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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin around says it will not be moved as top u.s. sanctions come into force they target the oil and the financial sectors but tehran says it will circumvent the measures europe has also repeated its opposition to that also coming out. as the competition heats up to find a successor to all of machall her c.d.u. is split over its future course the members are calling for a return to its conservative roots. and tapping into
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a new creative vibe in africa a contemporary art fair in nigeria showcasing some of the best the continent has to offer we'll talk with one artist who's made it big. and in the bundesliga claude bach are back to their winning ways they beat dozens or for three no to climb to second in the table let me bring you the goals from sunday's match. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show iranian president hassan rouhani has vowed to bypass u.s. sanctions calling them illegal washington reinstated the measures as expected a few hours ago following its withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal in may now these restrictions target all key areas of the iranian economy including the oil financial and shipping sectors. at markets like this one iranians have been feeling
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the costs of sanctions long before they came into effect the mere threat has sent inflation soaring and prices doubling in just a year leaving household budgets squeezed there was a man here today who did not have money to buy a lotion for his baby because the economic situation is getting worse the people are very poor and times are hard the children on the effects are felt beyond the bazaar with iran's oil and finance sector major international companies are withdrawing from tehran at this advertisement business they have had to sack several stuff. that's really heartbreaking it's heartbreaking for the people that we talk to to say that i'm so sorry there is no business and therefore if there's no business i cannot give you a job they've studied they're excited about what they want to do in the future. now hope is being taken away from them the man behind the sanctions u.s.
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president donald trump hopes they will maximize pressure on iran iran sanctions are very strong the strongest sanctions result for a vote. we'll see what our friends were the rock but they're not doing very well i can tell you iran is not doing very well but the regime shows little sign of conceding on sunday parliamentarian show to death to america. leo chants of the arena and revolution take on new force in the face of the sanctions to run them economic war. so where's this headed with me now in the studio is correspondent and iran expert to research good morning tree so we saw some big demonstrations for the regime in tehran this weekend how are these sanctions likely to affect the support publicly for the reigning leadership well they certainly bring out the islamic republic's most vocal supporter the that's the
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hardliners they have always been critical of the nuclear agreement and didn't supported that much in the first place and yesterday they took to the streets in tehran to mark the anniversary of the caesar of the u.s. embassy in tehran back during the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine and by that of course they showed their support for religious leader ayatollah ali khamenei. but that's the people who have always supported him and do that no matter what but there are also other people of course who do blame the iranian government for not better protecting them against the sanctions because it's the ordinary people that suffer most with food prices up fifty percent according to iran central bank and unemployment high so there is full support and criticism ok is the regime likely to back down to support enough to to keep it in place washington says it's all about curbing arounds ballistic missiles its nuclear program and what it calls around support for terror well so father iranian regime
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doesn't show any. signs that it's going to back down and president rouhani said we've heard that he's willing to just bypass these sanctions and sell oil no matter what and you have to know that ballistic missile program is not really in the hands of the iranian government anyway that's in the hands of the revolutionary guard that's a powerful group designed to protect the islamic revolution so a confrontation with a favorite enemy of the u.s. is not something they fear in fact it justifies their existence so they resist and . ok you know they also the regime is saying it has plans to get around the sanctions what might that do well they've got a lot of practice with that because during the past decade sanctions went in place for a number of years for example the two to two thousand and twelve sanctions and there were a lot of people who made a business out of getting around those sanctions with bank accounts and third
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countries or with just relabeling goods for imports so it's not a problem with the sanctions and they got quite rich doing that so they've got a plan for that and you also have to know that the nuclear deal was not a deal between iran and the u.s. all be like russia china and europe were also involved and they already say that they are taking measures to find ways to still do business with iran and also buy and sell oil to research robert thanks very much about this one interesting. now for some of the other stories making the news today the first group of central americans traveling in a caravan through mexico have reached that country's capital mexico city there are still about one thousand kilometers from the united states where they intend to seek asylum president trump has ordered thousands of u.s. troops to the border with mexico to stop them from entering. lawyers for two reuters reporters jailed in me and maher have filed an appeal against their
