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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin china opposite the states in the race to become the next space superpower the first ever landing on the dark side of the moon and close up images not visible from earth the chinese mission is being hailed as a milestone in lunar exploration but also coming up democrats prepared to take over the u.s. house of representatives they've got the power to block much of the trump administration's
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agenda it's day thirteen of the partial shutdown the government when it will be back to business as usual. also coming up shares in apple take a tumble us the numbers show chinese buyers are losing their appetite for the i phone. and cleaning up india's beaches we need to coastal communities they're trying to tackle the mammoth problem of caustic trash. plus in sports we look ahead to the top of the table clash in the english premier league clubs of liverpool face off against pep guardiola as manchester city in a title race match cox says his opponents are the best team in the world. i'm sorry someone's got to thank you for joining us a chinese spacecraft has made the first successful landing on the far side of the moon this year is
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a close up look at the part of the moon that can never be seen from our planet the mission is being seen as key to china's ambitions to become a space superpower the lunar probe is equipped with a rover and measuring devices and will carry out experiments. this animation shows the first ever soft landing on the far side of the moon. and the probe was not sent by the u.s. or russia but china. state media was proud to announce its touchdown at ten twenty six beijing time. by god the whole process was as expected the result was precise and the landing stable the current landing location is our ideal landing place in other words we are right on target. the progress carrying instruments to map the regions geology is also carrying seeds for an experiment in cultivating vegetables in a closed environment this is the first picture from the surface sent by the chinese
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for lunar probe. it's unexplored territory. yet the main always has one side not facing us the main itself is an obstacle so the back of the moon is a blind spot for the transmission of information between the earth and the mean so for instance if. the dark side of the moon is revan unseen side then one lacking light it's because the moon takes just as long to rotate on its own axis as it takes to complete one orbit of earth. the mission is part of a larger chinese program of lunar exploration but the landing on the dark side is one of the country's biggest leaps forward and its space race ambitions let's bring in five inch myths from d.w. science for more on the story hi fabio good to see you put this into context for us how significant is this scientifically. i think it's a serious genuine scientific experiment it's one that compares to other
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probes that you saw on nasa would have done the payloads on board these two are all these actually surreal for instruments are. our. international corporations or there are instruments from saudi arabia from sweden from germany and from the netherlands on it too and the whole purpose of it outlined and the design of these experiments is really one of basic research so finding out what's going on there and cooperating with universities and so on so there's a genuine scientific. undertaking and china shows that it is able to do so what has made it so hard to land a problem the far side of the moon on till now. it's not so much that it's so difficult but what really was a challenge here was the radio communication to the other side of the moon because
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basically the moon was in the middle and blocks as a radio waves so what they had to do was put up a relay satellite something called a long long point l two which is a fixed point on the other side of the moon out in the space in which it's below basically geostationary in relation to both the moon and the earth and that point in all that satellite has two tests one is relaying the radio information back to z. to the land and the rovers are two instruments a rover and the lander and. also looking into the other direction to outer space and getting. radio. radio astronomy doing some radio astronomy in the other direction so that kind of satellite has two purposes to survive you know what is this mission now set to do tell us about the experiments that are going to be carried out. yes there are numerous experiments
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are going to collect rocks they're going to have this interesting little box with plant seeds potato seeds and suke worm in it and they're going to see how these seeds and plants and the soup worm grew up together and how they can live under lesser gravity is a normal rights are being does this really cement china's place as us base superpower. yeah i wouldn't call it a superpower yet but basically china shows that it has grown up it's an adult space power or will be one they certainly have plans to do manned spaceflight and also to the moon and i think it's going to be interesting to see where it leads they want to do most of the things themselves but we see there is international cooperation albeit not as compared to the international space station k five internet from d.w. science thank you so much for your insight. let's catch up on some other stories
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making news around the world eleven men accused of murdering the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi have attended an initial court hearing in riyadh saudi prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for at least five of the accused the prosecutors also say they need evidence from turkey she was killed in october in the saudi consulate in istanbul. south korea's spy agency says north korea's top diplomat in italy has gone into hiding acting ambassador just on gill and his wife are set up gone missing from north korea's rome embassy in november south korean lawmakers say they were informed of the diplomats disappearance on thursday as protests have erupted in the indian state of carolina after two women defied a centuries old taboo and entered a hindu temple one protester died in clashes last year india's supreme court revoked the ban on women entering show by the military oath but traditionalists have prevented them from doing so. and the united states democrats take
