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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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this is d.w. newsletter from two women in india and a sacred hindu temple on history traditionally has bought women for centuries and attendance today prompted clashes on protests from conservative and do groups also on the program. storm force winds hamper rescue efforts in denmark's worst trying
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not sometimes for decades six people died after a truck having blown into the path of a passenger train on a bridge. to jade was one of the toughest years of ongoing battles political career some call twenty nine t. be any easier for the german chancellor to take a look ahead. also coming up in the next hour the one line of it didn't travel well . one line but it took the killing of a washington post journalist for everyone to go oh i guess he's really not a reformer. the joke about the saudi crown prince falls flat fun netflix. dumbo updates its quirky director tim cook's take call me classic walt disney animation tops our look at the new year's blockbuster movie villains.
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i'm phil gal welcome to the program. we start in southern india where two women have defied a centuries old taboo and one of hindu isms holy strides the worth of sparked a violent clashes between women's rights activists and traditionalists the temple was later closed for what were called purification rituals. under the cover of darkness scores of by police two indian women wearing black and to the shopping mall or temple. they offer prayers thank whitley the part that was more an act of defiance and devotion. the women were claiming the right to enter given to them by india supreme court but so far blocked by protesting hindu traditionalists. the entry of women in sharply moller today isn't a story when for us it's a victory of the movement for quality and women's power because after the verdict of the supreme court some people were still opposing the entry of women today that
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protest has failed because the women have entered the temple. the shop or temple is visited by some fifty million votes his each year but it bans women aged ten to fifty conservative hindus believe women of menstruating age would defile the temple which is devoted to god believed to be celibate india's prime minister narendra modi has sided with traditionalists who are against the supreme court ruling. heart of his mother. india is of the view that everyone should get their due rights in the stomach was woman there are some temples in india which have their own traditions that men should not enter a temple and men do not go there in this shot remodeler i women judge in the supreme court has made certain observations. the issue is sparked an outcry in india on tuesday over five million women form the human chain across the state of carola making
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a stand against gender discrimination. you don't mind what we want to do what. we want then that is why i did it is nice. but the activists faced fears opposition from the traditionalists their anger spilled onto the streets where protesters clashed with police. violent protests are expected to continue as both sides voice their outrage. let's get more from the donors and then we should just well in delhi welcome i'm tell us more about reactions to today's events. well unfortunately for the reaction story of these them and making history have largely been negative temple authorities actually shut down the temple for over an hour for purification rituals protests broke out across the state of got a law even leading to clashes now know the injured more these. party the ruling
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party in the country actually called for protests and ended up kalashnikov with the do in party in the state the communist party heeding the police deploying tear gas and water cannons a template hardy's as well as a part there on the party have called for a strike for the next two days to protest women entering this temple. so this is not the first time these women have tried to get into this temple how do they get around the people who've been trying to keep them. well the supreme court ruling came all the way back in september for the last couple of months the men have been making attempts to end of the temple but this has been in broad daylight and in full media glare this also head toward tees off the lord in the temple to block because of them and three kilometers before the temple this is a three hour trek that leads up to the temple and most women were not able to get close even these two women however left for the trick in the dead of the night at midnight reached at about three forty five am betting black rushton offered presby
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quickly with the support of the small group of policemen products of their dental but there were not enough to stop these women from making history even though they had to do with the secrets of. the world one does just look at the political situation that is this about religion or about politics in terrible states while a violent this is an a religious issue that is definitely for digital overtones prime minister nothing is more these garters of the party has been speaking out against the supreme court ruling from the time which came and the communist party in in far in the state right now is very supportive of the supreme court ruled and now of course the waters have not only been exerting physical force which actually has led to arrests but they have not backed down they have even appreciated this decision in the supreme court the supreme court will be heard in the challenge to its own would dictate later on this month and so far from the senate into more this body has come
