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tv   Doc Film - Aloha - The Spirit of Hawaii  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 2:15am-3:00am CET

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serial killers take close to use. violence robber games. and ugly and omnipresent feature of life in one thousand nine hundred twenty s. brooklyn as a fish follows weekly date find courses in the mantra canal or the river spray going to put the criminals don't reckon with the detective superintendent against cannot. keep revolutionizes from windsor procedures and establishes extensive records system going to lay the foundations of modern times when testing what is put to a dentist was doing backflips was basically the same as today's confines the full length metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth conan t w.
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borrowed bryants and breathtaking how why. travelling around these islands ignites the hawaiian spirits of within. a unique and captivating world in the middle of the pacific ocean. it's just the time that i feel the loss a lot of us present. a lot is a way of life that would represent so much more than the typical case chains. a little bit it will this is probably the children of the city that's. the island's garst and glorious nature inspires is what it needs. to design to reconnect to the world around us. live she atlanta it's
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really bad actually anyone close to it good luck to find. but what does a know i mean it's actually. we encountered some remarkable people and learned of their dreams and visions for how. their stories are as fascinating and surprising as the islands themselves. the beach is the backdrop to the wine life it captivates people from all over the world.
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this. it's where our journey begins in honolulu on the island of the one on the legendary beach that epitomizes our idea of paradise is. david is here on the beach every day and there's nowhere else he'd probably be for him why keep each isn't just where he works it's his soul mate. it is everything this big very here at this is my girl for my wife because she feeds me she takes care of me and she pays my bills. what a wonderful wife. brother thirty years david has been one of the first on the beach every morning and he gets right to work preparing his section for tourists. he rents out civ boats and keeps the sand clean and tidy he's living. what does he know what the law is everything of good. old whatever anything good
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there's a lot you know that we. wouldn't be the same without locals like david always up for a friendly chat with visits his. then the true guardians of the beach that includes keeping it pristine they say when the waves roll in over the show they shouldn't take anything with them when they roll back out. though she. might they grow. my cemetery. that i want to be buried out there my father my brothers are there. again a good deal they live anywhere else david makes enough money to get by he's not rich but he is happy. to have. over the last three decades he's seen a lot of things change here on waikiki beach but some things have stayed the same.
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sometimes when you snuff destructed if you is not still ticked about how things used to be. a born raised on this beach i think it changed for the tourists to set up a local. noisy dually local people on this beach when i was growing up we used to. deal with cook this weekend. is about what is more commercial. david has fond memories of his childhood days here his love of the beach is just as fierce as it was back then. just behind him beach and city life converge on under you is the capital of hawaii and one of the most expensive cities in the united states seventy percent of the state population lives here.
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it's going on is now characterized by imposing hotel blocks skyscrapers and shopping malls american and japanese millionaires have been investing money for decades prices have soared to ludicrous heights changing the face of one of you forever. from many locals feel like they've missed the boat the fast tempo and development mania for the loot came about so quickly it cost them bunny. jobs are hard to come by. the one thing still accessible to everyone is the big church. but many choose to seek their fortune on the other islands. on big island the largest of the archipelago we meet someone who's taken fate into his own hands. this is a story tailor made for hawaii. here and the up to me it's not only the people and
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they day to day lives but also the spectacular landscape. anybody who wants to understand how why should meet cigs a t's an island a legend he lives he and the lifestyle intensely. he makes traditional hawaiian products including rope cooled cord it's made from fun five was it was an essential part of any life yet see a lot of people who have no connection with he says because. they don't have to they can just go to the store buy the cordage and not think of anything but for us to gather and for us to separate the fibers and for us to put it together strengthens our practice and strengthens our traditions.
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in the nineteen seventies six started making hawaiian shirts with traditional patents as an alternative to the cheap polyester versions sold as seventy s. . he came and found a gap in the market and now sells his shirts all over the world every pattern has a meaning. most of them begin with some kind of practice that i want to perpetuate every print that we create has a story very. important perspective of the culture. feel sick everything is connected to life and death and family it's all intertwined for him it's the essence of hawaii my spirit using when i mean this my spirit is in here and we must protect that spirit because. it is also available to anyone to take and we must be protective of that because they know.
