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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  November 17, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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it's. history you know everyone. seems to. be fishing for. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . everyone welcome to our highlights edition with the best picks of the week here's a look at what we've put together for you today. perfect poems and a tiny theater group brings car of audio paintings to life. fancy finger work lugard only and his amazing guitar playing. an uncommon
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collection of belgian faker stores sourdough starter from all over the world. the italian painter car rajo only lived to be thirty eight years old but during his short lifetime he became renowned for his use of light realistic style of painting and dramatic subject matter well now some four hundred years after his death. paintings are going viral on the internet actors in naples italy have taken to staging his works in live performances and then they post those performances on you tube the audience is given a glimpse into how the artist apparently created his now world famous compositions . the entombment of christ. caravaggio's famous painting as a tablo on stage. and here an
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actress strikes the pose of mary magdalen in ecstasy. modeled on caravaggio's portrayed from sixteen six. paintings as performance on show in the italian city of naples. is really impressive the actors are great to bring caravaggio to life you can hear and see him he will see that this. very nice very emotional and very nice colors. in us such that. the mechanisms are for size. and in the end the picture is perfectly restaged because it's. the moloch own sambal presents twenty three paintings in total the idea of the ranging real people to represent a scene or picture is known as a. these living pictures became popular in the late eighteenth century it's how art
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was offered to raunchy. i mean that in nothing i let it just that little a theater director louis could run there lee came up with his idea in two thousand and six when she gave a talk on caravaggio's working methods at the university innovators and it was that the father once and me a little bit instead of giving a lecture she had a few students replicate the way kind of audio work out in his studio with that that she came to realize that this performance had something that spoke to everyone that i mean their deep born as michelangelo medici the early baroque painter came to be known as caravaggio and i'm of the town where his family once lived known for his real ism and chiaroscuro. which means stark contrast between light and shadow couple chose approach was revolutionary. he lived and worked in naples among other places the city's morbid charm and the people inspired him he invited people he met on the street to service models for his paintings now all four hundred years on his
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works have come to life again at the diocesan museum in naples. they have that yet thirty no no don't really represent kind of those paintings precisely we also don't use any costumes just simple linens me. what we aim to show is kind of arduous way of working in his studio with his models. to do that the manatee aren't around sampled train several times a week. work requires physical strength concentration and teamwork. to get on this. train the protagonist in this picture isn't the problem. the tough part is the interaction with the others. everything has to go together just right for me the coordination is the biggest challenge of getting this food.
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you can use your body like one hundred words about the hugo and say nothing. and i want to. keep the most important moment of a plane and put that moment on the table and. that's incredible caravaggio wanted his paintings to be so realistic that observers would feel past subject suffering his pictures still have that power today the performance from. creating a memorial to caravaggio and his art. project. to present this work outside italy to. be able to show it in other countries would be a dream come true. daughter to mine may soon be at home which she's already received inquiries from france into theater
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festival in portugal. moving on now to another art form and multimedia artist and video director cole uses all of today's digital tools at her disposal for her creations she also incorporates her personal experiences as a teenager she was bullied and harassed online in this traumatic experience is reflected in some of her work while your remarks caught up with m. call in berlin to talk more about her approach to art. works by british multimedia artist m. cole provocative and often unconventional photos and videos are her preferred mode of creative expressions my holistic is built around a line between something that's very tough and something that's entice a film i talk to film as
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a plot medium so i want to bring out the sensory feeling from it so if i can get people to feel something through the text is the color in my amateur a. tough stick. them studied information experience design at london's royal college of art there she discovered her passion for photography and video art. i ended up just kind of playing around and talked a lot i found the immediacy of photography so much more rewarding than spending twenty four hours on a sewing machine trying to make a t. shirt you know i could just throw stuff in the show and three people in the show and. the pitch and i. know works predominately as a photographer and director much of her work is inspired by surrealism and artists like salvador dali and when a my critics like her short film on your venus. is poking fun at the female ideal and during connections from the pos of class who are nice to see just the most
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ideal. and connecting it to cultures today with. filters and. by themselves and get this. out in the wilds so i kind of recreated a new female ideal kind of an. alpha top based on my face things. much of m's work revolves around the stereotypical presentation of women as a team she too fell victim to digital abuse when pictures of her were distributed on pornographic websites. after only plugging for a few years she's back online with fresh confidence. you know if you think of a space you shouldn't you shouldn't be ashamed to be in that space you just have to be those much sunny video i mean i get nude and some of my work sometimes i'm pushing. control of you know i'm not going to let somebody else take control of
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my online image shift it's going to be that is going to be mine. to humor and irony are two important stylistic devices m. cole likes to employ regardless of whether the topic is serious or not like in her video sloppy seconds. to my anything serious or specially problematic social problems and humorous is a universal to say that people can relax and once people are so much more likely to get an understanding if you're well. then cole certainly can't complain about not getting enough commissions in the british. media artist is confident that her career will continue to blossom. most bands as we know consists of various members who have their individual instrument to play but with it's time to tara's lucas trick and uli he is the entire band when he plays it sounds like three
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guitars at a drone base we met up with him at a concert in berlin to hear more. there are no other musicians hiding backstage every sound you hear comes from stricken uli's guitar. he's playing british band gorilla song feel good in all honesty. i always thought the guitar is such a little used for meant a little bit weak that is good for your bedroom but to have one thousand even twelve thousand people in front of you just listening to this little instrument it's kind of magical and i always felt like sharing the stage with others it's what most people do and it's amazing but i was really just keeping this all for this little guitar over my self.
