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this is v.w. news live from berlin north korea's leader makes a surprise visit to china the trip comes as peace efforts between pyongyang and washington appear to be faltering bot there are reports that kim jong un could be discussing plans for a second round of talks with the u.s. also coming up. u.s. security advisor john bolton is in turkey to discuss american plans to withdraw from syria and iran has welcomed the move but kurds in syria you're turkey is
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planning to attack the. body and the actor kevin spacey appears in court to face charges of sexual assault of a man so spacey groped him two years ago when he was eighteen years old. and born to be wired germany's b.m.w. hopes of driving motorcycles could end traffic jams as one of the innovations of this year's consumer electronics show will go live to los vegas. i'm dr thomas thanks so much for joining us north korean leader kim jong un is in beijing for talks with china's president xi jinping now this visit was announced nearly simultaneously by north korean and chinese state media camp traveling to china in his armored train under heavy security it's his forces. is it to beijing
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in a less than a year likely to be high on their agenda the negotiations currently underway for a second summit between kim and us president donald trump. ok let's get the latest now with reuters correspondent josh smith joining us from seoul good morning josh this is a kim's unprecedented fourth meeting we see in just a year and how does this latest visit fit in with the preparations for hymns expected second somma with donald trump where last year came of course went to beijing for his first international visit ever as leader of north korea and that came about a month before kim kicked off a flurry of the clone mysie which included meetings with south korea's president as well as u.s. president donald trump and so based on the pattern that we saw last year many of the rich are expecting that this visit does play a role in north korea's preparations to meet with both here in south korea with the
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president here as well as donald trump at some point there's been also increasing reports of flurries of activity meetings between north korean and u.s. negotiators talking about potential sites and timing for another trump kim summit ok can you give us an idea of how important chinese support is for the regime in pyongyang and for any expected talks we might see. well some perhaps overstated china's influence on north korea north korea's often been fairly wherry of its larger neighbor but at the same time beijing certainly represents north korea's closest and almost its only major ally in the region and so its backing is very important as kim embarks on these negotiations with the united states during his new year's speech kim raised the possibility of finding some kind of new way if talks with the united states break down many observers say
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that they suspect that china would play a major role in trying to work out some kind of solution should things with the united states not work out just mithun reuters with us this morning thanks very much u.s. national security advisor john bolton is meeting with officials in ankara today to discuss the upcoming withdraw all american troops from syria the turkish president russian type erewhon as hailed the pullout as quote the right call by writing in the new york times he said it must be carefully planned he also said turkey is the only country able to stabilize syria after america withdraws but kurds inside syria fear that turkey is planning a broad military offensive against them. syrian kurds here in commish li ne in syria iran gree in december donald trump announced that the u.s. would pull out of syria and quickly that could leave the kurds vulnerable to attacks from turkey which sees some of them as terrorists the kurds have been
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fighting tooth and nail against islamic state alongside u.s. troops it's been a costly fight the kurds feared being abandoned by u.s. withdrawal and so too to many if the u.s. is allies in the region and to john bolton u.s. national security adviser he's jetting around the middle east clarifying confusion and putting out the fire that trump started his message the u.s. isn't simply packing up and leaving. in december trump told the pentagon to prepare to leave syria within one hundred days now he's changed his mind. we are pulling back and. we're going to be removing hard troops i never said would do it is that quickly bolton recently in israel also says that the u.s. withdrawal is conditional going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw but to do so from northeast syria in a way that make sure that isis is defeated is not able to.
