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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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is d.w. news live from the new hardline it read it changing brazil's political climate excited crowds gathered to welcome president on that jab also not on his election marks a radical shift to the right off the decades of centrist rule and his views worry many brazilians. also on the program of dorothy's in germany say a man who ran to call into a new year crowd intended to kill foreigners over the latest from our reporter in the western city a bottle. of gravel those around the world are bringing in twenty nine thousand
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from valid tobacco that's been using don't sing out of course some spectacular fireworks display. the in a. fundamental free glad he could join me brazil is preparing to inaugurate hardline a leader who's promising sweeping changes the president elect has been heading to congress for the ceremony which will begin shortly or so not oh a farewell army captain will become the first full right president since the country's military dictatorship ended thirty years ago he's vowed to revive brazil sinking a qana mean crack down on crime but his offensive remarks about minorities and women have alarmed many who say that he is a threat to democracy. and a journalist some cow is with us from brazil's biggest city sao paolo give us
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a sense of the preparations for boston are as integration today. well there's a heavy security presence in the capsule brazil yesterday mr paulson are a very calm for controversial politicians to say the least and more likely go on to be a controversial president he suffered an assassination attempt at a campaign rally when he was stabbed by a mentally deranged man and so yes we've seen heavy security presence in the capital brasilia and mr wilson are now is going to congress where he will make his speech of the day it's likely we understand it's going to be a speech. with themes all national unity some give us a sense about what this day means for well i suppose those two brazils those who are off or both are not and those who are against him. yes people are for also
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noro this is you know this is a great day for them they see it as the dawn of a new. story brazil was ruled by a censor left government for sixteen years basically. and yes. we will we will be the. we will we excuse me this is noise in the background. for most all respects music that they are extremely happy they see this is the dawn of a new era bartz here. the other brazil they are very worried basically that we spoke sonora has a long history of disparaging remarks against. people and minorities that that's he's a threat to democracy and that's the feeling on the grounds and yet it's a very polarized country and has been for the last four years and that arise ation
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is likely to continue growing with this post and all rose room sam khouri in brazil thank you very much republic for day thanks very much difficulties that. now german authorities say that they suspect a car attack shortly after midnight on new year's day was motivated by xenophobia a fifty year old man is suspected of driving a car into a group at the desk in the west in german city opel top four people were injured and police say afghan and syria nationals were among the victim victims the man is also suspected of trying to hit people that several other locations the state interior minister says the man clearly intended to kill foreignness. dishonesty in the photos and the case is one where a german deliberately drove into groups of people groups of people who were to a large extent at least foreigners that means this man had the clear intention to kill foreigners i don't believe that can be denied those are the facts just as
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a father would say to interior minister the habit oil d.w. correspondent honest to walsh is that the site of that they can attack in but top he joins us now alice to talk us through what happened. so last night new year's eve here in bar chop a fifty year old man from. he attempted to drive his car into various groups of pedestrians so first nearby he attempted to drive his car into one pedestrian but was unsuccessful the center of in here to berlin a platts which is the center of town and sort of being the center of new year's eve celebrations last night people letting off fireworks that sort of thing here he's driven into a group of people and he's injured four of them syrians at afghans one of those people was seriously injured. since after that you've enjoyed to essen which is about twelve kilometers away and he's attempted to do the same thing there with less success nama seriously injured there in terms of
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a motive when he was arrested he apparently made xenophobic statements to police and this was lighter backed up by the interior minister who said he had a clear intent to murder foreigners. but they're also working on the idea that he possibly has mental illness as well and i was so how are people reacting where you are there in both top. here packed up everyone is relatively calm people i've spoken to is or don't know about it or they're they're they're all quite calm there was going to be a. celebration today it's the hundred year anniversary of the foundation of the city and so those are meant to be a celebration. here in the square where the attack happened you can possibly see behind me there's a stage set up it was meant to be a show however the mayor came out and he's canceled these celebrations saying we
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don't do to celebrate people as people are suffering. and as the wall c.w. correspondent in both hope for us thanks very much jonathan. and now some of the other stories making news around the world north korea's leader has used his annual new year address to warn that his country may change direction on its promise of denuclearization if the u.s. continues its sanctions came john boehner also said he remained committed to working towards lasting peace on the korean peninsula while. a ten month old baby has been found alive thirty five hours after an explosion destroyed a russian apartment complex rescue it found the boy in freezing temperatures off to his. in his cries authorities believe a gas leak boost the blast at least seven people were killed and dozens are still missing. police in britain are treating
