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tv   Doc Film - Kashmir - The Militarized Paradise  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2019 4:15am-5:01am CET

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this place is more beautiful than heaven and is the benefactor of supreme bliss and happiness. the sense great poet wrote those words more than one thousand five hundred years ago to describe kashmir and adela plateau on the southern edge of the himalayas. but these images reveal a very different picture of kashmir. young people have taken to the streets against indian security forces locals view them as occupation troops.
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the conflict in kashmir began in one thousand forty seven when british india was divided into india and pakistan the hindu ruler of muslim majority kashmir chose to join india pakistan opposed to the us. there were clashes between indian and pakistani troops and by nine hundred forty eight kashmir two was partitioned. the two sides fought again over kashmir in one thousand nine hundred sixty five and in one nine hundred ninety nine by the time the second conflict broke out both india and pakistan had acquired nuclear weapons. the majority muslim population of
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indian administered kashmir had long felt oppressed by the central government and now a resistance movement began to take shape. at first glance the region appears peaceful srinagar the state's summer capital is famous for its gardens lakes and architecture. the local residents are especially proud of their mosques they come here not only to pray but also to protest. many here consider indian troops terrorists in uniform. the curious. yesterday was a day of remembrance for our martyrs in mind but we couldn't have a ceremony because the authorities imposed
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a curfew. i'm really angry right now. if i didn't have two young daughters i go out and fight. it maybe i will when they're older american the bus with it would monarchy agree all over. indian troops have been deployed throughout srinagar and there are more than five hundred thousand in the entire state that's an unusually high concentration for such a small area. we are here during the muslim holy month of ramadan this should be a time of peace and reflection but instead there are violent clashes between local residents and the security forces. in the evening men gather at a mosque to mark the end of the day's fasting. the mood is tense.
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i'm sick of the built up anger of these youths i want to during ramadan the indian army is showing some restraint and that's good but overall the situation is a disaster and the troops have killed so many civilians. that that's and for every person who's killed ten more young people join the resistance movement that's the big guns and women and children would join us well medical care but there aren't enough weapons for them or you know all of that would be totally. the heart of the resistance movement is located in this in conspicuous house in the city's old town district this is the headquarters of the kashmir liberation front. the organizations leader is yassin monic a former militant who now advocates a peaceful resolution of the kashmir conflict he's concerned about the recent surge
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in violence. so who's forcing views was. to go out of the armed struggle but it is the spirit is working on well ground last forty years we have not been able to go to the condolence but i need family we have been getting this we are not being allowed any kind of political activity here where is the serious water and the spears little did not get it when the little spears was political. duties. mannix role model is mahatma gandhi he hopes to achieve independence for kushner through nonviolent means malik married a pakistani woman who shot hussein in two thousand and nine they have a young daughter. and i had seen my daughter from last year and after that. because when you feel tired. when you are not allowed to say. we are loading
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the hortatory in that you are certain and she did not. know you know. who shot has stayed in pakistan and continues to campaign for an independent kashmir. my story just clicked with him that yes we have to do something in this short lifespan at least we should reserve boys for humanity the boy malique has given up hope that the international community will support him. no need to state. stared you can just move india. you'd be in different countries they have a business interests with india. so people. gone after varied now i need to go to the world because we don't have the oil wealth we offer them the oil. so we are the stateless people and we are
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getting killed i don't know where the is showing and you can see us. we are now on our way to the university of kashmir in straining our. this poster on earth an assistant professor mohammed rafi but who was killed in may twenty thousand in a raid by security forces in southern kashmir. some reports say that part had joined a rebel group in the region just a few days before the professor but was widely respected by the university's faculty and students. because he has been the student of this department he had isn't me from the place he had his beers d. from this place so there has been obviously as
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a member of the department said the bridge is very there that it him and yes the student underwent a shock. they remember. when reports said that after bad left srinagar he called his father and said i'm sorry if i have hurt you i'm going to meet. many students took bonds death especially hard. for your teacher is being gunned down and if you feel joined the resentment it affects your mental setup but there are to be a certain incident. starting at my college it was back in two thousand and sixteen we had a contractual prophesied he was a really humble person and he was a very peace loving person he was taken over and he was beaten and he was beaten to death and his body was dumped near his home.
