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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin tensions flare in india two women make history by entering a sacred hindu temple the tradition has barred them from for centuries but there are fears of a backlash from conservative hindu groups and go live to delhi also coming up joe you're also not row is sworn in as brazil's new president vowing to liberate his country from socialism and political correctness the far right leader selection marks a radical shift after decades of centrist rule. and
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a new year's miracle in the ruins of a collapse of the building in the russian rescuers pulled a little baby boy to safety after he said more than a day trapped under the rubble in subzero temperatures plus we meet a syrian refugee facing a long sentence behind bars in greece sarah martini says she helped to save migrants from drowning and see the authorities accuse her of people smuggling with your purse out of a story in the next twenty minutes. well i'm terry marchin glad you could join us tensions are growing between conservative hindus and women's rights activists in india after two women entered one of hinduism is holiest shrines for the first time under police guard the pair secretly entered the. sabra mill
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a temple in the southern state of carola on wednesday for centuries it has been closed to women administrating age but last year india supreme court overturned that local ban a ruling in a rage traditions on tuesday thousands of women in kerala formed a human chain to demand access to the building. in an interview with indian prime minister narendra modi he appears to have sided with traditionalists who want to keep women out of the hindu temple and the prime minister's office tweeted every temple has their own beliefs there are temples where men are not allowed to. offer more of us cross over to. jobs wall in delhi india supreme court ruled that women cannot be banned from the temple is the government not insisting that the law be obeyed.
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unfortunately the women in india who want to enter the shopping mall or temple are not getting support from the government that's bad enough that after these two over then enter the temple the temple of god things have actually shot down with them before purification but a leading politician from there in the more these party the ruling party actually called for process in the bottles so that he has protested women's right to enter this stamford but in the interview that was just cited that there is more they gave a very interview to mark the beginning of that you know he not only supported the rights of traditionalists by saying that some template additions must be held up in the very same interview he actually said that the truth of the issue of rule in india a new ruling in india which actually strikes down and islam law which of which let's let's mend that it was the men and one goal he says that is about gender equality but this is about traditions a clear demarcation being made by the prime minister himself in support of the
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traditionalists are. now defenders of the band had succeeded in stopping women from entering the temple in the past even after the court ruling how do the two women in question manage to get in. well back in october when the ruling was first lifted there was an n y moment of celebration but the men were headed back unfortunately this historic entry was not in a set of authorities and setting the women stopped at the check up to the temple in the dead of the night at midnight then made it by three forty five am and one of those of the group of police question and it was only the absence of media presence as well as possibly the absence of the routines off the temple that allowed them to actually read their way in became interested in black hearted and offer their prayers and prayers and hotted out so it was definitely not much of a validation but they did make history now the tradition of burning women menstruating age from entering the shrine is centuries old briefly if you can how important is the tradition for development. well the
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devoting of the shopping mall a temple are actually the door to you off the lord i up by now he is considered to be celibate this is why women often menstruating age that is between ten and fifty a barred from entering the stempel to respect the celibacy all of this lord now the men who support this ban say that any woman who actually respects a lot i would not wish the end of the temple but of course we've heard counter-current from them and. w.'s and the me should just wall there in delhi thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making headlines today chinese president xi jinping has said it's inevitable that the self rolling island of taiwan will be reunited with china in a speech marking forty years since the start of improving ties she called for peaceful reunification but he warned beijing reserves the right to use force if necessary. japan's emperor akihito has extended new year's greetings for the last
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time before he abdicates the eighty five year old appeared before tens of thousands of well wishers at the imperial palace in tokyo akihito has occupied the chrysanthemum throne since nine hundred eighty nine he's planning to abdicate in april which would make him the first emperor to do so in more than two hundred years. and german authorities say a man who ran the car into new year's crowds intended to kill foreigners people were injured in a series of attacks in the western cities of offer up an s. and some of the victims were afghan and syrian nationals police have identified the suspect as the fifty year old german. brazil's new president joe you're both has taken office in his first public speech at the helm of latin america's biggest national nation the former army captain declared a crusade against crime corruption and left wing ideology his second name is messy
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and many brazilians do see him as a kind of messiah also norah supporters hope he can revive the economy and bring safety to the streets but others worry that his hardline policies could lead to an erosion of fundamental rights. right president now officially face. value big changes in ways that have already paid a price the country. that see that katie fast i expect that he'll make brazil better and safer. than black and gay people some are says were useless he does not represent me. tens of thousands cheered also naro in the capital brasilia. was. yet. after being sworn in he set the tone for his term as president i near zero google dear till today is the day our people will begin to free