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out in support of many hindu tradition issues but has called for equality and issues when it comes to islam and other religions for this girl you have aspired to this clearly politics involved in the civil it just issue as well could talk to you thanks for joining us now just well in delhi. authorities in denmark say storm force winds have been hampering rescue efforts in the country's bus train crash for decades six people were killed and sixteen injured after a truck trailer was putting blood off a freight train into the path of a passenger train the accident happened on a bridge linking denmark's two main iowans the accidental occurred early in the morning on the western side of the bridge it looked like a strong storm had loosened up cargo being transported on a train belonging to the german rail operator. debris was then ripped loose and smashed into the oncoming passenger train the police weren't able to give any further details at a press conference they held later the biggest of all is how you trust them the
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most important thing for us is to help the passengers and crew on board we ask everyone who was on board the train to contact their next of kin. or if someone doesn't have a cell phone they should ask to use someone else's even if i obviously am even in the meantime cell phone footage taken onboard shows some of the damage the police have now confirmed six dead and sixteen injured. at the time of the crash the bridge had been closed to car and truck traffic because of the strong winds it's therefore unclear why the freight train from deutsche bahn was allowed on to the crossing considering it was also hauling trucks semi trailers. actually some of the other stories making news around the world parts of finland have experienced the strongest winds have recorded in the country as a powerful winter storm swept through from the north tens of thousands of people have been without power cell phone and transport services disrupted and the authorities have urged people to stay indoors. and covering us republican side is
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a mitt romney has written a scathing opinion piece in the washington post newspaper targeting president trump it writes that the president has not risen to the mantel of the office and these actions of alienated america's allies since her romney's comments are prompted to suggest that he will challenge the president for the republican nomination in twenty to twenty. u.s. secretary of state by pompei or says washington is demanding the immediate return of a u.s. citizen detained in russia on spying charges for whalen a former marine was arrested in moscow on friday russian media say u.s. consular officials have now been granted access to women for the first time. chinese president xi jinping has declared that taiwan must and will be reunited with china during a speech marking forty years since the start of improving ties with a breakaway self-governing island president xi called for peaceful reunification
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but war that beijing reserve the right to use force. for twenty eight was one of the toughest years of i'm going to america's long political career it took the german chancellor months to form a new government she faced stiff opposition from populists at home and abroad and after taking a blow in the polls she opted to step down as chair of her conservative party so will twenty nineteen be any easier is a look ahead. so far i'm going to america as gradual exit from politics appears to be going to plan but remaining silent slow for the coming year won't be that easy with a whole list of potential pitfalls. in an eclipse come kavin by our macro got the successor party leader she wanted a k.-k. as she is known is a much needed ally who will help keep merkel's in the party critics say. but the
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political comeback of merkel's former rival free to fish net has loosened her hold on the party mats aimed to join the magical cabinet has been rebuffed for now but many back his claim to power direct threat to our dilemma. europe's crunch time elections in may could also be a turning point for the stability of germany's government. if and of america's coalition partner the social democrats take yet another beating at the polls they may see no other way forward than withdrawing from the government that would most likely and i'm going to americans time as chancellor. those polls are expected to see a further rise of the populist right across europe an angle americal is set to feel those effects back home. here in germany the f.t.
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publicly closed ranks with the rightwing extremist during street protests in the eastern city of candidates last summer united by a determination to end the magical era the populist movement in germany make gain new momentum. with three eastern states going to the polls this coming all to the f.t.c. will have to prove whether it can become the strongest political force in any of these states. if the far right are targeted for germany manages to replicate its general election results from twenty seventeen it could become the strongest political force in saxony defeat for the c.d.u. and yet more state elections would also be seen as a rebuke for chancellor merkel's leadership. all of those factors will also play a role in the half time assessment of the coalition partner of anglo mackerels
