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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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what i did in two systems. really starts a genuine retreat on w. . this is d w news live from berlin tonight donald trump says the u.s. government shutdown will last as long as it takes the president preparing for another showdown with democratic leaders in congress also coming up tonight storm force winds hampering rescue efforts in denmark from the worst train accident in decades six people died after
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a truck trailer was apparently blown into the path of a passenger train on display. and in india breaking a centuries old taboo two women have entered a sacred hindu temple sparking violent clashes the temple we understand will now undergo purification rituals also coming up in this half hour the one liner that didn't go so well. why not it's up the killing of the washington post journalists for everyone to go oh i guess he's really not a reformer a joke about the soul the crown prince falls a flat for netflix we'll tell you what. i'm. good to have you with us tonight u.s. president double trump is digging in. his heels and else in the u.s.
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government shutdown could last a long time trump has told his cabinet that he will keep the government shutdown for as long as it takes the president is meeting with top democratic and republican lawmakers this afternoon to discuss the impasse he is sticking to his insistence that the budget includes funding for a border war with mexico something that democrats have refused to support the partial shutdown has now entered its twelfth day two weeks. here's what trump had to say a short while ago the united states needs a physical barrier means a wall to stop illegal immigration and to halt deadly inflow of drugs and crime. where in the shut down because of the fact that the democrats are looking to twenty twenty they think they're not going to win the election i guess a lot of signs point to the fact that they're not going to win the election i hope they're not going to win the election but they view this is an election point for
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them i actually think it's bad politics but i'm not thinking about the politics of thinking about what's right and what's wrong. as the u.s. president there talking about politics let's take the story now to the u.s. capitol stefan's in ones on the story for us good evening to you stefan so trump is meeting with the probably the next speaker of the hells nancy pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer their last meeting about two weeks ago it devolved into an argument in front of the cameras that we all watched what can we expect today. it's to be expected that this is not going to be repeated so no live cameras there but it is hard to imagine why they actually have this meeting because as you pointed just out. president is digging his heels he's not budging he wants this five billion dollars for the border wall and for border security and on the other
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hand democrats are also not budging they have a plan of course to end the shutdown the government shutdown here with. specific votes on specific senate loss and they think they can pull this off but of course they can't really because donald trump can veto this this measure they're going to take or want to take again and then where basically back to scratch one so why is this meeting happening maybe the location is an indicator it's happening apparently in the situation room and normally those meetings happen don't happen in the situation room that makes for a good show. so everybody's kind of waiting now when this starts and what will come out of it but nobody's expecting actually really to anything come out of this you know we talk about should shutdowns but it into the day these are real american lives that are being affected by this is especially in their pocketbooks right.
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yeah absolutely i mean there are hundreds of thousands of people here who didn't get a paycheck last week and. will probably not even next week i mean that's speculation we'll see how long this lasts but however there is hundreds of thousand three hundred thousand people who go to work now every day and do not get paid. i have to say that in all fairness the senate before this all started has passed a law that as soon as the shutdown is over those people will be reimbursed those government workers and then there are the others who are saying to be just stay home and don't come to work and it's not absolutely clear if they get ever the last salaries back which they now obviously don't have because they're told to be at home so that's really really unfortunate and doesn't make really any friends. in the in the general population with with washington second aspect is of course that now all washington museums and the zoo is closed so tourists or anybody who thought
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he can have a good time in washington museum they you know they all for free or at the zoo no that's not going to happen this is all close now i want to ask you bell mitt romney the former republican presidential candidate is now about to become a u.s. senator from utah he has launched a scathing attack on donald trump in an op ed piece in the washington post and he wrote that the president has not risen to the mantel of his office and that his actions and alienated america's allies. he romney is writing this saying this as he takes a new job in washington is he looking at another bid for the white house you think . there's a lot of people actually scratching their head about this too because about a few months ago mitt romney didn't really do anything in this regard trying to antagonize the president to the contrary actually that was the time when the
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president was still hopeful for him to actually get the senate seat and now he's coming out. with blazing guns running this ad and definitely the republicans thinking what went wrong there is also something to be said that this has never happened before i have yet to remember and i really try to any incoming senator or representative for that matter. who are not even the job because it's getting sworn in tomorrow and who write a letter like this and ascribing criticism to the president sitting president so that has not have before is that agenda for maybe a positioning for two thousand and twenty that would be speculation on my months surely so i've not really prepared to say but possible in washington at the moment everything is highly political and fierce fighting is going on behind any doors and anything goes and it's right next year now is twenty twentieth's and as you say
