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please let. this is deja vu news live from berlin and eighteen year old saudi woman pleads for help and for her life. i have no choice. they said to have to go to model into. no one can help me right now i'm not looking to the teenagers barricaded herself in a hotel room in thailand to avoid being deported she says her family will kill her
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if she sent home to saudi arabia also coming up. britain's prime minister such a resume her battle over bracks at today's lawmakers return from their christmas break how worried are german businesses about britain's the parcher from making you . and the stars are out in los angeles as hollywood hands out some golden globes it's a night of celebration brawls with some offsets we'll take a look at the winners and the losers. plus sports acne again as a peacemaker a joint korean men's team preparing for the handball world championships here in germany and in denmark we hear from the coach and the players about what it means to compete in a unified team. with. i'm
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brian thomas thanks so much for being with us human rights watch says a saudi teenager who says she's playing abuse. as barricaded herself in a hotel room at a bangkok airport to avoid deportation now ta authorities are saying mohamad all could noone would be sent back to saudi arabia today but she says she holds a visa for australia and plans to seek asylum there the eighteen year old claims her passport was seized by a saudi official during a layover in bangkok. and the teen began posting on twitter from her hotel room at that airport on sunday here's her latest video it's a half and i'm still in the room. i have no choice. they said to have to go to model and. no one can have been right now ok let's go straight to bangkok now our correspondent for in new she is covering the
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story for us morning four and a why is being held in tahrir long thailand when in fact she wants to seek asylum in australia. well apparently that saudi woman was supposed to only change planes in bangkok and then travel on to australia where she wanted to claim asylum but from what we're hearing and that is not confirmed yet she had plans to not immediately continue her flight so she wanted to spend a few days in bangkok but she did not have a visa. and this situation is very unclear as of right now what we're hearing is that right when she d. boarded the plane here in bangkok then she was approached by saudi officials from the embassy now that is actually quite possible because saudi officials have been
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basically all diplomats have all access passes to the airport so it is quite likely that she was approached by saudi officials who basically tricked her into handing over have passport they confiscated her passport and now thailand sads well we cannot let anyone in into the country if they don't have proper documents if they don't have a passport so right now she's struck in transit ok but what's her legal status this you have any protection does she have any way of preventing her deportation. well that we don't know yet the situation is what we can tell you is that she originally had applied for asylum now you can only apply for asylum if you a politically persecuted which in her. case does not seem to be the case so she's basically fleeing from domestic violence she says in in saudi arabia she has been
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abused physically and psychologically by her parents for you know cutting our hair short by leading a free life as she says. but she is not fleeing from political persecution so applying for asylum might not be the right tactic she might apply for refugee status on humanitarian grounds but so far from what we're hearing this has not happened yet ok that might be a way forward because a human rights watch is is calling on thailand not to deport off why is this case attracting so much international attention. what i would say for two reasons now all these the saudi arabia is under big big scrutiny out after the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi a few months ago and so now everyone knows and or has been reminded that you the
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human rights situation in saudi arabia is very very dire and on the other hand there's also thailand which has a history of sending back refugees to authoritarian regimes so the saudi woman would not be the first that the thai authorities just sent back to their respective countries so we'll really have to wait and see how this story will unfold what i can tell you is that she has not been on the plane that she was originally supposed to be on so she's still here in bangkok ok look forward to hearing how this all works out for and enough for us from bangkok thanks so much. now for a look at some of the other stories making news this hour another round of talks on sunday's failed to end the partial u.s. government shutdown now in this third week president trump standing by his demand to build that border along the u.s. and mexico front year democrats condemning the wall and indicating they'll be introducing legislation this week to reopen individual government agencies.
