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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 10  Deutsche Welle  November 6, 2018 8:30am-9:00am CET

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people here don't have a clue about feminism but there are women who want to instigate change in every day looking for justice to quality. under the skin of russia's women starts november thirteenth to double. up i. believe. when you're on the run problems for roll right off your back you don't play mesmerize like first place still undefeated and they can't stop storing who
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scored this time in full support and how. their issues i was mostly to have you don't i get told already tore my hopes are even real but if you're on a bad run like byron you need to know which way will get you back on track. especially against feisty freiburg any thoughts from our. what to do when he can't get into the game but you just want to get off the grounds like shall. keep pushing or try something crazy. and shell to turn it around against time over today i'm happy with the mentality of the team . that's when i can smell. the fake smiles trying to fight for the turn around. hold on tight he just might go on a run. well come to match day ten on can't call.
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well spoken facing down a big test that's clear for fans and players alike. league leading toward minturn town an event flying high at the moment. i don't i want to stay way up at the top of the table with that deadly attack firing on all cylinders the plan is pretty clear just get one more than the opposition. and mike that doesn't want. any of us expected wolfsburg are really tough moment to stop the forwards and you grounded top and stuff like the top post but clearly want to impress by the visitors. it was a good team but i didn't i didn't think they paid their best game today. is true but in response to it might have developed a new key to drag a ball better said to him. thomas delaney.
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and acts of it so the preferred declining midfield pair of coach to see him fast. the two of them knock down the whole midfield which is critical when the goal machine specialist. well short months have averaged over three goals a match this was the only one i put away at full speed of. one element twenty seven minutes thanks to marco forced with delaney heading in the assists. top minutes next big chance came in the matches one minutes but the a couple nason left his finishing perhaps at home. you've got to finish that by courage. yes interview we should have made it. you know there is
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no i don't know what happened after the half. mistrust perceive it seems clear to us don't spark had been on good phone i don't mind have looked suspect in the back door and barely allow the moves any chances. i. thanks especially to delaney and fit so. they pressured relentlessly setting off the attack. and they never shied away from tackles at the back. providing perfect cover for daughter and young back for. i. am going to jobs on the back they jumped into the attack pit and any purses with royce and then one straight on goal. at the pass didn't get through the door on and off and couldn't find its rhythm against most sports. but that's ok
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right. now humans are yeah it was high time we won in a way match one nil like this and it did us a lot of good we feel good about it and the team did very well as as a group. has policy don't mean to fifteen straight matches without a last. two and a still story even if it wasn't a go fest. in only excitement the coach practically forgot the unusual game when i . was young oh yeah marco scored with us had. not usually writes a speciality. in history but can score there i never can it was once more. but the family celebrated attacking stars know who they really have to thank for these three vote points that defense. the brasier
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top man remains at the top of the table and will hope to remain at altitude next week against i. guess. frankfurt coach abby hotel has to be lucky numbers at the moment they've helped turn things around after frankfurt's faltering start to the season number four number eight. number not up the numbers on the back of his tacking on samba. on safeway bitch step boston on their. way to kill your bitch. practically scoring it will right now. we have three incredibly gifted offensive players and their own foreman working hard the rest of the team fights for and with. frankfurt had twenty goals headed into their matchups to court with at least one of the three involved in all of them
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to buck the trend continue this weekend just ten minutes in and you bitch forced to rebounds that there was happy to put away to a coma see what was up i twenty minutes later and the familiar three were running at the stuttgart defense the danger seemed clear but your pitch and rate it kept up the pressure. of the buck to know frankfurt at the. strict parts tail slide as unstoppable as frankfurt's attack above to communicating that we were not dripping in confidence practically every ball that went to your victory pitch was dangerous and your children david coleman is. was a stock kind of showing in the brain this league is just not enough. karts record
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under new coach marcos von seal three games three losses zero goals scored and eleven conceded last in the league are they headed straight for the second division . they rarely threaten even with mario gomez up front so no one's worried about stuttgart at the moment. except their own fans hearing the draw. well frankfurt have lots to smile about rabbit should. absolutely over which they're always dangerous. i. just have this one of those three are great up top they build pressure force mistakes and allow everyone to push up. they can tackle their speedy perfect for quick transitional play. just four minutes in as a great match and your bitch had the ball in the next. you didn't count all sides.
