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tv   Kick off - YT- Show 67 Why Bayern Munich lost their glory and Klopp versus...  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2018 8:30am-9:00am CET

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their messages are spreading like wildfire and thousands of followers are joining their callers. down the street. they know more changing the. egypt. starts on the twenty fifth on the n.w. . a by munich in crisis slayer unrest that under pressure is this the end of an era. ernestine really nigga are they losing control so much to talk about a little time. by n. not used to losing after winning a record six straight to see their titles they now fifth in the bundesliga all by hand in crisis so no i think the it seems that way right they're firing blanks
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colebatch under pressure should he go he looks a little stressed ok to say the least let's start off with kovacs for us yeah ok when pressed on time we just have to manage to discuss this point so. should call that go in my opinion no. i don't think he's i think there's one or two areas where you can blame him for a couple of things like how much for greek as for example he hasn't started him you know in the second half of last season and how mystery guest was the best trying to blend as they have by bar none. and for him to just take him out the team played longer at school or immediately i think was to most like to be too extreme it was to extreme so i think that's perhaps one area where you can blame him but i don't think he should go i think that there's problems higher up by munich. the players also need to take responsibility to you know to a to
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a large degree and also who would you get to replace. then you're. not signing yeah well this is a key thing because you know they made a big deal this is. they wanted a german speaker or someone who was native to germany and the candidates are around at the moment the lights of. a marriage you approach a teen i even available that they don't speak german so this could be a problem he also took like i think he took over a situation that was kind of in decline anyway like if you look at the two thousand when they went to champions in two thousand and thirteen like seven of those players that were playing then are still playing now obsolete he took over a situation in decline and i think that also he like he came from frankfurt so he wasn't i don't know if he was ready to take over a team like byron munich it might have been you know i think if the conditions are
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right then you know if there if he's backed in the transfer money yeah but if they just bring him in and say ok take over yeah you'll just steer this sinking ship one from the iceberg and also like on the pitch often times he's without a solution and what about the transfer market i mean he was unable to make any. i think what i worry for as well is that the the bosses of come out so that they're not going to sign anyone engender a i mean if they're not going to sign anyone in then the next transfer window that was our next stop well you know we'll get we'll go to that yeah i think i think. he's not blameless but i don't think he is the key reason for this crisis that we see i don't think he has any ideas to help the situation though right now yeah and in football in the fall guy always tends to be the coach they even say yeah then putting his neck on the line although his house come out and said that you know i stand fully behind him that's what they say but now let's move oh yeah like what
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nine seconds guys do you want to add to that topic i'm going to get on times oh nice. you mentioned the boy what you mentioned woman a guy you mentioned they have to have been saw press conference where they went on that strange rant mentioning even the german constitution if we show it we got to tell you i've had a real if you yeah this is tragedy a distraction but i guess we will scrutinize everything so we will no longer accept disrespectful reporting back to you. it's unacceptable how negative the reporting has been about our players it's outrageous and disrespectful but i was appalled and our team doesn't deserve that much of me for dean so you move in future focused on how good you might have a lot of fun finally seeing byron munich not on top of the table. but even heard you can but from today on we will not accept this demeaning and sneering
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reporting about our club to show. not beaten us. thank you need to tell me just what is proper yeah i mean sometimes yes' renzi diversion tactic isn't that like they want to i think deflect attention from their own bad decisions and to attack the press i mean come on by this a bit donald trump ask isn't it also their lack of a decision because like they they said you know we're bought their arrogance number one we're buying we don't buy players just to please the fans like why you need players you have thirty five year old wingers that is aware absolutely i mean like if you look at most appliance team like the majority of their key players like the most important players are over thirty and as you said rob and guys like you know
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they're in their mid thirty's and they should be replaced now they should replace like two three years ago by i don't know this if they have been is the guy actually average age so yeah you got you know it's vacated experience counts for law especially in the champions league like it's important but. at some point you need to freshen up a squad for them to attack the media as i say i think it's a diversion tactic and you know when one is known for that like he is knowing taking the pressure off the play as well and he took pressure off court actually on a side call that was no longer a talking point yes and it did become all about this bizarre rant that made international news through one or not the form of play under the bus yeah you know if you don't attack the players that you know they're not talked about what you're talking about i mean basic law mentioning human dignity that if you spend thirty and i've been there so i was going yeah yeah you know given that he has a touch of various times in the past. yeah but you know. you mentioned him