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government the social democrats wrote an exit clause into their coalition deal if they trigger that anger merkel could crash out of her last term in office as get more. correspondent linda craig welcome linda will angela merkel still be in charge a year from now president. so difficult to say you heard how many factors could influence her ability to stay in power if germany were to hold new elections for example because the junior coalition partner in the social democrats did decide to leave the government certainly i think we would not see her remain at the helm but very very difficult to say whether that will in fact occur what we can see is that there is no majority in the at the moment if you look at the polls two thirds of germans say that they are content to see her serve out her term only one third would like to see her leave earlier and germans do have
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a penchant for stability so i think that may argue in favor of her sticking it out we saw in article was although the condoms ranged against her at home what about on the international stage i will tell you you can she expect that an interesting one germany will now be on the security council as a non permanent member both the chancellor and her foreign minister have said that they are absolutely committed to using that position to really advocate for multilateral solutions to complex problems those problems include and they have named them climate they want to really push for stronger climate leadership trade germany as a major exporting power stands to lose a lot from a further intensification of trade disputes it will be looking to strengthen the world trading world trade organization the w t o and the rule based trading order russia ukraine another very big topic for germany where it has taken leadership in
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the past that undoubtedly will involve some challenges this year as well and then various challenges on the front of security and arms control ranging from a possible u.s. withdrawal from the i.n.f. treaty that's designed to control medium range nuclear weapons possibly stationed in the. central europe and germany certainly germany will be looking to hinder that any further escalation in that area and of course any fallout from further hostilities in syria that let new lead to a new wave of migrants all of those could be issues on which germany will need to and want to make its voice heard within the context of this new role in the security council plenty of challenges for germany abroad and indeed at home but one wonders kind of government led by a good america will rise to those challenges there must be many who see her as a lame duck. indeed that is often said but you could also say that
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a lame duck is free to start working for the history books as it were to really be looking to make the kind of decisions that will solidify america's place in those history books and interestingly enough she did devote a good part of her new year's address this year to the international challenges and mentioned the need for germany to take more responsibility to stand up for its advocacy of multilateral solutions and whatever challenges are out there domestically and internationally the fact is that this remains a very prosperous country with a majority of citizens who are committed to multilateral perspectives and with a strong sense that germany needs to be in the boat with others there isn't a real strong nationalist demagogue on the horizon apart from that far right party
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that was mentioned in the report but for all of those reasons i think we can look to a certain degree of leadership and stability here still from germany and from uncle americal but in the quote. so the hope is here then taking up the business let's start with the stock exchange is how they are responding to the new year not to get seems like they might still be a little bit hung over fail because global stocks have had a rather wobbly start to twenty ninety investors are on edge of the week data from china and fears that there's no end in sight to its trade war with the united states and just minutes into trading well the dow fell one and a half percent later regaining some of those losses the volatility traders experienced at the end of the year it could be here to stay well in europe germany's dax and inched into positive territory is trading was coming to an end some asian stocks fell by as much just for the scent. and shares were sent skidding out of the. make a tesla on the first day of trading following falling by eight percent for four to
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delivery fell short of analysts expectations and tester has been struggling to ramp up production of its model three which is crucial for its long term profitability and tess's decision to cut the prices of its vehicles by two thousand dollars badgley did little to help the share price the company says it wants to help customers deal with the gradual phase out of federal top tax credits for electric cars. now tourism is a pillar of the indonesian economy but there are concerns about the state investing even more in the region hit by the tsunami on the twenty second of december and hit the coast without warning crushing one of the biggest beach hotels killing dozens of people that location is heavily exposed. this beach had been one of the highlights of indonesia's push to draw more tourists the hotel that stood here before the tsunami struck advertised its use of one of the world's most famous
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active volcanoes. the government did a study and it concluded that ten year only some could be made a top tourist destination because it was so close to crack a tour of. the volcano is in the middle of the sea and it's still expanding. and that's why it became a major tourist draw. that volcano triggered the tsunami that killed more than four hundred people easily crushing the buildings of tanya liaison it's the top location on the government's tenue bali's program seeking to make other parts of indonesia just as popular as bali which attracts more than forty percent of indonesia's tourists every year but the hotel's c.e.o. says the government needs to focus more on disaster preparedness. to do so after this disaster the government should construct more buildings that can survive strong waves along with break waters. so if there's