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only the linesman can stop these three. they combined for fourteen shots on goal that's more than stroke cards scraped together as a team. but there was a last minute surprise in this match the three nil was the first goal of the season that the tremendous trio wasn't part of. the nico live proof that other frankfurt players can scorching. right further back on course for europe thanks of course to their big three attackers when they're on form frankfurt falls. when you win a lot of games and your confidence for. you can you can see the future and be more confident more aid and not taking frankfurt to the top.
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one go in for her matches a grim shocker statistic. courage to manicure to desk a. record purchase bust down rudy midfield meister now bench eleven shockers crisis has many faces. even relegation candidates hunted that they shot up plenty of trouble. here they easily through to the chance from braille and. it's the worst chalker offense in fifty one years. not one still has yet to school in little blue a german national team striker who backed fourteen for hoffenheim last season. me that suppose i was playing well had a chance or two in the first half but then it just wasn't happening as i getting
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identity and complaining doesn't really help cough and something is missing how do you turn things around when nothing seems to work your way. maybe help will come from behind the movie illicitly from a referee that whistles off to minimal contact in the box penalty it is. bent on that shoulder the responsibility. one will after about an hour the fabled turn arounds can finally begin. to choke a still look fitful upfront and insecure in the back since switching to a back three. people set up henrik vida and peter flick for the equaliser. the socceroos break through already over against ten others who hadn't won away an eighteen league matches. i there was again the creeping feeling of crisis the
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feeling that nothing works. but little things make a big difference in football. and follow around truth tried to give and go kind of a clear and then smack in the middle of the crisis i i am going to school just seventeen seconds after one of those people eyes are on lightning quick response the most ponderously good teams won't make it as easy as the visits. after that things were easier for shaka who managed to get a massive monkey off his back. i won i finally some relief for the struggling striker. as the crisis run its course is this
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a new beginning for matthew to push up. for to discover. there's a lot to take especially the second half where we played attacking football really well we're also good in the back didn't let much through of course we got to keep it up and to say we play in the champions league and then we're in frankfurt on the second floor of an office in. truth one of the made it easy for the children who think it was a turning point and maybe they'll go on a bit of a run it won't be easy as the next one this league matches away at the ever take interest frankfurt. and she will shake off the november blues the recently and live into labor are often high and they seized the better start away leave because and we smelled. the
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eighteen year old from england with his fifth of the season and a smile. the goal of the weekend. play because an answer ten minutes later and caryn bell robbie's equaliser wasn't shabby either one one. just four minutes later pavel curtis shoppach lifted it to joe lynch on. two one thanks to the flying brazilian. after the break your time talk clipped jolan tones wings in the box. been chance agree photopia ensuing penalty and padded their lead with his first goal for the club three one. leverkusen were terrible but jolyn tone was too good for one with fifteen minutes left to have a home loss that liverpool's and cycle helmets can't be happy about.
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is always worth a visit especially for likes and they seem to the olympic stadium twice and brought home for one and six two wins. will it continue against the strongest hatter in recent memory. to move and always goals in berlin and this time it was no different one nil after seven minutes. but then tried hard but couldn't get a handle on things. plus somebody was on quite a run. to move out of. the double blacks exactly ten minutes after the home. and couldn't since raising strike round things out after three no. pull in remains leipzig favorite travel destination. even a family picked up a knock. outscored also welcome to troublesome
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visitors no one better at outsports have yet to beat them at home in the bundesliga . alfred finn bogus owner figured it was time to change that one nail in the eleventh minute. new and back on course for their first loss around spot. maybe not alexander folks equalize for the guests in the fifty fourth minute remember his name. the joy lasted five minutes unit time smith brought out sport back in front with style. finally that first home win. but not so fast look at smoothe another name to remember made it to you tube with just two minutes to go. because most folks where i come from folks meant i was born there
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and raise a bear and then food and music score for us i can't think of a better situation in all of football i'm going to because. no one dared remain undefeated in our sport. with dozens of fans trying to stave off the cold weather and keep warm by the way it delayed kickoff and. never goes to see here. until come i almost whistle for a humble. penalty. and go. tell the cause i made it look easy one zero for the hosts off to fifty eight minutes. after losses in the league cup clock back up back on full. uniform made it to new in the sixty seventh minute. and he said finish things off three know a lot but when you get. a
