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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2019 7:00am-7:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin a new first in a lunar exploration china's has successfully landed in manned spacecraft on the far side of the moon we'll have all the details in just about also coming up u.s. democrats take over the house of representatives today allowing them to block much of the president's agenda what does this mean for donald trump and the current government shutdown we'll go live to washington. with the asian cup just around the corner we'll introduce you to one of the tournaments most unusual squalling with
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most of its players not born in the country they represent. well i'm terry martin welcome to the program and chinese spacecraft has made the first successful landing ever on the far side of the moon the probe chained to a pier sori chung a fourth named after the chinese goddess of the moon made what chinese officials described as a soft landing early this morning young man capsule is carrying seeds for an experiment in cultivating beds to bowls in a closed environment on the lunar surface it's also equipped with a rover and measuring devices the mission is seen as an important step as china develops its space program. well for more let's bring in
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keith cowing he's a former rocket scientist and editor of the blog nasa watch thanks for being with us this morning first of all what's made it so difficult to lend a probe on the far side of the moon it's never been done before no it hasn't and we've done it many times on the near side of the moon because we can in direct radio contact with that because we can see that side of the moon but on the far side is blocked from directory of contact with the earth so china had to put a real a satellite from around the moon so that he could see the earth so the spacecraft could talk to the satellite and selling than talk to earth so it adds an extra layer of complexity ok so it's a bit complicated but why is it scientifically significant what we learn from all this. well first of all the linear locations very interesting incident on carbon crater which is inside a larger crater called the a can basin which is a monster's creator it's bigger than any creator on anything in our solar system
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and it was so deep that when it happened parts of the or original lunar crust may have been brought up so that's where the probe landed and it'll be the first time anybody's landed there to take a look at it scientifically so that's the most important thing now trying to did not all for a live broadcast of this event it only announced it once it was done and why the secrecy. and you know i was actually on cd t.n. about two hours before it landed everybody soon it was going to happen you know i don't know maybe they just wanted to make sure they got it right or you know i don't know but as soon as they knew that they'd done it they now since oh and even the nasa administrator tweeted a congratulations to them a minute later so once they get it they told everybody ok now china is a lens on the far side of the moon here we've got india about to launch its second moon mission why are these developing powers investing so heavily in their space
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capabilities. you know that's a question i actually ask a lot because here in states who are i would you go to a few years ago now why are these other countries doing it now and i guess what are they learning that we've forgotten and it was a matter of national pride draw spec in the sixty's and now the search is sort of seems to be a the gold standard for being in an advanced technological nation china has done it you know to japan descent probes the orbit the moon israel's what the land of commercial later in the so as they said the sixty's you know the everyman's going back to the moon apparently that song's going to be hit again. ok thank you so much says keith cowing there editor of the blog at nasa watch america's space agency has also achieved the space exploration milestone this one billions of kilometers from the sun new horizons probe sent to the first detailed images of the space rock ultima thule of the pictures show what looks like
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a giant snow band that has described as an entirely new kind of world frozen rock at the edge of our solar system is the most distant object ever explored by human kind. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today syria's defense ministry says. says kurdish forces are withdrawing from the northern syrian town of. authorities. proximately four hundred fighters have already left the town close to the turkish border the announcement came a few days after the kurds. to support them against and expected to solve the turkish army. hours after taking office brazil's new president. has targeted the country's indigenous peoples he transferred the responsibility for delineating their territories from the justices to the agriculture ministry stoking
