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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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after being. in front of hundreds of people i think charity fundraising events more fish was a popular opposition leader whose death is being investigated as a suspected murder. also on the program britain's prime minister. on wednesday. face the risk of leaving with. all.
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the actual. warnings that. looks like a vote against it so mark. on protest in the military government who looks likely to postpone the elections again just a month before they were. on the program. we started poland with breaking news the men of this city have to dance cast died after being stabbed as a fundraising event on sunday night more that show was also a leading figure in the country's opposition movement he was taken to hospital in critical condition after being attacked on stage and succumbs to his injuries earlier today. doctors at the get done skin diversity hospital were not able
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to save pavel adamo of each. culture minister lukash sue moss ski announced this afternoon that the injuries following a stabbing attack were too severe. that kids should go to the moments before the attack the mayor of the downs praising the fund raising effort for children in need . yes have a dam of it she looked out at thousands of people and man lunged at him with a knife. you don't usually get the attacker then remain on stage shouting that he plame to mayors form a party for wrongfully imprisoning him before he was tackled to the ground. momo he was holding a knife in his right hand and yelled that he spent five years in jail because of the mayor's old party says he said his name that he'd been in prison in was
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tortured we don't know how he managed to get on the stage the. police have arrested the suspect who they said was a twenty seven year old with a record of violent crime. there. was no one. priority is fighting to get her the pair patrice or could get so close to the mirror we knew he used to pass that said press on its. head down the vix was rushed to a hospital in critical condition with wounds to his heart and abdomen. but despite. hours of surgery and hundreds of polish blood donors coming to his aid the mayor's life could not be saved here. damn of which served as mayor of denver for twenty years he says the nation has stunned the people of poland. get more. money question.
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welcome monica tell us more about the mortgage because his political significance extended beyond the city. well. the move each was mayor of the diocese for more than twenty years he won the last election in lost in the last autumn for the sake six time in the role he was a very popular politician one of the most progressive voices in the rather conservative poll and. i can give you some examples during the day he would say refugee debate in europe poland refused to take any refugees and the movie was the politician who said i the refugees pouring theirs are welcome to the city of dice and he also invited to the fore in the city since living in the diocese to become a part of the of his advisory board he also expressed his. concern and
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his story directly with the jewish community when the synagogue of dion's was attacked he was supporting sexual education in schools he was supporting. movement and he was a very clear he was a leader and pretty soon with a very very clear opinions i don't what is being said about the suspect and his motives. well now that. this person is marred there is. arrest and i have the last information is that. the prosecutor is saying that there are dolled. out mental state of the art the care. and psyche out three so we'll examine him. we know that seventy of the twenty seven years old murderer was charged. and man who is
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now in charge of of attempted murder. is facing two will spend his life in prison he was before the before that he was there five years in prison because of the bank robberies and we don't know there are many speculations about the possible political motivations of this what happened yesterday there are many people who say that. what happened what happened yesterday this thread to tragedy was split became possible because of. deep divisions in poland the per political divisions and social divisions in the society of poland and the speech of hate which is. increasing in the media in the last years monica thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the
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world in austria a man has died after falling from a roof while he was clearing snow two others were hospitalized the country's been struggling with days of heavy snow for many areas evacuated after thor's is issued avalanche warnings is the worst blizzard in the region for twenty years. indonesian authorities say they're from a voice put the cockpit voice recorder from the lion jet that crashed into the java se october killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board were broken into their gate may still be useful in shedding light on the course of the crash. turkey has responded angrily to u.s. president donald trump's warning not to strike kurdish forces in syria the turkish foreign minister said he's country would not be intimidated the trouble tweeted that he faced economic devastation if you took advantage of the planned u.s. withdrawal from syria to attack the kurds. an iranian military cargo plane has