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this mosque is located in the bronx hamleys village about one hundred kilometers northwest of srinagar the slain professor's father. arrives for midday prayers he's still mourning the loss of his son. the day before he was killed he woke up and went to work as usual. he'd already said goodbye. that afternoon he called and said he talked to me a little later sort of the next morning he called again and said that he was going to die as a lot on. his group was surrounded by troops. he asked me to organize his funeral. my brother was an academic through and through. when someone is well educated as he becomes a radical it shows you how much people in kashmir are suffering like that at some point people just decide that they have to take action when. the suffering is
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just such as. he says it's just he's just another militant who is celebrated as a martyr is nassir ahmed pandit a police officer who became disillusioned with the status quo and joined the insurgents he was killed by security forces in twenty sixteen. and i don't i'd like to see predetermined he would be alone decides when you were born and when you die. even if i had done all i could to protect my son it would not have changed his fate as well so he was a special person he was. when he went off to join the rebels in made them stronger . and he became a symbolic figure of the resistance with subsidies and. when go and pound it visits his son's grave he often meets people who have lost loved ones
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in the conflict. this cemetery is reserved for those who died in battle. and we want kashmir to be like it was before nine hundred forty seven. we belong to central asia not south asia. we want india to understand that and give us back our independence. we asked some of these young men why so many kashmiris have joined the insurgents. to get out what. they join because they're fed up with all you have to do is take part in a protest and the authorities call you a terrorist or jade or me live. you've got a sister who actually had our parents did nothing to change things but we've decided to take a stand here but even if we are killed in the process. this oppression has got to
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stop. two of my children were wounded in demonstrations one even lost and i was terrified of what. the village of kareem about is considered a rebel stronghold you won't find indian security forces here. journalist javid so he has been following the situation closely for years the young people are really went off set with the conflict many young people who how just taken these weapons there were water in the conflict they have seen only often it's their militants are mostly homegrown they just snares the weapons from forces from police. and then they come through a little bit prang from the already two members. on those rare occasions when the army is sent to kareem a violent they've caused
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a lot of damage in one raid the troops destroyed a butcher's house and left him with nothing. surging in it your child they took over the neighborhood and said they were looking for terrorists. you know we said there were no rebels here. they tore my house apart. i had some cash in a way and they found it and burned it and now all my money is gone out of business i'm ruined. and another incident has raised tensions here the gang rape and murder of an eight year old muslim girl. posters demanding justice for the crime can be seen throughout the city. to work in the innocent lives of being destroyed
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miriam the she was so young and the son of going to it was not just a crime against one person. it was a crime against all of humanity and it's just shocking along toward seneca caught up on. a sea of us family are nomads they live in a part of kashmir where most inhabitants are hindus. when the winter snow has melted they come down to these fields. a sci fi is buried here her mother says the family wasn't even allowed to give the child a proper burial. obligation if they're both i think about a c. for a lot but she was so bright and so pretty her hair shone like gold the people said she looked like a princess. i didn't mean a lot so how could anyone kill such a child and do it in such a cruel way through dad get a good the cynical gang. questions that have tormented
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a seat as parents since her body was found. the girl's father mohamed says hindus in this part of kashmir don't want any muslims living here he believes his daughter's murder was meant to send a message. but. the hindus who live in the valley are trying to drive us out so they killed my daughter they hate us they want to stop us from coming back next winter not a good image. the trial of eight men accused in the crime began in april. as parents could not attend because they had to stay home and look after their animals. i want justice they did bad i want to see the bodies of the killers ahmadiyya but even if they should suffer as much as my daughter did. the last time i was seen
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alive she was tending the family's horses. a week later her body was discovered in a forest. police found samples of the girl's hair near this private hindu temple the temple priest was later arrested along with his son and a nephew four police officers were also charged in the crime. the priest's youngest daughter now looks after the temple. she denies that her father had anything to do with the murder. it didn't happen. look around. you can't hide a girl here certainly not for several days that. my father is innocent.