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concern among environmentalists and rights groups that he will open up the rain forests to greater commercial exploitation. parts of finland have experienced the strongest winds ever recorded in the country a powerful winter storm swept through from the north tens of thousands of people have been without power cellphone transport services have been disrupted and authorities have urged people to stay indoors as this. in the united states democrats take control of the house of representatives today ending the republicans monopoly on power in washington under president all trump so what's on their agenda first they'll have to end the government shutdown of course over funding for president trumps border wall with mexico house democrats are also expected to stand up for the affordable health care act also known as obamacare amid legal challenges
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and several republican led states are waging that now they're also likely to launch their own investigation into the dealings of the trump white house and russian interference in the twenty sixteen election the democrats leader and then palosi is expected to be elected speaker of the house today and she will not have much time to settle in because the first confrontation with president trump is already in full swing. there's a showdown already well underway as congress begins its new term in the republic top democrats say the latest talks with the president reduced no hint that he will sign their bill to end a partial shutdown of government services everybody in the room neither side seems pretty to budge and because he says he won't sign it and use the government as hostage we should just give in the american people don't want that that's bad for our country and that's not the way to govern and you feel the biggest tax president
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trump initiated the government shutdown nearly two weeks ago. he refused to approve a budget deal because it did not include billions in funding for building a wall at the border with mexico. democrats sold the oppose his plans for the barrier and the nearly six billion dollars he wants for it an open wound. this is the result of their dispute and end to government services such as some trash collection. no access to museums and other federally operated sites. and no pay for hundreds of thousands of federal workers. thank you now the question is how long could the shutdown last as long as it takes i think the people of this country think i'm right again i could have done nothing i could have had a lot easier presidency by doing nothing but. i'm here i want to do it
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right. it's a stormy start to a congressional term with huge potential for conflict. democrats say they want to use their new majority in the house to probe the president's finances and alleged abuses of power. but trump has warned against their plans and to assume a war like posture if his opponent's investigations go forward. well for more let's bring in d.w. stephens demons from our washington bureau so stefan starting today the democrats have control of the house of representatives how will this change things in washington particularly for president trial. as you've indicated in your report this will change everything keyword in this to gauge and subpoena is that there is that or a so the life won't get any better or easier for the president and for the white house or for anybody working for him you still have the more profile in full swing
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everybody is awaiting an outcome at some point you remember a few months ago we said yes absolutely after the midterm elections there will be a reports well we were all wrong mr maule is still investigating on top of that democrats are determined to make life harder for donald trump and to as they say now bring checks and balances back into the system as the republicans in their view of miserably failed to do this. the new house has its work cut out for it the government partial government shutdown is underway it's been ongoing now for two weeks what do americans make of this showdown between president trump and congress . i think most americans are absolutely aware and understand that this is politics this is washington right now. as you have indicated or said in the report in this meeting this time and there were no cameras to roll remember
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a few weeks ago and in front of live cameras nancy pelosi and chuck schumer collided with the president. yet was he was much better reportedly in the private meeting in the situation room this time and the president outright refused reportedly to sign anything and to bring the government back on its feet basically partially the partial charge down to the gate the partial shutdown because reportedly he said he would look foolish so saying that meaning by this it's all about politics at the moment and there's no sign of anybody taking a step back and doing the right thing here which is probably from the view of those four hundred five hundred thousand who are working or not working and don't have a paycheck bring the government back from the shutdown how much longer could this partial government shutdown drag on and what it thinks that it.