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control of the house of representatives today ending the republicans monopoly on power in washington under president donald trump so what is on their agenda will the most pressing issue will be trying to end the government shutdown over funding for president trump's border wall with mexico now house democrats are also expected to defend the affordable care act also known as obamacare amid legal challenges that several republican blood states are waging against the health care program they're also likely to launch their own investigations into the dealings of the trump white house and russian interference into the twenty six thousand presidential election the democrats leader nancy pelosi is expected to be elected house speaker of the house today and she will not have much time to settle in because the first confrontation with president trump is already in full swing. there's a showdown already well underway as congress. again that's new term given the
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republic top democrats say the latest talks with the president reduced no hint that he will sign their bill to end a partial shutdown of government services everybody in the room neither side seems freddy to budge and because he says he won't sign it and use the government as hostage we should just give in the american people don't want that that's bad for our country and that's not the way to govern and you little the biggest tax president trump initiated the government shutdown nearly two weeks ago. he refused to approve a budget deal because it did not include billions in funding for building a wall at the border with mexico. democrats sold the oppose his plans for the barrier and the nearly six billion dollars he wants for it an open wound. this is the result of their dispute and end to government services such as some trash collection. no access to museums and other federally operated sites.
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can no pay for hundreds of thousands of federal workers. like you now the question is how long could the shutdown last as long as it takes i think the people of this country think i'm right again i could have done nothing i could have had a lot easier presidency by doing nothing but. i'm here i want to do it right. it's a stormy start to a congressional term with huge potential for conflict. democrats say they want to use their new majority in the house to probe the president's finances and alleged abuses of power. i but trump has warned against their plans and vowed to assume a war like posture if is opponents investigations go forward. let's bring in scott lucas he's a professor of american studies at the university of birmingham in england scott
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thanks for joining us as we heard there the democrats are taking control of the house today what can we expect what is going to change for president trying. well as your correspondent noted the immediate priority is to reopen the government. it appears that donald trump is dedicated to what would become the longest shutdown of the us federal government in history because he's insisting on his wall with mexico demanding five point seven billion dollars the democrats don't want to provide money for the wall because frankly it's a vanity project it has no use but they've got to try to get the government reopened and then justify what they are going to do going beyond that positively so what they will do for example initially is they will have legislation they introduced today about america's electoral system there are big claims about voter suppression about manipulation of districts in this case to favor the republicans and the democrats want to try to get transparency over the vote in shaw and in legislation with the fact of enforcement beyond that though however they've got to
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discuss what can be done to protect american college care what can be done to deal with the issue of immigration beyond this destruction of the wall and what to do about the economy which is likely to dip in two thousand and nineteen because if president office leaves office before the end of his first term and that is very possible given the russian dusty ation there's a lot of damage that's been done and the democrats have to be more than simply an antitrust party to try to deal with. as you said they can only pursue this agenda if the government is up and running so what about this shutdown the a which side is going to budge. well that's going to be a to washington i think probably by the weekend because today the democrats will try to put through the continuing resolution through the house that provides for the funding to reopen the government but no dedicated funding for the wall but donald trump said yesterday in this rambling presentation that he had to have the wall that there is no border security without it and more importantly the
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republican leader in the senate where they have a majority mitch mcconnell said he will not table the democrat bill from the house for a vote so in other words not only trump but his republican backers in the house or at least republican leadership or say they will keep the government closed indefinitely while standing their ground on the wall if that happens i think what you're then going to have is a major p.r. issue and that is will trump and the republicans be able to get away with it when people are suffering eight hundred thousand federal employees without pay or can they somehow try to defend this idea of border security as something that's worth the cost of jobs worse the cost of livelihoods and disruption to the american economy and you're right professor scott lucas from the university of birmingham thank you very much thank you. one of the world's most valuable companies has seen its shares tumble down someone just took a big bite out of the apple it's down eight percent this out of the tech company
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has cut its sales focused for the last quarter chief executive tim cook blaming slowing i phone sales in china but apple is also struggling in develops markets where the number of i phone upgrades was lower than expected. apple's bad news seems to confirm what investors have feared for some time the i phone hype could be over and so far there doesn't seem to be a solid plan coming out of cupertino to re excite consumers for years the i phone has been apple superstar the device brings a solid sixty percent of apple's revenue but if those sales fall as they did over the christmas quarter it hits apple hard the company's problems have been looming for months after reaching a high last summer the share price has fallen by thirty percent since september back then analysts reported that asian i phone suppliers were cutting back production because apple needed fewer parts news that sent out an alarm signal. the company says demand has weakened particularly in china apple c.e.o.