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convictions in a state secrets case the appeal cited evidence of a police cover up and a lack of proof. while low on and chopped so were sentenced to seventy years in prison back in september. thousands of lights in the moat around the tower of london were lit sunday ahead of the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war the ceremony has been called beyond the deepening shadow an estimated thirty seven million people died during world war one which ended with an armistice in november of one thousand nine hundred. storms in italy have killed at least twenty nine people this week in sicily nine members of two families lost their lives in the same house when trench will rains and high winds cause the nearby river to burst its banks forecasters are warning more bad weather lies ahead. they were just trying to enjoy the long
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weekend when the house was flooded nine family members including a baby in two children dead all my family is dead christ the father over and over again really this global. war. two families had gathered in a society and country villa going to a nearby river and gorge by heavy rainfall burst its banks. when the richer than it was so that that when these tragedies happen they happen suddenly they do not give you any warning because until yesterday afternoon it was fine here we don't know i'm so sorry for these children it breaks my heart for these children knowing what happened three other people died on the island when their cars were swept away. after surveying the area from the air prime minister. commented on the recent events or. already announced that next week in the cabinet
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will declare a state of emergency for all the regions that need it sicily has already requested we declare a state of emergency but i think this request will be updated in light of the recent tragedies. of the. heavy storms have battered the whole of italy for a week with the country's north being hit especially hard thousands of trees like here in the vonetta region uprooted in just a few days. more than two hundred million euros have already been earmarked for relief but damage estimates are in the billions and warnings for extreme weather are still in place six italian regions remain on high alert for new storms. well here in germany top leaders from townsell medical's christian democrats are meeting at their berlin headquarters to discuss the party's future without her one sticking point is whether the party should return to its
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conservative roots or remain more centrist as it has under american chancellor says she intends to remain in that post intellects ins and twenty twenty one but her replacement as party leader will be voted on during a wider party conference that's coming up next month. let's turn to our political chorus of bond and simon young standing by at c.u. headquarters right now good morning simon where is all the machal c.d.u. heading after and suffered some crossing losses in two recent state elections. well brian it's certainly thinking about how it can renew itself and what it can teach back to cope with its of its core supporters its traditional supporters and as you say a lot of people have been framing this as centrally as a battle between the liberal centrism that's represented by angola medical and i'm also destroyed conservatism that some of the candidates have already thrown their
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hat into the ring represented of course the poets he should give it a long and careful thought because these opportunities don't come along very long don't forget angle america has been party leader of the c.d.u. for eighteen years ok so i'm in it with all these cross currents in the party right now con can make it through to twenty twenty one as chancellor. you know that really depends on who emerges from this process over the next few weeks to decide the new party leader. in charge of the party and a lot of people are suggesting that it could be a name from the post rich man's a man who many thought had disappeared from politics but he was the man that angle just saw a when she became leader of the christian democrat party if he comes back not an easy does he hold that grudge perhaps still as many are saying but he also
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represents that conservative line and he may see she's charts at some point in the next year or two to push himself forward to essentially forced. to step down from the chancellorship before twenty twenty one that could happen. as the c.d.u. battling it out right now inside the party leaders of the coalition partners the social democrats they're also meeting how serious is the situation for them they have also seen dramatic and historic losses in those state elections could this coalition fall apart. well i mean it could do at the moment the social democrats have got a difficult they've got a difficult job because they go to assess why they lost such supports their national support he said now to be around thirteen percent only around the same level as the far right a f d and some are suggesting it could drop even more than
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that but that's the problem for them if they say well in order to win back voters we need to pull out of a coalition government that would probably force a new election and a new election could be they opportunity for them to do even worse at the polls so for the s.p.d. at the moment most people over there are saying well you know we'll stay with angle america's government but we'll try and make sure that people understand more what we bring to that government. thanks so much for that this morning from in front of you headquarters. some football to the bundesliga now where munching blood bark went into sunday's derby clash against knowing a win would see them leap frog byron munich in the second place and they did just that even if it did take them a bit of time to warm up. the only fire the local davi came in the stands in the on the. clock back found it hard to break down a packed defense they were reduced to
