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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin britain's prime minister to resign me makes a large last ditch of course to support public safety she wants the watch to begin on a new relationship with the european union. backed the deal tomorrow and were installed on wednesday. sale and we will face the risk of leaving without a deal all the even bigger risks of not anything at all. the deal is unpopular and looks likely to be voted down in parliament also coming up. stabbed in the
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street the popular man of the polish city of good dung is in a critical condition after being attacked at a challenge fundraising event. and protests in thailand off to the military government postpone the election again just a month before it was still. potable will continue i'm under the british prime minister to resign me has said today marks the start of a crucial week in the history of the united kingdom may is said to spend the next thirty six hours doing what she can to secure support for a controversial breaks a deal which is heading for a defeat in parliament tomorrow in the last hour she has been addressing employees at a factory in the town of so. in finland and in england she accuses some lawmakers have
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been prepared to use what she called every device possible to fort bragg said she said the u.k. me end up not leaving the e.u. at all if m.p.'s voted down a deal she said this would amount to subversion of democracy. but while no deal remains a serious risk having observed events at westminster over the last seven days it's now my judgment that the more likely outcome is a paralysis in parliament that risks there being no bricks it that makes it even more important that m.p.'s consider very carefully how they will vote tomorrow night that was to reason we're talking a short while ago our london correspond biggest mass is outside the u.k. houses of parliament bigoted is the misplaying the back my deal or risk no dregs of god really heavily how likely is her strategy to succeed.
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well yes it's a really heavy words there from trees i'm a frustrating democracy i mean given the fact that another referendum would be another democratic act and it wouldn't just be the m.p.'s unilaterally stopping what the people have said it is pretty strong words from her and possibly angering several here and the houses of parliament so the question is is that really likely we have had calls for a second referendum really loud the you can hear behind me protesters pro european protests that but also those who actually are afraid of rex it might in the n p stuff so there is a lot of sentiment really release really strong feelings on both sides and a lot of m.p.'s are going to vote with their conscience tomorrow because they know that it is a historic vote and it's going to shape the relation of the u.k. with the e.u. but also with its own citizens offer for generations to come possibly so this is being described to a bigot as a crunch vote tomorrow how concerned are live supporters that breaks
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a good deal at the last hurdle. yet leave supporters are definitely very concerned and we've seen this concern being voiced very strongly within the last months more weeks we've seen protesters also here in parliament you can hear them behind me they are crying save bricks and others are crying stop bricks and say they're really standing quite fees peacefully side by side but they were on the opposite i've spoken to some elise supporters who have been here for several weeks and let's listen to what they had to say. they are outside parliament every day trying to sway politicians but they are no longer alone another campus started its own protest action tensions are clearly running high in westminster we've had these pro european protesters here for months
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now it's a new phenomenon just a few meters down the road with people who are actually protesting for breaks it. they're not as numerous as the pro europeans but they're equally determined. these pricks at campaigners are afraid that politicians might decide on a soft breaks it keeping too many ties to the e.u. they want to cut loose completely we can definitely survive in a deal almost every economic model says the g.d.p. will go down do you think it's a prize worth paying yeah we're the first people i think we can do it and russians a strong country i think we can definitely survive. but usually wrong you know they're not always right they always say things which are not right and maybe this time they're wrong as well. yes around the corner others are encouraging motorists to show their support. they are convinced even if may's agreement doesn't get approved there will be some form of cooperation between
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london and the e.u. . we don't have to have a deal to sell things to germany i will say i have an audi com it's very old but i have an audi car i will still buy out the cars you don't you don't need a dealer told you can imagine the heads of say he spends b.m.w. volkswagen and audi excepting britain suddenly putting one hundred percent tariff on their cars that turn round the chancellor and say no really want a deal to mark same with a french wine producers or italian wine producers it's not since there will be a trade deal no matter what that's the firm belief of the sleeve campaign us but what's most important to them britain needs to get out and fast for them anything else in monster to trail. so big if we saw in your report how divided the two sides are meanwhile to recently in a speech today if it talked about a letter from e.u.