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there's always a balance in life. living six months on a whole line traditions to build a future for the ride that celebrates its ancestry and island because it's a sentiment he says with many other. live. six shows a special place in the forest he comes here to find inspiration for new patterns and to pay his respects to nature. the one in stone just walk into the forest uninvited they are commissioned through some evidence of a deep connection to nature. world.
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the greater meaning of a law is is really the reciprocal action whether it be you with the land with you with the ocean you with the mountains. a law yeah is is such a. big words. the finer points of the are invariably lost on temporary visits his like six testaments. but as we travel through hawaii it becomes clear just how much nature and the ocean are kosovo and on maui they're both present in abundance.
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it's another i didn't know it was sparsely populated far away from the hustle and bustle. the main thing on everyone's mind here on the beach when's the next perfect wave coming. on a mobile people beach we need one of the world's most successful female big wave surfing and. it's an extreme and dangerous sport but one she finds very rewarding. for me it's just the time that i feel the most alive and the most present you have to truly be in the moment and not have other things on your mind but it's also like
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a like accumulation of all of your. time spent in the water and all of your training put into that way so it's also like bowling and everything that you've been there in your life to ride those waves so. it's just the time that i feel the most happy. looking page it's easy to imagine she could suck before she could pull. she developed an instinct for the waves right here on this. pokey but this is where i grew up surfing. home so this is probably one
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of the most fierce places to my heart. summer that i love coming every day and seeing all my friends. like the best jelly me ever. paid she lives with her boyfriend shawn and so in a modest house a few kilometers from the beach now. she's one a very few women in the world who did she take on the says he means to weigh. but the prize money she earns isn't enough to live off. every record they break them sponsorship deals and advertising contracts that's not how it is hoping each. of us in keeping with the other was spirit she tries to stay relaxed and down to.
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i've been through a lot of ups and downs with my career and having sponsors and you can get on a downer and feel like oh i'm over there why don't i deserve it but it's like it's a really good reminder to always turn it around and look in on yourself and just be grateful for everything that you have. to keep their heads about page and her boyfriend run his surfboard business they make and repair boards made designed for riding gargantuan waves like jaws where it's a matter of sheer survival. paige knows better than anyone what it would mean to take him on. jobs in particular is probably the most technical big wave there is a lot of big waves in the world you're just going straight on the sway of your you
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have to be able to maneuver and. you need a board to. hold lines differently than most. big wave surfing is physically demanding pace has to stay fit and train holding the breath for as long as possible should she take a tumble in the water. these things can mean the difference between month and day if you're not prepared to see will win every time you. agree when you have a bad wife thinks or feels pretty violent it's kind of like being in a car accident and being in an avalanche or just giving free loan around and you have no control of your body so when you do you a lot of physical preparation for those moments you feel a lot more comfortable situation. page has been fortunate so far the many crosses on whole keep up each remember those who've lost their lines.
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fabian thirty eight. steve twenty four. betty seventeen. i'm always scared because being out in big surf is probably one of the scariest things you can put your self into any situation about a situation is pretty scary when you see a fifty foot wave coming at you. but it's also something that brings you the most joy in the biggest highs i've ever felt in my life something that you really like i truly was. and so you just have to question your fears then there's nothing more boring and empowering than rushing through your own fear. this is what pates lives for those intoxicating few seconds.
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how boring is a place where people can see their desires and passions and they don't give up. when counted is striking example of that in southern a while who. just before sunrise we meet two members of the nation of hawaii on the. dennis all bumpy come ahead a and his nephew brandon one to give us a traditional blessing before we enter there will. be a new member of brandon advocate independence for one of their blessing is a special honor and tells us a lot about this sense of. we
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want to be alone you feel too old for a lot of them and all blessings to be review as you travel because you want to go to places that the marabout feels most is me. we class as the sun comes up. the blessing is then complete when we pulled into the ocean. and submit ourselves in the course of. the soaking way us inspired a new perspective opens up for us in this country a gateway into that world.