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yeah that's the million dollar question nobody knows in the beginning of all of this you might remember it was actually the white house who which set off this is going to be all figured out in a few days and now we're in day twelve or thirteen the thirteenth state. days no saying how long this is going to take but it has an impact it has an impact on the psyche here in washington definitely and pursue apps in the entire united states because people as i said see clearly this is politics here this is infighting and it's not going to get any better in the next two years for the country we're already in campaign two thousand and twenty land so to speak of and thank you so much for that analysis stuff and siemens there in washington while and confrontations have broken out in southern india sparked by a dispute over women visiting one of hinduism is holiest places on wednesday two
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women defied a centuries old and entered the shrine protests that erupted between hindu traditionalists and women's rights activists the temple was later closed for what were called purification rituals. under the cover of darkness scored by police two indian women wearing black and to the shopping mall or temple . they offer prayers thanks whitney the part that was more an act of defiance and devotion. the women were claiming the right to enter given to them by india supreme court but so far blocked by protesting hindu traditionalists. that actually have women in chapel amala today isn't a story when for us it's a victory of the movement for quality and women's power because after the verdict of the supreme court some people were still opposing the entry of women today that protest has failed because the women have entered the temple. the shop or temple is
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visited by some fifty million votes he's each year but it bans women aged ten to fifty conservative hindus believe women of menstruating age would defile the temple which is devoted to god believed to be celibate then yes prime minister narendra modi has sided with traditionalists who are against the supreme court ruling. harvard is much. india is of the view that everyone should get their jew rights in the stomach was a man there are some temples in india which have their own traditions that men should not enter a temple and men do not go there in this shot remodeler i women judge in the supreme court has made certain observations. the issue is sparked an outcry in india on tuesday and were five million women formed a human chain across the state of carla making a stand against gender discrimination. you know much of what
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we want what if it had hit really hard and that is why i get it this is. what the activists face fears opposition from the traditionalist they're under spilled onto the streets where protesters clashed with police. violent protests are expected to continue as both sides voice their outrage. twenty nine thousand marks one hundred years since the founding of the renowned german art school but its though its life was brief the school's emphasis on functional design and modern architecture has been hugely influential back in one thousand nine hundred artists and craftsman in eastern germany merged architecture and design to create numerous classics objects that shaped the twentieth century and continue to inspire today. german architect to copius was badly wounded in world war one that made him wonder
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how to build a brighter future after so much suffering he realized the key lay in new thinking that would enable innovative design. artists working at a higher level this idea led to the birth of a new language of color and. clear movement. was developed. back then the free spirit of the movement was frowned upon by conservative thinkers . leaving the choice to relocate to another city in a different state. his staff began
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working closely with. the world especially. the architect. which met many. but without. the time. for good. power in one thousand nine hundred three. the institutions modern concepts lived on.
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only fourteen years. century after its founding the guiding question posed by fatah copious is more relevant than ever how do we want to design our future. for some football now the english premier league is gearing up for a top of the table showdown as reigning champions manchester city host league leaders liverpool tonight the game also pits former bonus league coaches pep guardiola and you're going against each other a win for clocks liverpool would increase their lead at the top to ten points manchester city are currently third in the table but beating their rivals would take them to within four points of their leaders ahead of the match scribed his side's opponents as the best team in the world. you have to we have to be prepared
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as quick as possible we have to be brave you have to be full of. angry again all that stuff like in all the other games we have to be that and bought with the knowledge of the opponent is for me still the best team in a row that's how it is. football's asian cup gets underway this weekend and the philippines has perhaps the tournaments most unusual squad the majority of the team's players were born and raised outside of the country a factor that has helped it hit new heights but also calls culture mercy. phil and james younghusband grew up near london but the brothers represent a country on the other side of the world the philippines like many players in the national football team they qualify for a filipino parent despite the mix of cultures in the squad they say their shared heritage fosters a good team spirit. everyone has something in common and we've all brought. them
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here filipino and we've over stories to tell about a filipino upbringing at the recent southeast asian football championship twenty out of twenty four players in the philippines squad were born abroad ahead of the team's match against indonesia opposition coach bemis santi caused outrage when he referred to the foreign born players as half bloods. the young husbands are proud to be filipino but they acknowledge the growing up in england a premier league club chelsea gave them an advantage over locally raised players. when we came into philippines we've had so much. for that we love and chelsea that we want to share that's precisely why team manager down palami has focused on foreign born players he's had to kickstart youth football program since taking charge in twenty ten. the grassroots program the philippines use is still on its infancy so why was it we were waiting for the fruits to bear. there