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a high wave it can be anticipated and its force can be minimized. indonesia's tourism minister brushed off concerns and says the town should be rebuilt within six months i think and we have been in. any place in in a nice you know what is important and the most important thing is we have to profile the mitigation plan. indonesia wants to increase its annual tourist from fourteen million to more than twenty million with its investment push but without disaster ready infrastructure included many fear the funds could be quickly washed away. and while some countries are looking to attract more tourists other hotspots are trying to keep tourists bay if you're planning a day trip to the. dreamy a tally in city of venice this year you might have to fork out for the privilege of accessing city's historic center permission for cities to charge admission is among a host of measures introduced by italy as part of its twenty nine thousand budget
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the matter of venice says people will be charged up to ten years of this it and that the money will be used to clean up the city a tax where you apply to tourists and not to those traveling for work or study. twenty nine turns off to a rocky start for netflix the streaming giant has come under fire for withdrawing an episode of the popular comedy show patriot act in saudi arabia perhaps understandably the saudi crown prince was not amused as a joke about the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. who can tell a small welcome oh so what was it about this job that is so offended the crown prince i mean this is a show hosted by us comedian his name is a samba nashi he used to work for the daily show he loves these political jokes is what the show is all about right so one of his first episodes really focused on saudi arabia the crown prince mohammed bin some on and his alleged involvement in the killing of the shoji actually we have a clip of that episode here take
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a look. just a few months ago probably prince mohammed bin salon a.k.a. n.d.s. was hailed as the reformer of the arab world needed but the revelations about to show his killing have shattered that image in a blows my mind that it took the killing of a washington post journalist for everyone to go on. i guess he's really not a reformer meanwhile every muslim person you know was like yeah you know. he's the crown prince of saudi arabia. ok well apparently the saudis didn't think that that was very funny and surprise surprise and the country's communications watchdog they basically forced netflix to take that episode down in saudi arabia when news of that got out people were not very happy about it in fact here's some of what people were saying this is the executive director of human rights watch in the middle east and she says that netflix is claim to support artistic freedom means nothing if it bows to demands of government officials who believe in no freedom for their
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citizens not artistic not political and not comedic even jamal khashoggi former editor of the washington post speaking out here and she says when jamal khashoggi wrote about the need for free expression in the arab world that freedom is not just about journalists it's about freedom for artists comedians cartoonists musicians anyone who wants to express their views on society. there is though taking kind of a more nuanced view here one person writes look if they want to operate in a country they have to obey its laws a better position for netflix would be to boycott saudi arabia altogether and that might help increase pressure for reform there as for netflix phil the company defending its decision in a written statement they said we strongly support artistic freedom worldwide and only removed this episode in saudi arabia after we received a valid legal request and to comply with local law. this is not an isolated incident saudi arabia is not noted for tolerating criticism right yet if they don't like it in saudi arabia they will ban it they'll censor it they'll do basically
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whatever they want overall the state of media freedom there is not very strong we can just show you some statistics from reporters without borders they do not have some nice things to say about saudi arabia ranks one hundred sixty nine thousand one hundred eighty nations in terms of press freedom it does not allow an independent media there and it uses a very broadly britain cyber crime law this is used to crack down on anything from blasphemy to insulting religion inciting chaos and danger in national unity mean that could basically mean anything right and even defaming the king and that seems to be perhaps what flagged this episode there from netflix. not the only as i look around the media landscape it's not the only media company go looking like it's going to have a tough time this year right i mean the state of media freedom for tech companies i think is only getting worse it's not getting better and twenty nineteen and as these companies expand into other countries i mean that flicks now isn't about two hundred countries around the world you have to start making these decisions do we