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tim cook blames the trade dispute between the u.s. and china for causing some customers to avoid buying u.s. products but analysts say another reason is apple's pricing strategy while prices are dropping on many smartphones from other companies apple has continued to raise its prices the most expensive costing more than sixteen hundred euros but fewer customers are willing to pay such costs for their device. it appears tim cook strategy of looking to charge a high price to achieve high profits despite lower i phone sales has failed the development could sign the end of a success story that began twelve years ago. and he's paying the high price oh yes that was great goal of what the lowest sales forecast says about apple and a smartphone markets in general. but isn't it confirms some of our fee is that we've lost over the last month we've had reports from supply is that some of the
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one of the largest clients court orders this largely points in many cases so this is not necessarily an entirely unsurprising story but coming straight from the horse's mouth as it was. quite a shock now what it tells us is that apple faces many challenges we could look at some of the deep rooted issues which may lead to the op is not quite the innovative it once was in the excesses not look great from the acts that people wanted to say so that's going to impact the number of people grading from one hundred sets of the other compared to maybe what we would have seen in the pasta i think there is a deeper rooted issues again with the global economy which is what's been called polluted so safely in china where we are seeing much fuss that the celebration then we maybe would have expected a couple of years ago i think and the pots of reissues the what grades that the company offered bazza reason some of the older handsets maybe that some people from upgrading but my fear is they sold so many come back to the op all these just not
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innovating like it once did and there are all the competitors out there particularly in china where we're looking at huawei as one example but there are a number of all those that are innovating at a fast pace and the gap between the two phones is not as great as the prices and therefore there is a majorly price sensitive issue. i'll have more biz for you later in the show including what to do if you're accused of insider trading or hurry thanks. plastic waste in the world's ocean is a huge problem there is still hope that it can be cleaned up but it's proving to be a difficult technical challenge a ship designed to start cleaning up the great pacific garbage patch is now being told back to land the giant boom it uses to collect rubbish has broken that needs to be repaired ocean garbage is a particular problem for coastal communities in india civil society initiatives have been tackling it and the results are encouraging. it measurably flipflops and
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not the ideal footwear for trudging through trash and sewage on the beach. but that now the bow of an afro shone on his crew. the mumbai lawyer began efforts to clean up his hometowns nineteen beaches inspiring others to join him. when i stepped in the fourth standard it was a plastic graveyard. for the doors element it looked like a landfill he asked for help on social media and doesn't follow him now they join him every sunday even when it's forty degrees celsius in the shade i will do something i will do something because he inspired me to come to this beach. the volunteers do their best to save india from the endless plastic trash food waste and month but washes ashore from the arabian sea. the fish is a mistake just before the killer this is no more garbage but it's hilarious how this fish is of course the center of their districts just and his battle with trash
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might seem to be a source of fear and task especially in the metropolis of men by with its more than twenty million residents the government seems unable to conquer the problem so hardworking volunteers like shah and his crew are trying to make a difference. trash has become a growing problem in india. megacities like mumbai produce twelve thousand tons of it every day. and for this man that's a blessing. every day we have says way through mumbai's gridlock on his my path. with a clean india he picks up household trash from anyone to register a. couple pays hard cash for the recyclable material just a couple of rupees but it's an incentive rather than throwing out the trash it is gathered here and then sold the two founders of the business came up with the idea
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around three years ago. they now employ fifteen hundred trash koreans. what the material is recycled in different states and goes to maharashtra metal goes to good paper ends up in factories in gujarat to. copy is happy to be doing something positive for his country and without wasting recycling he would hardly manage to make ends meet. talk to know how awful shock you not only became a beach super cleaner but also a distinguished celebrity when the you went on to him with a prize for his initiative. afros the most memorable and moving moment happened this summer when totals appeared on the beach i run from our lives. and there are remedies there ridges coming up with. what is harder to work for.