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crashed in the country's capital tehran the iranian army said fifteen of the sixteen people on board were killed a flight engineer survived and been taken to hospital and aviation spokesman said the plane or route from kazakhstan overshot the runway and hit a wall as it landed. country is at the start of a crucial week in its history the british prime minister will spend the next twenty four hours trying to secure support for her controversial breck's a deal which currently looks as though it will be defeated in parliament tomorrow addressing employees as a factory in the english town of stoke this is may accuse some lawmakers of being prepared to use what she called every device possible to thwart britain's departure from the european union and she warned the u.k. might end up not leaving the e.u. at all if m.p.'s voted her deal down. but while no deal remains a serious risk having observed events at westminster over the last seven days it's now my judgment that the more likely outcome is
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a paralysis in parliament that risks there being no bricks it that makes it even more important that m.p.'s consider very carefully how they will vote tomorrow night. let's get more on this from d.w. correspondents barbara various all in london matters brussels welcome both of those let's start with you back my deal or risk no bracks it says the prime minister is a tactic likely to work. now it's not working she's tried it before and of course she has sort of repeated herself was a bit more intensity today and she also tries to threaten her own party was no wrecks it knowing well that of course within the rosas of the conservatives there is a majority for breaks it is only a minority of tell the military doesn't want to exit but it is not going to change anything because the heartbreak six years more or less headed for a new deal breaks it and the northern irish d u v which holds her majority in
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parliament has already said no we're not playing we're just not supporting you and your deal and that is not changing so whatever has happened up till now hasn't really made any difference she has still headed for a jiffy tomorrow. a ray of light according to the prime minister it was a letter she's received from a u. leaders that includes new assurances so what they said. the there's a clear determination on the part of the european union to avoid exactly the no deal breck's of that barbara has just mentioned and so this letter once again delivers i say fresh rather than exactly new assurances that the there's no intention on part on the part of the european union to trap the u.k. in the so-called backstop a guarantee that there will be no hard border between the republic of ireland and
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northern ireland to the letter however also says that this deal is not open for renegotiation so the e.u. wants to help yes but not at all costs so barbara faisal if parliament does the votes against a prime minister suppress it do you know what happens then. through the may we'll have to come back to paula meant within three working days so the date for that the latest date for that is monday and come up with a plan b. now what could that likely be she is not going to step down as she is not going to sort of say ok let's have a second referendum see she's not ready to do that yet she might later bought so what she is most likely to do is say all right i have a note to your objections i will now go back to brussels and tell them that it can't be done that i need real change with in the drawl agreement that the
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contract that is on paper here needs to be renegotiated and then if brussels doesn't play ball sort of everybody comes together again so she will try again and she will tell polman that she is ready to sort of present the deal again l.b. and then change form and whether that will be successful is up to brussels and how much time will be needed to do all this is also still open but to resume a rule sort of carry on that is what she does as she has sort of set her course for her for her present deal and she's not going to deviate not yet today in brussels well how will brussels play ball. good question here phil really other big question of course is time related will they play ball regarding delaying practice it because time is what theresa may in that case as far as pointed out a will need and the answer is twofold yes if it's a question of
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a couple of weeks if it's about. avoiding a no deal a practice it by accident it really depends then on her on the reasoning if there is a second referendum it states i could even see a couple of months of extension coming the ukase way but if that is not the case the e.u. will say look no deal is better than a bad deal that's what you have said that's what we're saying as well and then we have to face no deal scenario and there's a number of preparations in place for a unilateral oh can still can construct a contingency plans or rather but they will not even be close to the managed breck's it's many breaks tears streaming off masses in brussels part of a so side house the parliament in london thank you both. it's been nearly five years since thailand's army took control of the country following a political crisis militia leaders have been promising