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but the evidence against the defendants was overwhelming the priest's nephew told police that his uncle had planned the crime for months in an attempt to scare muslims into leaving the area. investigators determined that the girl was raped by a police officer and a juvenile. the defendant's relatives and local hindu activists maintain that the suspects are innocent. yeah i knew when i this is all a conspiracy that was cooked up by people who want to harm my father just going on your way why. don't you like. some hindus staged a hunger strike in solidarity with the defendants. it's not true that we don't want the muslims around the home and we have no problem with them and told. that this whole case is just an attempt to stir up on wrist a felony or anybody that's yet another to have. a c for us murder made headlines
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around the world there were demonstrations in delhi mumbai and even london. protesters blamed prime minister narendra modi and hindu nationalists for. creating an environment that encouraged crimes against muslims. in april moti issued an executive order introducing the death penalty for child rapists. something called is really all. i thought of you there and i'm going to start going to force is not there what kind of divide and how was it possible so that you don't have good although you know people you're not going to hire you not me but i do have control over what you don't believe that you know one of them yes i'm told insults as good as i meant every so not that. i see first family and friends are still
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concerned about their safety they fear that they may be targeted by hindus. so. i don't dare go out alone anymore so you. are used to take care of the horses like a safer did before they kidnapped. the nomads are afraid for their safety in the winter months which they spend in the valley where they feel they are hated because of their religion. and the whole of the human. scene. student. civil murder is a good eight year old girl was killed and read but then did people political elite
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in your day came on this retreat with the indian national flag media. and show solidarity with the red states. yes in mali cops the case was at least serve to draw the world's attention to the kashmir conflict. but. do i did your when we created a big. and. nobody would have imagined. this war. but it was a review of the people. it was the romanticism of the gentleman you need to do when people does. this. we hope. from the german people because they believe. they believe in justice which many people out of i do want to just. eat.
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we're on our way now to visit the local office of the governing hindu nationalist b j p party. it's hardly surprising that security here is tight. a party spokesman blames the current tensions on neighboring pakistan. the kit question being what it has got out ok if they've brought militants into kashmir to stir up trouble. they're trying to win for him and so young people would go to. most kashmiris reject violence. and they also realise how much the new government is doing on their beyond martin would it be going of monaco what i did just look at all the new roads that we've built. are here but things have definitely improved across the region or linda key operating or decay or something body. but these are hard times for kushner's tourism industry we're headed for the popular resort town
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of goma. we don't see a lot of tourist buses earlier this year a tourist was killed when some young people threw rocks at one of the buses. was doing bad things. over the last twenty years but there have been a lot of demonstrations. in that. part of the it's the government's job to protect tourists already you just didn't. read are going to. if we welcome all tourists the kashmir. were hindus and muslims. but it's time for the tourists to put pressure on the government so that they finally give us independence it's going to be over. board of a part of the world on letters. those who do travel to the cool mark region are impressed by the picturesque mountain landscape.
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pony rides are also available but there aren't many tourists here today. a lot of business is bad. which. i don't think you'll get better anytime soon but the demonstrations and the army's response like getting worse. nobody cares about the tourism industry. things are really bad for us right now as a safe. traditionally people have liked to come up into the mountains to escape the oppressive heat in the valley but times have changed. others are going for the month of august but. still we talked to some tourists who said they are glad they made the trip to. live. like
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a car i was concerned because i heard that a tourist had been killed around here. i was in srinagar anyway as a student and i decided to come up here. there hasn't been any trouble. yet to look at the end of our name i think the people of kashmir should have the same rights as all other indians i have never experienced discrimination here i've even made friends with some of the locals don't need me like i was the goodman. my life at an altitude of more than two thousand five hundred metres it's only one of many such resorts in kashmir.