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and national security advisor john bolton says washington's pullout of troops from syria will be gradual this signals a far less abrupt withdrawal than initially thought speaking with the israeli prime minister bolton said the pullout would be done in a way that would ensure the defeat of so-called islamic state. polls to britain now where prime minister theresa may is set to renew efforts today to push through her controversial breck's a deal as parliament returns from its christmas break now here are the key dates that will determine the u.k.'s divorce from the e.u. and the prime minister's future the first comes up in mid january that's when members of parliament will be voting on teresa mayes controversy old deal that will determine what kind of bracks that happens march twenty ninth now that date
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is the one that britain has committed to to leave the european union if parliament rejects this deal there could be a hard no deal bracks it and that would mean confusion for business on both sides of the channel now if the british parliament accept mazed deal there would be a transition period allowing britain and the e.u. to sort out new trade relations in that period with on december thirty first twenty twenty so plenty of time for more drama along the way on sunday the prime minister spoke with the b.b.c. about how she intends to convince a very skeptical parliament to vote for. deal so what will be setting out over the next few days is. a sort of assurance is measures in three areas the first is measures that will be specific to northern ireland the second is a greater role for parliament as we take these negotiations and into the next stage for our future relationship and the third way still working on this is further
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assurances from the european union to address the issues that are being raised ok joining me in the studio is for guitar i r he's deputy head of the d.h. i gave germany's chamber of commerce and industry good morning thanks for being with us on what's german business saying or was expecting. i mean german business like the british business as well we are more or less paralyzed due to the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the brics and so we are. can face heart breck's it does all the librax in a soft b. would appreciate or even a new referendum we all do not know ok you know what we've been hearing is that germany's small businesses and medium businesses are not as prepared as of course large corporations for a no deal breck said why is that the case is that it is easy to prepare yourself for brecht said but to some extent many businesses unfortunately have prepared
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themselves by not in lauching not intensifying on not even starting business with the u.k. or in the u.k. so investment behavior is on the retreat the trade volume is on on the retreat although there is some stockpiling due to march the t's in order to be prepared to some extent and read last about side to get the companies prepared and we have a large traffic on the. small medium sized enterprises people having a hard time aren't they especially investors figuring out small investors they investors where's where's this going in terms of real estate in terms of banking if teresa de may does manage to push your deal through parliament on that day we were talking about mid january what would that mean for economic growth in in the e.u. and the u.k. would that be positive what we are experiencing right now is
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a cyclical cooling down of the economy is so the brics it comes. in in a bad circumstances so but anyway the brics it creates a large burden to business communities in europe especially in the u.k. but also worldwide but with raul agreement through the parliament would mean at least that we can minimize the damage ok joining about minimizing. the damage but you also mention the cooling of the economy with brax it is that going to push the e.u. into a recession perhaps a deep recession. no. so the good thing. that we are now that it makes much more clear that we are so dependent on the single market that we are so dependent on working together building up. bell you chains in europe but also worldwide and at least europe and japan has struck
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the biggest foreign free trade deal ever last year prior to christmas so and the internal forces of the economies are strong enough not facing a deep recession but nevertheless minimizing the damage the bracks it. is a catastrophe for all of us. nevertheless although we do not expect a deep recession ok so you're optimistic for this year. optimistic is is another thing yeah but we expect a growth t.t.p. growth for germany by one point five percent is not much but it's less than last year but it's not a recession it's head of germany's deputy head of germany's chambers of commerce and industry thanks very much you're welcome was off to los angeles now as the most important awards ceremony after the oscars the golden globes of course taking place
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in los angeles and there have been some real surprises some of the films expected to sweep the boards not as well as expected will get the lowdown a from hollywood in a moment first we have this report. lady gaga post for the cameras as she arrives for what she hopes would be her big night. as she and other hopefuls return to wearing color after last year's show of solidarity in black for the me to movement . the golden globes hosts praised the greater diversity among twenty one thousand contenders they're not just here tonight because they resonated with audiences hollywood often ignores their here because they told stories that resonated with everyone and that is truly a beautiful thing. for the jury chose bohemian rhapsody as best movie drama for romney malek's portrayal of queen front man freddie mercury his performance also earned him best actor in drama for belongs to the reinvent the diversion a. close was named as best actress in
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a drama for her role in the wife. get the award for best foreign language film when two roma filmmaker all fronts a korans ode to his childhood in one thousand seventies mexico he also picked up the prize for best director. ok let's get some analysis now with k.j. matthews an entertainment journalist based in los angeles good morning k.j. bohemian rhapsody the big surprise of the night. yes you know that own did not receive a lot of love but it's i have to be honest so it was quite as wise to see it going as it should or as well as best actor would want to follow and it was really it will mean perhaps one was. ok you know the central topic of the golden globes this year was diversity can you tell us something about that. that you know
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we've seen how one supporting at this point feels the top and really on it and she surprised everyone except you since it was quite close to two years ago but you know she's going to make sure that hooper for the people that work on her film or when she challenged other woman to step up that makes a little bit of a war among them and the basis of it is that we also saw sands go oh hosting the telecast the december the non-civilian company wants to support television series for her e.t.c show up killing people it was very existence those lights go out as we're sitting there you saw one person walk on he will remember who was his son i mean rhapsody as stellar line in. the words as well a big q jay thanks so much awareness of problems with the sound so we're going to have to leave it there t.j. matthew's with us from los angeles thanks very much.
