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tv   Made in Germany - Madly Successful  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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news to haunt those who fled from syria. the war on my for our two part documentary starts december eighth on d w. when it comes to my job i consider myself pretty lucky show my colleagues can be crazy but crazy in the good sense creativity that helps us thrive in the workplace and for today's episode of made in germany our editorial team decided to investigate craziness at work what makes someone madly successful so welcome to the
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program just in case you're worried this guy doesn't work with us that is jack nicholson in the shining because no one does crazy better than jack nicholson in the shining but on to the serious stuff and sadly many people aren't quite as lucky as me i've got plenty of friends who complain about their ego maniac nightmare of a boss and they might just be on to something studies show that people in executive positions are more likely than average to manifest psychopathic behavior traits these people might be unpopular down the pub but they're often a favorite in the boardroom so what is this. i'm not going to read this.
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yeah i'm the boss. i made this business what it is as you come here you loser over here come here you know how that thing but. having to deal with a psychopathic or extremely narcissistic manager it can be very stressful these people make up about two percent of the general population but six percent of people in executive positions thanks all our money recognition. our. you won't have much of that i'm the one with the power one coming at you can try to challenge me but you won't last long if you do. get money and it's up to you to make it you have to work for it. what i mean recognition we
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might give you a bit of we won't go over the top you need to earn it first. you're perfect personalities like to put others down because they enjoy feeling superior. with both we've seen many people have had to deal with these types and tried to assert themselves but often you just have to realize you're not going to succeed and you can't get the better of these types if they'll continue to attack and not a little you either because they perceive you as a threat or just because they enjoy it and with the. season you're not one of our let's say top performers but it would be nice if he doesn't if you could just live up to your. i suppose it qualifications in
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a way that our younger colleagues can emulate and i would be great for if you could get started on that you can try drift off the mat and. all of a sudden they'll completely hold someone over the coals for no apparent reason someone who didn't do anything wrong they often have people perplexed and despairing who are just trying to do things properly and have their efforts recognized and respected before ninety percent of this contract is complete garbage and that with one of our most important customers who do not think ken or anyone who isn't familiar with this dynamic the way that psychopaths divide the world into a hundred and it can be confusing and can actually make people ill. our advice in those cases is that to look for a new job if you die. wonderful. well
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if in the sea of history it's very important that when somebody feels they're being manipulated to put under pressure or maybe even threatened that there's some way they can turn to god but of course management has to want to help and provide support otherwise it won't work with some through from here to the we're all one family right. and there's always the head of the family and the foot soldiers. which are you can write. so get on with it i want to report any twenty minutes. not exactly pleasant spot does the right amount of crazy the to progress think of
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inventors record breakers trail blazes those people within the for making the impossible possible was their secret to success well perhaps it's down to the fact that they don't spend too much time pondering that question they just get on with it often with little regard for themselves or their employees. crazy maybe but certainly successful. many of the world's most gifted minds were called crazy at some point. despite pants well maybe because of that these ones made it right to the top. at the start of the twentieth century there was american engineer henry ford he revolutionized the automotive industry with the moving assembly line production was cheaper than ever everyone could afford his car. what's more he only made his staff work five days a week and paint them generously but he was no dream boss ford wanted total
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surveillance he was known as the benevolent dictator the head of a department at ford was required to know everything about his workers including what they ate and how they lived ford's behavior was extremely controlling and manipulative. in post-war germany teo outlash co-founded a discount supermarket called. people to take vitamins off the shelves themselves allowing for fewer staff and cheaper products the concept was a huge success until our press wealth grew and grew but al breast was still fanatically frugal stingy either and woe betide the employee who ordered too many pens or didn't use the paper on both sides he had no empathy whatsoever for his staff one time was kidnapped and he even claimed the ransom money he paid as tax deductible his obsession with saving drove stores into disrepair managers
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on a day to renovate after he died. today many thinkers are drawn to silicon valley space x. founder elong musk has the post using the hyperlink passenger transport a super high speed pneumatic tube train he also wants to colonize mars for musk and his workers there's just one rule business first family time only if the company goes bust the tycoon can be a real live wire is bad tempered tweets have given his company's shares a bumpy ride over the years so what's the one thing that unites all these crazy minds they're all men maybe the great women out there are just better at keeping it together or should we conclude that madness is male. well some of those men or women working in the world of e-commerce have managed to
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come up with some rather strange ways to make a buck or two and our reporter might have or back home and went looking for the latest crazy idea on the web and this could well be a good contend this is dog beer yes if the dog in your life wackiness sells and it turns out whatever bonkers item you want you can probably order it online there's so much stuff. i mean you can literally buy everything you need today and you can also buy everything that you don't really need. and the number one market place for all things wacky of course the internet here you can get a shaving design to keep a out of your sink. ketchup and slices definitely drip free. genuine trash supposedly from new york city. catch drawings made by a computer nerds by this vest for chickens. emergency underwear which doubles up as
