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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2019 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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what makes the powerhouse and its creation seem to disappear. it sounds how a part of. a. three tree starts in january thirteenth on w. . welcome to two thousand and nineteen the beginning of the year gives us a rare opportunity to ponder and predict and we do that at our own peril are americans headed for a year of shutdowns and showdowns in washington and on this side of the atlantic we can only speculate about the biggest ever political divorce tonight the bets for and against the european union britain and something called breck's i'm burned off in berlin this is the day.
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going to be a great year complicated but great. openness tolerance and respect i'm fighting for you all things even if it's uncomfortable and exhausting we don't want all the way in a world where it's rarely possible for one country to achieve its ambitions or learn that's when it comes to making the european union stronger and more decisive but not a superpower and we don't have an empire we have also for that we will only master the challenges of our time if we stand united and work together with others across borders alving. also coming up tonight how the golden rule became a punishable offense the story of a syrian refugee who made it to europe alive how could she have known that saving
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the lives of others just like hers would be a crime never. because i want to help people but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome and happy new year we begin the day with just that the new year two thousand nineteen will it leave the world better or worse all the signs point to a year or even more volatile than the one we just ended the global economy is losing steam the state of geopolitics is hotter than it should be and in europe there is that looming rex's britain's departure from the european union but we want to begin tonight with a different type of exit. germany's chancellor now for thirteen years she is on her way out albeit according to her own time plan she says she wants to finish your
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term in two thousand and twenty one but there is no guarantee that she will be able to do that in twenty nineteen the german chancellor and i caught that stability is now a main source of uncertainty the w.'s macculloch affair picks up the story for us from there. so far i'm going to america as gradual exit from politics appears to be going to plan but remaining chancellor of the coming year won't be that easy with a whole list of potential pitfalls. in an eclipse come calvin ball americal got the successor as party leader she wanted a k.-k. as she is known is a much needed ally who will help keep merkel's in the party critics say. but the political comeback of merkel's former rival free to fish melts has loosened her hold on the party that aimed to join the magical cabinet has been rebuffed for now but many back his claim to power direct threat to our dilemma.
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europe's crunch time elections in may could also be a turning point for the stability of germany's government. if angela merkel's coalition partner the social democrats take yet another beating at the polls they may see no other way forward than withdrawing from the government that would most likely end up going to medicals time as chancellor. those polls are expected to see a further rise of the populist right across europe an angle americal is set to feel those effects back home. here in germany the f.t. publicly closed ranks with a rightwing extremist during street protests in the eastern city of kennett last summer united by a determination to end the magical era the populist movement in germany make gain
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new momentum. with three eastern states going to the polls this coming all term the f.t. will have to prove whether it can become the strongest political force in any of these states. if the far right are targeted for germany manages to replicate its general election results from twenty seventeen it could become the strongest political force in saxony a defeat for the c.d.u. and yet more state elections would also be seen as a rebuke for chancellor merkel's leadership. all of those factors will also play a role in the hof time assessment of the coalition partner of angular mackerels government the social democrats wrote an exit clause into their coalition deal if they trigger that anger machall could crash out of her last term in office. lots of crash possibilities this year let's talk about that our chief political
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correspondent in the great joins me at the big table happy new year linda so i guess the question is beginning of this year will we see until america will as chancellor next year the stop i don't bring my crystal ball and frankly i think even if i had it it is so hard to read you heard all the different variables mentioned by michelle in that report and in fact we just don't know but what we do know is that there is no majority in this country for seeing uncle americal leave power any time soon if you look at the recent polls one in three germans say it's maybe she should leave earlier than scheduled but that is by no means a resoundingly majority in the fact is her poll numbers have actually gone up since she handed over the party leadership to her successor who in fact is quite popular in germany so you know germans they love stability and i think there is at this moment no clear sense that we need to have