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win listen hole minds welcoming braman. who happened to be the second best away team in the league but mine says wrongfully potato wasn't intimidated he grabbed his second of the season in the twenty fifth minute. brave it weren't happy about that. shortly after the break jon phillipe was back on the board but this time it was mine says others on the bomb want to know. raymond were too slow to wake up the ageless cloudy opens are all made it to one and two minds keep it all been sent not made a big save to close out the match. welcome
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to munich where winter depression is setting in early the results have been there recently but are things really back on track. the biggest topic before home matches against freiburg used to be how much munich would win by but in the current crisis there seems to be a sense of dread. the old feeling that byron will bounce back and find a way to win no matter what is gone this season feels different. byron's code of speedy winners and quick transitions has been cracked no problem freiburg. and usually levelled off speed would have no problem with that one but the former heroes are the primary for tiger missed in the byron crisis. going to become the most past teams like this would come here and head back home with a clear result. i don't think any of us are happy with how things are. to feel
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fired we're facing down there third winless liko match in a row from work were stable at the back byron used to be able to press until the opponent slipped up not anymore. they're out of ideas and couldn't get into the game or. even set pieces. amount to nothing. nobody's afraid of biron at the moment opponents can sense their vulnerability. coach colebatch finally had a bright idea in the seventieth minute something on thomas miller at least that's what thomas miller's wife called in an angry instagram post that sparked yet another mini media spectacle for bahrain. there was a tweet from lisa millar wife of thomas mother about mother substitution you after seventy minutes you finally had
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a bright idea what you have to say about. nothing. i didn't have to be this way by or nearly scraped by with a win thanks to sam's cannot please individual class driver slipped up once and it was one time too many by one no with ten minutes to play. in the good old days they would have grabbed a second or even the third and everything would be right in the world again. but even taking believe it can't get rid of the feeling that something is a ride buyer now has something to loose. freiburg believed in themselves till the last breath freiburg were fearless and sought out a gap in the defense. that shot by. super sub lucas who
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love finished it off i cried for bringing home a point for munich for the first time in twenty one years i like i was all some to score a goal so well but it took a lot of effort we spent ninety minutes defending we put everything in it and somehow grabbed a point didn't pull back and. both tank and sumo with a mile of space between. unbelievably the last eight shots on goal against biron have gone in ninety one neuer hasn't made a save in seven hours. and so had we won one mill everything would be great but it's one one and now we've all got to ask questions of ourselves and that's just how it works out for us it's all about the next tuesday i'm sorry to before the international break we'll give her all because there are still points up for grabs and i'm so good i get somebody to. byron have now gone three straight without a home with just one week until their clash with high flying dortmund and byron
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have lost their usual aura of infallibility will they be able to turn it around in dark times. did you know kick off is now on you tube with the world of football. was your next coming. to read we travel the world can rethink how high is patience all right i'm going to say no to start me never people because i just got football i am chris here it is. on the board it's going to go. visit football kick off on you tube. it's a new. dortmund kept their run alive in full for frankfurt to the same in stoke on. the rest of the match and show us that every game in the bundesliga is up for grabs. just asked fribourg empire. but for
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them one of the true hot lights came after the match. after a busy defeated man on oil approaches freiburg coach close to crunch regulates him and gives him his jersey. cup as i was a i've got a lad at home and no one has a role model for him on and off the pitch. of lots when i was i born yet scott even now i can bring him a present be really pleased it was really nice from noir that he gave me a jersey for my son jesus to go change it. up i also brought a point along for munich. not a bad day out as far as gifts are plenty to celebrate fish crunch time like. here's the bundesliga after ten matches dortmund are still on top with a four point cushion it'll stay that way regardless of how next week's battle
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against fire and goes. leipsic and frankfurt all move up. both book and shock ensure the bottom of the table has some prominent residents kind of i'm just not over i'm still got propped up the table time to read things out by and fans will want to brace themselves for a match day moment. it's a slap at the place to come by. a second goal it is money. but. the teachings on which i just not what we do i won't speak disrespect.
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with a clear result. thank. you thank you you thank .
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