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in branson opens the gate to mess us in he's the deputy head of state of what is for them the truth. just off the international border so normally i would ask you for your passport but we will let you slide today. but yes this is our nation a nation of hawaii. for over twenty years brandon and his people have been fighting for an independent whining free from the united states. they've been given land in the jungle at the foot of the mountains eighty four people live in the settlement which has its own government and is tolerated by the us. a lot of hopes up and on brandon by those who want to preserve their language and identity. so like i'm the
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next generation of them so i have a responsibility to to take on you know the rest of us because this is a. place where we we feel we can truly be hawaiian you know this is where we feel safe this is where we feel at home this is this is where we feel like our ancestors and everything though is with us you know this is takes our mind set off of what happened to us in one thousand nine hundred three and takes us back to that time. to boil palace in honolulu to. the last queen of why was overthrown by the americans in. eight hundred ninety three the u.s. an x. to y. a short time later in eight hundred ninety eight. favorably positioned in the pacific ocean the us set up a military base here. decades later the japanese launched
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a surprise attack on pearl harbor eight u.s. battleships were lost or damaged. the memorial for the sunken us s. arizona commemorates the events of that day and those who died. to this day the sunken ship still loses oil in the middle of who why. the fiftieth and youngest us state having joined the federal republic in nine hundred fifty nine . but some hawaiians like brandon feel they've been coerced into being american even though they're living in their native country. hawaiians are a mix of several nationalities who want the best from all of those worlds kid and hoeing. but brendan wants to do that without the united states and is seeking support. you know by going out to the u.n.
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by having talks with other countries where established before relations so we are acting as a country so what we're doing is this concentrating here this making this exists you know and that's how we can take on more responsibility that's all we can bring in wine so. preserving hawaiian heritage they also bring down sing the rule of the u.s. they're trying to create a miniature model here for they grant vision. they want a diverse cosmopolitan but self-sufficient and as independent as possible. but brandon sometimes feels alone in his efforts i help my fellow hawaiian out there you know their house to keep their job and house to keep going to work and that one day that you know we can actually provide them with a job you can leave their job and come or for us and then will be doing it all together and and then i'll be so lonely. brandon trust's in the power
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of his ancestry his roots. it's the tea leaf is planted to protect them from bad spirits that secret site at home but it also calls on good spirits. what does aloha mean to you one of the meanings that we've. experienced in his own is the fearlessness of of our people of humanity. when you fearless you can actually love more than anybody else because you don't fear. they're guilty to a lot of hope use it for the physically abuse you your fearless student so all you can be smoking. why these loving spirit prevails even in the face of disaster. we travel to the east of big island with
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the volcano so active. why itself was formed by the chemical activity. most of the hot lava slides into the ocean. but a few years ago it changed course and stows a creeping towards the town of polar. it destroyed everything in its pond. but stopped and solidified just in front of this house. when it was coming straight for the house i did get anxiety it did worry me but it wasn't so much for me it wasn't like oh my god we're going to lose everything in the end it's all we have like had i thought in those terms i would have been
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a very miserable person so i just made peace with it and said well the law is coming it's going to take the house where are we going i just consider this a sacrifice to hawaii for being so good to me and then sure enough it stops you know ten feet before it started devouring the town hall that. many buildings did fall victim to the lava homes were evacuated but the people of poets took things in their strongholds everything has to end sometime so why fresh about it. sir. the hole is a magnet for hippies and eccentrics there's zest for life it's a combination of karma and.
