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i am new to. this as you don't use line for stranded united nations officials in thailand take charge of a desperate saudi teenager ramadan on says she's fleeing appears and will be killed if forced to return home eighteen year old barricaded herself in a hotel room and broadcast her a place in real time on social media also coming up britain rehearses no deal scenarios as they crunch a vote on the prime minister's brings that agreement looms to resubmit says lawmakers will have their say on the controversial deal next tuesday and the legs
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of surprises at the golden globes in los angeles a movie about rock band queen defines expectations it takes the top awards for best drama and best actor and veteran actress glenn close is rewarded for a film she says no one in hollywood wanted to make. the heart thank you so much for your company everyone united the united nations have taken charge of a saudi teenager who defied deportation from thailand mohammad a honeymoon says she's fleeing abuse and barricaded herself in a bangkok hotel room to avoid being returned to her family. began posting on twitter with calls for help on sunday she hopes to travel on wordstar strongly and apply for asylum there. a sign of hope for
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a half mohammed. these pictures show the young saudi woman leaving the airport in bangkok together with officials from the un refugee agency the u.n.h.c.r. will assess whether she can be granted refugee status protecting her from deputation this marks a pause in a tense standoff that began on saturday noon arrived from saudi arabia but had her passport seized by a saudi diplomat initially thailand said it would deport her because she didn't meet visa requirements. the eighteen year old then barricaded herself in an airport hotel room she drew attention to her plight on social media quickly gathering tens of thousands of followers she said she feared for her life after her family threatened her for announcing islam and cutting her hair and i believe that my own until i see if you were an h c i i won't. the
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title thora to seem to perform a dramatic about face ben promising not to deport a. lot i doubt. we will talk to her and do whatever she requests yes kate trouble to seek help and we are the land of smiles but we will not send anyone to that. we want to do that by we will adhere to human rights. principles and to the rules of law. by that need. thailand is not a signatory to the un refugee convention and provides no legal protection to asylum seekers but the united nations says it will do everything in its power to help can do. well for the latest let's talk now to a full robertson from human rights watch in bangkok who has been helping coordinate efforts to prevent deportation certainly to have you with us so immediate
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deportation has been averted but just to be clear is her house now under the care of the u.n. h.c.r. that's our understanding she has been registered as a refugee with them and they're going to continue doing interviews with her to fully assess her status issue is confirmed as a refugee then she will. presumably be assisted to seek safety in a third country it's not quite clear where what country that might be but. eventually she would be able to find a safe and secure your place oh and do you expect the u.n.h.c.r. to take to process and assess her case. i think they recognize like everyone that this is an urgent and sensitive case and they'll try to move as fast as possible on this you know i don't expect it's going to be months or years i think it's probably going to be weaker maybe in months but not too long because i think
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that is a very high profile case and everybody recognizes that she's still at risk what are you being concerns right now well one of the main concerns is that her father is a saudi government official is supposed to arriving here tomorrow in thailand and we're concerned that he might try to do something to try to take her back or to try to assert control over her she's eighteen years old she should be allowed to decide who she wants to see and who she doesn't want to see and we want to make sure that there are no games played by the saudi government to try to do something to take her back have you been in touch with her how have you spoken to her how is she yes yes i mean obviously relieved but she was tremendously tired she didn't eat much very today during the ordeal while she was barricaded in the room so i think she tonight is she's finally getting out of her first good. night sleep for
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a very very long time. has any country a come forward at this stage and showed willingness to offer a half asylum. it's a little bit too early to say what will happen is that you and h.r. will complete their process probably in the next couple days and then they will turn to various different countries and find out who might be willing to consider right now perhaps a case has been unfolding and real time on social media what happens when a tension wanes. well i think that we will not see attention wane i think that there is a great deal of interest in the global community in her case i think that the media you know turned out significant numbers it's been a huge story globally and i think that people will continue to be interested in till she actually gets to a safe place phil robertson from here in the rights watch and bangkok thank you sir
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for your time thank you are as we have to speak now with some of the other stories making news around the world. officials in go beyond say the military officer behind an attempted coup has been arrested and armed soldiers seized a state radio station on monday and declared president all the bongo unfit for office officials say all the soldiers who were involved in the coup have now been captured or killed the boss president is currently in morocco recovering from a stroke. german media says authorities have searched a flat in the south western city of how bor born in connection with a massive data breach in affecting politicians and public figures electronics belong to a one thousand year old man who were seized nearly one thousand high profile germans at their data stolen and published online. british prime minister theresa may is set to renew efforts this week to push through her brags that deal