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we're now headed for power gun on the way we passed by a famous shrine that contains the relics of a sufi muslim saint. near by a general strike is underway called to protest the policies of the indian government. when we bought up the schmear. the people who. bash. the lie was obvious. because you look very peacefully at video free we don't feel here free we are occupied. by it only now and then in out eventually all business is occupied our demand mandela is occupied i want to help his art by. the mountain scenery grows more spectacular the higher we climb this particular
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route is popular with hindu kilogrammes. high up in the mountains there's a site dedicated to the hindu god shiva a number of temples lined the route it's. this seats element at the other start of the year this temple is an important place for hindu pilgrims. i'm hindu myself i was born and raised here and studied in string of god. and i've never had any problems i feel at home here but i. oh. these pilgrims are performing a hindu ritual. they say that
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muslims have never given them any trouble. and hopper to self look at them in the with and somehow i think that muslims and hindus belong to the same family and it was some people are trying to start things up between us but that's not our tradition for a long time both groups live together in peace of mind that i feel a close connection to muslims is that which is a reason why the jamal hop of the. meanwhile these muslims have gathered for midday prayers. then it's time to go back to work. under the watchful eyes of indian troops. is a major resort town but today it's quiet. business
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is slow at this textile shop. and eventually businesses are made up of eucom sales have nosedived because the tourists are staying away from my business and when my father ran the shock we did a lot of business but over the past several years things have gone downhill on the edge of i guess. the tension is palpable the result of the partition of kashmir more than seventy years ago. this garden complex was built by the move gulls who ruled most of india and pakistan in the sixteenth and seventeenth century it's based on a persian design that was popular at the time and features a number of pools canals and fountains. we're going to. the loved luxury they didn't care that many of their subjects lived in poverty.
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in the garden they spared no expense when it came to building this complex. they used to hold celebrations here and sometimes things got pretty wild done sort of. the old. pier about dickie ikea ya got. one of the last great rulers akbar gathered up kashmir's treasures and took them to his palace and bella. who never lived here to the hour delia day you're here ok smeary people protested and this was the start of local resistance to direct rule by the central government under for up us. a garden like this can bring joy to be inside or gonna
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a desert in my view but when their hearts are broken not even a wonderful garden. but. cricket among the whole your garden maybe. muslim mosques are found throughout srinagar but the city is also home to other religious communities. this is the shrine is said by some to be the final resting place of jesus christ but there's no evidence to support the claim. there aren't many christians in kashmir less than one percent of the population many of them worship at the holy family catholic church. it made headlines in october twenty seventeen with its new bell. the old one was heavily damaged in an arson attack in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven.
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installed up to fifty years that was destroyed about the late fifty's the name didn't fifty's and then also destroyed then it does that mean solar recently lost a pole but all in all but. people from the. citizens of a mother i'm going to do is lay give muslims. six and a few windows. eight but many local christians live in fear of attacks by other religious groups some was lums claim that christians are trying to convert them but father that account denies that and says violence here is political. and i am. the.
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the problem here is. what a political data. from the christian point of view but what i say. don't manage the federal government again you don't mend. considered a lot of people. i mean. instead of spending. more forces to this place that should be a solution by. dialogue with. you because. you say a ha now here it is. the only one who did it i mean kashmir people out of very very good way to peace loving on a video hospitable. come in here and take. like elsewhere in india the favorite sport in kashmir is cricket
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the legacy of nearly a century of british rule. football is also popular especially among young women. not to need god is just nineteen but she's already a coach in fact she's kashmir's first female football coach but she grew up playing on boys' teams and she's a big fan of ronaldo and messi she tells us how she got other local girls interested. in starting my many converse the parents didn't like the idea or soul but when they thought that i would corrupt their daughters and keep them away from their studies. you can found then they saw that playing football gave the girls more confidence thugs out so they went along with the idea that there's a good road to the world but you know you've got a part that. i'm caught up. yet because if you actually you know. keep us think you passing.