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prioritize profits do we prioritize freedom of speech and we saw the concession that netflix made there in saudi arabia another country on the horizon now is vietnam this week they just passed their own version of this cyber crime bill this would criminalize criticism of the government and requires tech companies to hand over user data that could be important for a company like facebook for example so we'll see more battles like this with author authoritarian regimes in the future and twenty nineteen coalescent simply look forward to a secure. as look at the sport then the english premier league gearing up for a top of the table showdown as reigning champions manchester city host league leaders liverpool on thursday the game also pits form a bond as league coaches pep quote hero and you can plot against each other a win for clubs liverpool would increase their lead at the top to nine points manchester city a curry third in the table but a win would take them soon within four points of the needs of the match club
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described his side's opponents as the best team in the world. you have to we have to be prepared as good as possible we have to be brave you have to be full of. angry again all that stuff like in all the other games we have to be that but with the knowledge of the opponent is for me still the best team in a row that's how it is. staying in the english premier league chelsea have signed american when a christian the police six from league club force your dog and the twenty year old will move to london for a fee of sixty four million from the so most expensive in the transfer district to six came through the ranks at dortmund have enjoyed the youth team twenty fifteenth to remain at the club for the rest of the season before joining chelsea in june. fifth for present jonny in fine tino says world football's governing body is studying whether it would be possible to expand the twenty twenty two world cup to
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forty eight teams he said fee for should allow should follow the i follow through with the idea first suggested in march that neighboring gulf states could help qatar host some of the matches it also voted to increase the size of the twenty twenty six tournament and trust from thirty two to forty eight teams that expansion may now come soon. so if you think it's a good thing to have forty eight teams in the world cup. and we'll have it for twenty six. why shouldn't we try to have it already forty years before. it's never too late to do something good right and. good are you watching to w.'s live from baghdad still to come the syrian refugee sarum on t.v. helped rescue migrants from the mediterranean a national crisis greek people smuggling it was a pretty difficult for all sources to distinguish between volunteers rescuers and
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criminals or just inconvenient. dumbo updated we look ahead to some of faint news yes most eagerly awaited movie blockbusters including director tim but take up toxic for disney image. after all the more world news i'm business in just a moment it's a state up. against trying to get a check of the other mascot highway. built during world war two two thousand four hundred kilometer long route connects alaska with the rest of the. road closed down dismissed and historical sites b.m.s.
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the highway and they have gone through the wilderness in forty five minutes. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you use favors when official information has attorneys i have walked off the streets like many can trust and they have four. all those are almost the same fourteen the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans on seeing the microphones who have decided to put their trust in the last. name is jim paris and i work a deep knowledge. beyond
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. the a. month. this is news live from berlin i'm phil gayle the top stories at this hour violent clashes have broken out in india after two women defied an ancient taboo and entered one of hinduism strogatz trials of the temple in kerala states was basic lows for called purification rituals. six people have been killed in
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a row crash in denmark a truck trailer apparently blew into the path of a passenger train a storm force winds battered a bridge. how it works sara madine is facing the people smuggling charges increase after being praised back in two hundred fifteen for helping to save migrants from drowning at sea this summer she was arrested by greek or started to claim she's been assisting migrant smuggling after spending three months in detention as madine who's a self a refugee she's now back in the back she's not out on bail and back in germany completing her studies but she still facing the prospect of years behind bars. saddam or dean is relieved to be back with her college classmates in berlin the syrian refugee an activist was released on bail after spending more than three months in a green prison. so i was returning from last bus in august when police arrested her on the table she had spent the summer volunteering on the greek island with
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a pro refugee organization because of her work helping migrants authorities charged her with people smuggling money laundering and espionage she now faces a prison sentence of up to twenty five years i never regret anything. because i want to help people and that's causing many of asian. her arrest wasn't the first time that sarah made headlines she caught the world's attention in twenty fifteen but for very different reasons. she and her sister yourself were making the paralyse crossing from turkey to last bus when their dinghy began to take on water and sink being experienced swimmers they jumped overboard and pulled the waterlogged boat to shore by doing so they saved the lives of the eighteen people on board. they began a new life in germany. just a became
