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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2018 3:02am-3:16am CET

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well i guess sometimes i am but i stand nothing with that many thanks and you consider jam a culture of looking at the stereotype to question if you think the future of the country but i don't blame. you you don't seem to take to this drama. it's all about ok no i'm rachel join me in the jam in front of you post. much day twelve is done and dusted on the crisis deepens i'm tired of i just saw it had slipped out of the champions league spots for their poor run of form has shifted the limelight on to several teams that are keeping the pressure on the leaders dortmund welcome to the bonus league on the w m pablo forty s let's see what's coming up. nine nine nine fine president in the guinness is
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obviously not happy first a defeat in their class here and now a draw against blowing doors what is going wrong at munich. on one of the teams making the most of munich's poor results he's glad they faced ton over on sunday knowing a victory pushed him back to say. i have to break down all of this weekend's talking points i'm joined in the studio by former goalkeeper and former fee for world player of the year now dina welcome to the show. and also by news very own been listening to reporter can expect good to be back grace well the headlines this morning were all a bad byron munich slip up against a lowly dusseldorf they gave up a two goal lead to throw away two points so let's kick off the show with the defending champions free fall and here's how the players and the bar munich president react when i was when things on. going well we talk about everything
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that's just how football works was this was going to shift in medicine with some sort of you know if we don't what the coach told us to do would be going home with a five mill win and we'd be happy about it. before and us what happened today is absolutely unacceptable to top. well we've heard very different assessments they're going to go to you know who do you think is talking the most sense oh his very interesting i have no idea very interesting statements looks like they're not on the same page. break it down and. i think it sounds more or less that he's lived with negative and it comes to. noir is a very positive. i don't know. i think the truth is somewhere in the middle so somewhere in the middle is i mean the words that's for sure i'm going to go over to you yannick our barn in crisis mode i mean there nine points meant for you what's
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going wrong you know i think they definitely are in crisis mode now earlier in the season may have been a bit of a bait up in the media saying that they were in cross this but to go laid against a suit off it is unacceptable i agree with and it's not on for it seem like by munich. i think it's a bit tough he's had a tough gig he's come in no support through any transfers they haven't strengthen the squad for him he's got an aging squad and i think they need to do more in the off season but it is warring to say that the coin from last season to the this season with relatively the same squad and the statistics show that we've seen that that conceded late goals in those common enough that we can have a look and you can see it. last night i'm points this season already from a winning position so that just shows that they're struggling to cold on to their late last season they only lost not seven points in the whole season they've also conceded four goals in the final ten minutes this season already last season it was only two and that conceding this season at
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a rate of one point four two goals per game and that for julian defense is really a clear sign of what's missing out on this season that resilience and professionalism to hold on to their late and see out games you know definitely i mean you can see from those statistics i want to bring you back in now you won five consecutive european championship. it's in germany with germany now how difficult is a for a team to maintain their success yeah it's always hard. to beat you so you under pressure to deliver again so it's always easier. to chase someone to chase another team then yeah yeah it's always different i mean you're a former goalkeeper of course there's been a lot of criticism geared towards manuel neuer do you would you say that he is part of the problem no definitely not to be honest he still is coming back from a long time injury and i think. that south confident
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maybe last season so i think he really really really tries to help the defense so maybe he lost a little bit the focus of his own game so but he still believe the goalkeeper no i mean there's no denying that i briefly yannick do you think dorman can start dreaming of a title i think i have to start dreaming of i think this is this season on a bit of a decline and it's their chance to win the top but they will also not only have to worry about on have some other teams to be concerned about as well does for sure we've been talking about that in just a little bit but first let's hear what dortmund have to say that their lead over by and. by by and being nine points behind sounds good on t.v. but that's not what we're thinking about. nine points is a big deal. of course but other teams are much closer and that's what we're focusing on. well let's take a look at one of those teams they closed much day twelve against hanover and how