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themselves from socialism was sitting by the river to free themselves from false values from overreach by the state and from political correctness. was also nora's cabinet is mostly white and male with only two women seven of its twenty two members are ex-military their agenda is staunchly conservative the foreign minister wants to break with alleged cultural marxism many back the incoming finance ministers pray for the market stance on his promises to privatized many industries foreign companies operating in brazil have also voiced support for his plans but paulson are also has his critics and amongst the toughest of them is left wing congressman john willis he's openly gay and says he's receiving more and more death threats. i think it was a ball he ever said and will really do is hunt minorities i consider him
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a political fraudster and a threat to the world or to make more mass hold on twitter also nora has already announced plans to liberalize gun laws part of efforts he's making to show his supporters he won't delay implementing his campaign pledges to separate themselves we will make sure that proper citizens have the right to own weapons and to defend their property for the fifth. year polson are is the face of brazil's political shift to the right many a painting their hopes on him while others fear he threatens democracy. russian hour at least fourteen people are reported to have died after an apartment block collapsed on new year's eve dozens of residents are still missing authorities believe a gas leak calls the blast in the city of might need to go about seven hundred kilometers east of moscow but there's also been some joy after rescuers found a baby boy alive under the rubble. and. it felt
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like nothing short of a miracle as a baby boy was pulled from the rubble a life thirty five hours after the collapse was. rescuers say he survived temperatures of minus eighteen degrees celsius because he was wrapped up morley in a cradle but he does have some serious injuries amazingly his mother also survived the collapse and has now joined her son at the hospital. it was a rare moment of joy in what has been a grim operation for rescue is. the only people they found otherwise were already dead. local residents are in shock many have come to the scene to express their grief openly.
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my colleague from work died here she was only young she's gone if you will be. there with paul ryan so many of us have lost loved ones we must be strong. first responders had to temporarily halt their search on tuesday while workers try to remove or stabilize sections of the building which were in danger of collapse the ten story apartment block was home to many ordinary families dozens of people are still missing but given the freezing temperatures in russia's year all mountains region hopes are fading of finding. is saving lives a crime that's a question vexing one young woman as she faces people smuggling charges leveled at her by greece several more dini herself a refugee from syria was praised back in twenty fifteen for helping to save migrants drowning at sea but greek authorities say she helped migrants enter greece
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illegally or abraham caught up with her here in germany. saddam or dini is relieved to be back with her college classmates in berlin and the syrian refugee an activist was released on bail after spending more than three months in a green prison. so i was returning from last bus in august when police arrested her on the phone she had spent the summer volunteering on the greek island with the pro refugee organization because of her work helping migrants authorities charged her with people smuggling money laundering and espionage she now faces a prison sentence of up to twenty five years i've never heard. because i want to help people and. her arrest wasn't the first time that sarah made headlines she caught the world's attention in two thousand and fifteen but for very different reasons. she and her sister your star were making the paralyse crossing
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from turkey to last bus when their dinghy began to take on water and sink being experienced swimmers they jumped overboard and pulled the waterlogged boat to shore by doing so they saved the lives of the eighteen people on board. they began a new life in germany. just became a goodwill ambassador for the united nations and was on the refugee team at the twenty sixteen rio olympics. so i don't want to scholarship to study social sciences in berlin but kept on returning to last boss to help others. i believe something just before so i forward a place that i learned and i wanted to be on the ground again following sars arrest her college classmates campaigned for her release organizing protests in berlin boston athens and other cities her defense team is calling for greater protection
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for humanitarian workers but you're not going to do these you know we're going to go overseas right now because they recognize that a hospital is the good if you will for financial benefits. of the gulf war he. required in order to do you know to stop the use of the crime wolf might become smart because you cannot cover the smugglers without benefits and these izzo because you have to exclude them from some shows and organization of the provides for money. until such safeguards are in place greek authorities can claim that such i was helping migrants enter the country illegally she's currently waiting for her case to go to trial she hopes it won't go that far but is determined to prove her innocence and that saving lives is not a crime. which you watching t w news coming to you live from berlin we have more
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for you at the top of the hour sumi will be with you then don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's at d w dot com thanks for watching. what we were. when we were. in the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship. listen.


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