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a stamping attack in the city of manchester as a terrorism incident three people including a police officer was seriously injured on new year's eve at the city's central victoria train station one man has been arrested. at least eight people have been injured all for a man drove a van into a crowd of people celebrating new year's eve in tokyo police say the suspect then assaulted a night person on the street a twenty one year old has been arrested. well nasa has just completed humankind's most distant fly by some one billion miles past the planet pluto mission control has just receive signals from the new horizon spacecraft and scientists hope that will provide information about the origins of other planets where images and data are expected in the coming hours. it's being called ultimate tooley an ancient name for a distant place an estimated thirty two kilometers long it could reveal knowledge
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about how the planets were formed nasa spacecraft new horizons was due to capture hundreds of images as it made the historic fly by almost six and a half billion kilometers from a. but we've never been anything not only so far from the sun but that's so well preserved in this ultimate freemans of the your absolute zero so this is the time capsule that we've never seen before the mission has been likened to an archaeological dig in space scientists hope to detect the chemical composition and to rain to learn the ancient building blocks of the planets. we have a series of science objectives one of the prime one fifth them up the geology of. the whatever craters it might have on its surface with whatever fractures other topography anything that will give us clues as to how it how it surface was formed . the new horizons probe launched some thirteen years ago on
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a mission to study pluto and its moons in two thousand and fifteen it passed the door of planets and found it to be larger than thought it kept going another billion and a half kilometers deep into the court the belt to reach ultimate tooley this stage of its mission is the most difficult we're farther from the earth and so the communications times are much longer we're farther from the sun and so the lighting levels are lower all of these things add up to a much tougher and much more challenging by. new horizons will continue on into the further reaches of space and could yield even more discoveries for years to come. the southern italian city of lights had a struggle for decades with extreme poverty and under-development and there has called it a period. shaven now much of his fortunes are changing as it becomes one of two european capitals of culture of the twenty nine and is hoping to attract thousands of this is. much of my terror is built in and around caves where people lived
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without electricity or running water until the mid twentieth century terra was long considered an eyesore but now the unique way it fits into its environment has made it famous. terror of us perhaps chosen as a captive of culture because it's such an example of native practice this city wasn't built in one architectural style but it developed from day to day in real life. part of the capital of culture celebrations is a dance performance called the atlas of emotions it explores aspects of how the residents of my terra live choreographer headache says it shows how unity locally might serve as an example for europe. especially now that things are somehow falling apart i have the sense that it's a unifying project. we connect to the shoe make it to the bacon and so on everyone
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has these emotions here. tara officially begins its year as one of europe's two capitals of culture on january nineteenth with a multimedia extravaganza including artworks dance and theater. boxing great floyd mayweather came out of retirement to be japanese kickboxer attention a sukkot in an exhibition match in tokyo on new year's eve mayweather floored naso car with three times as he unleashed a series of jobs and hopes without reply it was all over in just one round with the american winning by technical not count was worth a reported nine million dollars the fight attractive criticism for its one sided nature with many seeing it as a publicist on sound an easy payday for mayweather i don't want to say is this was a fight because it was a fight it would've been twelve rounds it was. a small deny minutes of action. in goal nightmares but to. a young home reliant a jew champion i think we had an example even given this were a circle with
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a guy like myself with so much experience. japanese ski jumper rio you kobayashi has won the second stage of the prestigious four hills tournament in germany off to a thrilling jewel with home favorite marcus eyes in behala kobayashi edged out the competition in ganesh patent to him to make it two wins out of two with two hundred sixty six point six points the victory gives him a chance of becoming the first japanese athlete since nine hundred ninety eight to win the four hills tournament. while the last parts of the world have rung and twenty nine thousand and the new year is officially underway from east to west revis have been celebrating with music dancing and does laying firework displays i'll leave you with a look at last night's celebrations from across the globe and from all of us here at the w happy new year.
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lousteau was. without it and like i'm not sorry. for. me is.
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what keeps us in shape what makes a c. and how come. my name is dr carlson because i talked to many cases. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to keep your head. state choose and let's all try to stay in bush. v w.


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