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revive itself he's in ankara to assure turkey that the u.s. will leave but bit by bit that chimes with richard earlier when turkey's president turkey sees itself as the dominant regional power writing in the new york times this week he said he agreed that the u.s. should withdraw but slowly. bolton has a big challenge in n. korea his other condition for u.s. withdrawal is that turkey promises not to attack the u.s. is alloys the kurds for turkey which has a longstanding and bloody feud with the could see that will be hard to swallow. ok let's find out where this is heading with the w.'s story and jones joining us from istanbul durian how likely is it that bolton will be getting the assurances he wants that ankara will not be launching a major offensive against the kurds in syria after american troops leave that country well it's going to be very difficult for john bolton
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already uncursed pushbike very hard against these calls for assurances for this syrian kurdish militia and chris says they are a terrorist organization linked to an insurgency inside turkey and they are within their rights to attack this group on top of that bolton thought seemed to have limited leverage on cory's quite happy to wait for the u.s. is unconditional withdrawal they say president trump has said they are pulling out and that be pulling out quickly on top of that bolton's new conditions for withdrawal doesn't seem to be being supported by all of a colleague's the pump aoa secretary of state at peace to be taking on a far more a harder stance and targeting comp's words and saying that they're peace to be no conditions and this is the fact that all this lack of clarity means that it's looking to one person that is president trump and president heard one will be looking for some conversational meeting with trying to hammer out the final arrangements and that means that bolton really has little opportunity of extracting
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any concessions from ok with the military vacuum ahead there's a political vacuum emerging as well and there's been speculation that syria could be seeing a defacto partitioning is that where all of this is headed. well that has certainly been a concern and in fact damascus have one the few areas of common ground they both say they are committed to maintaining the territorial integrity of syria and that's why there's a great deal of concern over the u.s. is backing all of this syrian kurdish militia which controls nearly a quarter of the country now that support appears to be ending fears of a break up of syria does seem to be removed having said that turkey does have a large military footprint in syria if it was to extend that territorial control moving against the syrian kurdish militia that would make turkey a major player given and of threat of a further position of syria given it is the major supporter of syrian rebel
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opposition like you briefly if you could what about islamic state does turkey have the military capability and the political will to fight islamic state in syria but certainly is a big question and that will be a question being raised in washington now on cross has said it is committed to fighting islamic state but what we understand behind the scenes is our own chris saying if you want to take up this fight then we need military support from the united states and that could mean that in the united states has to commit even more forces and it presently has in syria to support any turkish military operation against the islamic state the question is would washington be prepared to do that that would be a major step back for trump and i think some people are also suggesting that these calls for major military support is giving encore a way out of not fighting the islamic state during thanks very much for that from istanbul today. now for some of the other stories making news
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saudi arabian officials have denied reports that riyadh has requested the extradition of a saudi teen seeking asylum eilat prophet muhammad. barricaded herself in a bangkok hotel room she says she's slaying abuse at the hands of her family after rejecting his law united nations officials are aiding in your old. guatemala is disbanding a un backed anti-corruption commission that has been investigating its president jammeh morale us the country's foreign minister telling reporters that staff had twenty four hours to leave the country the u.n. condemned the move it wants a commission to finish its work which includes a probe of the president's campaign finance. france's prime minister and ward phillipe says eighty thousand police officers will be deployed in paris on saturday in response to the ongoing yellow vest protest last weekend so the eighth straight week of those of protest demonstrators taking to the streets
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over a planned fuel tax but protests are now directed at president micron's economic policies which include a tax cut for the rich. officials in all stria and southern germany over or warning of a continued high risk of avalanches in the alps a severe winter storm that battered the region left eight people dead and two missing a state of emergency has been declared in bavaria where many roads are blocked schools are closed for the rest of the week. in the u.s. oscar winning actor kevin spacey has pleaded not guilty in a case of sexual assault it appeared in a massachusetts courtroom to face the charge he groped a young man in two thousand and sixteen if found guilty he faces up to five years in prison. a crowd of reporters awaited stacey's arrival at the court on nantucket island for the judge denied the actor's request to be excused from his
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arraignment and ordered him to stay away from the young man who's accused him of sexual assault. for the fifty nine year old actor this court appearance is the kind of return to the spotlight he would have preferred to avoid. it was in this nantucket bar that spacey is alleged to have plied a minor with alcoholic drinks and then sexually assault him and twenty sixteen the state prosecutor has not named the accuser. but heather a former news anchor has already said publicly that the accuser is her son who was a restaurant employ at the time. spacey broke his silence on the allegations in a video two weeks ago he spoke in the voice of the criminal president he played in house of cards. of course. been waiting with bated breath to hear me confess it all but you