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a goodwill ambassador for the united nations and was on the refugee team at the twenty sixteen rio olympics. site i want to scholarship to study social sciences in berlin but kept on returning to last us to help others. i believe when you feel something just go for it so i feel the place and i wanted to be on this ground again following stars arrest her college classmates campaign for her release organizing protests in berlin boston athens and other cities her defense team is calling for greater protection for humanitarian workers are you talking about unity is an ongoing conversation right now because they recognize that. has to recognize the good if you will for financial benefit. or believe god's will be. required in order to do you know the established the crime of my gun smuggling you cannot have smugglers without
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benefits and this is obviously you have to exclude from. people and organizations of provides for one. until such safeguards are in place greek authorities can claim that site i was helping migrants enter the country illegally she's currently waiting for her. a case to go to trial she hopes it won't go that far but is determined to prove her innocence and that saving lives is not a crime. let's take a closer look at this event so mcallister from a human rights watch welcome to dublin why does it seem so difficult for the law to differentiate between volunteers saving migrants from from drowning and people smuggling it shouldn't be difficult at all so i think this case is politicized the authorities in greece want to set that want to send a signal to help us to rescue and search out. not to do that job not to
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help people to deter them in order to deter refugees and migrants to come to greece ok so with what what we're looking at then is as you say that sending a signal and so this is does this indicate a sort of change of policy for greece because greece amongst other countries has been getting quite quite hard on the n.g.o.s who are involved in rescuing migrants this is actually quite ongoing there are many more people in greece in prison right now in detention waiting for trial to try to help other refugees to be rescued from from emergency situations in the sea all this actions ations against sarah madine and the others who are in detention at the moment. for example the ex is a certain that they are spies but they don was there were listening to. not
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could if hives. regular radio or radio transmission opened radio transmissions which information were already also open and available on websites for ships so actually they use the same radio frequencies that the coast guard used with the organization in order to coordinate the rescue of people see this is this is what makes the whole thing appear so far cicle from from the outside if clearly as you say the government is trying to send a message but if these cases get to court someone's got a look at this is a well as you say where is the espionage this is money laundering or where is that where is the money going and how is she in any way making money from this that it looks like it would just fall apart in court yes i think so if greece is still a rule of law state and we should assume that it is a member of the european union that this case stand in in
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court at all and i think the prosecutor must have been driven by some very right wing political ideas perhaps all of it could just be looking at this as one weapon in trying to slow down the flow of migrants into a country that cannot cope with them. even if they want to slow down this is not the way how to do it this is illegal what the prosecutors are doing. rescuing asylum seekers is never a crime. it's an obligation asylum seekers have the right to a set and legal procedure processing in the country in the e.u. and this is trieste so telling them that they are. completely foolish to talk to you thanks for joining us. for human rights watch what.
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are the past few weeks we've been taking a look back at some of our reports and twenty eighteen that resonated most with you today we have an unusual success story from south africa and follows two former gangsters who gave up the lives of crime to wear make a fortune and help others in the i.t. industry. as teenagers seal a chapel and music always. they were gangsters violence was just part of a normal day and that's not unusual here in langar a poor area on the outskirts of cape town youth unemployment is running at fifty percent it's practically impossible to stick clear of crime they say. business properties and highest jobs and. for two years being involved in crime i was able now to own two cars and rent an apartment in tottenham with expensive designer clothes. of the law because.
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people that. langar is part of the infamous cape flats the slum at the foot of table mountain. it's like a war zone every month around seventy people are killed. dozens of gangs are fighting for dominance and control of the drug trade the cape flats are one of the most dangerous places in the world. champ a lot ended up in prison eleven years behind bars but he emerged a changed man prison cannot claim that it have changed to. give to the prison gave me time time to reflect on the life that i was living and being able now to have
7:40 pm
also ample time now to develop and build on the life that i want to live moving for white. lolo wanted to start a computer school. dream but today it's a reality so he caught sponsors on board he managed to get banks and business people fired up about his idea students come from the slums and classes a free of charge creating websites developing apps. teaches these skills but he himself is self-taught. the only deficient of success back to be can be able now to see which is truckload thinking styles you know so for me it's very much important and to be able now to give them hope you know but to also now being able not to connect with. thirty hours they look at where i am so anything is possible. link i'm a seeker is one of the students for years she dreamt of writing software.