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anything stephens a muslim story for us tonight in washington stefan thank you. forty's in denmark say storm force winds have hampered rescue efforts in the country's worst train crash in decades not six people were killed sixteen injured after a truck trailer was apparently blown off a freight train into the path of a passenger train it happened on a bridge linking did marx to me. the accidental occurred early in the morning on the western side of the bridge it looked like a strong storm had loosened up cargo being transported on a train belonging to the german rail operator deutsche of bonn degree was then ripped loose and smashed into the oncoming passenger train the police weren't able to give any further details at a press conference they held later the biggest was high frost on the most important thing for us is to help the passengers and crew on board we ask everyone who was on board the train to contact their next of kin shipments or if someone doesn't have
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a cell phone so they should ask to use someone else's if you can if i obviously many even in the meantime cell phone footage taken on board shows some of the damage the police have now confirmed six dead and sixteen injured at the time of the crash the bridge had been closed to current truck traffic because of the strong winds it's therefore unclear why the freight train from deutsche had been was allowed on to the crossing considering it was also hauling trucks semi trailers. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world parts of finland of experience the strongest winds ever recorded in the country a powerful winter storm is sweeping through the north of the country tens of thousands of people have been without power cell phone and transport services have been disrupted and authorities are telling people urging people to stay indoors as u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe says washington is demanding the immediate return
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of a u.s. citizen detained in russia on spying charges paul whelan a former marine was arrested in moscow on friday the state department says the u.s. ambassador to russia has now been allowed to visit really in prison. the death toll has now risen to twenty eight after a suspected gas explosion caused the collapse of this building here in apartment building in russia fifteen people are still missing officials say that the chances are slim that they will be found alive underneath the rubble. tonight two women in southern india have defied a centuries old taboo and entered one of hinduism holiest shrines that move has sparked violent clashes between women's rights activists and traditional is in the country now the temple we understand was closed later for what we understand are being called purification rituals under the cover of darkness
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scolded by police two indian women wearing black and to the shop ramallah temple. they offer prayers and quickly depart it was more an act of defiance than devotion . the women were claiming the right to enter given to them by india supreme court but so far blocked by protesting hindu traditionalists. by lemmy the entry of women in chapel moloch today is an historic win for us it's a victory of the movement for equality and women's power because after the verdict of the supreme court some people were still opposing the entry of women today that protest has failed because the women have entered the temple. temple is visited by some fifty million votes he's each year but it bans women aged ten to fifty conservative hindus believe women of men's writing age would defile the temple which is devoted to god believed to be celibate then yes prime minister narendra
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modi has sided with traditionalists who are against the supreme court ruling. these hard it is month by. india is of the view that everyone should get their due rights in this time it was monday there are some temples in india which have their own traditions that men should not enter a temple and men do not go there in this shot remodeler i women judge in the supreme court has made certain observations. the issue is an outcry in india on tuesday and the five million women formed a human chain across the state of carla making a stand against gender discrimination. you don't like what we want know what it really was and that is why they have got at this. but the activists face fears opposition from the traditionalists their anger
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spilled onto the streets where protesters clashed with police. while in protest are expected to continue as both sides voice out rage. can saving lives be across all that is something that sarah martini is asking herself martini is an aid worker and she faces people smuggling charges in greece but back in two thousand and fifteen she was a syrian refugee fleeing her home country's war she made it to europe and was even praised for helping to save other migrants who may have drowned in the mediterranean but this summer greek authorities arrested her they say that her good samaritan acts are aiding people smugglers making her and a wedge criminal in the eyes of the law after three months in detention martini has been released on bail she is back here in berlin for now but for saving people's lives she could lose her own freedom. saddam ideally is relieved to
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be back with her college classmates in berlin the syrian refugee an activist was released on bail after spending more than three months in a greek prison. sorry was returning from last bus in august when police arrested her. she had spent the summer volunteering on the greek island with the pro refugee organization because of her work helping migrants authorities charged her with people smuggling money laundering and espionage she now faces a prison sentence of up to twenty five years i never. because i want to help people and that's causing the division of. her arrest wasn't the first time that sarah made headlines she cut the world's attention in twenty fifteen but for very different reasons. she and her sister yourself were making the paralyse crossing from turkey to last bus when their dinghy began to take on water and sink being experienced swimmers they jumped overboard and pulled