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a few shots from distance and the home fans were not amused at the time. there was also a whistle at the start of the second period this time from the rick three. i hand was a gesture of common the full replay showed it had been a slight decision. told in has the right i and midway through the second half i had was again the full guy with a poor pass. that back took full advantage and eunice huffman made it to nail. the bulls were coasting to victory and has not scored a third after eighty two minutes. of home when the dove easily just golf in the dumps. to second. or braman have been one of the surprises of the bundesliga season so far but mines burst their
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bubble with a two one when now minds did not look like a team that had been on a seven game losing streak john felipe imitator put them in a front just twenty five minutes in punishing the passive braman defense and john felipe. cracking strike from distance doubled minds his advantage shortly after the break. and the ageless cloudy opus r.-o. made it a game in the seventy eighth minute but it wasn't enough to rescue a point for brain and. some boxing now in the retired floyd mayweather jr has decided to make a shock comeback the fourth largest artist conor mcgregor it was a boxing rules match grossing of seventy million dollars. may wethers never been in an actual professional mixed martial arts fight before and as you'll hear now he says the rules of the upcoming bout are still to be discussed. as people my team are pretty sure we want to be honest and. i mean you know one thing we have to do
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we. have that we have to have rules as rules and regulations to everything that we do in life so i'm pretty sure we'll speak with. the guys from our team we are going to say. so we both walked into we have to do. well was africa's biggest international art fair has opened in the nigerian city of lagos art x. lagos showcasing more than sixty artists from fifteen african nations the curator says the fairs tapping into a new creative vibe that's transforming the art world across the continent one artist hoping the event will bring him international recognition is gerald w. had a chance to catch up with him old. used to be charge cards anything people would normally called see that has wakes jiro chew kumar uses this group materials for his thoughts works. and his latest series is called green
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cool. if you look at the face which is why as a wrinkle series you can find a note of grooves and the wrinkles tell how much we have shown it in this life and. the people who have more. from my experience have more stories. to cooma says as a checkout he always wanted to be an artist but back then it wasn't really recognized as a real job so it was difficult to get support from his parents to study arts after university he added to struggle to pay for school himself sometimes i have to go to hock. from princeton to cab making justices to bintan portrayed i did everything signpost i did everything to try to pay my school
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fees. things are very different these days. there's a growing appreciation for office in the country especially in lagos. public spaces attending into canvases for artists they say the vibrant city feels the a creative itsy. many people no longer of course see god as just a hobby it's becoming more acceptable as the full time profession out just like you come out once more exposure are brought. such as why he's executing and selling his ass walks that's west africa's first international art fair at ex lagos this one costs twenty five thousand u.s. dollars the fish kisses established and upcoming artists and galleries from different parts of africa international curators and collect rose.
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gallery a sioux stands miri humbert says events like this help promote african artists i think that it's important to recognize the talent that we have within the continent and i think it's also very the timing is is is amazing as well i feel like there's a this really a creative vibe that's going through their entire continent where we are recognizing ourselves for our talents and we are showing them and being proud of showing our talents are x. takes place every year this is it said here to kumar says the fair has helped seem to receive more recognition outside the for country but he says for him art is not a path to money it's he's lying. the twenty fifth m.t.v. europe music awards were held in spain last night and there was a very big winner. live
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cuban american singer songwriter scooping a quartet of prizes including best artist american rapper nicki minaj taking home the prizes for best hip hop artist best look and the global icon award going to janet jackson who paid tribute to me to movement in her speech. but the night belonged very much to the twenty one year old comedic debate. over the guard now china promising to improve access to its massive market as our brand despite the trade war with the us president xi jinping has pledged to boost imports and remove market barriers but as far as details go he's keeping his cards close to his chest the announcement came more the form of a propaganda events president spoke at the opening of an import export fair in shanghai with about three thousand companies from one hundred thirty countries
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exhibit goods and services this week the u.s. has placed extra tariffs on a lot of u.s. imports from china and the threaten to intensify the problem with even more tariffs . now let's bring in our financial correspondent. from the front that started to change a current germany's economy is so dependent on exports and finds itself rather the middle of the u.s. china trades but how are companies coping. well guess what there are a few companies at least that think that they can benefit from the trade spat for example the boss of asia pacific department just told the german newspaper hundreds plot that he thinks the bank can position itself in china as an alternative to american banks but of course here though it's a bank is an exception most german companies are complaining how much of a negative impact you know the trade spat and the tariffs already have had on