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and i knew that i would actually dow in that. thank you how they treat it and how to create such. and things. book but you know it's not in is it because as much as it's for everyone it doesn't mean that anyone can do it all for their. twenty one year old massacre as one of the top students at the computer school and she already teaches courses for beginners and children she's also from langer township. massacre lives with her aunt and uncle they're both proud of what their niece has achieved. and thankful that the course didn't cost anything otherwise they could not have center they hope she will now be able to find a good job. wealthy when it comes to getting a job even in
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a supermarket the first question is can you work with computers if the answer is no it takes much longer to find work. or has found a way out of poverty as a computer teacher. now he can drive around the smart car just as he did before when he was a gangster but driving through town he sends out a message of hope now i come with a different message that you can still have the life that you are. by doing things now right it means that now you don't think. working hard and also being committed and focused in terms of your goals and your visions and dreams. as premises are in cape town he needs well trained employees just like his students he says the lack of education in south africa is a social time bomb waiting to explode. back in langar township
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a big donation has arrived at the computer school a whole pallet of machines. and his business partner. move these valuable assets into a secure room the two x. constance recently had a taste of their own medicine they were robbed twenty two computers were stolen and tudor was wounded by gunfire it was a. template to swallow you know because. i said to myself. yes i've done do things but i didn't notice that this thing can happen to me. chipper lerner's built a traditional thatched huts in his mother's garden using his first legally earned money he knows how much worry he caused in his old gangster life. sit down with the children in us then what we would like to do in the movie is to
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come or in the future as them those rules and then for no they had dreams if you hold or they had little schoolchildren would never quarrel. and silage tshabalala calls on the family ancestors asking for their support for a prosperous future free from crime. colors when i was a business update taking a look at china's most prestigious infrastructure project that's right feel we're talking about the right at the best felt and right initiative no less it is the country's most prestigious infrastructure project with nearly a trillion dollars in proposed chinese investment poised to build roads railways ports and oil pipelines from beijing to now they make a project was launched five years ago and has attracted investors from all over the world including german companies all eager to get a sizeable piece of the action. the
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new silk road china's belt and road initiative as a source of wealth precious gems for pakistan faster processing of shipping containers in europe and cheaper energy in sri lanka everyone should benefit that's the promise delivered by the singers in this choir. the chinese president xi jinping has been pushing the new silk road for the past five years more than one hundred projects have been completed along the route including high speed rail ports for container ships and fiber optic connections for faster internet access. german industrial giant siemens sees the new silk road as a major opportunity siemens has recently put up a new office in beijing focused on the new trade groups it's headed by catherine hospice he coordinates major transport projects in more than ten countries.
7:46 pm
you have different languages cultures and time zones so finding a common denominator takes some time. smaller companies can piggyback on a major multinational like siemens says german chamber of commerce representative yet still to put on and that's because gaining access to the chinese market is challenging due to a lack of transparency. that. there's a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the silk road projects the process how to apply where to apply and which ministry is responsible for all of that's unclear. and chinese companies are us an advantage they are state owned or receive government supports she success rests a loss on the new silk road. he promotes the project as international summits
7:47 pm
german companies in china are also interested in the silk road what's unclear is just how much they'll benefit from this in the end. one of the first things you should think about when contemplating a ride in an electric vehicle is how far you can go on a single charge and when you have to turn back and that can be a question of life or death a great in the great arctic outdoors where freezing temperatures mean new electric snowmobiles can only take you so far. these winter tourists are exploring the arctic wilderness on what's claimed to be the world's first all electric snowmobile safari over the course of two hours they travel twenty five kilometers through lapland snow covered forests on battery power alone. countryside they say because it's peaceful when you get to see things where before that just the noise of the other ones with the you know would take anything lot of what
7:48 pm
wildlife and not out of life and that sort of situation the east sled is the result of development work at the lapland university of applied science that started in twenty ten one of the biggest challenges was developing a battery system that retains a charge in the freezing temperatures engineers developed a liquid heating system that keeps the battery warm even at minus forty degrees. but there are drawbacks the eastlands are three times the price of a regular gasoline powered snowmobile and that's not all the biggest these two is the range at the moment we're going to ride for dick you know me to us we p.c.'s let's show you a really neat so plan there will be four before you go to bed deep down to the forest because you don't you don't want to go forty kilometers to the forest and then you don't have butter enough to get by all the research continues even as the current models are being assembled in revenue me the capital of finish lapland
7:49 pm