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your emotional very very emotional for me. and i. guess i was crying to some people like africa tackling the problems in india but they know that cleaning up irresponsible waste disposal is a member of the task and one that might never be achieved. let's bring in ravi agarwal he's the director of toxics link an organisation campaigning for more environmental justice and sustainability and he joins us from pandit church in southern india ravi first of all thank you for joining us i want to ask you about the mega cities we someone buy in ours a report there it has around twenty million residents and no functioning centralized waste disposal system why is that. well if the cities are growing and the west as the. process of the infrastructure must come up only now have begun on putting our disposal to sites disposal but
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unfortunately most of the waste that is elected goes into land and there is no land in space and there are very dangerous as well so putting up proper technologies and if moving collections and looking at the future so who is responsible for doing that is this the job government's job to do more to tackle this issue or is it going to have to be civil society organizations like the one we saw in our report and like the one that you run the civil society organizations they are going to go in there sure the way they do by that actually with energy on the ground work with communities but the infrastructure has to be set up by the state government by the local. municipalities there is not increasing funding because i mean but getting the projects in plays making them work because on weekly and environmental standards these are very good job. ok so you need the infrastructure from the state from the government to do the work that you do what about public awareness how much
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awareness is there for the need to dispose of trash in a more sustainable way i think the advantage of growing up exponentially i think gainey has been talking about but today now it is very major conversation everywhere in fact many state coverage because of the granite steps. single use plastics like in. many other think it works well so we just driving the government and state governments do. because that is my four media outlets and it's much more action on the ground and generally everybody seems to know that there is a problem because of this issue. and station how it's toxic slinks helping to change public awareness and also to improve the way the trash is just. well we work on very specially grace to example we've got a lot of work an electronic means of. the first or so do
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a lot of the various rating to specify. research for example being good research on michael plastics to. water bottled water or soil and washing machines we also. work on building new systems so we work with state governments to be a real waste disposal systems so it is both about raising awareness. really keeping the of our amount of information available and also helping out so they have to think up new systems that will then ultimately solve the problem and yet it is a mammoth task rabbit how hopeful are you that these ships of trash on the beaches and cities and towns can really be cleaned up well you know they seem to be great faster than we could begin to do anything about it because i think there's a bunch of levels to rise in many possibly you have to really work double espoused in double click on this because at the current pace the problem is only going so
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despite all the citizens despite all the b. b b awareness raising etc listed in need. of almost double last week investment in infrastructure to be put into place so it is a mammoth task and of course we are very hopeful but i think we'll have much more than a pretty right as a country of all actually ok rob the actor while the director of toxics link thank you so much for joining us on. now twenty nine thousand marks one hundred years since the founding of the renowned german art school bauhaus through its life was brief the school's emphasis on functional design and modern architecture has been shoot influential back in one thousand nine hundred artists and craftsmen in germany merged architecture and design to create numerous classics objects that shaped the twentieth century and
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continue to inspire today. german architect p.s. badly injured in world war one he wondered how europe could build a brighter future office so much suffering. so he realized in a new way of thinking. in one nine hundred nineteen gropius found at the school in the city of the students were taught that history go hand in hand this idea that the birth of a new language of color and form. this may miss bauhaus lamp still in production today was developed by bill wagner felt about how students who went on to become a prominent industrial design. but conservative thinkers were not too happy with the school's free spirit the regional government cut its budget and.