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leaders what did the letter say. well let our minds to work the song a clarification and they say the european council and also the european commission that the question of the irish backstop which is the crucial issue it's about the future relationship of island and whether it would be close to the united kingdom or to the republic of ireland that the so-called backstop will only be in clays as long as necessary and that they do not wish to see the specs of which is a last minute resort if the free trade agreement can be concluded swiftly that they will do everything that they can to to not have this in force so it's nothing really much over and above what they have already said so not a unilateral possibility for the u.k. to escape the specs of which is what a lot of m.p.'s brick city years were hoping for and some reason has also acknowledged in her speech that it possibly will for falls short of what
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a lot of m.p.'s who are against the deal were expecting and hoping for and that's of course not the most a main sticking point in the short break the deep let's not talk about this a vote tomorrow no one is expecting it to pass so what happens when to reason is defeated richie be forced to resign. that is really the big question here is a man has been extraordinarily resilient this is something that even her opponents have remarked and she has a determination to see this through however if a large majority of or own m.p.'s are going to vote against her it might be very difficult and she might face to face some who are also saying hearts are asking her to resign so it's really the big question will also will there be a new vote of no confidence from labor it's going to be a very interesting two days and here in london that's right you consider the again biggest loss in the heart of all the action in london thank you very much.
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let's now bring you some other stories making news around the blood more than two hundred fifty soldiers and firefighters have been deployed to dig out the austrian ski resort town of hole cut the operation conses find regions struggled to cope would record snow falls emergency workers say the mission is dangerous as the risk of avalanches remains high. foreign minister has hit back against comments from u.s. president donald trump saying uncorrupt will not be intimidated by trunks threats and that strategic partners shouldn't communicate via social media in a treaty trump had threatened to quote devastates turkey economically if it attacks killed his forces in syria following a plan to pull out of u.s. troops. an eighteen year old german man who was detained in december by egyptian police over suspected terrorist links has been deported he was reported missing for
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several weeks before parties arrested him in the southern city of luxor the foreign ministry in berlin has confirmed the man pretend to germany on sunday night. turning now to poland where the mare of the polish city of don's is in a critical condition after being stabbed at a charity event. which is a leading figure in poland's opposition movement you might remember gadhafi is also the city which gave birth to a solidarity trade union that brought an end to communist rule more than thirty years ago in poland now some days event was spotted off a nationwide campaign to raise funds to provide medical equipment for hospital. moments before the attack the marrow of could dunst praising the fundraising effort for children in need as a demo of it looked out at thousands of people. lunged at him with a knife. he said. the attacker then remained on
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stage shouting that he blamed them as form a party for wrongfully imprisoning him. before he was tackled to the ground. moment he was holding a knife in his right hand and yelled that he'd spent five years in jail because of the mayor's old party. he said his name that he'd been in prison in was tortured we don't know how he managed to get on the stage. police have arrested the suspect who they said was a twenty seven year old with a wreck order violent crime. her priority is finding out how the parapet treat her could get so close to the mayor we knew he used to pass that said press on it. a time of it she was rushed to hospital in a critical condition with wounds to the hearts and abdomen and underwent hours of
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surgery poland has been left in shock by the attack on this popular politician. nice been nearly five years since thailand's army took control of the country following a political crisis military leaders have been promising a return to civilian rule ever since but now they're poised to push back the dates for elections yet again just one month before the due to take place and that's doors people out onto the streets of bangkok didn't use boston hadzic was there to hear their demands. they've had enough enough of thailand's military rulers enough of seeing their rights curtailed enough of promised elections being pushed back time and time again. now these protesters in the heart of bangkok say they won't back down until the government makes good on
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its promise to let the people have their say we're living with a parliament that has no opposition opposition for the last five years without any you know good governance are any no opposition working in the parliament so the busy election is very important for thailand not only to go back to democracy but also to phone the country back again after five years and to get their rights as citizens back in the past five years the military government has used its powers to stop critics from speaking out. until recently protests like this one where prohibited by the strict assembly lot eyelets good terry dictatorship. now that law is been lifted but in spite of that demonstrators are still telling me they're being harassed by the authorities that before i came to. the border. it's right on this me and it will not but he's.