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this is all good going one way we're living on a board game for people recognize that. our surprise you didn't really try to change of course we're all regular people all over the world. some people say that because we have all those who brought the law down our karma or whatever bounces back really fast because there's not so much to filter things out. you believe that most days i do not yet i do it it seems to me. syria used to be a teacher in chicago but she told life it too hectic and. several years ago she and some friends opened the power of village museum and cafe. not many tourists come here but that doesn't bother them the main thing is that the feeling is right no matter what happens. to. general vibe of folks who live here almost kind of welcomed it in
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a way because it's the natural order of things and so it's it's disrespectful to not honor that. so personally yeah i was kind of running around crazy for a while getting evacuated and removing everything from my home but at the same time there was a very sweet respect for the process from everybody. a sense of trust in what will be will be. they don't take themselves too seriously because they believe that everything is in the hands of ohio border. the fence begin to reclaim that room and the world keeps turning the. now i can look at all of this dried lava and you just know that life is a cycle and it comes and goes and it morphs and it changes and so what in hundred years from now it's not going to be there anyway so go find go find the next thing
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to do. this in a canoe and survived unscathed and since the volcano they've held a weekly music festival here for people in the region to celebrate and express their gratitude. there's always a good turn arounds they turned their misfortune into something positive every when state and king. live. here. and while they live it up. love is still spilling into the ocean a little further up the cards. for millions of years how why was isolated far removed from any continent. it is
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composed of a diverse range of landscapes including deserts volcanoes rain forests and mountains. on the west of big island kona provides the perfect conditions for growing one plants in particular. this is where your lives originally from germany he fell in love with the landscape and decided to cultivate a slice of paradise for himself and has spent the last twelve years here on his coffee plantation. as a coffee host for to avoid. this morning with my interest in the coffee business began when i was fifteen at small cafes in the eifel mountains in the i forgot no. he they said went to new york to work as a creative director for luxury brands. that fall space lifestyle is
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a far cry from what he does know. he used to attend at bond's training courses for his work now he relies on other solutions it doesn't need him it's like anything in life or the you want to change the brakes in your car or try a new hairstyle that there's always a you tube video to explain how to do it and that's true no one really nice thing is that there are a lot of people here from different countries can talk like who are in close contact with jamaican coffee farmers in south americans from colombia and of course they always bring new expertise that we can benefit from. when you open both the coffee plantation on big island with his wife and young daughter is the timber eleven terrorist attacks in new york still weighed heavily on the home it's. a major life change seems everest imperative but it wasn't all peaches and cream the money. everything seems like paradise when
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you first arrived here at the easiest from those who found that it does help you through the difficulty mitchell years when you realize you have to work hard to earn money but we felt safer here we wanted our daughter to grow up in the countryside and we also wanted a bit of peace and quiet after new york that was very appealing and. young and that has since settled into his life on the. by now his kona coffee business is doing so well he bought his coffee from his friend and fellow coffee farm in diego who had picked his cherries just like your home and you see the new two with all my coffee coffee and my coffee and. the demand for his brand is great and you often can no longer keep up with the production on his own it helps that many business deals can be sealed with a handshake and so the two simply agree on
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a trade. so what sort of agreement is that. this is for my jeep right. yeah yeah yeah i did he gets my jeep and he's giving me coffee. is that common. yes for a lot of things it is a lot of done on a handshake he live on an island you can't lie or avoid people we have to trust each other inside them. but he's still german at heart trust is good controlling his special. one of the. baskets the a-y. unless a fair as a tooth that he found so infectious enjoying a chat with friends while he works on the plantation making something big out of something small that's something people learn to do in hawaii.
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kona coffee is strong and exquisite and he often and his wife make a decent living from it and they don't have left the island to attend university in canada. the parents are content with their aloha lifestyle here the spirit that unites people from every hawaiian island and. our next stop is in the north of the. elite live. here people seem to glide through life with ease. lives. we head out to sea to meet someone for whom that is especially true and she must have a guardian angel this is the world of a young woman and feeling ocean.