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a face mask and from belgium. through just freshly full dollars. just because all these products are available doesn't mean that people still buy them right on through they. my ass the producers how do you make money with a product that's essentially a marketing gag like dog beer which is alcohol free by the way the company behind it has sold three hundred thousand bottles this year and is looking to triple that they tell me by skype we sell it as a treat for the dog but frankly. dog. or specific good. we as human. and we. no matter how absurd the product animals are a selling point steve god knows i want to account for years he drew cats and sold them lots and lots of them. i'm not real big on discussing specific numbers but i
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did sell twenty thousand or. twenty thousand drawings like this the cheapest one and one for ten dollars which would mean that steve made at least two hundred thousand dollars drawing stick figure can. buy stuff like that. i think it's a form of self-expression. and something you're buying something ridiculous away from. and that's why i think there's so much success in this. we live in a crazy world so crazy products obviously felt like crazy. makes total sense right. it always does seem to make sense we do seem to be living in a crazy wild these days or at least a rapidly changing one take car loving germany for example it's been turned upside down in recent years one thing diesel is debt makers were found to be cheating on
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emissions level tests cities are rolling out diesel bans drivers of being paid to retrofit or scrap their vehicles now many are asking has carnation germany gone completely matt. the automobile industry is one of germany's great success stories it's a top employer the biggest taxpayer export world champion but suddenly the industry isn't running so smoothly the question on everyone's mind is have they gone mad i do. think. it's kind of the scientific community that people suddenly have to buy a new car for thirty thousand euros and not everyone can afford. every two years article
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. what an absolute dream for carmakers everybody goes out and buys a new car every two years and that would be great for business. but first the car makers have to retrofit all the recently sold diesel cars that emit nitrogen oxides above legal limits that's also driving many people in germany. and the. residents of streets with heavy traffic are banding together to get their message across. and the courts are responding with driving bans hundreds of thousands of motorists are affected two hundred thousand in berlin alone one hundred thousand in cologne and other cities too starting in the new year many new bands will come into force it's still unclear who will be checked and how there simply aren't enough police in germany there's also opposition to automatic license plate detection and how reliable are the measured data in one city the measurements
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are made right at the roadside in another at a distance of ten meters in one city at four meters height and another at ground level that. if you. think this video has already had three million views. of a strange little. kid. despite that resistance trade ins are the trend germany scrap yards are overflowing automakers are paying trade in premiums of up to five thousand euros for scraps diesel cars if the owner buys a new vehicle. is still going. to see a car like this with only forty seven thousand on the clock it's in. good nic it could be good for quite
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a few more years. well some people who don't like reality try to escape it altogether living in their own while sometimes quite literally as a reporter i found out she travelled to italy and spent time in a tiny village where the three hundred odd residents of breaking the mold and living by their own rules. this place has its very own prince and princess its own currency even its own coat of arms. basically almost everything a country needs to my surprise this village even declared independence decades ago but this here is not really a country have you heard of the country of. i wanted to find out why they so
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desperately want to be a separate state here i'm still in italy and if i walk across this here now i'm not in italy anymore well at least according to this and figure but even think. little guard house. is a tiny village in western italy close to the french border it's roughly fourteen square kilometers in size and has a population of around three hundred suborders curious history goes back centuries to when it was said to be an independent principality in the eighteenth century it was sold to what would become italy but in the one nine hundred sixty s. a villager found documents allegedly proving that the sale was invalid his conclusion suborder was not part of italy the villagers agreed and soon thereafter he declared. pendent. disable guinea even have their own
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currency the louis genome which can be used in select stores in the one of the country villages show me this a bog an i.d.s. with pride and the tiny village even has their own guard that parades on special occasions disabled guinea elected their prince much of the first and italian businessman and his wife. his highness and the villagers take their independence very seriously. because is our right maybe you too are thinks this is. a dream there yet that is not a fair it. also has economic reasons for wanting to be independent. most of the people here live from the agriculture around the village. only has a handful of shops and tourists are not exactly flooding the tiny village today
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many villages hope that independence could bring lower taxes and attract investors as well as much needed visitors. the princess is a german native. that absolutely one of them being independent would be amazing we could decide everything for ourselves everyone knows italy's not in the best shape right now i think independence would help the region we could create jobs. that the. front and the pendants of suburbia we are suspect a better life because when you are a little and independent you care also give the best of you because you can do what the people needs not erupt it needs. a little village and wanting to be a country that's a good selling point to tourists it makes this sleepy village in the mountains
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unique. they definitely have their corporate identity down there blue and white flags everywhere. the same goes for pictures of the monarch. i even have a portrait of. in my bed and breakfast. but becoming independent as spain's catalonia and sharon is far more complicated than just wanting to be a country. theoretically say borger has everything it needs to be a country that's a mark territory a permanent population and a governing power but what they don't want to hear the problem is that nobody else thinks we are one and that is crucial to being a country and least of all its mother state italy. not to mention actually becoming independent comparing it to some problems with