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protecting kovacs i think that. time i was sorry about the way. you guys mentioned a lot of important points here but if your team is so dependent on the of and off scheme if efficiency is a problem if people like players like malott reburied are robbing off firing blanks blanks is the coach really to blame what about the playoffs yeah i mean the players have to take their portion of the blame there's no doubt about that but as you said the players are getting older together and they should have been replaced like two three years ago not not you know says cannot be came in. but apart from that can you think of any one of the last two or three transfer windows that they've signed of any significance although coleman and to listen to some extent i mean they have injuries tiago they create a force in midfield also injured right greg la motte in. good signings and obviously they're injured right now but they're not the kind of players the are
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going to in the long term replace robbery robin levin dusky these are three like well costco's the last few years irons not a team where you try things and see what happens byron's fans biron has an expectation that you win everything anything less than winning the. and the bundesliga is like a disaster so they don't have the luxury to just you know let's just try and see how this works so that's even call that seven themself you don't have the luxury but that being said like the players i think are a little bit princesses to be honest like if they're they're spoiled brats and you saw if you saw it with without your lucky for example they revolted they decided you don't want to go to training anymore they started they started talking bad about him and i'm so lucky to see you later not all of their players rebellion yeah this is yeah i mean this is lisa millar it's almost miller's wife who posted this on histogram the other day. i was kind of tells you everything or what it was
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translates into is basically after seventy minutes kovacs finally came to his senses because you know yeah i know it's just like that's disrespect that's open discourse on this is no really i mean it kind of says something about the psychology of some of the top players and overseas she said because talking about. the whole she said yeah so i mean and he's not the only one you know how much for a great as he walked out i'm running out time again in these events and he was around like after. he just stormed out like ten minutes after this and so as well with how much. i don't want for you. ok so we agree that bae is in crisis or in some sort of transition but is it a stretch to say that this is the end of an era no i don't think so not at all i mean. it actually how many how much longer can robin rebury play realistically
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or ok i'm going to ask is a bit younger but still i think they're coming to the end of an era an era of a team that won six point to say good titles in champions league in pole columns but these players need to be replaced and we saw i mean we were at the game against dortmund yeah and. honestly the second half it was you know i mean like when i would say it's the end of an era for this particular set of players not all of them but the guys we've mentioned before you know i think that time is the time this part i think by and we come back like they always you know like they can i mean you kind of roll roll them out this season like i think there might be i don't want to play yes. but if you know i would go down that's the thing if you're don't play like flying if you're jaden sunshine or would you go you know course not. the siren by of all three but let's talk now. because they really can grab the title they can really win the title what makes them feel special why are they so hot right now why
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are they a threat to buy and because they everything the buy in and not you know they've got this youthful energy they've brought the right players in the summer it's kind of like a kind of accidental how they've all come together like this and perform so well i mean when you're substitutions what is it what's the seven not that eighteen goals from substitute like the top and all you find so. far is substitutions have been proactive and he's changed games with substitutions whereas covert actions have been reactive and you know you could see the classic a that was a perfect example though i think they're also dortmund is way more hungry than buy and like let's think about how many titles byron has all those players between them like i was saying point like you know players like jane satcher a pac all can say they got a lot to prove they got hungry they're coming out they're playing against by your lying eyes all the titles but they wanted it more than buying what yeah they're going to take the fever you know the first half as well like jade and son show didn't really get
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a kick against david oliver but then something happened at half time i guess they. just gave us some confidence being happy on and then i was taken they had believed you know. everything that game i think was just perfect it was the my it was a season in a microcosm sorry i am. you know you're right about that you know you're not on everything on the buy and crisis coming up next we'll be talking about the clash of the german coaches' telco against you have been caught. did you know kick off is now on you tube with the world of football. like you it was your mexico as well so really we travel the world in the ring if they knew how high the bases all right i'm going to say you know this does make sense and there were people coaches and i discussed football chris here into. the board the goal. is a football kickoff on you tube. by getting you to. talk
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on versus clock two germans face off is a clash of style two of the biggest coaches and biggest teams in world football who's going to come out on top to pull or cloth. the front. so we have the clash of the two german titans klopp against two huge huge right ok why don't we start off with a little bit of video. thank you it wasn't a club that said he had the feet of like a fifth division player but the head of. the most or among everyone that he was.