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revenues and we've seen a large amount of profit warnings here on the stock trading floors during the third quarter and as you remember the german dax the share index here also has lost i round about ten percent during the third quarter of this year. briefly if you can how markets in germany and europe started the week. slightly up beat start here in frankfurt and in most parts of europe there is a bit of a positive reaction on the markets too to the fact that the banks in the european union all have passed the stress tests more or less ok. conor buson in frankfurt thank you. this tuesday voters in the u.s. go to the polls to elect a new congress out of the poll called midterm elections because it is held right in the middle of a president's term in office republicans praise president of trump's economic
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policies since taking office he's lowered corporate taxes imposed import tariffs on steel and many other goods. abrogated free trade stretes and last year exited the paris climate agreement meanwhile america's economy is summering along and showing strong growth took office in twenty sixteen u.s. g.d.p. clocked in at eighteen point six trillion dollars this year it will probably be more than twenty trillion unemployment also continues to fall but it's a doll with trend that started in obama's first term in office it continued despite moved into the white house going from four point nine percent to twenty six teams now three point nine percent. still for many americans the booming economy is just not translating into real life improvements as fast as they had hoped for. richmond virginia a success story of the booming u.s.
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economy and to trump long gone are the days that big tobacco was synonymous for richmond economic progress the economic strength of the state's capital is empowering king finance and biotechnology now at richmond success is in stark contrast to other parts of virginia this is reno southwest of richmond in the blue ridge mountains of the appalachian region the old railroad town and transportation hub is home to three hundred thousand residents twain yun see is editorial page editor at the times and reports on the region's economic woes the number one industry right now is health care. the big employer years ago used to be the were the hospital chain the further west you go out of roanoke in the more rural areas. the less fortunate the economy will be welcome to burst still virginia the birthplace of country music literally seventeen thousand residents live on the
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virginia side of town twenty six thousand more in the part that is in tennessee the state line goes right through town in the middle of personal stage street city manager randall eats just about a year in the job is taking us on a city tour and his golf cart still has a poverty rate of twenty three point six percent the town just lost another major employer a total of four hundred seventy people will soon be out of a job what was once the local go to shopping mall is no more that's reality in bristol despite trump anomic record job growth and tax reform the economy is a more complex than just one quarter being in control or one president being in control people will say that. mr trump is the one who has made the economy boom right now others will say that it was because of president obama i don't think either one can a silly take credit there is hope a chinese company bought american merchant to mostar textile production impersonal city and that's a few hundred new jobs desperately needed
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a local private investor wants to invest they want to build a casino resort here that is thinking big and outside the box as city manager brandy and that is a must for still in this positive economic climate because you know worst case scenario is we have a situation where the national economy takes a dip and we go into a recession or depression. bristol will feel the brunt of that at some point and when that happens if we continue to lose businesses if people feel to spring and then bristol will have a true had a client despite the current strong national economy people who need more investors and businesses betting on for still. and that's all your business here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here t w e. a lot of states has reinstated all sanctions on iran the measures target old key areas of the conscious economy including the oil financial shipping sectors tehran says it will
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break the sanctions by selling its oil. i'm here in germany are the americans conservative c.d.u. policy have been meeting to discuss the way forward after markel announced she was stepping down the party is at all its over whether to move to the right to counter the threat from populists over there to continue to occupy the center ground as a taas on the mouth. of such up to date you're watching news from a vote in the us more news coming at the top of the hour in the meantime if you can't wait that long go to our web site which is of course us d.w. dot com thank you very much for joining me in the studio.
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and. mysterious cinco. on the shores of the d.n.c. . the other people with more coming every day. is really researchers have learned to predict the perilous things now they're working on an early warning system forcing callers. to do the next on t w. the armed forces are under pressure battling recruitment problems a lack of equipment limited budgets at the national tennis we have ten divisions
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