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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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way. starts january thirteenth on w. . this is the w. news line from but all change at the top in brazil hardliners both on our wrists warning as the new president he's election marks a radical shift to the right off the decades of centrist rule green day campaign is in particular worry about the impact of his policy. also on the program with or he's in germany say a man who drowned a car into
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a new york crowd intended to kill foreigners who get the latest from a reporter in the western city of port told. them to carry when no probe has gone before nasa says the spacecraft has flown past the most distant celestial body ever study. i'm going to haul free glad you could join me brazil has just a sworn in a new president jabil sonata the former army captain was inaugurated in front of congress the ceremony in the capital brasilia he is the country's first fall right president since the military dictatorship and thirty years ago or so not a husband to revive brazil's sinking economy and crack down on crime but his offensive remarks about minorities and women have alarmed many who feel that he is a threat to democracy i. with us he joins us
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now from brazil's biggest city sao paolo some boss or not has just been speaking tell us what he said. so also remade his first speech in brazil's national congress now just after having being sworn in and yet really doubling down on the he's conservative campaign by strich he made to. liberalizing loosening gun restrictions in brazil to combat seeing what he sees as the spread of leftist ideology in schools. also also saying that you know he promised a brazil without divisions and without discrimination and also. praised the police officers to bring down he's tough nor are all of he said many times that he wants to give police officers in brazil called the launch to kill suspects so very much doubling down on his conservative campaign
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a great story in this speech and that will certainly please some of his fans and very distinctive vision that give us a sense of how much power he'll have to implementing it. well resumes presence has a lot of power as it has more defacto powers then the president of the united states in fact but. also our challenge will be congress now he does have a lot of support in congress. and how long that so-called will last boston or has. traditionally horse trading over resilient politics which usually involves you know a favor for a fight and he said that is encourage corruption at the top level he's promised and it's and you know one of his campaign promises what was really cracking down on corruption in politics now whether you'll be able to get things passed in congress
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is another matter because if he's not going to give the congressmen anything then perhaps they'll be less likely to give anything back and brazil is in a very tough economic situation at the moment and he really needs to pass a pension reform quite quickly in order to get the economy to help get the economy back up and running and he's going to need a lot of support in congress to do that so what would you remember as well as a very divisive character. he would go into his presidency in a very divided country divided congress you know without as much political capital as presidents have gone in. at very briefly was it a speech that will bring the country together. well it would be very difficult to bring brazil right together right now with any speech brazil was an extremely
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polarized place right now you have this deep division between people the support also noro and people that supported the elected government of the workers' party which was thrown out of power basically during a very controversial impeachment process so i don't see for me i don't see any cures or polarize ation anytime soon i imagine it's only going to get worse as mr paulson r us presidency continues journalists sam khouri thank you. german authorities say they suspect a car attack shortly after midnight tony de was motivated by xenophobia a fifty year old man is suspected of driving a car into a group of pedestrians in the west in jenin city but top four people were injured and police staff down in syria nationals were among the victims the man is or suspected of trying to hit people at several other locations the state interior minister says the man clearly intended to kill foreignness son it's even if. the
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case is one where a german deliberately drove into groups of people on groups of people who were to a large extent at least foreigners that means this man had the clear intention to kill foreigners i don't believe that can be denied those are the facts and us just as a fight it says interior minister the habit oil d.w. correspondent honest to wall says that the sight of that vehicle attacked in both top he joins us now alice to talk us through what happened. so last night a new year's eve. fifty year old man from s. he attempted to drive his car into various groups of pedestrians so first nearby he attempted to drive his car into one pedestrian but was unsuccessful he center in here to berlin a platts which is the center of town and is sort of being the center of new year's eve celebrations last night people letting off fireworks that sort of thing here he's driven into
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a group of people and he's injured four of them syrians at afghans one of those people was seriously injured soon after that you don't drive to essen which is about twelve kilometers away and he's attempted to do the same thing there with less success nama seriously injured there in terms of a motive when he was arrested he barely made his xenophobic statements to police and this was later backed up by the interior minister who said he had a clear intent to murder foreigners. but they're also working on the idea that he possibly has mental illness as well and i know so how are people reacting where you are there in. here packed up everyone is relatively calm people i've spoken to either don't know about it or they're they're they're all quite calm there was going to be a. celebration today it's the one hundred year anniversary of the foundation
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of the city and so those are meant to be a celebration. here in the square where the attack happened you can possibly see behind me there's a stage set up it was meant to be a show however. came out and he's canceled these celebrations saying we don't want to to celebrate people as people are suffering. and as the wall street any correspondent in both hope for us thank you very much jonathan. at least eight people are now known to have died after an apartment block collapsed in russia on monday a massive search operation is underway for thirty seven people still missing or thought is believed a gas leak caused the blast in the city of magnitogorsk but earlier today there was jubilation when rescuers found a baby boy alive under the rubble. and. it felt like nothing short of a miracle as a baby boy was pulled from the rubble
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a life thirty five hours after the collapse the. rescuers say he survived temperatures of minus eighteen degrees celsius because he was wrapped up morley in a cradle but he does have some serious injuries amazingly his mother also survived the collapse and has now joined her son at the hospital. it was a rare moment of joy in what has been a grim operation for rescuers. today the only people they found otherwise were already dead. local residents are in shock many have come to the scene to express their grief openly. my colleague from work died here she was only young she's gone you will feel.