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wouldn't believe the worst with. you would rush to judgment with facts would you. like this court case represents one of several allegations against the oscar winner . another actor anthony rapp says he was sexually harassed by spacey in october twenty seventeen. the judge has set the next court date for march fourth. and staying in the u.s. a new study shows that up to forty percent of women say they were abused by a male while school or in college now one school pittsburgh pennsylvania is trying to change that statistic by teaching young men how to conduct their relationships with women one of the messages is that it's wrong to sexually harass a woman and then blame her for the harassment. testosterone is in the air the wrestling team that carried high school is preparing for the next competition but coach leonard arma bitch doesn't just teach sports he has another topic on his
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agenda respectful behavior towards women and girls after each training they gather food cool down talk today's topic the problem of climbing goals for sexual harassment how do you how do you think something like that affects the person that got grabbed. you know not only did you get assaulted not only were you disrespected but your fault. is never a moment when you have to pressure enough through signing but even the smallest thing can have the biggest impact on someone's life the conversations they have resonate with the bonus women are looked like powerless as he said in society and it's a problem i mean we should all be created before you know that they should be doing the same thing but. you know it's just that it's something we need to talk about fully comprehend it's made me look at them from
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a different perspective like see what they have to go through on sometimes a daily basis and it just makes me respect them more and it makes the way that treat them you know change i learn that this is a huge issue that isn't the reason we don't aren't hearing about it before it's because it's not being brought to light like it should be and that this program was really good to help do that. our beach and his restaurants take part in a program called coaching boys into men it uses the trusting relationship between coaches and their team to discuss healthy relationships and violence prevention some the most rewarding stuff that that has come about with doing with the kids is here in the conversations that they have that i'm not involved in i've heard overheard them holding each other accountable one kid says something that another kid finds disrespectful or there are comparable with i've heard them correct each other at the moment only the boys are being coached by the girls on the team think
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their fellow female students also have a thing or two to learn about respectful behavior it's sad how many girls like hate on each other and like they. do you can't get a compliment from the girl when you get a compliment from the girls like oh she don't really mean and stuff like that so it's like we also need as well as we degrade each other of what coach or bitch believes the sessions will benefit everyone in the long run and he's sure this effluents will be role models for their pain use. over the last four weeks students in albania have been staging some of the largest anti-government protests you know overthrow of the communist regime there nearly three decades ago the students want more investment in education better living conditions and and to corruption. outside the small balkan country the plight of albanian students is largely unknown but they're determined to be noticed on monday
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hundreds took to the streets after syria was being is a second place in the world. and this is because he would all be in the other hole this is what student accommodation looks like surveys suggest four out of five young albanians want to leave their country egli torah law says that's no surprise when most people lack the basics while the government is embroiled in corruption scandals your boy this is the bathroom we all use there's just one toilet on every floor it's awful. the government of prime minister eddie rama appears to have gotten the message it's been making efforts to apiece to students and. to this youth and they can sit down. and join all the conversations about how to do this practically but the students aren't interested they've lost all confidence in the political elites. a number of professors have full safire
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doctorates including two ministers the students are demanding the dismissal of the prime minister would because they're some of his most important cabinet members. so the students continue to protest by the hundreds sometimes in their thousands they're demanding more humane living conditions that's a libraries and more competent professor they're fighting for a better future and they appear to have much of the country on this side. we have sports now in formula one where ferrari ever placed team boss marine c.e.o. or even ben a with the technical director of an auto now this move comes after their title challenge fell apart last season with germany's to boston federal settling for second place or even been a taking over at the end of two thousand and fourteen but failing to secure a title for ferrari who last won the f one drivers championship in two thousand and
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seven the team looked on track to end the drought in the first half of twenty teens but a series of errors led to fettle losing the crown to lewis hamilton of mercy it's. good our business was christophe now and one of the world's biggest auto executives has had his say in court brian and former nissan boss caro's golan insists he is innocent and a hearing in a tokyo court mr goen said he has been wrongly accused and unfairly detained it was his first public appearance since his arrest in november carlos ghosn faces on occasions of financial impropriety including tax avoidance and on to declaring his salary and documents investors he calls the accusations against america mr gold is credited with turning around carmakers run zero in the sun and creating a successful three way alliance with submission movers the sun and mitsubishi have removed him as chairman but gronow has kept it on while he fights the allegations.
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u.s. and chinese representatives are due to continue their discussions about their trade relations today and stakes for companies from both countries couldn't be higher goods from chinese mass production have long conquered shelves of western electronics and toy stores and at the same time u.s. brands like starbucks gillette and nike have devoted customers in china but the prolonged discord among political leaders could erode the so far loyal base. the chinese buy more consumer products from america than they do from any other foreign country including japan and south korea american brands have grown to be such a status symbol in china's growing middle class that many cannot imagine life without them. feeling young would imo trade between the two countries has reached far and wide people in both countries cannot live without the other nations' products the u.s. cannot live without china and china cannot live without u.s.