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stricken you're the began playing the guitar when he was ten over time telling musician has developed his own style. along with his own compositions he performs covers of famous pop and rock songs. like this one from electronic music group the prodigy. i try to play in same time melody harmony bass line and drums so. are many. bass line. and drums. and i
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gather. little became famous overnight back in two thousand and fifteen when his version of the ac d.c. classic thunderstruck went viral. his version of can't stop from the red hot chili peppers was also a hit altogether his music videos have racked up more than one hundred million views on you tube and facebook. i remember releasing the video. on you tube the views got pretty crazy or started receiving concert requests from all over the world and in the beginning i really didn't know what to do with this concert requests i kid you want to play on this date in florida and i was i don't even go to florida. and for one concert how much money do i have to ask i really didn't know what to do
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so it was like a big wave against me. tours the world at his biggest concert to date he performed in front of twelve thousand people in tel aviv. one of luca's biggest role models is american guitarist andy mckee keys technique inspired luca and modern fingerstyle guitarists the strings directly using their fingertips make your nails or picks attach to their fingers sometimes like with like a newly they perform on very unusual instruments is to have independence between like a piano player. he plays a custom made triple neck guitar which allows him to create multiple voices simultaneously like in his cover of you to use with or without you. two three. currently touring with three other guitarists
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here the. playing in berlin as part of the international guitar night tour. dispell the guitarist also marvel at lukas unusual style someone who really doesn't know music listen to these amazing because this is pretty boat and when you're musician you see all men. seeking about so much different things so you know it's amazing. his success is also due to a lot of hard work but doesn't this dampen his passion for playing. you sold this with lots of love for guitar it's a certain point you need to put all the job aside and say ok now we go back to the roots it was just me and my dream in my bedroom and you go back to. next year lucas took a nearly plans to put out a new album which chilled record using
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a new and very special guitar. and now for something to eat sourdough bread is the oldest and most original form of leaven bread making the dough is quite simple all you have to do is combine flour and warm water in a glass or plastic container cover it with a breathable lid let it sit in a warm place for about twelve to twenty four hours and while you have the ingredients for a good loaf of sourdough bread while in belgium one specialist has created a library of sourdough starter let's find out why he's cultivated such an unusual passion. these jars filled with sourdough starter aren't just sitting in any old fridge they're exhibits on display at the parata
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sourdough library in belgium and they're all alive four degrees celsius is just cool enough to keep the microbes in check for the collections head ecologists met these exhibits are more than just a number these are these are this sound i was my first one in we got in from san francisco in one thousand nine hundred nine francisco or didn't you know and from all of the starters here in the library. this is the one closest to my heart. and spiritualists never forget your first sourdough. is to forget forget. the smiths library now boasts one hundred fifteen specimens from twenty countries the oldest dates from eighteen eighty six and the newest he's just bought back from spain. every sourdough is different depending on where it was made and with what kind of flour to ferment the starter needs to rest and be fed regularly with flour
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and water it makes the dough rise and gives the bread its likely sour taste from thousand five thousand years ago everyone who baked brand worked with sourdough. it then as not there are still many different kinds of sourdough. but unless they're handed down from mother to daughter father to son or make it a baker. they'll be lost forever. to ensure that old recipes and ingredients are preserved this matt travels the world in search of sourdough specialist from canada he brought home started though used by miners during the gold rush that's still alive today. he learned the methods people used in the salad to school in britain. and in greece he watched country folk make bread . some of those luck to acid bacteria help spread keep longer and has health benefits dismounts quest for sourdough takes him to three or four countries each
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year which is does immersion really it's always nice to be able to discover new things in china for example you can find plenty of things we don't have in europe or china they don't bake bread with sourdough like we do instead they make steamed buns. ave a good done. parata sourdough library is located in the village of some feet in eastern belgium. here the team from the belgian bakery company parata has been producing sourdough and everything that could be made with it for more than two decades. this bakery located next to the library is only used on special occasions for instance to show product developers from around the world what kinds of bread can be made with sourdough and maybe even inspired new kinds of baked goods. the most important thing for us out of the story