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obviously a title like like just put me in a coffee shop. if. but these tactics aren't keeping activists away they're afraid the government could play for time until the election deadline set by thailand's constitution expires then there would be no telling when thais would get to vote again. and that. joins me live from bangkok bastion a little bit why these elections are being postponed again and what was so different about the protests we just saw in your report. so the official reason for these elections being pushed back again is that if they take place on february twenty fourth as originally promised the end of last year then they would collide with the coronation ceremonies for thailand for thailand's
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new king which is supposed to take place in may now i think it's too early to tell how strong these demonstrations are or how powerful these demonstrations will really be i think the resolve of these protesters will be tested in the coming weeks as we're waiting for thailand's government to announce the new election date and the protesters are saying that if that doesn't happen this week they'll be out again in the streets next saturday in a demonstration that will be bigger than the one that we saw in the report now we're going to have to wait and see if that really happens if these if these demonstrations really become stronger then then one critical factor will be how will the military react to these protests because the army chief already said in response to yesterday's protest the one that we saw in the report that the protesters were out to solve chaos and that they're not interested in the stability
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of the country now i have to say that wasn't my impression at all when i was there at that protest everything was very quiet and peaceful and the protesters are following the orders of the police so we'll have to wait and see. happens within the course of the next few weeks and busted. out is still just of public opinion in thailand keeping in mind the country was deeply polarized over the previous government of. who was embroiled in a corruption scandal. i think it's really hard to tell because there are no credible opinion polls here in thailand i think what what can be said is that in the beginning after the military coup back in two thousand and fourteen there was a part of the population that was happy that the political turmoil in the lead up to that was put to an end by the military government and by the repression of course but i think that sentiment to sort of shifted in the course of the past five years as the military government has postponed elections time and time again there
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is a growing part of the type population. who want to return to a more democratic system of sorts and i think that's especially true for the countries north east where the backing and the support for previous prime minister and his sister who was ousted by the coup in two thousand and fourteen remains traditionally strong amrita and briefly boston was has been the record on this current military government because the military has a long tradition of benign intervention in thai politics. i think critics would tell you that. given the fact that this government has enjoyed almost unlimited power over the almost past five years. they haven't really managed to bring the country forward in the way they had promised critics will say that they focus mainly on holding on holding onto power and that critical reform
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projects like education reform for example haven't been tackled or take for example the country's daunting social injustice where one percent of the population holds two percent of the country's. those are going to be critical issues to sort of come to these elections anytime soon everyday right boston hartig in bangkok a real pleasure to talk to you. now for some sport and tennis news and high drama on the first day of the australian open where former world number one andy murray has just crashed out of the tournament in what could be his final match before retirement he surely gave it all coming down from two sets down in a five set loss to the tournament number twenty two seed roberto. a moderate said last week he expects to retire from the tournament this year because of injury possibly as early as after the australian open. now almost thirty
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years on from the deadly hills to the stadium disaster in england the police commander who was in charge of security at the match david ducking field faces a trial starting today the trial comes after a long campaign to fight a police cover up his murder remains the was stadium related disaster in english history but a fake it crushed inside the stadium left ninety six supporters of the club from liverpool dead. the legacy of this tragedy has been a battleground for almost three decades the fatal crash at hillsborough cost ninety six football fans their lives yet for years it was the victims who were held responsible police and media repeated false hoods about the causes of the overcrowding the behavior of the fans and the response of the all thora t s. in two thousand and sixteen an official inquiry established the innocence of the
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supporters and the culpability of the police that development came largely thanks to a tireless campaign by fans to determine the truth and fight the official cover up . for many years the police commander for the match maintained by law if that liverpool supporters had stormed an exit gate and thus contributed to the crush in truth he himself had issued the order to open the gate now almost thirty years after the event the jury will decide whether or not he bears criminal responsibility for the resulting deaths. david duncan field has pleaded not guilty to charges of gross negligence of manslaughter. if convicted he could face life in prison. he watching the news coming to you live in fresh economic figures from china are out this morning and the markets are not