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a return to civilian rule of a since but now they are poised to postpone the election date again just a month before those elections what you to take place for people out of the streets of the capital bangkok the news boston heartache is that. they've had enough enough of thailand's military rulers enough of seeing their rights curtailed enough promise elections being pushed back time and time again. now these protesters in the heart of bangkok say they won't back down until the government makes good on its promise to let the people have their say we're living with a parliament that has no opposition opposition for the last five years without any you know good governance are any no opposition working in the parliament so the this election is very important for thailand not only to go back to democracy but
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also do this on the country back again after five years and to get their rights as citizens back in the past five years the military government has used its powers to stop critics from speaking out. until recently protests like this one where prohibited by the strict assembly log file its military dictatorship. now that long has been lifted but in spite of that demonstrators are still telling me that they're being harassed by the authorities that. it was. on this day and. not that he's. just put this off on the killing. but these tactics are keeping activists away. they're afraid the government could play for time until the election deadline highlands constitution expires then there would be no telling
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when thais would get to vote again. now to some egg spose if news from the world of social media just two weeks into the new year of the queen of instagram it's kind of the general case you're wondering partly she's been to dethrone after a gear writing a popular platform the reality t.v. star has lost her social media crown to an unexpected challenger who is not just a dream but can tell us more about it welcome that all well every fill every now and then i get to comment talk with you about stuff that's sweeping the internet and it makes absolutely no sense at all today is one of those days as we were saying this post from kylie jenner until today was the most liked person on instagram it was when she announced a year ago that she'd had a baby since it was posted a year ago this post has received eighteen million likes quite a lot of likes still it's quite. a baby. so
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those records are made to be broken yes especially the weird world of social media that's right and i'm really excited to have board approved today ok something else is cracked that's what it is your ground or in your lap it's an egg an egg has cracked instagram it's smashed it scrambled these eighteen million threshold it was the first order of a plain old chicken egg posted to instagram and the title world record eg ten days ago with the explicit purpose of trying to beat the instagram record of eighteen million likes how many do you think it's gosch that's nineteen million. this is strange people at twenty million i just checked my phone before coming on thirty point one million likes people have nothing better to do with their lives thirty point one million low. it's for a plain old chicken egg and it's not it's not one of those is no it's not is it a it's a style that was or it's not the only record to have been broken this year only
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a few weeks into twenty nineteen and a japanese billionaire took the world record for the most read tweeted tweet let's see if we can get that up here here it is this was shed over five million times and he's a billionaire so he got that record because he in offered money as an incentive to one hundred people randomly selected and they got about ten thousand yen for doing out. the record that he overtook was this one a teenager last year who wendy's to give him free she can not. he's noticed i don't know what that meant so which comes first the chicken nuggets or the egg very good. to see that well yeah. so what does all this made yeah good question i mean an explanation i saw was that people like a bit of a jargon they like to disrupt things so maybe people wanted to not cali general for
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thrown we asked the person behind these egg account they wrote to us and said i guess it's a comment on celebrity culture and how fragile and easily cracked it is so her it's also money making because if you can gain that many likes and that much influence you stand to make a lot of money so there's that aspect of it was well ok with the egg better have a pretty good follow up otherwise it's something of a one hit wonder. you don't there's no you can have one. so great you can go. i think. it's a business now washington's ambassador to berlin has issued a stern warning to german companies over a controversial pipeline it would supply russian gas to germany while bypassing eastern european countries which are good. reportedly wrote to several companies involved in the construction of the north stream to pipeline from mining them u.s.
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sanctions on the russian energy sector but also criticized the project on social media the u.s. has long opposed north stream claiming it undermines european security. organelles threat of sanctions has the media listening closely but what about all the companies that are already deeply involved in this shoot judge european project like it's full run a north stream one the new pipeline will supply europe with gas right from russia directly to germinate around a third has been built and its focus to be up and running by the end of the year russian gas corporation gas from is a key contributor with several european companies at least two german firms received the ambassadors letter minton's ha which is based or owned by b a s if and you took her offshoot of german energy company in on it also involved is france's and g.e. and british company world out shell as well as austria's m.v.