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you've pulled the roof so many of us have lost loved ones we must be strong and. first responders had to temporarily halt their search on chews day while workers try to remove or stabilize sections of the building which were in danger of collapse the ten story apartment block was home to many ordinary families dozens of people are still missing but given the freezing temperatures in russia's year all mountains region hopes are fading of finding them a life. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a group of revelers in france running twenty nineteen traps fifty meters up in the air off to a fairground ride malfunction to two firefighters in the then eight hours to free the passengers they were eventually lowered to safety cold but unhurt. north korea's leader has used his annual new year dress to warn that his country
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may change direction on its promise of denuclearization if the u.s. continues its sanctions kim jong il and i said also said that he remains committed to working towards last peace on the korean peninsula. at least eight people have been injured after a man drove a van into a crowd of people celebrating new year's eve in tokyo police say the suspect then assaulted a night person on the street a twenty one year old has been arrested. well the nasa probe new horizons has successfully flown past a celestial body six point five kilometers from earth ultimately is the most distant object ever explore explored of who was broke out in the mission control of the u.s. state of maryland as the craft confirmed it had survived the fly by. we have a healthy spacecraft we just finished high even after billions of kilometers of data gathering a celebration was in order the nasa heard signals from their spacecraft that the
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dangerous fly by had been successful. their probe came within what must have seemed like touching distance to the frozen object called ultimate tooling this is a computer generated rendering of the thirty two kilometer long frozen rock that could reveal much about how the solar system's planets were formed a lot of pictures are due in soon of the historic flyby almost six and a half billion kilometers from earth. now the image that i'm about to show you is the best image of ultimo that we got preflight and it's ok to laugh but it's better than the one we had yesterday and there it is meet me also my eye. the mission has been likened to an archaeological dig in space scientists hope to detect the terrain and couple composition of ultimate tooley to learn more about the ancient building blocks of planets. we have
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a series of science objectives one of the prime on fifth them up the geology of. the whatever crater is it might have on itself if whatever fractures of the topography anything that would give us clues as to how it how it fits with. the new horizons probe launched some thirteen years ago on a mission to study pluto and its moons in two thousand and fifteen it passed the door flan it and found it to be larger than thought then flew another billion and a half kilometers to reach ultimate tooley. but we've never been anything not only so far from the sun but that's so well preserved in this ultimate freeze. new horizons will continue on well be. on the solar system no yielding more until it runs out of the needed juice to send back data. that's a a bit of all of us on that spacecraft that will just to continue after are long
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gone here on earth. before that time new horizons and it's team will be leaving a massive load of information for generations to build on. while the last parts of the wall have rung in twenty nineteen a new year is officially underway and from east to west wreckless have been celebrating with music dancing and dazzling a firework displays i'll leave you now with a look at last night's celebrations from across the globe and from all of us here at the top of a happy new year all. the. stuff was. wrong. we're not done not good luck i'm sorry. from our own leadership including.
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the. letter we were wrong when we. in the percent of americans at some point and i will experience hardship listen.


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