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a change indeed do you get the sense that. seems almost liberated in when she's in public now when she talks about geopolitics knowing that she doesn't have to campaign again to get that sense i do have that sense you know the skeptics say well she's a lame duck so she's not really going to have the power to do anything with this last year or two in office but others and i'm probably to be counted in their number would say she's now free to start worrying about the history books and certainly what you just referenced was her new year's greeting to the country in which she really put a big focus on foreign policy not least because germany is now going to be a member of the security council and where she said we absolutely are going to be advocating for multilateral solutions to problems so those are very much the words of a stateswoman who's not too worried about domestic policies politics at the. because
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what's happening domestically we know that far right sentiment has been growing in the country. is it because of uncle americal or is because she hasn't done enough to stop this is the age old argument which is also split her own party whether her decision to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees in twenty fifteen was one of the things that said the rise of the far right or whether in fact it's far more complex than that i think the fact is looking toward those state elections that michelle a mention in three very critical eastern german states where the far right has been on the rise what will her government and what will her party be trying to do in the run up to those elections to try to keep a lid on support for the far right the fact is those local elections will very much also be based on local policies that was partly up to the parties in those states
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how they handle hot button issues like security many people in germany feeling that their streets their cities are no longer as safe as they should be also hot button issues like integrating migrants how what are they doing about that at local level and then other bread and butter topics pensions jobs all of that will really count in terms of how these parties and the government at federal and local level try to work to keep a lid on the right you know i said earlier in the program that this german chancellor she has become an icon in stability particularly for europe and now it seems if you look at her shelf life we know what it is now she is becoming a source of uncertainty. do you agree with that and how are you how's the rest of europe going to deal with it this year you know the. it is we can list all the
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challenges that could bring our government down as we did in the report we could also look at what germany's facing internationally as i said germany now a member of the security council of the united nations with a very clear commitment to fight for multilateral solutions to complex problems that was that was said not only by the chancellor but also by the foreign minister in very strong words listing issues like climate change trade security issues germany taking more responsibility internationally including paying more for defense all of these are contentious both within the government and within the larger population so all of that is sort of the side of challenges if not the problems on the plus side though bret and i think we both know this this country remains an island of stability in a very stormy sea there is a wide majority in germany for multilateral approaches to foreign policy that cannot be said of many other countries there is also
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a very strong sense that stability is important don't rock the boat too much the rise of the far right is suspect or that to some degree also will keep other parties mainstream parties from taking very brash actions because nobody wants to feed into the hands of the far right for all of those reasons i would bet on the fact that germany to at least some degree remains a source of leadership and stability going into a very turbulent year you are with the group if you will and. will be talking very soon to see if what you're saying do does come to fruition has always been the thing you have come. well here in europe not even fortune tellers will offer a prediction of what breaks it will look like if it does take place as scheduled on march twenty ninth britain's departure from the european union or the planning of
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that departure was one of the main reasons two thousand and eighteen was such a politically to mulch was year in europe and by the looks of it the u.k.'s foreign secretary moments decided to travel far in the way to make bricks it more appealing at home today jeremy hunt was in singapore and he offered some obvious truths about bret's it and britain's place in the world we need to begin with a realistic assessment of our global position and that means not overstating all strength but not underestimating it either we're not a superpower and we don't have an empire but we do have the fifth largest economy in the world the second biggest military budgets in nato the third biggest overseas aid budget one of the two largest financial centers the global language highly effective intelligence services and a world class diplomatic network including prominent membership of the united
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nations security council most importantly in a world where it's rarely possible for one country to achieve its sound. we have some of the best connections of any country whether through the commonwealth our alliance with the united states or our friendship with on neighbors in europe are at let's take this now to washington d.c. i'm joined tonight by david charter who's correspondent for the times in the u.s. capital is also the author of several books on the rights of a familiar face here good to see you again david happy new year. what do you what did you make of what jeremy hunt said in singapore existed a i mean it sounded like you know what he was saying to me could have been a defense or an attack on bricks. right happy new year brant good to see you we're back on our favorite topic. and