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in a moment i first saw my share may very fresh air when i was maybe seven or eight years old there was absolutely infatuated with the bunny and i ended up actually following them because they're so unique they have a really unique presence that i don't think any other marine animal has. she studied marine biology and specialized. in shock's. ocean can hold her breath for an incredible six and a half minutes like a real life mermaid she devotes herself to this underwater universe. i think i spend more time than i do actually blood family and so when it turns into
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being in your family and you get to know them individually and you get to realize how tolerant they are of humans and you get to see what they're capable of and my level of respect for them grows every single day. she's dedicated her life to protecting shocks and she's involved in research projects around the world . but she only finds aloha here in her private world off the coast of while. she spends hours underwater every day completely through this as if she were one of them. trying as best as they can to mimic that but also to give them the space that they deserve because i realize that i'm getting them in their home it's their environment they're designed for and they're much more efficient than i am as gracefully as a child is when i am not as grace was assuring me not as efficient no what as a shy. ocean wants to give al crew a firsthand experience of being with the sharks she explains the rules to us as if
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you begin to take interest in the boat. don't splash when you're into the water she says keep your arms tight don't splay your fingers or they'll look like squid. my courage soon dwindles when i spy shots near the surface. and eat meat. boston prepares to go in with some apprehension. one thing is i don't know how they react when i'm in the water. but the spirit of aloha the sense of basic trust seem to have rubbed off on him. there are twenty six shots down there now.
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and i can only wonder what's going on. we have a lot of a chance. to visit it. charleston must just up the courage to dive down with the ocean. it was no matter what. it was the surface is playing over and over the years i used.
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to spend time with in it it's a ceiling of only our language all this time instead it means burning up and going into we manage a lake that actually extremely important to the oceans and i think a lot of people miss that a lot of people just think john wasn't t. been like what you usually see in the media which is demonized and it's. it's not what they're really like. ever again i haven't been gang of sharks but i've definitely been there for people because of the e.u. is home for me and i love the traditional culture and the respect that it haas for mano a mano as the hawaiian in fresh air. we watch in or as the ocean hangs on to the fin of a tiger shock. never
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ceases to amaze us which is also why it's so often featured in hollywood productions especially kawai the god in the time in sicily lives up to its name. eddie a boob or knows every inch of the island and he has his own ways discovering something new that's his job he came here from california fifty years ago to work as a location scout for hollywood filmmakers. nature me a lot to me in the sense that i came here because of nature's beauty because of the ocean and you know i'll be there to comment that i like. to be out here in nature it's just inspiring.
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everyone looks for the most beautiful locations for hollywood and goes along to the shoots. jurassic park was filmed him as well as king kong and many others. and he is. well known in hollywood circles he lives here on kawai and it typical wooden house. he's modest and discreet when it comes to celebrities. but he knows many and gets to know some of them well during filming. i spent two weeks every day with robert redford you know and. he was different then if you can if you need harrison ford who is very private he did every day he'd show up at
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six am six sandwiches coffee and we would play tennis together. but nature is more important to me than any big name. the jungle the mountains the solitary beaches. the clients feel that you are connected to everything the ocean. earth the mountains a sky. if we've learned anything from our travels about how it's a sense of humility a reminder to focus on what's really important. what we have is amazing
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so i live in an amazing place i have the best friends and family i could ever want what else is really. there. we've seen how powerful the force of a dream can be and how it can inspire others. one day the world will look to for years and search for peace because one can search their tears over. we've seen how people live in harmony with a natural surroundings. that they're nice to get out there get immersed in it and read it not to meet facts. but above all how well you told us that the treasure it's we see can life happen only ground us.
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a stylish preview of the new face of the open that g t x experimental concept caught glimpse that i hope trophy challenge. designed to inspire the tuesday in germany matthew family and c.b.s. yes from such a site seven see. some additional thirty minutes on w.
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i think is everything challenging first on her make a muslim. so much different culture between here and there so a challenge in court if. the only. solution is the same i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. got my license to work as a swimming instructor here to share knowledge to children nothing at all it's just one of the toughest. what's your story take part share it on in full migrants cockney. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe.
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the chances that you do listen to the book is a journey back to the roots which again amenable muddy. the shah's family from somalia live around the world from want to come to urgent assistance. in family starts in january twenty third on t w. u.k. lawmakers have voted to reject prime minister teresa mayes brags that deal by a majority of two hundred thirty votes it's the largest government defeat in modern british history it is clear that the house does not support this deal but tonight spirit tells us nothing about what it.


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