tourism is just one potential market for the east lead developer another is climate scientists working in the arctic who don't want pollution to interfere with their measurements and there's room for growth one company that got its start building snow builds in the one nine hundred thirty s. is now one of the biggest transportation manufacturers in the world canada's bond. no matter how small. the remake of a classic disney movie. store of a gun elephant will be because of his big ears is due to be turned into the big screen in twenty nineteen oh yeah there's a box for
7:50 pm
a bit of your culture if you tell us about this on the big movies coming this year welcome so how does this remake compare them with the original i mean mated classic well actually there is one big difference what is the just as you said animation as we just saw the new movie compared to the original from one thousand forty one is actually stuff starring real actors like michael keaton and any the colin farrell so the only computer animated. character actually is the elephant cell so i think i'm looking forward to the remake it's coming out by the end of march and i think everyone can relate to the story i don't know budgie like i remember it had affected me as a child so i think one kind of associations to it this is just sad story of the elephant. and it's by the way also one of the one of three disney movies that are getting life action treatment in two thousand nine hundred and the one is the line
7:51 pm
. all right. tell us more that about what else we can look forward to this year well there are many blockbusters coming out many superhero films and many of the big movie franchise as they will have new films i kept on model the toy story there's a new label film coming up spider-man and one highlight i think particularly the fans of the marvel universe will be looking forward to hear that. and game is coming out this year and it's actually the longest the compared to the other three films before up to three hours. pretty long time in the movie sitting there but yeah for those who love it i think it's going to be fun and interesting and game picks up where infinity war left off after an all you might remember the math titan panels destroyed half the universe i would say let's have a look. but
7:52 pm
he said he was going to. get wiped out. the first. creatures. given just consider the next move in a trailer which gives it from the way one of the numbers on man is unfortunately lost in space with his oxygen running out. i turn back. but this character's life is unlikely to go out for ever the question is who will save him thanks man perhaps. we met a few years ago at the airport in germany that early this is an old message. i know you know that says it's me and you buzz me. avengers endgame will drop in april. i need to at least take and i'm just. concerned some particular type of delusion
7:53 pm
of going into. growing feeling was a special case in those individuals who believe they are superior. possibly delusional super heroes in m. night shyamalan closs are played by bruce willis james mcavoy and samuel l. jackson reprising rose from only a shotgun films break a bow and split you. not a cartoon this is the real world. where hollywood blockbusters but you also brought us a german production yes right it is a german film called votes in english title but a german film by the director is the best and chipper and actually a film that might get international attention to it's the storm. william a young man from the congo who has for europe in search of his brother who had migrated to
7:54 pm
europe before and by chance he teams up with go on the british runaway who has spent his family's. american holiday in his stepfather's camp program and it is a let's say coming of age movie it is also a road movie and a buddy movie so if you want i would say it's definitely one to watch. also see the sixty ninth edition of the berlin international film festival the mali what can we expect well there is there are many highlights but we know for sure is definitely one of the highlights of the honorary golden bear for lifetime achievement that this year will go to the british actress brampton and this is where it was back to full pay homage with the selection of her best films some of the body of work comprises more than one hundred film and television roles she has been a guest of the bill an international film festival several times actually. and yeah well in two thousand and six she was president of the international jury as well
7:55 pm
and that actually brings us to another highlight of the veil in all of this year which is this year is international president of the first of the international jury the french actress and academy award winner juliette binoche she was actually the first european actress to receive honors at the festival of berlin in venice and come so. they will be adding glamour to the red carpet i would say together with other stars of the exact citing film lineup and you know i would say we keep you posted as soon as we know what nice one thank you you. thank. so that's it you're up to date more of the top of the hour of course i am and you can always get the latest news on the information on our web site that's t w dot. com good. morning.
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beautiful. tribute. to forgive. the but. the been submitted.
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to. the be. the female. the butcher the news trying to show all fiasco highway. during world war two two thousand four hundred kilometer long route connects alaska with the red. the road boasts some distance and historical sites the alaska highway high on and off through the wilderness fifteen minutes on g.w. .
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i'm scared that the way we're not hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers one liners. what's your story. on what numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor not a guest you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information.
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how do you. discover your concept discovered with a bow how. a school a legend after one hundred years the ideals of the font house are more relevant today than they were that. one hundred years ago visionaries reshapes things to come the fall how most people understood design is a way of shaping society. the bauhaus a man does crossover with ideas that are part of our future. what makes the house and its commission is spiraling. it out on. households are documented training starts in january thirteenth on w. .
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this is d. w. news from berlin tonight donald trump says the u.s. government shutdown will last as long as it's a house the president preparing for another showdown with democratic leaders in the u.s. congress also coming up in india breaking a centuries old taboo to women have entered a sacred hindu temple.


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