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the folds are the only people in this league it seem to have won every league game at home this season coach peter hacking has even said his team deserves to be second sitting in second so let's see how they fared. you have to go back to two thousand and ten for hand over the last minute mention grab back they've lost every single game here since something we immediately tried to rectify but we would on target after just twenty two seconds the quickest goal of the season so far. got back shaken not stirred they needed just six minutes to equalise through to. find finished with flowing move. there was no free kick for this foul because the line profited from the referee's advantage and some slack defending. his first goal for granted back he went into one up at the break. that certainly
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fueled the host's hunger for more goals the third another example of some excellent team play as outs cross you probably believe how you buy lost in the now will go on . telly psychiatry a rounded off the storing moments after coming on as a sub for one grad back easily maintained a one hundred percent leak homewrecker was. some lovely girls there and we'll be talking more about that game in a moment but first let's look at the other sunday game that of bremen avoided a fourth straight defeat in the bundesliga with a late equaliser in freiburg. penalty put the hosts in front before half time piled on the pressure in the closing stages and rescued a point through a local stinson things we just defender lashing home in stoppage time. i you see some of the girls there are going to go to you first now we heard peter
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hacking what he thinks about his team and what has he done to get them back in this champions league makes now the question i mean you've got so criticized last year. i think you almost got fired desir i think he did a very good analysts asian last season then he looked in his quad ok what kind of bass do a half make them successful and. yeah i think you choose a perfect system they play positive they forward and you can see to tame it did seem to have so much self-confidence and plays a big part in it was an absolutely no i want to talk about another one of the teams that you know are in the champions league makes frankfurt six wins out of their last seven games yannick yeah it's quite incredible especially considering where that where they were at the start of the season in that run that scored sixteen goals and have conceded just four so the one of the in-form tames long sought bruce to dortmund but it was a bit unexpected to be honest because they started the season which was one win in
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five games but here you see them scoring for fun so that you know it's has to go down through the hoops of the coach and also the people in charge of the transfer dealings that brought in free loan signings. and kevin trap and they've all come in to replace those big players they lost the end of last season lucas risky temperance boateng and marcus wolf and you just look at this team and they're exciting and fun to watch you know they've got a very broad the front one all of them look like they can score at any time on they've got a lot of pace and i didn't expect to see them so high up the table because they're playing in europe which means they've got more sponsibility than i thought it would be a bit of a stretch on the squad but you know they're very very impressive and i wouldn't be surprised now if they can keep it up and get a champions league spot well i mean anything's possible at the moment and i do not know the race for the champ is a qualification it's interesting to see. at least that we spoke about who we're used to seeing in europe you know over the years shall get good take it back into
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the mix after tough starts good question i think they had a tough stock. i don't know i think they. get up in that table but i think. frankfurt. so good at the moment it's hot the to catch them it's hard to think that maybe they won't be and we haven't talked about one team in particular but we're going to talk about them for the moment. i want to ask you who do you see making it into the champions league we've already heard dina thinks well i mean i think the best thing about this season is that i don't think anyone can tell it's such an exciting season it's so close we finally have a total race again between. front foot maybe. and then we obviously have a lot of teams go in the champions league. to be honest i would be surprised if the whole thing on get back up the i think you'll win is one of the best young coaches in this league in the world even and i constantly get gutted they scored but he keeps producing great teams and they're just outside the champions league spots and
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i can see them making a run for the end of the season to get back in the certainly going to be an interesting race now we have to take a look at the table at the end of match day twelve course dortmund stay top this weekend followed by who are there we are just seeing it now who are four points behind frankfurt move up to third while leipsic moved down after their defeat to valve's berg on saturday not. in a face to narrow down the other end of the table in the bottom half no big changes the bottom five teams remain unchanged laver do move up move down. interesting to see byron and fifth guys really is now that full time on the bone the psni go i'd like to thank my guests former professional goalkeeper and fifa world player of the year at nineteen i'm going to thank so much for all your analysis thank you. very own bun this nigga reporter yannick spite pleasure well
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