimistic since a feared large scale offensive by the syrian army was for now a very it's a glimmer of hope but no more. we bring our aid supplies into the people there and we leave again but they are always there day and night for them explosions and bomb attacks have become a part of their daily reality for the children too that's very hard for me to take let's hope that this fighting truly comes to an end and all these displaced people can return to their cities because. the red crescent sends aid convoys
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across the border at least four to five times a week not conducive makes his way back to her tie in turkey the next transports need to be prepared. so that both by. also been looking at the turkish economy god is it me should be looking at the economic problems facing the country. because turkey on the cops its growth forecast in half for this year and next this comes as turkish finance minister baron travels to berlin today carrying some really heavy economic luggage plans by forty percent this year over concerns about present influence on monetary policy and there's also a deep rift with the united states inflation is now over twenty percent and the situation is getting worse every day as our correspondent found out in istanbul. knowledge is staff still have work to do but it gets harder by the day eight years
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ago he set up on his own as a silversmith in istanbul each piece is hand crafted it's hard work and until recently it's paid off. but the currency crisis has changed everything silver has to be imported and paid for in dollars as a result the cost has skyrocketed and with people worried about their finances they're buying less jewelry. will move you know if we're going to sing half as much as last year. and are in the red in terms of profit. but other people are even worse off i've had people who've had to shut down their businesses coming to me to ask if i could take on some of their stuff. in one market for the baths i have the question is what i think you want to do the move will be in your small businesses like nas are especially badly hit but larger companies are struggling to
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the lure us to climb has made loans taken action dollars or euros far harder to pay back all over turkey people can see that the notes coming out of the a.t.m. are losing value. phones have become more expensive they now cost fifteen hundred two thousand lire more than before as well as food transport everything. to call it the truth which in all the chocolate i buy for the kids first it cost one lira and one fifteen now it costs to layer a market even at a discount supermarkets are no longer cheap. in their elected government the answer is that he companies are pretty much robbing us blind they put their prices up every month to the mcleods carom alcan is an economist and business columnist at the pro-government newspaper sabah he admits that there are problems but he insists it's not the president's fault and that the conditions for recovery are in place. the mobile growth for the next one and
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a whole few years mostly be about the trees and export the fix for the growth we will find the way to decrease the government expenditures. and after the decision period we will begin to see easily two point five four percent or higher than four per cent for g.d.p. growth between two thousand and twenty two two thousand and twenty three for. twenty twenty three could be too late he's not even sure if his business will be able to stay afloat until the end of this year. can't seem to get out of crisis mode next month employees will be sent home as the production line is shut down for a week or lost money for two decades year ago it's for moner general motors sold the ailing company to france's p.s.l. . financial correspondent in frankfurt
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just two months ago you and i discussed p.s.a. the french honorable announcing an operating profit of five hundred million euros for the first half of this year and that was the first profit in twenty years and now this. yeah exactly and it seems that the open and that's how they are called will even have more travel we are hearing that also from october or are in different production facilities around germany but also in poland there will be beside what you just mentioned also on forest mandatory reduced working hours and all of this is not really creating a good spirit at the moment we are hearing that the worker is trying to get should gather with the management of opel to discuss this issue and yes it was really a surprise when we talked to months ago that opel after twenty. two years was back
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in the winning zone we have to remember that under the ownership of general motors this was never the case has also had to do with this and now you know that opel was not allowed to do business with all the countries they wanted to do business with that's now under the ownership of appears a from friends a differend but yeah it's going to be a very interesting they have at least for the moment guarantee a job guarantee on two twenty eight twenty three but you can feel that the open liners here are very much under pressure on the open front but thank you very much . no fitness trucker no insurance that appears to be the new rule or one of america's oldest life insurance companies john hancock the company now makes new customers where the health monitoring device is that the insurer can access if customers achieve their fitness goals they pay a small a premium if the pension customers refused to whether tracker john hancock will turn them down the company says that everyone profits from the measure customers
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are healthier and live longer but consumer protection advocates fear the information could be misused by selling it to data brokers for example. that's all your business news here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here and it's very from tanzania as capsized on lake victoria killing scores of people officials fear the death toll could reach the hundreds. the first poll shows germany's chancellor angela merkel's conservatives have sunk to their lowest rating in over twenty years the same time the far right dean have surged to become germany's second most popular party. that's it europe is very much indeed news from berlin more news coming at the top of the hour if you can't wait that long as over the web site w dot. thank you very much for watching. the first.
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couple. more intrigue international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week under the host government is once again being threatening to include commentators are saying that the only thing that binds the coalition together piece mutual mistrust so groups mean for germany and for europe find out shortly quadriga
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anytime anywhere. w.b.'s a. story so that people of the world over information they provide the paintings they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date and in touch and follow us. hello and a very well more committee to quadriga coming to you from the homes of the late and exactly one year after the last september's national election angela merkel's government has this week once again been threatening to full of parts of the sea it's the latest bones of contention it was this.


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