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so far none of the companies has responded to the threat the us is not an important market for unit but the same can't be said for the parent company of interest b a s if the chemicals company employs over eighteen thousand people in north america and rates in fifteen billion euros annually the company refuses to comment on the later well here's what some of germany's political leaders think about the contentious energy project. to mine this one's out of this is on the one hand you must say that it's a form of diplomacy that is unusual but not totally new experience to say when he took office and the german economy has already given a clear answer. mr grinnell's recent comments are indeed rather unusual for diplomatic customs. i assume he will turn this into a positive. but. there are good reasons to criticize nord stream too and to look at a critically. on the other hand it can't be that mr grinnell operates as
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a mouthpiece for one of mr trump's political agendas instead he should restrict himself to maintaining diplomatic conventions but he's had a problem with this since his arrival in germany. mr grinnell vast and otherwise a tear to diplomatic conventions and that's why it is not really surprising and i think this must be rejected even if it really is possible to devise the concept we also believe that not stream to is not useful and it's a policy and it isn't acceptable in few of our is any european partners. about itself as a correspondent in frankfurt daniel what would be the likelihood of sanctions. well then mr grinnell the u.s. ambassador to germany is really known to be a man with his strong rhetoric and he's also a close buddy of the us president if these sanctions are really going to happen
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that's really difficult to say investors here are also little bit divided about this issue according to the u.s. congress is already working behind closed doors on a possible draft if this would be really the case companies and you just said it not just here in germany but also around europe could be hit very hard to be already received a statement from the german foreign minister he says that he also does not appreciate these kind of commons and says that this pipeline project is very crucial for the european energy sector it's not the first time that the u.s. ambassador has tried intervening yeah you're right it's not the first time this is happening last year grinnell was also very clear in an interview and stated that german companies which would continue to do business with iran could face sanctions as well and just like last year investors are shaking their head here and are saying that they don't think that this is the job offer top u.s.
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diplomat to basically threaten companies here in germany and around europe. so you jump in frankfurt thank you very much. it's a good day for global stocks the chinese growth story has investors worried short drop in exports and fears of a global economic slowdown and china's trade surplus with the u.s. has widened it's a major source of anger for president donald trump. once upon a time china's economic performance wasn't global news those days are well and truly gone whether it's consumers losing their appetite for i phones or turning away from luxury brands what happens in china now happens to the world. there are two reasons the country's latest trade figures are having an impact on the markets the first is that they offer an insight into the overall pace of economic growth and the second is that they reveal the state of trade ties with the united states.
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in the month of december to chinese exports unexpectedly draft by four point four percent compared to the year before analysts are interpret this as a delayed impact of the billions of dollars worth of terror of c united states imposed last year but imports were also down by well over seven per cent. taken together these figures are fueling concerns that chinese growth could slow down even further this year there are domestic causes for this like falling car sales and a sluggish housing market. but without naming the u.s. directly beijing made it clear where it believes the gracious risk lies. in twenty nineteen the biggest worry for china's foreign trade is still the complex and grim xterm the environment. uncertain and unstable factors are still numerous protectionism and you know lateral ism from certain countries are rearing their
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heads the growth of the global economy may slow some international trade and investment may drag. last week u.s. and chinese officials met with the aim of resolving their trade dispute concessions were made but a deal wasn't struck if that remains the case washington will impose a further set of tariffs on china in march after all despite december surprise drop in exports china's trade surplus with the u.s. still has a record high in twenty eighteen. market research group says sixty two percent of german businesses want the european central bank to raise interest rates in the near future some analysts say a hike may not even companies you rates are still at a record low in the euro zone and companies already feel the next financial crisis could be around the corner they see breaks it a lack of solidarity and some countries financial policies as the biggest threats to the e.u. right now. are mudder of the top stories we're following for you. the
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mayor of the city of state has died after being stabbed at a fund raising event something knocked off without a mortgage was a leading figure in position movement. and britain's prime minister to raise or may has made a last ditch call for support for deal she told lawmakers back it all risk having no brakes at all if the deal is unpopular and looks likely to be voted down in parliament tomorrow. so what you need more news next hour.
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i'm. going to outline. from the challenges of cross-country skiing through a journey back in time on the feet around by. mountains in eastern germany are full of surprises no wonder i'm limping champion has found a new career and tourists who. travel adventures in the state of saxony. on d.w. . surgery in virtual reality. researchers
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in dresden are developing a special b.r. headset to. it will help surgeons plan procedures more effectively. the technology could revolutionize the operating room and reduce risks to patients . to morrow today in sixty minutes on d w. how to. discover your concept discover it with the broncos. a school of legend off to one hundred gives the ideals of the fox house a more relevant today than they were a hundred years ago missionaries shaped things to come out of all of the past
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