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they love to know where it's come from how long it's been around they love provenance that's really what they're looking for is the story behind. this kind of ready to bring me from my childhood to time when my grandmother made the rio bread in our times and it's really lies flavor and delicious it's something which definitely people need to touch that italian people love so much sourdough and me myself we have a family business we produce bonnet on and we have our hound sourdough that we refresh each day since i don't remember when to keep these exhibits alive the smart refreshes his starters every two months with flour and water he keeps do. samples and various types of flour making sourdough is a science in itself and takes lots of patience. for she didn't and there is different types of lactic acid bacteria some money produce lactic acid and others
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make acetic acid the temperature is pretty important. and depending on how often to refresh the sound it becomes more or less sour. movie or zola. you could even use some of the to make waffles in belgium called the smith makes canadian style ones the way he learned to on his visit to the yukon naturally he used the original some of those starter and he can't resist tasting the results . so far. every year in a special award ceremony germany celebrates institutions that promote culture well this year the director didn't state art collections won the main prize of european cultural grand of the year two thousand and eighteen while the jury especially praised the brand management for a new corporate design which helps united
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a network of fifteen museums museums were also honored for being one of the oldest largest and most important museum associations in the world let's find out now what makes the dresden state our collections so special. virtually everyone knows the angels from rafael's history know madonna. but few know they can be seen first hand in dresden eastern german city is worth a visit. not only for its architecture but also for its great art works. with its fifteen different museums the present state art collections drew more than two million visitors last year alone. he walked in here and here just like over this is. the most crazy stuff before i see that this is one of the richest collections in europe if in school it's good
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to get an insight into things that weren't on your radar at a place known as a dress now you should enjoy yourself now and then to understand why tourists are so we nominate with our city and then we'll start thinking. not dreaming just as the old masters picture gallery here you can see over three hundred works dating from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century whether it's a titian. or a rembrandt the biggest names in art history are all here. mario now come on was named director general of the present state art collections in twenty sixteen she considers their diversity to be truly unique. i mean avant it up by there is applied arts fine art contemporary art the old masters and the new masters but also what we call treasury art so there's this huge diversity and at the same time the dresden state art collections great international reputation gives us
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a really strong sense of community and stuck my chest of. gold gem stones and die every sparkle like diamonds in the historic green vault. saxony is ruler augustus strong oversaw the building of the. as restarting in seventeen twenty three. one of its our lights is the throne of the grand mogul. started with a close to six thousand diamonds. soon as i found explains the artworks importance to tourists from around the world. this year and its height it's like taking a trip through time from the renaissance through to the neil classical period and in this time in-between the baroque period we can see the diversity of these gemstones during this era it's all about pomp magnificence and splendor lines. but the dresden state art collections do more than just display artworks they also help to preserve them.
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it's painstaking work restoring a single painting can take up to two years turn restorers are responsible for the works of the old and new masters alone. molly's kiba heads this department she says every picture poses new challenges it love it of us thought for restore the most important thing is to first familiarize yourself with the painting to examine it precisely from all sides in all kinds of light and you need to know its history understand the artist and the object in front of you as all of its materiality falls if it's the start of a great adventure that begins courses often toil visiting the museums is also like embarking on an adventure from treasures of the past you can move on to contemporary art including works by one of the world's most important living artists. but director general mario not come on is already looking to the future.
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that's the thing and it was on that what's unusual about the dresden state art collections is that we do a lot of research where network of museums that conduct research and we do that very sustainably with few financial resources. sometimes with a low budget approach i think we tap into our full potential and use it to develop wonderful presentations and take on. the dresden state elections teens european cultural brand of beer and are thrilled treasure trove with more than a few surprises in store. and with that we were up another week of euro max as always for me on the wrestler crew here thanks for tuning in let's see again.
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isn't d.w. news live from berlin u.s. president on trial visits california to see the impact of the worst wildfires in the state's history who are going to work together and will. do a real job of this story said to see. more than a thousand people are now reported missing also coming out. and france more than a quarter of a million.


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