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coaching i started from the bottom. it's amazing how their careers are going the same way. and it. actually to go jyoti's i go well i guess i know when my next clubs going to make a profit what took over from. there is the top. spot. this is a little bit misleading yeah because because he was a coach for mines and super dortmund exactly it's a little bit misleading our guys so we don't have that much time we have a lot to talk about so i have this but they're here to keep us and you keep your all ok let's see if you go ok so let's start with our first talking point to cool versus club believe me i want to start off all right so. i don't feel too bad but at the same time i think they very similar on the pitch tactically to some extent both of them are huge fans huge supporters of counter pressing of the pressing game
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. of course is that big motivator he's the kind of coach that can turn like an average player into a top notch play and he can i just pull the best out of you and took on the other hand in that respect he's a micromanager and he is known at every cut that he's been to he's known to be a control freak even controls the diets of sales like no junk food no sugary drinks in paris what is it he went almost every club. and made sure that hey if any of my players and we got to give you over to did. well let's take. take a look at it. the speed of light comes on naming points you must not ask these this is my mind so you go by to find not just really this is not the night in this view you know you look down on the playground here not. knowing you can stop the fun. but he's probably one
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of. the you know organizing not press everyone does he really likes to control every single little detail and he is a control for him because he said in some ways that's good it means that his prepare his players are prepared in every single way possible but i'm also team club because i prefer the kind of more human approach you know if you know you know yeah i mean this cohen you can see the way liverpool play that there's a lot more expression in the way they play them in the way to play so. you know i mean i think there's a lot to like about to go beyond definitely with cloth on this i think ok saw since nobody has talked about it to log i think he they call him the professor like because he's so methodical he's so analytical he's always looking at how his opponents play how he can make his team play i mean one time he came out the system was like four forwards and said it was the future of football like what and this
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thing is about to call is that he looks up to guardiola law and like there's the story that they went to dinner together and we're moving salt and pepper shakers across the table to show tactical positions like that just tells me like how how crazy is this person about tactics and i think as a player you could learn a lot from him in terms of you know your movement on the field and just i think you can become a completely intact if he's also really flexible that's maybe on the class of. different you know the president ok. tactically we know they're both very different so we have clash of styles we can talk about how they are tactically i think i think for me no robot reverse if i'm in is going to be key in this game because well likes his three forwards to be pretty much the first defenders in the team you know and for me no works so hard like of the ball and i think like. even though
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he's school seventy goes he gets seventy assist he scored the winning go in the first game between these two. but i still think he's underappreciated somehow. in a counter-attack and scenario which is what we're going to see in paris i think i live a poor going to need for me no to be like on his game and i think if he plays well i think liverpool are going to play well and then they don't know and it's also i think did a really good job just kind of what is it containing. that it is their hard work that allows the likes of from a no and. of course and. to really shine so yeah they're really crucially important and as i say i don't expect them to have so much of the boy i think piers g.-o. going to take this game to them and liverpool are going to be happier to just sit back but they know they've got the tools to really hurt them on the counter-attack so but is the kind of game i'm expecting to see i think this is a good point too because it kind of goes with you know clock has always been so famous for his gig impressing his full metal foot or heavy metal so like ok for
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people who probably everyone knows what gave him pricing is that if they don't know that as soon as you lose the ball everybody converges on that player to win the ball back as soon as possible and then you can counterattack lot said that gagan pressing is better than any playmaker because you know attack before the defense sets up now this year i think he's changed a little bit like heat we've seen him come well come out with like a four two three one system so quiet maybe has realized that you know i'm ok with absorbing a little bit of pressure and i don't know and i feel like his days there where he was often like in terms of a style he was so obsessed with that this was the way to win and if he made his team play that way ninety minutes and i also think at liverpool he has become tactic a lot more flexible but if i have to say i still think that talk of tactically has the a bit of the upper hand i think even when he started off at mines at dortmund he is a big believer in making his teams like. many different formations and systems you
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know. even come out saying that look we made some mistakes but we learn from it we're going to play with a lot more intensity is only really interesting to see that they're going to have to while the going to have to be versatile and who is going to have to learn because of course they lost the first. you know there was i think to call his fingers burn a little bit because he thought well we can if they score two we can score three well i thought it was the other way round and i think to call perhaps needs to just tweak his going so they're not so attacking has a little bit yeah i think you might not always see the you know i mean these are three of the yeah i think you have to with i think is is going to be key as well because the work of the of the outside players there like i play that position let me tell you it's you have to run the whole game but also you have to know where to be when to drop when to go forward i think these outside players will be a big key i don't have the long. i don't have like thirty. but she.