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you're absolutely right i mean you could read jeremy both ways and i think that's. that's that's new no mistake in that judgment because he's the british foreign secretary he's defending the policy of our government which is to leave the european union on march twenty ninth although he was a remainer just like to reason may and he's bought into teresa mayes deal which is a fairly soft middle way of trying to leave the european union but i heart you might say the reason why has also just before christmas you remember announced that she will not be standing again to be prime minister now at the moment and the election is a long way off in twenty twenty two but of course as with merkel once the leader announces that they going the positioning starts. a new leader who leads the tory party the conservative party has to appeal to both of its wings the remaining wing which is quite small really in monks' its core supporters and the brics which is
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a bit larger in parliament but a bit smaller among core supporters so jeremy hunt you see plowing perhaps a middle ground he's going to be standing for the conservative party leadership when it comes up to. it would you say you know from where you're sitting. you have a good chance of becoming the next prime minister post brooch. well we will get into i think brant how britain leaves and when brits and leaves if we need to discuss what sort of leader we're going to get it's because if the reason may is unable to gets a deal through parliament and that will be voted on this month then it could be a much quicker for her which will precipitate a race for a prime minister and a leader to take britain out of the european union now many in the conservative party might not think that jeremy hunt is best placed to do that as
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a former remain and they might wants a break here such as michael gove or possibly boris johnson although his star has faded to take home the leadership but i would say that if the reason may miraculously makes it all the way through to twenty twenty two he will be in a very good position but you know a lot can change in politics in britain in the course of a week actually. very good point. david what is the view of breaks from your side of the way it is bridge to the hordes your software exit is it seen as being in the us interests. well as you know brant has been welcomed by president trump he is not a fan of these multilateral international organizations such as the european union in fact he's in something of a low level trade war with the european union over the trade deficit and the
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especially the number of cars which europe sells to america so i think from the strategic interests of the trumpet ministration brics it is see as a policy gain that they that they are in favor of it doesn't fit in with the long term perspective of the u.s. approach which was to support a united europe because of course a lot of u.s. blood and treasure has been spent fighting wars in europe to try and settle differences there and that the long the long game has always been from washington to try and keep europe united and david we've got about twenty seconds i have to ask you do you. to reason means you going to let this vote on the brakes with your plane take place in parliament later this month. yes bret's it. has to take place. this month and it just in a couple of weeks i think it's be politically extremely damaging to delay it and
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yet again last time it nearly cost her her job of course although she is nominally safe for another year having lost having one no confidence vote it would it would be politically the end of her if she's not able to bring her deal to parliament now we think that she will probably lose but she's trying to narrow that loss and perhaps bring it back again if she does lose in a slightly moderated form you know well we would have it was you would have the governor we start but for sure david jordan joining us tonight from washington as always david we appreciate your insights thank you. i've. well two thousand and nineteen is off to a rocky start if you're netflix the streaming giant has come under fire for withdrawing an episode of the popular comedy show patriot act in saudi arabia perhaps understandably the solti are not understatedly this all the ground prince
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was not amused by the joke about the killing of journalist jamal to show car announcement is you know the it was more about this happy new year car or. so what is the problem with the crown prince why is he so what was that just a joke right i mean wasn't so this show was hosted by us comedian. political and one of his first episodes it focused solely on saudi arabia particularly the crown prince mohammed bin samana and his alleged involvement in killing we actually have a clip from the episode if you haven't seen it take a look just a few months ago from prince mohammed bin salon a k n b s was hailed as the reformer of the arab world needed but the revelations about to show his killing have shattered that image and blows my mind that it took the killing of a washington post journalist for everyone to go on. i guess he's really not a reformer meanwhile every muslim person you know was like yeah you know. he's the crown prince of saudi arabia. yeah ok why would he filed and he didn't find that
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funny the saudis didn't like it the country's communications watchdog brant they basically forced network netflix to remove this episode in saudi arabia as you can't see it there when news of that got out people around the world were not happy they saw this as censorship and then here's what some people were saying at least on twitter this is the executive director of human rights watch in the middle east she says netflix's claim to support artistic freedom means nothing if it bows to demands of government officials who believe in no freedom for their citizens not artistic not political not comedic even jamal a succes former editor at the washington post speaking out here she says when he wrote about the need for free expression in the arab. that freedom is not just about journalists it's about freedom for artists comedians activists anyone who wants to express their views on society a few others are taking a more nuanced view here one person says look if they want to operate a country they have to obey the laws better position maybe for netflix would be to