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this is news live from berlin still to come on the show a robot that can get a bit grumpy about doing household chores for a human isn't a long last machine that can iron clothes automatically that looks fantastic we'll look at some of the highlights of the consumer electronics show underway where else but also in its. essence for selling the handball world championship starts this thursday in berlin and it opens with a very special match germ. many verses korea this will be korea's first ever unified appearance at a handball world championship with north korean players being integrated into the south korean team they have been training together here in berlin for two weeks to make sure their athletic impact is as big as their diplomatic one. the match between the korean handball world championship squad in german third division side potsdam may have just been
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a pretty tournament warm up but it was still somewhat historic. for the first time ever korea has a unified handball team with players from both countries in the tournament opener korea coach show young shin squad will face co-hosts germany in the german capital . on the world championship is really meaningful for us especially since we'll be playing in berlin was a divided city have found a way to peace after the fall of the wall as a unified team we want to show that korea can also find this way to. show young shin will only have had three weeks to integrate four players from north korea into the team a massive challenge in modern handball but the north koreans don't stand out much in training except for maybe their shoes which are the blue red and white of their flag. we felt a bit distant from each other when we first met the north koreans. grown closer in the days we've spent together so i was and now we've become friends. and
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everything sounds rosy for the captain but his new teammate from north korea. has a more level take our first world championship we've got lots of expectations about what will experience and what we'll learn of course we also want to strong showing you. north and south korea made history with a united women's hockey team at the winter olympics and young change the pre-selected north korean fans went by role in a p.r. coup for the regime but on the ice the first ever appearance of a combined team was a sporting disaster. coach show young shin is hoping to avoid a similar showing but that gap in quality between players from the north and south is significant. technically the north koreans aren't the strongest but they really want to integrate into the team. they're in top shape so while incorporate that into my tactics to take advantage of their strengths. and. promise to
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play at least one north korean in every world championship match in the tuneup against pot stam only reak young son made an appearance his three countrymen to watch from the bench as korea fell to the german third division side. we have some winter sports now and ski jumping is prestigious for hill's tournament coming to a close on the twenty nine hundred champions japan's rio you kobayashi the final event in bishop's whole thing in austria soccer biase coming out on top again that thanks to a huge second jump of one hundred thirty seven point five metres this also meant the twenty two year old claimed the grand slam having won all four of this year's events could be off he is the first japanese outhwaite to win four hills title since one thousand nine hundred eighty. i. don't know it's going to businesses close off now and could we be seeing an end perhaps of the u.s. china trade dispute many eyes on beijing today brian trade talks are set to begin
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today in the chinese capital with many hoping that the year long dispute between the united states and china can be resolved now a delegation of u.s. officials including deputy u.s. trade representative geoffrey garish is in beijing to meet chinese officials the talks will be the first since u.s. president donald trump and his counterpart in china g g p agreed to a ninety day truce in their trade war last month strumpet initially both in full tears on hundreds of billions of dollars of chinese goods to pressure beijing to change its practices on issues ranging. from state subsidies to cyber hacking china retaliated with tariffs isn't. that asian markets have started the new trading week on a positive note based on investor hopes that those trade talks will deliver results china's shanghai composite as well as on cons hang seng index gained half a percent shares in japan's nikkei were up almost three percent helped in part by
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improved. not twenty nine hundred still feels pretty fresh and that might be just the right attitude to check out the latest tech gadgets starting tuesday the consumer electronics show in las vegas will once again showcase the most recent developments of the tech sector auto fishel intelligence is likely to attract a lot of attention the technology is including is included and ever more hardware from cars to smart helpers. this robot gets upset when it can't help with chores. like folding towels but there's another machine for that just one of the many highlights from the twenty eighteen consumer electronics show which also featured. and do backflips. audi fishel intelligence will remain a major focus of this year's c.d.'s in las vegas but his firm cambridge consultants is among the more than five thousand exhibitors it's developed deprave and ai based
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system for vision the technology is learning how to read blurry images. the machine is essentially creating a new image from scratch purely by slowness understanding of what is the real world look like so in a way it's doing something quite similar to our mind's eye where we look at a distorted image through you know kind of glass which might be a pipe but we can kind of construct an arm on what we think the image looks like on the other side the technology would be valuable for driverless cars it could help the vehicles cameras deliver a clear image even when it's raining autonomous cars will also be in the spotlight at this year's c.e.'s. and staying with the tech sector or the love hate relationship between apple and samsung is looking a bit more loving after the rival tech giants agreed a deal that will see apple i tunes movies and t.v. shows made available on samsung's smart t.v.'s comes after apple said it planned to offer more services to reduce its dependence on i phones last week and shares