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products either but that sentiment is tempered by the growing popularity of chinese made products which often cost only a fraction of their u.s. competitor. if agreements cannot be made i will have my own preference of choice in terms of famous brands of us close to me their prices are already pretty expensive if trade agreements or cooperation cannot be made i will prefer to buy our local brands instead. but at the moment china remains vital to many u.s. brands that could give china the upper hand in this week's negotiations with american trade representatives who cannot afford to have the chinese stop filling up on u.s. products. world bank president jim yong kim will step down at the end of the month and more than three years before his term is set to expire and resignation allows u.s. president trump to further shape even development manner as the united states traditionally
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picks the head of the world bank that could lead to confrontation with other shareholder nations who have been critical of the role of the united states kim says he's joining and as of yet a name for this in developing countries. tech giant samsung tronics has recorded its first quarterly profit drop in two years and things don't look brighter for the near future the south korean firm has enjoyed record profits in recent years but is currently facing mounting competition from china smartphone makers mostly from way declining chip prices have also for operating profit for the last word came in just a tad over ten billion dollars and was much weaker than expected sales were down as well expectations for the first quarter of twenty nineteen have been low. and staying with the tech sector self driving so rolling or so of walking it's all there at the consumer electronics show in las vegas which kicks off later today as
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it has been the trend in recent years a growing number of traditionally non tech companies set up shop at c.v.s. trying to give their product line the digital make over we'll hear from our correspondent in a moment first here's what might be coming your way on your day to mute. i catching self driving cars connected to the driver's home device just one of the trends last week that he didn't plan for b.m.w. an opportunity to go the extra mile presenting its trial unless motorcycles for the first time in public he would think there's going to be doing and for is a surly motorcycle that's connected to firemen but it also helps writers be better writers and also safer writers the stuff lee the me the made thing minus the kids trouble it's a rebel known for the folder i share of the electric skateboards smart beauty devices it's one of the biggest tech shows featuring startups alongside to
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establish companies c.s. is expected to draw more than one hundred eighty thousand visitors hoping for a chance to see the kind of tech likely to dominate consumer suggest that seems we expect to emerge this week artificial intelligence can see a lot of products powered or enabled bit by ai that force recognition and facial recognition things like that five g. connectivity which is one hundred times faster than four g. l.t.e. a low latency high frame rates digital house is going to be huge this year with devices helping to stop snoring or morning telling your hot connection just like this t. shirt equipped with ten sensors generating flight saving data. you need to reduce the number of patients coming back to your situation if you need to do you think there'll be admissions of you if you'll be in the only way to do that to reduce subject even remotely miniature emissions to the chronic disease from the games
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reduce the number of the admissions with four to five hundred exhibits worse the show is expecting a mob or a record. and the overall by it tends to be optimistic that tech can solve problems that's what the industry's message seems to be this year and the speakers. well to your correspondent alexandra phenomenas at the siesta most vegas and earlier i asked her why accompanied us producing to space and shampoo by procter and gamble was making an appearance at a tech fair. it's quite interesting that such a robber can at for additional company think that it's important to be present here for the very first time they say that it's important for them to infuse technology into everyday products because they consumers want them to be there and they are presenting here he said razors and the tooth brush that is using artificial intelligence to help you to brush your teeth properly now xander yes and to show
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all the latest the harvest back but to me it seems like much of what we saw has already been around for a while is that a valid impression. while you write something that i was thinking when i arrived here and talked to the organizers about the new trends trends we saw here last year but what i think what is different right now is sort of interconnectivity we can see in different almost almost every all areas when we talk about solved driving cars being connected to smart home devices when we talk about south driving cars being integrated with a lag or skype for meetings on the go and what is also different this year is that many products that we saw last year that they were presented here are now going mainstream where we talk about five g. devices or eight k.
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or foldable all smartphones oleksandr phenomena thank you. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour north korean leader kim jong il is in beijing for talks with china's president putin paying his first appearance for its visits to beijing in recent months likely high on the agenda of the negotiations currently underway for a second summit between mr kim and us president still. don't forget you can always get to d w news on the go just download our app from google fail or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world push notifications for any breaking news can also use the app to send us photos and videos music we might find interesting. you're watching the news coming to live from the un will be back at the top of the hour now thanks so much. cooler.
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to change in nineteen days in cancun. and the kickoff series almost couldn't believe that. we check it out with the favorites and the plans. and all sorts of inside info on. the twenty nine team asian cup on.
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