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to stop began working closely with industry producing furniture steel can't leave the chairs and known all over the world. about house architects then set about designing mass residential housing which meant many occupants in a relatively small space but without a decline in the standard. then in one thousand five hundred three the nazis decided to close the bauhaus school. but the institutions modern concepts lived on jewish powerhouse students who fled nazi germany designed modern buildings support. about how school existed only fourteen years but
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a century after its founding the guiding question posed by bow to gropius is more relevant than ever how do we want to design our future. idea if you will broadcast a documentary about the boss movement on saturday you can find out more in line at g.w. dot com arts twenty one so the congo the government cracking down on internet usage in the democratic republic of congo will tell you what that's coming up after a short break. germany's right at the other skyway. building during world war two two thousand four hundred kilometers long route connects alaska with the rest of the. road both done business and story
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sites b.m.s. coming away i am in. the wilderness in forty five minutes. today don't miss our highlights building program online w dot com hearts. i think in everything challenging first i make
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a muslim. school much different culture between here and there challenging for everything. from the syllabus i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. which obviously got my license to work as a swimming instructor condition our two children wanted us to swim faster just to swim. what's your story take part cherish on in for migrants dogmas. welcome back you're watching news coming up in the next thirty minutes you can cops in liverpool face off against pep guardiola as manchester united in a french top of the table clash in the english premier league. and germany's formula one legend is fifty today he's not been seen in public since a skiing accident five years ago on his birthday fans are paying tribute to the
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great driver. the government of the democratic republic of congo is defending the credibility of last weekend's presidential election after suggesting it may have to postpone the publication of an official results the country's election commission says representatives are working around the clock to tally the results of the long awaited vote opposition groups however claim the delays a sign of fraud the news comes amid reports that the government is blocking some media including a t.v. station seen as being close to the opposition. all fears of election fraud have been escalating as the congolese government has cut off access to the internet four days after the election much of the country continues to be offline and we have our social media editor karl masterman with us karl tell us what's been happening in this of the internet basically went down just as these elections got underway it's still down as you mentioned but this goes beyond the internet the government also shut down s.m.s.
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services so no text messages in the country either and it also scrambled the signal for radio france international which is a major source of news in the country the internet shutdown watchdog called net blogs has been tracking the situation in the d.r. c. and here's what they found take a look at this map that really shows you the situation there so you can see those green dots represent internet outages and most of the disruptions are centered in urban areas so full blackouts in the two most populous cities the capital kinshasa and in lubumbashi reportedly internet providers in the d.r. see they say the. the government ordered them to cut off internet access and these are serious disruptions what do you make of this yeah i mean there's a couple of competing theories about why this happened so we can start with the government's claim that this was done to stop the spread of fake news and false rumors in the country especially when it comes to fake election results the country's never had a peaceful transition of power so the theory here is that in order to prevent unrest and violence they basically shut down the internet and in fact there was
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a lot of fake news circulating on social media we have some examples here for you starting with this report this is from france twenty four and here are the anchors saying that the presidential election would not be taking place that report is real but it's more than a year old so maybe trying to confuse voters and keep them from turning out a.f.p. also was used by fraudsters they are here the news service says that a fake interview was quoted and used to spread rumors of a military intervention in the country at the time and fake election results like these that's really a big concern from the government this tweet debunking a fake poll that was circulating during the lead up to the vote others say look this is not about fake news that's not really what was going on here this is about the ruling party trying to prevent election transparency and cover up voting irregularities and in fact that's exactly the claim made by one politician there in the country this is an opposition presidential candidate speaking out on his
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facebook page and here's what he says he says the real intent of shutting down the internet was either prevent people from communicating fraud to the rest of the world or prevent anyone within the d.r. congo from collaborating to prevent suppression. there were reports there of some voter intimidation even security forces coercing people to vote for a particular candidate there have been several similar examples karl of coming down on the internet in countries like us sit down and bangladesh is it safe to say that we're seeing a trend here yeah i mean this is a big favorite tactic now especially for authoritarian governments one step. the really shocks me internet shutdowns increased there were seventy five in two thousand and six and nearly one hundred ninety last year so a big increase there asia and africa are the most affected regions we've seen a lot of countries in africa including the d r c sudan cameroon have a months long shutdown and it's english language speaking region so this is a big concern it looks like it's just getting more and more popular now as we head