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some of these young women even dream of a career in professional sports they say they'd be proud to play for their country's national team one day. i warn to play for india to something different and politics isn't something different so we don't have to mix them that's the thing so there you go today's practice went off without a hitch. but that's not always been the case. to see young people be bonded out that if the authorities declare another state of emergency in certain ago we won't be allowed to practice. that's why i've taught the girls some exercises that they can do is home to the ball to give up they can practice by themselves all with their brothers
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and sisters optics niigata all i want them to stay in shape in forty five five you're good at are you. even convinced her older sister saudia to join the team. the dia was skeptical at first. the boys played football had that by my. ad that time so. some men's and. follow some votes also then after that i thought in my mind i also should play football because if she had of very much if she weren't ready. not only in the kashmir but also in the whole india . after football practice there's a succession of martial arts training. once the girls to be able to defend
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themselves in the event of danger. ok look it's a lot more to get. after practice not just stops off at a local shop to pick up some clothes for dinner. by judicial authority about ideally. more than before that. in the liberated on a little more. feature. like most unmarried women in kashmir not yet still lives with her parents. the ramadan month of fasting is still underway no one here has had anything to eat or drink all day to neighboring children have arrived to share the evening meal. nadia is the most famous young woman in this part of town her critics have fallen
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silent over the war that. people now accept the fact that she plays and coaches football. but at first i got a lot of heat from the neighbors they didn't like her playing sports with boys this it it wasn't thought but she worked hard and it's paid off. people now have a lot of respect for her. you know all that are difficult and those were tough times for me those of us in people who used to talk about me behind my back the ice that they still do that but now they do it with respect because i become successful boss might. not be a sports career is just getting started. she feels she is on track to a bright future.
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meanwhile another team from kashmir has travelled to a special competition in the. eastern city of pattaya. the annual theater olympics are underway with groups of actors from all over the world taking part in the play presented by the kashmir a group addresses the regional conflict between hindus and muslims. what it is all about. oh yes. yes seat. cover. so if anything depicted in the splay is what i have lived or seen that i know what i am part of so i suffer. with my own people
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this is my duty towards my own people to bring their stories out bring their stories to people and talk about my life and my crush me and my and why i am being killed. because mary's performance is warmly received by the audience. i'm grateful for this insight into the suffering of the families and everyday life in kashmir that it was painful to watch but also instructive because. i understand the people of kashmir better now. the same with the mother more and her son was very touching. the play is critical of people who do nothing to stop
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the violence. after the performance we return to sri lanka. you know like you. talk and some of his actors gather on the famous zero bridge to rehearse the structure was recently rebuilt. there is no somewhere. that is no. values no service yet close the group the symbolism of the bridge is crossing a lot more going on to a new way of finding yourself finding the solution to our quagmire kind of a thing which we are stuck into and we need to take of these baby steps and cross the bridge and cross the bridge is also symbolic off taking things on over all on you one of the shadows of your voice the little are just your lips
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the sort of you would my love for boston. all the actors are volunteers their goal is to print some peace to a troubled region. i have no been very successful in taking someone out of foreign students and that person is me when i was sixteen and eighteen and nineteen i would also do the same things because maybe my my perception was different at that time but at the end i realize. to see your fame to take it to the world so-called civilized progress you need to take other forms so it's very important that people make films people who write books people do theatre and people do arts and that's also going to bring focus on the whole problem. and so the hope lives on that one day kashmir will once again be known for the singular beauty of its landscapes and the warmth of expression the people.
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