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lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the deal next tuesday well today the government tested an emergency traffic system that's supposed to be put in place in the event of a no deal the system is meant to prevent massive congestion at the port of dover the customs checks are introduced well as the a march deadline for britain's exit from the e.u. approaches many in the u.k. are starting to worry we met one family who are doing what they can to prepare. this is the man family from cornwall and these are their provisions. food and drink for several months for five people plus their cat and dog just in case there's the worst case we're not prepared for war famine we're preparing for plex it. the mans have always been against britain leaving the e.u. and everything they've heard from london in the last two years makes them think brics it is going to be a chaotic process. they've bought a water tank with
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a filter and because the u.k. gets some of its electricity from europe they're getting ready for power cuts. so we're being a bit balanced to mail a stick we're not expecting there to be unexpected power cuts frequently of more rationing of power much like the seventy's where there were set times of the day where there wouldn't be power. the whole family helps out with the weeding. they hope that their homegrown greens will soon be ready to eat. is all this a bit too much maybe. but midwife nuveen says they're simply going on what they've heard from their government. the u.k. government has then said they expect up to six months. in imports running on fifteen to twenty percent efficiency i think. so we're now increasing because we had underestimated what we might need with. the man family say they only rely on themselves. others haven't given up the fight yet it's
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early morning in london and a group of young people are about to get on a campaign bus their organization is called our future our choice just like fifty nine percent of the british population they want a second referendum. there's a lot to do and we're going to look back on this may be is to come and ask ourselves whether we did nothing but i think that the thais really are telling is a real opportunity for us now to really make the case. according to polls some seventy seven percent of britons under the age of twenty four would vote against leaving the e.u. and every day more young people are becoming old enough to vote. the message that these activists are promoting please stand up for our future. the man family in cornwall have long since given up hoping britain will remain in the u. they don't think it's going to end well either so they're heading back to the shops to stock up on mall food. now it has been
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a night of surprises at the golden globe awards in l.a. a number of the movies fancied by the critics fell short of expectations for him in a rap city was one of the winners biopic about the late freddie mercury singer of the british rock band queen another was the wife starring veteran actor glenn close night of high drama and beverly hills. romney mile at. the top price came as a true surprise. the jury chose bohemian rhapsody as best drama for romney moll the expert trail of queen front man freddie mercury his performance also earned him the best actor in drama for belongs thank you to freddie mercury for giving me the. time i love you you do for america this is for the three boys. have been there in a glenn close was named as best actress in
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a drama for her role and the wife. when they came. close appeared stunned when her name was called and her deeply personal except in speech marked the emotional high point of the night. you know women we were nurture is that that's what's expected of us we have our children we have our husbands are for lucky enough and our partners whoever but we have to find personal fulfillment we have to fill our. heart to be. we have to say i can't do that and i shouldn't be allowed to do that. the award for best foreign language film went to roma filmmaker alfonso quote owns ode to his childhood in one thousand seven hundred mexico he also picked up the price for best director. and lady gaga who everybody expected to climb to the stage as this year's best actress didn't have to leave empty handed together with her co-writers she received the golden
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globe for best original song. our i want to turn now to our very own scott rock star and get to see scott where he rhapsody was the big surprise of the evening. yeah definitely for me i mean i had remy moloch on my list as a potential best actor winner the globe's love the great imitator and he did amazing job recreating or reinvigorating freddy mercury for the screen but the film itself i really didn't think i had much of a chance but in some ways it fits into what seems to be the mood at the globes this year last year was very very political it was all about me to remember everyone wore black that year in in sympathy for the victims of me to this year it seemed they completely flip the script and decide to go for pure entertainment and believe pulp leaving politics behind and i guess if you want to go for pure entertainment there's nobody better than freddie mercury you know right now scott gender equality and diversity were also in the limelight again at this year's golden globe awards
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but what i have lead to more contracts for female directors and producers. yeah i mean as i said though paul if the gender politics did play a bit of a role in this year's awards it wasn't nearly the case as it was last year but when it comes about the actual movement the me too movement i don't think there's anything there's anything stop there's any way to stop that now hollywood has woken up to the fact that general presentation is a fact of life and needs to be a fact of life and it has to actually be reflected in the bottom line and the good thing is that a lot of the most successful films this year were had were female stories or had strong female components to them and there's nothing that convinces hollywood like the bottom line like money and as long as there is money to be made in these movies they will continue to get made and women will have stronger representation we saw with what glenn close said at the awards ceremony last night and i think that's a movement that is going to keep going all right scott rocks for reporting from don
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thank you. and that does it for me on little rock n roll out on behalf of the entire team.


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