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into twenty nine thousand especially when governments have something like elections or protests all of a sudden the internet just happens to go down and they say it's for safety but oftentimes it is to prevent freedom of speech in those areas there is a troubling trend there crime that's in our social media editor karl thank you so much. to sports now and today is the fiftieth birthday of former formula one driver and the seven time world champion has not been seen in public since a major skiing accident in france in december twenty third teen little is known about his current condition his family issued a statement on facebook saying you can be sure that he is in the very best of hands them that we are doing everything humanly possible to help them please understand that we are following michelle's wishes and keeping such a sensitive subject as healthy as it has always been in privacy well the birthday has given fans a chance to look back and remember she has illustrious career. a milestone
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marked in grand fashion with. the most successful driver in formula one history turned fifty on thursday to celebrate ferrari the racing team with which he claimed five of his record seven world titles have unveiled this special exhibition in more danger it's really in honor of his remarkable achievement a day of celebration but also one tinge with sadness. schumacher has been out of the public eye since december twenty third team when a skiing accident left him with severe brain injuries he has not been seen in public since but for his legions of fans an opportunity to look back on his incredible twenty one years in the sport is a welcome development following years of silence as questions surrounding his health have gone unanswered. the first of all i wish him the best of luck on his fiftieth birthday i also hope for the best for his family and he gets well again
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personally i'm devastated along with all of his fans that things have come to this but i think it's good to his privacy is being respected. of our two hogarth it's my first time here and it's the only reason i've come to be a little closer to him on his birthdays and that's a fly on fans might never get to find out exactly what happened to the hero but for now at least a chance to relive some of his achievements is a gift. all right let's head back to bed now and bed time to pay back all that money i hope you not talk about me. that's quite a lot of money and of if you could afford this one neither could i fold boss of job exchange operator deutsche of birds has agreed to pay four point seven five million euros to end a probe into suspected insider trading costs and take it was being investigated for purchasing shares in george bush just two months before merger plan with the london stock exchange was unveiled back in two thousand and sixteen the announcement of
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the intended mergers that shares soaring the size of the fine corresponds to the value of the shares can get a purchased. about these with. correspondent. what a case called because you can get a lost his job he has to pay back all that money and the merger didn't even happen . yeah he was hoping to create europe's largest stock exchange and then he fell from grace through this probe and the merger was blocked the last minute by the e.u. but you regulators citing competition concerns because it would have affectively created a monopoly in the fixed income business but the question was and was that a successful merger or not the question was was there insider information used to make games did he know that this merger was going to happen and prosecutors say yes he did the talks started in two thousand and fifteen way before the announcement in
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february twenty sixth now both can get and maintain there was nothing to the accusations but it is. yes however the payment is no mission of guilt neither is the ten point five million dollars for bertha which also operates of frankfurt stock exchange where i am right now. but still. although the company isn't going to to fight this and says it's in the best interest to let this rest and is at least the admission of guilt of insider trading but of the fact that this entire set up of this co-payment scheme that they had set up as a bonus for a can get there was a pretty bad idea and did come out of a very very bad time there's no getting no talking out about. a person puts first in front put. over three hundred thousand owners germany of launched
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a class action lawsuit against the automaker they want compensation for the losses value to the vehicles from the go to use of missions cheating scandal the company has already paid out billions of dollars in fines and compensation to drivers of diesels in the u.s. in jodi others have so far only been offered software upgrades federation of its your organization's has probables. china has been investing heavily in africa and other asian nations heading the major infrastructure upgrades what does china hope to get in return is a purely an exercise in soft power chinese investment in sri lanka has left the country shackled to debt given beijing leverage. as stage of the r.c. international airports with no flights and no passengers for years this deeming facility in the hop on total district of sri lanka has been
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lying empty. this says really for one million. it relates to. within the u.s. but so far we don't see any hasn't. been this. in future. the airports opened five years ago and is among a number of ill fated construction projects in the country other examples include a conference center that hosts no events a hospital with no doctors or patients and a highway junction with little or no traffic all of these initiatives funded by china. i go to the bag i take along and the band tells me look i'll give you