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hillary geno is no real substitute for the euro negotiating deals with the e.u. can be excruciating lee difficult as briggs it shows and of course the village would still be entirely dependent on italy for its economy maybe it's good that way i think simple it's better to be known as a wanting to be a country than facing the harsh economic realities of actually being one. because the story attracts attention and media like me. everybody likes underdogs. and after all some wishes of better if they come true right. you saw her there in her report now here dear that joins me in the studio here a fascinating place but how did you find out about it because it's tiny right exactly well i've always been really interested in those tiny one of the nation's
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micro nations as they're called and there are lot of other ones as well like this the land in the u.k. that's all rigged for more oil it wants to be a country like that but i think the border is one of those that actually have most legitimacy in a way they have like three hundred people living there everything. so that's why i came across it just googled machinations and then looked for the best one basically let's be honest there's a fine line between craziness and genius when do the residents stand on that scale i think they're quite ingenious to be honest they're a little bit crazy as well but they're using the craziness as a good selling point so i think as a as an origin story they really do believe that they were they could be their own country back chely now it's a lot of marketing i think and that's really good because a lot of villages that are like this village but they just nobody goes to them you know writes a crazy good and i understand that now you all one of the honorary residents
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exactly yes i have a little passport. souvenir shop and i actually gave it to me but you can actually also buy it for two year if if you want to go for free so hey amy yeah. my taxes. as an honorary citizen yes i'm exempt from that or i am on a more serious note i mean could we say that this place is emblematic of a separatist movement that we've seen around the world in various places i've seen a lot of the trades that for example catalonia shows i must say like those kind of overly positive way of thinking about they think that oh yeah if we're alone everything's totally fine and it's going to be much better i think you know the u.k. thought that as well. and they don't really see the negative consequences i think and that was very similar yes reporter kier do that delving deep into the crazy for us thank you very much. now the guy on the bus does it the woman at the desk next
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to you probably does it in fact i'll leave it mate to doing it as well what am i referring to the practice of talking to yourself it isn't necessarily a sign of madness and all very i would ask a guest says when the going gets tough giving yourself a little pep talk can walk want. a spin go forwards and i mean really good. my up to the job no question of course i'm up to it to charles come i can do this with my sometimes you have to say that out loud. go out on of the him talking to yourself in public might be a little weird but it works it works to tell yourself i'm good i can do this i can definitely manage this task on the scientists have proven that it works you're doing it gives you more self-confidence that none of that it has to be out loud.
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or do something for yourself you know yourself best you know what you need you know the challenges now some of them and the best thing is to shout it out so everyone can hear it so that's no doubt about it. this is going to fix it you might be on your way to give a talk give that talk out loud let me show you and ladies and gentlemen i'm pleased to see so many of you here today see it's easy if you like it chances are that everyone else will too and i'm with you just have to try this. after all we all race talk to our selfs talk call and do this i want. make it. the others are so much better than me the good done right down those negative
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thoughts on and that will turn them into its positive ones say it out loud in fact i'm fit in great shape i'm creative imagine a chair if i'm going to make it to the top shelf that's no question no question of course i'm going to think you're good at this go home it's. all very annoying after you get that proving that we're all probably a little not and that's it for this edition of made in germany now it's time to kick back and well if this well. don't be a try right well of course i'm going to do that i'm not completely crazy thanks as everyone for your company can see you very sick.
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center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. this week in a special edition comes exum is coming to you from the bowling pharmacy for my guest is a veteran buffalo soon chief negotiator for south america. the fuse dream of the can defend the state's ever came true what would it look like a conflict so fluid dealt.
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with him how to be a gun because on his one the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be about small i never would have gone on the trip but you know i would not have put myself and my parents on a lot of danger to the bottom of the game of the davis leader with. loved ones uncle because that one of the with me and to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrates terrified and reliable information for margaret's. continentals reinventing itself. as africa's tech scene discovers it's true potential. inventors entrepreneurs and
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high tech professionals talk about their visions successes and day to day business the difference she. gets into proves she's strong in everyone stops when. he sees the power to push the us to. digital africa starts december twelfth on t.w. . russia is becoming a hotbed of aids accompanied by a lack of information and stigmatize asian in some cities h.i.b. is spreading rapidly. here in several drugs russia's age at the epidemic has been moving to any youth face making a definitive transition from the so-called found out about groups to debate population. h.i.v. in russia today on t.w. news.
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in. the city w. news live from berlin and acts of premeditating provocation russia's president putin blames ukraine for sunday's mabel confrontation and says the crews of the captured ukrainian vessels included two secret service agents also.


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