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are foods ready for the picking what developed outside the country as the strategy has worked in twenty eighteen the philippines reached the highest ever ranking and qualified for the asian cup for the first time but a sustainable solution is needed it is important that we get the results first so that kids here in the philippines will learn to love the sport because they see a team that's reeling another way to do that is by helping charities younghusband club side of ohio. that's regularly invites football for humanity to its matches they support children rescued from the streets and war torn regions. to live needle football superstar so it's a dream come true for their care and we're happy to be part of it as well as helping children in need commitments like this bread a love of football and just maybe one of these kids could go on to become
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a future philippine football hero. and i'm a firm believer that filipinos can excel in football genetically physically you know meant the musicological we can learn and we can learn it very quickly i do concede that in the future an outdoor may see. can come from one of our island but for now it's up to the young husbands and their teammates to bring sporting glory to the country thousands of miles away from where they were born. business though and it seems china is losing its upper target for the earth and that has big ramifications for apple terry its shares tumbled seven percent in after hours trading that's after the company cut its sales forecast for the last quarter the news also triggered a broader selloff in the stock market now apple chief executive tim cook blames slowing i phone sales in china the u.s. china trade route has weighed on growth there and the revenue cutter raises
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questions about whether apple is being punished by chinese officials or consumers in favor of local rivals such as way and z.t. eat but apple is also struggling in some developed markets with a number of i phone upgrades were slower than expected. and shares were also sent skidding electric car make a test now forming eight percent before recovering slightly fourth quarter deliveries fell short of analyst expectations tesla has been struggling to ramp up production of its model three which is crucial for its long term profitability and to. last decision to cut the prices of its vehicles by two thousand dollars did little to help the share price the company says it wants to help customers deal with the gradual phase out of federal tax credits for electric cars. well apple and tesla are just two big industry giants feeling the pinch and it looks like investors will have to brace for
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a continuation of last year's rollercoaster ride a major trade conflict between the world's top two economies uncertainty over brics is an divisions within the eurozone twenty nineteen inherits quite a few unsolved problems if there's one thing the markets cannot stand it's uncertainty and in twenty eighteen there was no bunton solvers. u.s. president donald trump kicked off the year by signing off on a host of tariffs on foreign made products his biggest target china beijing responded with the levees on u.s. goods month of cooperation followed finally towards the end of the year after dining together at the g. twenty summit in argentina the leaders of the world's two biggest economies agreed to a ninety day truth. but after so much turbulence investors aren't convinced their
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trade conflict is really coming to an end. another issue keeping investors up at night brack says with less than three months to go before the u.k. leaves the european union it's still entirely unclear what the impact will be on global trade. and elsewhere in europe it hasn't been plain sailing either italy presented a budget the e.u. called on acceptable. the two sides have since come to a compromise but with the country's populist government determined to deliver on its promise to boost spending on the poor and lower the retirement age e.u. officials remain concerned over mounting debts trade tensions back that chaos and divisions within the eurozone perhaps it's no wonder investors are feeling ropey. i don't know about your new year's resolutions but germany has big plans it wants to increase the share of renewable energy in power grids to sixty five percent by
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twenty thirty and it looks like the country is getting closer to achieving that goal thanks to the climate. the future is looking brighter for solar energy in germany coming off of one of the hottest summers in german history the renewable energy industry has several reasons to celebrate the number of hot sunny days helped produce a staggering increase in the solar power generated climbing to sixteen percent last year that helped increase the contribution of renewable energy and germany's power grid to more than forty percent for the first time and that's good news for the clean energy industry and lawmakers. that's because germany still needs even more sources of clean energy as more gas and coal fired power stations are shut down to help meet the nation's emission reduction goals. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. a chinese spacecraft has
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made the first successful landing ever on the dock side of the moon the one that cannot be seen from our planet the mission is seen as an important step best china looks to push for what its space program. and there's a big shift in washington today as a new congress is sworn in u.s. democrats taking over the house of representatives allowing them to block much of the president's agenda he has one of them against their plans and vouched to assume a new like posture. and watching t w news live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site and that is dot com for now thanks for joining. us. good move.
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to move. on. to the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. serve beer is pushing ahead with loose join the european union the brussels who so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting berlin the serbian foreign minister on the verge of breach. why so little progress oh so let me keep issues of conflict so focused. on doubling.
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last hour. sixty. two millions of species. worth saving. on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use as a crutch used to green energy solutions reforestation. they create
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interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation oh yes the multimedia environment series on w. . subir is pushing ahead with moves to join the european union but brussels is so far unimpressed with its reforms my guest this week visiting ballin is the subby and prime minister i'm not buying that bitch why so little progress on so many key issues. but in a bit welcome to complex thank you very much.


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