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already got a way over the time ok ok ok next next we have crunch time ok crunch time so one of these teams could go out if they lose this game well you know this group is so so tight you know you've got not only yeah right in there and paris je in their last game have to go to red star belgrade who are. that i don't know yeah i mean i'm not lost at home belgrade like a lot of people know this was like going to be an easy team but if you look at their record in the champions league so far like no one has been able to beat them there it's going to be for p.s.g. also and then asking extremely extremely different absolutely is a menacing place to play football and i think saw that yeah and i think you know they know they need to get a result here against liverpool because if they don't they don't want to be left having to be red star belgrade and still not know they're going through so that's what makes this going between these two teams just so so crucial. and i think for
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that reason we may not see as high scoring game as we saw in the first leg i think both teams will be a little bit nervous about losing that is exactly not i mean as conservative as they are and my concern is like liverpool i think has the experience and i think with p.s.g. off know when it does come to crunch time do they crack under the pressure you have where i'm not yeah exactly and it's almost like it's like a self-fulfilling prophecy but i mean it always happens and that's why i think players like neymar has to step up this is somebody who has won the treble who won in barcelona and i think he is some of the more experienced players in the first let's be honest that you know you have swung anyway its chances where you could like at one point which is a touch so i had that one chance to actually win the game didn't didn't score as well i still think this game is wide open and i would say you know if p.s.g. win it's going to be a mother cecille it probably i mean cavani it was so but it isn't. even that.
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i know that. but fundamentally is my heart is i don't play those games where they need to be switched on at all times you don't have one second to have a mental lapse because a team like liverpool will punish you and i don't know if p.s.g. is there yet the mentality i think that's most important for the quality is there they have the superstars but you're like why are they still failing there's a lot of time there's a great relationship between neymar and thomas to cool and i think that was perhaps like a question mark in the summer because neymar didn't have a very good walk up and his form is really suffered based seems like i mean he's not back at the levels that we saw three four years ago but it seems to go is on the way to extract in the best out of him so i think neymar going to have to be on his game too cause going to need to you know make sure that he is. influence in the
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game as much as he can as we know he can but as you said earlier the henderson these kind of players they're just the dogs in this village and i'm not going to give them any time or space and they're going to found if they need to so we could see a most scrappy game and you know i i think i was going to be ready for this get to be honest yeah i think to go is you know analytic he says like he's a thinking about his game you know what anybody says the last one and i think we're going to see a different system from him i don't think he's going to he's not going to come on for three three i'm pretty confident of that and i think that he's going to be really doing his work to prepare the players in every theoretical situation because you know he says that a coach's job is once the players get to the to the field it's the players' job yeah so whereas i maybe clock during the game is all like motivation engine plays a big role in that and then to quote i think behind the scenes in training he's going to be really getting these players ready and i think the question is can his past eleven that's always like the problem with you know you get. over it
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ok ok so the big game we need a prediction. i'm going to go with three three. thirty three zero as you say and i'm not going to do what i was going to say to you. i think i might go for a draw or a slow car. i'm going to be a last minute you know. i think their p.c. is going to win i guess if you're going to say one one one one yeah so we also i think you're going to see i think we're going to see a more conservative guy yeah because i think both teams are terrified of going out a lot on the line that's a pinch fire power or one goal it's ridiculous i'm thinking virgil van dyke you know that is a very. yeah ok. ok so i mean we could sit here and talk about this all day but we can. fire you that's it for us so we'll see you guys next time.
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i'm going to.
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