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a hundred piece but you have to build your house according to this this and this and he had to buy all the bricks from me to take my people. whatever that's what is happening and then just twenty percent interest on top of that is where. the deals with china were inked by sri lanka's former president of my hindu rajapaksa he himself comes from a district of happen toter the project here bear his stamp including the chinese funded poor. couldn't pay back its loans in exchange for a one point one trillion dollar debt relief it granted china in one thousand nine year lease for the poorest there are rumors that beijing could be eyeing us up as a military base they are not giving anything to us simply because as i said before because they just want to hit. obviously commercial plus particle interest in there . so what the problem is what do do we. we need the cash
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we need investments and nobody is coming many of the countries china invest and have been shackled by huge debt as a result neighboring beijing to wield considerable power intra lanka rajapaksa has of late been staging a political comeback with a reputation as a pro china strongman his resurgence is welcome news for beijing. at the search continues after one of the world's largest cargo ships lost at least two hundred seventy contain as in a storm in the north sea many of them of washed up on the dutch coast locals found in a raid of items including shoes like old t.v. sets over. the storage however warn the public to stay away from the cargo as three of the containers old hazardous chemicals helicopters trying to locate them according to shipping industry estimates up to ten thousand containers get lost
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every year but. i did not know that a lost property a lot indeed a very valuable property all right thanks that you're watching news still to come on the program rocket man a new movie based on the life of singer elton john is just one of the musical highlights we can look forward to in twenty. to sports now and the english premier league is gearing up for a top of the table showdown reigning champs manchester city host league leaders liverpool tonight the game also pits former bundesliga coaches have already ella and you can claim against each other a win for cops liverpool would increase their lead at the top to ten points manchester city are currently third in the table but beating their rivals would take them to within four points of the leaders now ahead of the match clock described his side's opponents as the best team in the world. you have to we have to be prepared as quick as possible you have to be brave you have to be. angry
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again all that stuff like all the other games we have to be that. with the knowledge of the opponent is for me still the bathroom and that's how it is. all right a big data from the premier league tonight only mottaki from didn't use forces with a higher lima last season liverpool played good football but they were really in the race and it's a very different story this season and what has changed is i mean you know the main factor has been defense and liverpool very clever move of them to bring in defensive reinforcements like defender virgil van dyke cole goalkeeper allison becker and it in come cheap you know liverpool did break some transfer records in the process but you know they were worth the money and look liverpool we always knew that they had a top notch attack one of the best in europe but last season their main problem area was in defense and this season you already see how much they have much more balanced team i mean defensively they have the best record in the premier league
3:46 pm
right now they've only i mean it's january and they've only conceded eight gold starts like half as much as a city is and to give even a bit more perspective p.s.g. in league you know it's safe to say that there are fewer title contenders and you know there's a lot less competition even they have conceded more goals than of a poor what about manchester city they won the title pretty comfortably last season what are their chances tonight and also the season. the season is still long you know and it's tottenham in second right now and city are actually in third and like you just said i mean last year the last season just kind of ran away with the title but i think this season is going to be like the race the tight race is going to be a lot a lot tighter and pep guardiola you know he's well aware of that he's aware of the challenges and he's also aware of liverpool as a threat and you know we have a video of him talking about why don't you take a look. so
3:47 pm
was we not had the best team in england in all the story so liverpool so of course commit us. that are so we can beat them so i know today and nobody tries us nobody make one point for us i know that but it's what it is over there in top form i said my previous conference and they are in that moment for me the best team in europe in the way of playing the consistency need to control all the details in their game so what is a chance for us. we know we heard pep guardiola there talk about the fact that his side beat liverpool i know last season but that's not all there is to it is a no no i mean look that was then and this is now has been made a major major changes because since that five nil when city have failed to beat liverpool in the past four meetings in fact liverpool have won three of them and
3:48 pm
look it's no secret that peps toughest opponent is club i mean here's another fun fact that there's no other coach that pep has lost against as many times as he has against any club. or are two great teams two great coaches looking for to that matchup in the premier league tonight a limited talkie from for thank you so much. it's going to be. seen from the forthcoming movie rapid elton john music film promises to be the big music movie of the here. we have got us our box culture with us here in the studio i also thanks for joining us so is recommended basically a straightforward bio pic of elton john it is in a way as it follows his early years the early years of his career and his rise to
3:49 pm