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the waterlogged boat to shore by doing so they saved the lives of the eighteen people on board. so they began a new life in germany. just became a goodwill ambassador for the united nations and was on the refugee team of the twenty sixteen rio olympics. so i want to scholarship to study social sciences in berlin but kept on returning to last boss to help others. i believe when you feel something just go for so i filled a place that i learned and i wanted to be on the ground again following sars arrest her college classmates campaigned for her release organizing protests in berlin boston athens and other cities her defense team is calling for greater protection for humanitarian workers are you going to do this you know we're going to go overseas right now because they recognize that a hospital is there because if you will for financial benefit. god will
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be. required in order to do in order to establish the crime with my gun smuggling you cannot have smugglers without benefits and this is obviously you have to exclude from the sanctuary. and organization of law provides you want. until such safeguards are in place greek authorities can claim that site i was helping migrants enter the country illegally she's currently waiting for her . a case to go to trial she hopes it won't go that far but is determined to prove her innocence and that saving lives is not a crime. well two thousand and nineteen is off to a rocky start if you're netflix the streaming giant has come under fire for withdrawing an episode of the popular comedy show patriot act in saudi arabia perhaps understandably the solti are not interested leave this all to ground prince
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was not amused by the joke about the killing of journalist jamal to show or announcement is you know the tell us more about this happy new year carla. so what is the problem with the crown prince why is he so offended was that just a joke right i mean so this show was hosted by us comedian. political and one of his first episodes it focused solely on saudi arabia particularly the crown prince mohammed bin samana and his alleged involvement in killing we actually have a clip from the episode if you haven't seen it take a look just a few months ago crown prince mohammed bin some on m.v.s. was hailed as the reformer of the arab world needed but the revelations about to show his killing have shattered that image in a blows my mind that it's not the killing of a washington post journalist for everyone to go oh no i guess he's really not a reformer meanwhile every muslim person you know was like yeah you know. he's the
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crown prince of saudi arabia. yeah ok why would he filed and he didn't find that funny the saudis didn't like it the country's communications watchdog brant they basically forced network netflix to remove this episode in saudi arabia so you can't see it there when news of that got out people around the world were not happy they saw this as censorship and now here's what some people were saying at least on twitter this is the executive director of human rights watch in the middle east she says netflix is claim to support artistic freedom means nothing if it bows to demands of government officials who believe in no freedom for their citizens or to . stic not political not comedic even jamal assured she's former editor at the washington post speaking out here she says when he wrote about the need for free expression in the arab world that freedom is not just about journalists it's about freedom for artists comedians activists anyone who wants to express their views on society a few others are taking a more nuanced view here one person says look if they want to operate
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a country they have to obey the laws better position maybe for netflix would be to boycott saudi arabia altogether that might help increase pressure for reform as for netflix defending its decision actually in a written statement the company said we strongly support artistic freedom worldwide and only removed remove this episode in saudi arabia after be received a valid legal request and to comply with local law but they did have to remove to begin with so much oil that reform in saudi arabia we know that the whole the kingdom it's known for going after its critics yeah not the thickest skin perhaps from the leaders there and you know they look at the saudis don't like something they'll ban it they'll censor it right we know that as you mentioned overall the state of media freedom there it's not very good and we can show you that here with a report from reporters without borders they rank the country one hundred sixty ninth out of one hundred eighty nations in terms of press freedom it does not allow independent media i'm actually surprised netflix is available there at all it uses
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a very broadly written cybercrime law they use this to crack down on what they call blasphemy insulting religion inciting chaos in danger of national unity and that could mean pretty much anything they wanted to mean and defaming the king that might have been what actually flags of this episode on netflix. the only media company that is having a tough time growing right we've heard facebook in the news a little bit and. you know there's a bigger issue here right when these big tech companies these media companies when they expand globally netflix now and i'm almost two hundred countries so you have to deal with different laws there and there becomes a. do you follow ties or profits or protecting freedom of speech and we saw what side netflix came down on here another country on the rise in vietnam they just asked a similar cyber crime bill so we can see more tough decisions for these companies and twenty one thousand all right i mean not to mention how difficult it is if you're trying to be a reporter in saudi arabia conason as always thank you sports news now the english
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premier league is gearing up for a top of the table showdown as reigning champions manchester city host league leaders liverpool on thursday the game also pits former bonus league coaches pep guardiola and you're going club against each other a win for clubs liverpool would increase their lead at the top to nine points in just the city of currently third in the table for the win that would take them to within four points of the leaders now ahead of the match described his side's opponents as the best team in the world. you have to we have to be prepared as good as possible but have to be brave you have to be full of society angry again all that stuff like in all the other games we have to be that but with the knowledge of the opponent is for me still the best team in the uk that's how it is. strong a thicker beard they are staying in the premier league and jealousy of signed american christian policy from bond is that your club is your dortmund the twenty