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happy about. what they've seen afterwards. has that story that's putting it mildly every hong kong's hang seng index was down today offer to match that china's exports dropped by more than four percent in december compared to the same period last year it's the biggest drop in two years china's global trade plus also sunglasses according to chinese customs figures but recently china's trade surplus with the u.s. jumped by more than seventeen percent from two fears that u.s. president donald trump might feel the need to crank up the heat of the simmering trade conflict between the world's two biggest economies. once upon a time china's economic performance wasn't global news those days are well and truly gone whether it's consumers losing their appetite for i phones or turning away from luxury brands what happens in china now happens to the world. there are two reasons the country's latest trade figures are having an impact on the markets
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the first is that they offer an insight into the overall pace of economic growth and to second is that they reveal the state of trade ties with the united states. in the month of december chinese exports unexpectedly dropped by four point four percent compared to the year before analysts are interpret this as a delayed impact of the billions of dollars worth of tire of c united states imposed last year but imports were also down by well over seven per cent. taken together these figures are fueling concerns that chinese growth could slow down even further this year there are domestic causes for this like falling car sales and a sluggish has in marcus'. but without naming the u.s. directly beijing made it clear where it believes the gracious whiskey lies. in twenty nineteen the biggest worry for china's foreign trade is still the complex
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and grim xterm the environment. uncertain and unstable factors are still numerous protectionism and you know lateral ism from certain countries are rearing their heads the growth of the global economy may slow some international trade and investment may drag. last week u.s. and chinese officials met with the aim of resolving their trade dispute concessions were made but a deal wasn't struck if that remains the case washington will impose a further set of tariffs on china in march after all despite december surprise drop in exports china's trade surplus with the u.s. still has a record high in twenty eighteen. markets in china lower reacting to those news. always seem similar sentiment in europe. yes indeed we are seeing the same reaction here pretty much at the european markets as well when you take
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a look at the board behind me the blue chip index stocks at the moment down with more than a half a percent or two reasons behind this yes china is giving investors quite some concern it's not clear how those trade talks between the united states and china will unfold there are set to take place by the end of the month and then certainly breck's it is the other main topic here on the trading floor it does not seem to be very likely that terrorism may will get her breck's a deal to morrow through parliament and what's going to happen after that that is not clear and uncertainty is not appreciated by investors at all sharples drop in to use their domestic demand in china slowing as well how is that seen in the markets is the boom in china now. yes investors are feeling that this could be indeed the scenario that we could see also when you take a look for example at the auto sectors those numbers have been dropping consumer
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spending is down so yeah there is some concern that this big boom could be over. in frankfurt thank you. washington's ambassador to berlin has issued a stark warning to german companies over a controversial pipeline that would supply russian gas to germany while bypassing eastern european countries which occurred now reportedly wrote to several companies involving and involved in the construction of the north stream two pipelines reminding them of u.s. sanctions on the russian energy sector are now also criticised the project on social media the us has a long opposed noise from claiming it undermines european security. detroit's auto show is one of the oldest of its kind but falling sales and fears over the threat of u.s. tariffs putting a damper on this year's automotive spectacle and some of the big players are actually giving it a miss this year. detroit's auto show hasn't lost all explorer but it's certainly
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not the event it once was an x.t. six premium luxury model. g.m. chose to unveil its new catalog and c.v. but many other luxury car makers including b.m.w. and mercedes are giving the event a miss this year. this says the global car market contract and uncertainty grows over the thrash of u.s. tariffs. are in a transition in the industry we've had a great run of strong car sales over the last decade or so we're probably going to have a dip in the next couple of years at the same time the auto companies are have to focus on today's business to generate profits so they can finance a future that's going to be very different. speaking of the future one major carmaker that is making an appearance in detroit this year is fox it's expected to announce new alliance with us also giant for it at a time of heightened transatlantic tension that bond could be politically as well
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as economically strategic. and that's why the business here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you here. britain's prime minister to resume has made a last ditch cold for break the deal she told lawmakers face back it's all risk having no bread say that's holding up the deal is unpopular and looks likely to be voted down in parliament on tuesday. that's a joke today you're watching the news live from but then there's more news at the top of the hour car wait that long there's always a website d.w. dot com that's it for me for now stay tuned for twenty one that's up next we'll.
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