fame but and john himself as one of the producers actually as is his husband but it is this more as a musical a fantasy musical than a straight bio pic it's funny because in the trailer it says based on a true fantasy so actually it is a big production with a high budget and i think we have to wait still the release and maybe to find out more i also want to ask you about some of the highlights for twenty one thousand that you're looking for to what other big music acts you think will be making waves this year my tips for the top band in two thousand one thousand of actually the band. one nine hundred seventy five it is well they will be really big this year i think it's a british pop rock band from manchester and they're actually playing for their teenagers back and high school for a six thousand years now but it took a really long time to get their break for so almost a decade but it seems like they're going to be
3:50 pm
a really like the hottest band next year and they're starting on words tour next week actually so for those who have not already heard them i would say let's have a list. the music video of twenty eighteen images of day to day horrors against the backdrop of a pearl down band performance a protest song against the way we are bombarded with catastrophe and scandal from all sides if we design an algorithm to keep us informed on every aspect of human life from the second we wake up to the second we go to bed human life being chaos. give me a time and a place specifically in human history that you would want to be right now. is
3:51 pm
a before the civil rights movement is before the invention of penicillin you know i mean it's like it's always been a nightmare and we've created a computer to tell us and remind us how much of a nightmare is all the time. the nineteen seventy five the darlings of the social media generation perhaps because they're all things rolled into one mainstream with a touch of alternative r. and b. neo soul and eighty's retro but still somehow the future. the band formed in two thousand and two when they were all teenagers but it was almost twelve years before they released their first album their second was their big breakthrough in twenty six day number one in the u.k. and the u.s. suddenly they were superstars. the band's latest album is called
3:52 pm
a brief inquiry into online relationships the internet and the way we interact with it is one big theme the other is frontman matt healy's struggle with heroin addiction gunplay arenas fifteen thousand people be like connect with me connect with we connect with me on an inhuman scale turn the lights off get in a car go back to the hotel room to sit there you're like. i was trying to change culture ten minutes ago and now i've got to walk pick my toenails my i need somewhere to go and i always wanted to go down but the band's trajectory continues to be up. in the one nine hundred seventy five have already announced a new album for the first half of twenty nineteen.
3:53 pm
great things to come from the one nine hundred seventy five what other big album releases can we look forward to while we can look forward to is actually there is a rumors that the r. and b. and pop queen rianna is coming up with a new album released this year we can have a loop and one of her tracks from her last album this is the famous work which was actually two years ago so in the last two years we anna has been taking time off from music launching a launch one hundred new line for instance and also makeup line and to beauty that have been very successful and actually what is special about the term makeup line is famous for its inclusive and diverse attitudes about foundations and over forty different shades you know including women with all different skin tones which is not always the case and so the fans are really appreciating that but the fans of her music actually now can finally look forward to the long waiting that long waiting is finally over let's say. her new album were once again followers several
3:54 pm
times but to the counties of questions and when the reason she still keeps the kind of mystery speak with so no official answer to that yet ok it's read us back we don't know exactly when and what about people who are fans of have your music well the heavier music fans can also look forward to something and the german shock rockers the metal band. is also coming back with a wooden new album actually the first three album in almost ten years they will tour across europe this year starting in may they are of course famous for their amazing life the plenty of pyrotechnics and you will see a film of a paris concert from two years ago the band will also be releasing five music videos of songs from the new album sold up. to be seen from ramstein this is right this is
3:55 pm
a crazy concert. so i would say this is some really return of like with ramstein and rianna we have some some good comebacks this year and i and also like their fans put a fence a good start in the new year. life for twenty one thousand dollars yalda starbucks from culture thank you so much for joining us. oh my dear knob the top stories that we're following for you here on d w a chinese space probe the chunk before it has successfully landed on the far side of earth's moon and deliver the first photos from its surface the mission is seen as an important step is trying to looks to push forward its space program. there's a big shift in washington today as a new congress is sworn in us democrats are taking over the house of representatives allowing them to block much of president trump's agenda she has warned them against their plans and vowed to assume a warlike posture and apple loses its crunch shares in the tech giant tumble after
3:56 pm
a drop in christmas sales of the all important i phone. thank you for watching news phil dell will be here with an update on your headlines in just a few minutes don't forget you can always get the latest on our web site com or follow us on twitter our handle at d w news.
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this world argument tree starts in january thirteenth on w. . this is the w. news live from berlin a milestone in lunar exploration china's chinese for space probe makes the first ever landing on the dark side of the moon and been spotted images not visible from also on the program in the united states the democrats are preparing to take over the house of representatives so that's when days into the partial shutdown of the u.s. government they now.


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