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plummeted after it lowered if it's due to demand for i phones in china the deal with the world's biggest t.v. maker could help apple expand its reach. clear of now and these still on resolved terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union is troubling many people among them makers of scottish whisky they feel that breaks it could torpedo a unique craft that has grown into a very profitable global business. after all. sales abroad amounted to five billion euros accounting for more than twenty percent of all u.k. food exports and now some distillers fear that leaving the euro will rob them of the protect a trademark scotch has within the european union. imagine a scottish whisky distillery and it will probably look something like this edra down in the town of pitt in the highlands andrew symington has made this business
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what it is today a small but fine distillery and one of the few in scotland which is still independently owned andrew is master of the quake a select group of the finest distillers his traditional production methods are a good selling point but there's more to it than that i'm your custodian so my job here is. certainly. not leave as i find the best of the world if i go for the next generation. and the attention to detail pays off at redoubt as profits before taxes climbed by four percent last year to seven point six million euros the distillery produces around two hundred thousand liters of whisky a year that's not much compared to the big names in the industry but scott she's in demand around the world our exports is about eighty five percent of our turnover because of about forty two countries around the world europe mainly is the as is
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a big market for us over here over abroad is a very keen access to the things go smoothly when those bricks at you. greg says his worrying the scottish whisky industry scotch is still a trademark protected under e.u. law some distillers fear that they could lose this protection after britain leaves the e.u. . but despite this andrew symington is taking the prospect of brics it in his strong point. i don't think it will because of a lot of difference in selling whiskey. and in general as this is a major export product there's high demand for all around the so the world's leading europe's not going to change that it may make procedures a little more difficult things to follow you know to do but long term i see no you know no promise of rex's you know he's more worried about whether he'll find enough employees in the future but he is bowser for example is an experienced distiller
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from germany specialists like him are not easy to find which is why he says he's not concerned about britain's departure from the e.u. . he's. been here for eleven years so i think my job is fairly secure in that breaks it wouldn't have consequences for me if it does there's nothing i can do about it then i'll have to go back to germany. that's the main problem no one in the u.k. really knows exactly what breaks it will look like. andrew symington is scottish and proud of his tradition but whatever happens he doesn't want his country to seek independence from the u.k. i. guess. nobody would know what the future was there. people. probably know it was a retired to cover all the thanks. i really.
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do not want to. get whisky takes years to make something breaks it would likely benefit from to. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you at this hour is saudi teenager barricade or terrorist cells in a hotel room at bangkok airports to avoid being deported. mohamed says she will be killed by her family if she goes back to saudi arabia and there have been a number of surprises winners at the golden globes in los angelos. british rock band queen took the top of board for best drama and. best actor for his portrayal of frontman freddie mercury blanco's won best actress in a drama for her role in the life. you're watching news coming to you live from we have more coming at the top of the hour c event thanks
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for. good. to see all her patients nurse alina sinjar must walk up to twenty kilometers a day she can't afford a car. she's the only medical professional available and one of romania's poorest districts often she can only provide basic care and it's just one of many examples
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of how comenius health care system is failing. how did people live at the time of jesus on twitter feed a guy is in jerusalem to find out some. happy he's able to live in march here. and passes and to see as a matter of uncovering the past onto the future generation detail feeding the login archaeologists measuring. him sixty minutes. in a tireless way discover the vultures. swirl starts january fifteenth. we
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make up over three watches of africa the hand of the g five we are the civil service or. the want to shape the continent's future reference. youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform. alone a very warm welcome from the peter craven to the first edition of focus on europe in twenty nineteen and with the beginning of the new year romania has taken over the european union's rotating presidency but it remains one of the poorest
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countries in the e.u. and faces a grave challenges the health system to take just one example is a huge mess the.


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