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year old will move to london for a fee of sixty four million euros thank you very much making him the third most expensive bundesliga transfer in history for the sake of games through the ranks at dortmund having joined their team in twenty fifteen he'll remain at the club for the rest of the season before joining chelsea in the june. i'm not going to tell you how many millions i had to pay to get her woman to join me tonight a fair few that's right have been new year it's the new year to nineteen getting started on the stock exchanges are we are going to get started with the stock exchanges i think it's fair to say that the global stocks seemed a little bit hung over maybe when they kicked off certainly a wobbly start to twenty nine thousand in any case investors on edge over a week say from china fears that there's no end in sight to its trade dispute with the united states and just minutes into trading the dow fell one and a half percent later regaining some of those losses but the volatility traders experienced at the end of the year when it could be here to stay in europe
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germany's dax only inched into positive territory as trading was coming to an end some asian stocks fell by as much as four percent. and shares were sent skidding out a lecture comic a test on the first day of trading falling by eight percent or fourth quarters live race fell short of analysts expectations and tesla has been struggling to ramp up production of its model three which is crucial for its long term profitability and tessa's decision to cut the prices of its vehicles by two thousand dollars did little to help the share price the company says it wants to help customers deal with the gradual phase out of federal tax credits for electric cars. well china's famous railways pause and oil pipelines from beijing but it all the mega project was not five years ago and it's attractive investors from all over the world including the new silk road china's belt and road initiative as
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a source of wealth precious gems for pakistan saucer processing of shipping containers in europe and cheaper energy in sri lanka everyone should benefit that's the promise delivered by the seniors in this choir. chinese president xi jinping has been pushing the new silk road for the past five years more than one hundred projects have been completed along the routes including high speed rail ports for container ships and fiber optic connections for faster internet access german industrial giant siemens since the new silk road as a major opportunity siemens has recently put up a new office in beijing focused on the new trade groups it's headed by cuts to hospice he coordinates major transport projects in more than ten countries.
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you have different languages cultures and time zones so finding a common denominator takes some time. smaller companies can piggyback on a major multinational like siemens says german chamber of commerce representative yet still to plant that's because gaining access to the chinese market is challenging due to a lack of transparency. that. there's a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the silk road project process how to apply where to apply and which ministry is responsible all of that's unclear. and chinese companies are us an advantage they are state owned or receive government supports she success rests a loss on the new silk road he promotes the project as international summits.
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german companies in china are also interested in the silk road what's unclear is just how much they'll benefit from this in the end of. that while some countries are looking to attract more tourists other hot spots are trying to keep tourists a bay if you're planning a day trip to the dreamy italian city of venice this year you might have to fork out for the privilege of accessing the city's historic center because the permission for cities to charge admission is among a host of measures introduced by italy is twenty nine thousand budget america but he says people will be charged up to ten euros a visit in that the money will be used to clean up the city the tax will only apply to day tourists and not to those traveling for work or study. and her mind another top story we're following for you. president all trump says the u.s. government shutdown will also slow as it takes the president is preparing for
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another showdown with democratic leaders in congress. and watching the news from but i'm having a humphrey branco will be back to take you through the day. on the.
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whole oh. in terms of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. serve beer is pushing ahead with moved to join the european union brussels who so far i'm impressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting violence is the serbian foreign minister i'm now firmly of beach. why so little progress on so many key issues. conflicts. insisting that g.w. .
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how did you. discover your concept. discover it with the cops. school. after one hundred hid the ideals of the bombers are more relevant today than they were a. hundred years ago missionaries reshapes things to the balkans people just to design isn't really shaping society. with ideas that are part of our future. about how man does castella our instinct in there and when you think i made it out to me our house means a vision if you can put up. what makes the powerhouse and its creationists inspiring to despair. it sounds how a part of. a. three part imagery
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starts in january thirteenth on w. . welcome to two thousand and nineteen the beginning of the year gives us a rare opportunity to ponder and predict and we do that at our own peril are americans headed for a year of shutdowns and showdowns in washington and on this side of the atlantic we can only speculate about the biggest ever political divorce tonight the bets for and against the european union britain and something called breck's i bring golf in berlin this is the day.


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