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boycott saudi arabia altogether that might help increase pressure for reform as for netflix defending its decision actually in a written statement the company said we strongly support artistic freedom worldwide and only removed this episode in saudi arabia after be received a valid legal request and to comply with local law but they did have to remove to begin with. so much oil that reform in saudi arabia we know that the kingdom it's known for going after its critics yeah not the thickest skin perhaps from the leaders there and you know they look at the saudis don't like something they'll ban it they'll censor it right we know that as you mentioned overall the state of media freedom there it's not very good and we can show you that here with a report from reporters without borders they rank the country one hundred sixty ninth out of one hundred eighty nations in terms of press freedom it does not allow independent media i'm actually surprised that fox is available there at all it uses a very broadly written cybercrime law they use this to crack down on what they call
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blasphemy insulting religion inciting chaos in danger of national unity and that could mean pretty much anything they wanted to mean and defaming the king that might have been what actually flag of this episode and that. is not the only media company that is having a tough time right we've heard facebook in the news a little bit and. you know there's a bigger issue here right when these big tech companies these media companies when they expand globally netflix now and i'm almost two hundred countries so you have to deal with different laws there and there becomes a choice do you prioritize your profits or protecting freedom of speech and we saw what side netflix came down on here another country on the rise in vietnam they just passed a similar cyber crime bill so we could see more tough decisions for these companies in twenty one thousand one hundred three i mean not to mention how difficult it is if you're trying to be a reporter in seoul but you're right conan as always thank you.
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is saving lives a crime or consider the case of sarah harding she could go to prison if convicted on people smuggling charges in greece martini came to europe fleeing the war in syria she was even praised for helping to save other lives went suit me of drowned in the mediterranean but this summer greek authorities arrested her they say her good samaritan acts are aiding people smugglers making her in the eyes of the wall a criminal. saddam ideally is relieved to be back with her college classmates in berlin the syrian refugee an activist was released on bail after spending more than three months in a greek prison. sorry was returning from last bus in august when police arrested her on the wall she had spent the summer volunteering on the greek island with the pru refugee organization because of her work helping migrants authorities charged her with people smuggling money laundering and espionage she now faces
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a prison sentence of up to twenty five years i've never crashed and there have been other. inside of the and because i want to help people and that's government evasion. her arrest wasn't the first time that sarah made headlines she cut the world's attention in twenty fifteen but for very different reasons. she and her sister your star were making the paralyse crossing from turkey to last bus when their dinghy began to take on water and sink being experienced swimmers they jumped overboard and pulled the waterlogged boat to shore by doing so they saved the lives of the eighteen people on board. so they began a new life in germany. just for became a goodwill ambassador for the united nations and was on the refugee team at the twenty sixteen rio olympics. site i want to scholarship to study social sciences in berlin but kept on returning to last boss to help others. i
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believe when you feel something just go for it so i filled a place that i learned and i wanted to be on the ground again following sars arrest her college classmates campaigned for her release organizing protests in berlin boston athens and other cities her defense team is calling for greater protection for humanitarian workers are you going to do this you know we're going to go overseas right now because they recognize that a hospital is the good if you will for financial benefit. you got what he. required in order to do you know to to establish the crime with my gun smuggling you cannot have smugglers without benefits and this is obviously you have to exclude from. people and organizations love provides for one . until such safeguards are in place greek authorities can claim that site i was
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helping migrants enter the country illegally she's currently waiting for her. a case to go to trial she hopes it won't go that far but is determined to prove her innocence and that saving lives is not a crime. because well the danger is nearly done composition continues on long posts even more. could.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. subir is pushing ahead with loose join the european union brussels who so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week resisting violence is the serbian foreign minister i'm not sure that british. why so little progress on so many keep issues. conflict so for thirty minutes.
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play. play. this again. says the u.s. government shutdown as long as it takes the president preparing for another showdown with democratic leaders in congress also. in india breaking a centuries old sabun two women had entered a sacred hindu temple curse.


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